PookieBusters Episode 1

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PookieBusters Episode 1 is about a pookie that got abducted and gets saved by the CP BlackHawks.

Chapter 1: The Kidnapping[edit]

It was a sunny day on Club Penguin Island and Railfan1, Angel Kitten, and Angel Kitten's pookie Rose, were going for a walk in the Plaza. Rose was a Mwa Mwa Penguin, but was not like the other Mwa Mwas in a number of ways : she was not evil, she was the age she said she was (three years old), and she didn't annoy the living heck out of other Penguins. She also couldn't be cured (at least not with Nummy Cakes).

The Plaza was filled with Penguins waddling about their daily business. Railfan1, Angel Kitten, and Rose found their way through the crowd and sat down on the curb outside the pet shop (bad idea).

Railfan1 and Angel Kitten were trying to teach her how to say "Railfan1", but it wasn't going very well.

Angel kitten: "Say "Railfan1" Rose."

Rose: "SnailCanFun!"

Railfan1: "Ugh!" *Slaps Head*

Rose: "MailScamBum!"

Railfan1: *Slaps Head*

Angel Kitten: "No, Railfan1."

Rose: "Rail.. err, err... Fan... err, err... 1.. Err, err...?"

Railfan1/Angel Kitten: "YAAAAAAAAY!

Railfan1: "Good Job Rose!"

Rose: "Tee Hee!" *Smiles So Brightly Mr. Sun Is Jealous!*

Somewhere, Director Benny did not approve.

All of a sudden, an ambulance drove into the plaza, sirens blazing, scattering snow everywhere. A short, slightly fat female penguin walked out and faced Rose.

"Can I see your birth certificate, sweetie?", she asked, in a fake happy tone.  Rose looked puzzled.  "A what?",  she said, turning to Angel Kitten in confusion.

Angel Kitten gave Rose a reassuring pat, and turned to answer the short, slightly fat female Penguin (whom she could see from the name tag, was called Edna) "She doesn't have one. she just showed up on my doorstep and I adopted her as a sister."

Edna looked shocked, and exclaimed, "Oh dear! She needs to go to the Tum Tum Hospital!"

Railfan1: "the what?"

Angel Kitten: "A Tum Tum Hospital. Mwa Mwa owners turn their igloos into hospitals and pretend their Mwa Mwas are Human babies being born. I saw them doing it once. It was very sickening."

Rose: "Sister, I don't want to go to the Tum Tum Hospital."

Angel Kitten: "Don't worry Rose. you won't have to."

short, slightly fat female penguin: "NO! SHE WILL!!! SHE WILL COME TO THE TUM TUM HOSPITAL AND SHE WILL GET BORN!"

Railfan1: "Umm... no she won't."

short, slightly fat female penguin: "YES SHE WILL!"

The short, slightly fat female penguin grabbed Rose and threw her into the ambulance. Railfan1 tried to save Rose but the short, slightly fat female penguin grabbed his Ninja mask and then let it go, causing it to snap back into his face. Railfan1: "OUCH!"

Then the short, slightly fat female penguin slammed the door shut and the ambulance sped away towards the exit for Highway 1, leaving Railfan1 and Angel kitten in a pile of snow. Railfan1 popped his head out of the snow and spat a huge snowball out of his mouth.


well it was yellow snow.

He looked up to see a Mwa Mwa penguin telling its "Parent" about how it did a "Wee Wee" in the snow and how a scary penguin stuck his head out of its 'Wee Wee Spot".

Railfan1: "EWWWW!"

Then Angel Kitten stuck her head out too.

Angel Kitten: "YUCK! YELLOW SNOW!"

Railfan1: "Never mind that, we have to find Rose!"

Angel Kitten "Yes, you"re right"

Railfan1/Angel Kitten: "TO THE CP BLACKHAWKS HQ!"

Chapter 2: The Briefing[edit]

Now at the CP BlackHawks HQ (Railfan1's Igloo), Railfan1 and Angel Kitten prepared to sound the alarm. Just as Angel Kitten was about to hit the alarm switch, she remembered something important.

Angel Kitten: "I just remembered something. We're the only BlackHawks!

