Pop Cat's Amazing Ninja Adventure

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Hello young penguins, my name is Narrator. As you can tell, I am a narrator. If you can, read this in Morgan Freeman's voice.

Anyways, today I'm going to read you a story. A story about Pop Cat, love, hatred, and ninjas. Today i will read you the story of Pop Cat's Amazing Ninja Adventure.

The Story[edit]

Pop Cat was being the water prince and leading the water ninjas. They were at war against fire-

"Where's that voice coming from"

Pop Cat you are in the story. Stop breaking the fourth wall so we can continue.

Ahem, where was I? Ah yes, the water ninjas were fighting the fire ninjas in a war...

Chapter 1: The War[edit]

"Pop Cat," said a water ninja, "We have captured the spy sent by the fire ninjas. What shall we do with her?"

"Lock her up," replied Pop Cat, sipping his tea, "We can't have her going back to the fire ninjas to tell them our secrets"

"Yes, Prince Pop Cat." The water ninja locked the spy up and went on with the war.

"You know that the fire ninjas will eventually come to get me right?" said the spy

"Yes we know," Pop Cat responded "But we can keep them from getting you."

"Can I at least get fed?"


The water ninjas have been doing well at keeping the fire ninjas back. Most of them didn't get past the SnowKingdom-WaterKingdom border. However, the fire ninjas eventually did get past the border, and into the water kingdom.

The Fire Princess reached the jail cell. She unlocked the cuffs letting the spy free. However Pop Cat was there to stop her.

"You two aren't going anywhere" he said, blocking the exit.

"Are you sure" The princess said, as she burned a hole out of the prison.

"!" Pop Cat ran outside to go after them, but they where gone. However, there was a Fire blossom Flower with a note attached to it.

Have fun losing the war -Fire Princess Brenzi

Chapter 2: Brenzi[edit]

Meanwhile Brenzi and the spy went back to the fire kingdom. She couldn't get Pop Cat out of her head. Is it because he seemed dangerous to the fire ninjas. Maybe there was something in his... teeth... do penguins even have teeth? Then, she realized the problem.

Her sister, Effie came along. "Whats wrong Brenzi? You seem out of it."

"Nothing's wrong" she lied. She didn't want to say anything. If she did say the problem it could cause trouble.

Effie raised her eyebrow. "You sure?"


"Ok then"

The Fire Ninjas were fighting hard against the water ninjas. Then Brenzi saw Pop Cat on the battlefield. She was distracted and was attacked with water balls.

Effie, who was next to her, was looking suspiciously.

"It's nothing go back to fighting" Brenzi said briskly.

Just then, Pop Cat's cape was caught on fire. Brenzi quickly ran to Pop Cat and stamped out the fire.

"Why did you do that?" Pop Cat said confused, but calm, "aren't you on the fire ninjas side"?

"Uhm... yeah I am i was just... putting it out so that it wouldnt be ruined..." She said nervously.

"...ok" Pop Cat said walking away.

Chapter 3: Water Ripple[edit]

After the battle Pop Cat was drinking soup. The Fire Ninjas had won the battle, but he was thinking about something else. He knew exactly why Brenzi stomped out his cape.

"Water Prince Pop Cat, you are needed by the king".

Luckily, he was needed and didn't have to think about it. Pop Cat finished his soup and continued to the king.

"We need to work harder. Last fight we lost to the fire ninjas" said the Water King, "Pop Cat you seemed out of it. What was going on?"

"I... guess I was feeling sick..."

"A real water ninja fights even when he's ill"

"I'm sorry your majesty. It wont happen again".

~coming soon~