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Poofle (Moschomicrotherium Poofleguy)
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Status Endangered, due to the fact penguins destroy their nests. 1000 are left in the wild.

A Poofle (Moschomicrotherium Poofleguy) are bizarre creatures similar to the Puffle, but have a simply weird ability to fly around on their incendiary farts. Poofles were created when a puffle and a rocket somehow fused, and the space-time continuum exploded and created an army of Rocket-farting puffles. Since then, Poofles have been an elusive species that steals food from Mwa Mwa Penguins, lighting up the night with tons of exploding, fiery farts.


Poofles will live in many kinds of bizarre place, even a septic tank, which is a known habitat for young poofles. However, Poofles are incapable of living anywhere over 60 degrees F. If they do, their farts will overheat, causing the poofle to either burn up or explode. Poofles generally stay in cool places near a large food source. This makes a cold storeroom an Ideal habitat. If a Poofle nest is near a restaurant or food mart, the nest must be destroyed, because poofles are known to steal food.


Poofles eat anything, but have a usual craving for fancy foodstuffs. If poofles eat anything with beans in it, their farts become volatile and uncontrollable, which leads to mass fires.


Blue - Most common type of poofle and flies very high in the air. Often lands in restaurants strangely.

Yellow - 2nd common, a very tricky type of poofle by pretending to be a starving puffle to get food from penguins with pity.

Black - As they burst with flame, they fly into space and fly over the moon, landing at a restaurant.


The first ever poofle was found on the island in 2000,after a strange puffle was seen near a café with a cupcake. 3 poofles then became adopted and 1 was sent to the EPF for research. G found that the poofle was originated from a puffle accidently eating a rocket it found somewhere out there.


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Known Poofles[edit]

-Banjo the thief: The greatest Bay Bee food thief ever, he stole 20,000,000 coins worth of food from Mwa Mwas.

-Weegeepoofle: Self explanatory.

-Moobel: The poofle equivalent of Mabel

-Poofis Khan: Pengis Khan's poofle mutant.

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