Railfan1: "Us and R3333" The two got in Railfan1's rickshaw and sped off to R3333's Igloo.

When they got at R3333's Igloo, they knocked on the door. And then they knocked again. And again. Then they pressed the intercom button. They waited. And waited. And waited

Railfan1: "I wish I could break the fourth wall"

And waited. And waited. And waited. Then finally, someone picked up the intercom on the other end. Then R3333 walked out. R3333 was an eighteen year old Emperor Penguin, and he was a bit taller that Railfan1. He was a non-member, but that wasn't to say he wasn't cool. Actually, he was the main engineer for the CP BlackHawks.

R3333: "Did someone call me?"

Railfan1: "Rose got kidnapped and is now being taken to he Tum Tum Hospital to "Get Born". We must save her!"

Angel Kitten: "Come on! Get to your vehicles! And so, The three sped off. Railfan1 in his rickshaw, R3333 in his Caddilac, and Angel Kitten on her Vespa.

Chapter 3: The Rescue[edit]

Now that they were in their vehicles, Railfan1, Angel Kitten, and R3333 were speeding down Highway 1, looking for an evil ambulance.

R3333: "Look! there it is!"

Sure enough, it was there.

Railfan1: "Quick, R3333! Throw a tracking device at it!

R3333: "Alright!"


The tracking device launched at the Ambulance and latched onto the Ambulance's rear bumper bar. The driver didn't seem to notice. Then, the ambulance took a sharp right turn and drove off the highway! They followed it and drove off the highway too until they got to a mysterious forest. At least it looked like a forest. It was actually a bunch of trees with a large painting behind them, along with a sign that said "DANGER. DO NOT ENTER". but instead of doing what the sign said, the wall opened up and the ambulance drove into the "forest". The trio followed them in too just before the gate closed. On the other side was a long winding road and mountainous countryside. The trio started getting worried.

Railfan1: "They seem to be going very far away. Maybe we should break out the secret weapon..."

Angel Kitten: "What secret weapons?"

R3333: The gatling gun in the front of my car!"

Angel Kitten: "The WHAT?"

R3333 pulled the gun's trigger.


Railfan1: "Oh no! It's got mirror coating!"

Instead of destroying the ambulance, the bullets simply got absorbed into the ambulance's metallic coat. Then, all the bullets shot back at the BlackHawks

Angel Kitten: "AHHHHH!"

R3333: "Duck!"

The bullets narrowly missed their heads, and shot into the forest next to them, taking out a few trees.

Angel Kitten: "Look!"

Just ahead, there was a very long and very tall barbed wire fence, with a small gate in the middle which was just big enough for the ambulance and anything smaller. The gate opened and the ambulance shot through.

R3333: "Quick, while it's open!"

Their vehicles shot ahead at top gear, but the gate was too fast. it closed just after the ambulance

Railfan1: "Oh #@$%^&z*()_+{}|:"?><!~?!!!"

Angel Kitten: "What are we going to do now?"

Then the HawkBikes followed the ambulance in the air. Angel Kitten:[thinking] I really am worried about Rose...

Railfan1: "I'm jumping to the ambulance. Suddenly Railfan1 jumped off the HawkBike and landed on the ambulance."

Then the short slightly fat female penguin flipped a switch and Railfan1 got flung Off.

Railfan1: "Ugh maybe the pookie will get rescued..."

Then the ambulance parked at the parking lot at the tum tum hospital.

Railfan1: "We need to get her!!!"

All: "We need to catch Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

R3333: "Okay now you two better hurry..."

Then the short slightly fat female penguin told the pookie to get born with the rich lady.

Railfan1/Angel Kitten: "OH NO YOU DON'T!!!"

Then Angel Kitten grabbed Rose and ran to the HawkBikes.

Railfan1: "I'm calling the cops because you kidnapped a pookie!"

Railfan1 took out his phone and dialed 9-1-1. Then CPPD officers arrived and took the short, slightly fat female penguin and confiscated the ambulance and then the short, slightly fat female penguin was put in jail.

Railfan1/Angel Kitten: We did it!!!!!

The End