Pop Cat

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Pop Cat conjuring a ball of water.
Born Pop Cat
November 14, 1995 (1995-11-14) (age 24)
Residence Ninja Village, Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Unknown
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin?
Citizenship USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Occupation Water Ninja
Years active 2009-present
Employer Sensei
Home town Unknown
Known for His shell necklace, having the power to manipulate water
Title Water Ninja
The Water Prince

Pop Cat is an aqua-colored Water Ninja that lives in Club Penguin. A very mysterious individual with equally mysterious origins, Pop Cat possesses the unique capability to manipulate water to a remarkable extent, making him quite skilled in the art of Card-Jitsu Water. Since washing up on the shores of Club Penguin Island as a young chick, Pop Cat went to live in the Ninja Village, where he has grown up under the teaching of Sensei, practicing his water powers.


Not much is known about Pop Cat's history prior to his arrival on Club Penguin. Pop Cat surfaced on the Beach as a chick, and was luckily found by another penguin. He was taken to an orphanage for a while, but was never adopted. One day, the caretakers noticed Pop Cat manipulating a glass of water on the table. They quickly brought him to the Dojo. Sensei agreed to let him live in the Water Dojo, where he could reach his full potential.

Curiously, he had a shell necklace around his neck when he washed up on the beach. Sensei recognized it as an ancient Marinian shell necklace, which would make it about 500 years old.


In 2023 he will marry Candypillow, who hatched in 1996. In the three years after, they will have two chicks, Pop Cat IV and Candy Pop, a boy and a girl. He might also one day become the Water Sensei.






  • Although he appears to be in his twenties, nobody truly knows how old Pop Cat is.
  • Pop Cat's "Hair" is actually just special feathers.
  • Pop Cat meditates every day in order to hone his skills in water.
    • However, he can be very easily distracted, so he often isn't able to.
  • Pop Cat is actually his full name; he doesn't have a middle or last name.
  • He is jealous of King Triskelle for obtaining the Water Amulet
  • After intense meditation, he is able to speak through telepathy, though it is very hard to understand.
  • He is usually on the server "Abominable".
  • His shell necklace was given to him by his parents as a chick.