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Shut up!
Marque Freddie "Popcorn 3000" Penguinlinsky

Popcorn holding flippers with his blue-feathered cousin, Penguinpuffdude.
Born Marque Freddie Penguinlinsky
May 12, 2004 (2004-05-12) (age 15)
Residence Club Penguin (formerly Antarctica)
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican-Puffish
Other names Popcorn 3000
Marquis Popcorn 3000
Occupation Being a cousin & brother, being curious and adventurous, making (or inventing) pranks, swimming like an athlete
Employer Nobody
Notable works Nothing in particular
Known for Nothing in particular
Title Adventurer of the Group
Popcorn 3000
Opponent(s) Many other pranksters
Parents Phenguinus Phoom (Puffish)
Marié De Francterre (Antarctican)
Relatives Rockthemic, Bellarocker, Leetle Penguinpuff
He likes to have adventures of his own and practicing his swimming.

Marque Freddie Penguinlinsky (nicknamed Marquis Popcorn 3000, better known as Popcorn 3000) is the extremely happy & carefree cousin of Penguinpuffdude, and likes being adventurous. He is a first-rate swimmer, and is Penguinpuffdude's closest cousin, both literally and metaphorically. He is often referred to as "Popcorn 3000", a pseudonym invented at a very young age while playing an inventing game with two of his siblings, Rockthemic and Bellarocker. He lives in Club Penguin, along with his siblings (from oldest to youngest) Rockthemic, Bellarocker and Leetle Penguinpuff, an accomplished drawer. His parents are Phenguinus Phoom and Marié d'Francterre, unfourtunately named so as she is actually from Antarctica.

Although he does get sad and upset sometimes, Popcorn 3000 is a very jolly penguin who doesn't believe in sadness and misery, and is known for launching practical jokes on random penguins. Every holiday, he and Penguinpuffdude set a booby-trap placed at the path which exits the Forest. This booby-trap is always aimed at the unfourtunate XenguinXuffXude, who is the carelessly wreckless X-antibody of Penguinpuffdude. The two penguins always enjoy watching XenguinXuffXude falling for the trap, and is one of the first things they do at the morning of a holiday.

Occasionally, Penguinpuffdude and Popcorn 3000 go and have their own mini-adventures, which are often kept secret either because just for the fun of it, and because they don't want anybody to "spill the beans at Bean Counters" if they had done something extremely dangerous, and get them both grounded and have their adventure time limited. All of his siblings have joined at least once (see Adventures of the Popcorn Family), but Bellarocker accompanied them for two more times, and Rockthemic joined them again for only one more time.

He has his own diary, and is one of his treasured posessions. He often punishes anybody he catches sneaking at it with a damaged wooden chair, chasing the creature out of the room and throwing anything in reach at them. However, he is usually unaware that sometimes, penguins have the chance to sneak in and copy out his adventures, and if he happens to enter the room at the same time this is happening, he tears out the copies while bopping the creature on the head with an umbrella.

He also has made his own, small, working motorcar called Nifty Nifty Pop Boom, which he likes to take on his mini-adventures, and is subsequently mentioned quite a few times in his diary. Unfortunately for him, however, he tends to drive past the local school, which happens to be filled with a lot of random immature students, who love to tease him by calling Nifty a "picnic basket on wheels", which usually ends with a fight, in his fury.

As well as not believing in misery, he has a wild, rebellious side to him, sometimes getting in trouble with the police in Club Penguin. He has catapulted a policeman's hat off twice, insulted the EPF once (in private), caused a hullaballoo in the streets for no particular reason four times, and almost got arrested when he ran away with an officer's bike. Every time, he has had to pay fines with his pocket money to make up for these offences.


Early Life[edit]

Popcorn 3000 hatched as Marque Freddie Penguinlinsky on the 12th of May, 2004, in Antarctica to Phenguinus Phoom (Puffish) and Marié De Francterre (Antarctican). At the time, he had one sibling who was 2 years older than him, named Rockthemic. They managed to get on well after a week of severe wailing and snorts at each other, and eventually became very close brothers. Nothing in particular happened, until two years later another egg was laid, meaning that Rockthemic and Marque were going to have another sibling. A day after this event, the small but increasing family moved igloo to a house near the coast, where Bellarocker finally hatched from her egg a week later.

During this time, Marque began swimming for the first time, and proved to be better than his siblings, even his parents. Looking back, nobody knows how he was naturally better at it than any of his relatives. There is a theory by Phenguinus Phoom, being an ex-scientist, that it may be because one of their ancestors was a brilliant swimmer, and then added to the fact that all penguins naturally needed the skill to swim for food. One year later, the three-year-old Popcorn was taken on a trip to Club Penguin to meet his five-year-old cousin, Penguinpuffdude. At first meeting, they weren't sure of anything, but soon got on well, sparking a series of bimonthly trips to and fro Club Penguin and Antarctica.

Nothing else happened, until one year later, he got his current nickname of Popcorn 3000, after making a paper cutout of Gary's failed Toaster 3000. Some time afterwards, another egg was laid. When it hatched, it was the last new sibling in the family - Lietlé Penguinpuffdude, named so after her uncanny resemblance to Penguinpuffdude, by whom she is regarded as "a small, green-feathered jolly little twin that can draw well - certainly better than I can".

Suddenly, when Popcorn was six, he caught the dreaded Peng-Virus after swimming in polluted water. As usual, nobody noticed it for a while, until Phenguinus noticed that his son was plumper than usual. He did a test, and confirmed that he had caught the dreaded, dangerous Type I of the disease. The next day, the household seemed to have turned on him (in Popcorn's opinion) and began forcing him to drink healthy carrot-broccoli smoothies. The igloo got agitated for five days, believing that all had been lost and Popcorn was heading for his doom as an oversized puffle, when, to the relief of his family, he got better.

Later Life[edit]

For a full, four years, nothing really happened until suddenly, when Popcorn was 10, Phenguinus lost his job, won the lottery and earned a family one-way ticket to Club Penguin, unbelievably all on the same day. The parents then bought a three-storey house near Penguinpuffdude's igloo, and then moved in after their arrival. It is here where Popcorn's diary was found, and began having frequent mini-adventures with Penguinpuffdude, now they were close and easy to meet at all times. It is also here when he forseed the spread of Arctic Hares. Some weeks later, Popcorn demonstrated his incredible mechanic skills and made Nifty Nifty Pop Boom, a working motorcar, while trying to make a robot to amuse himself. Due to its usefulness, he began taking it out for adventures, where it has, on occasions, sometimes saved his, and Penguinpuffdude's, life, thanks to it sometimes showing a mind of its own and seemingly being able to communicate. Unfortunately, Nifty is also a good way for him to get into fights Monday to Friday, thanks to the local random immature students to have seen the back of the motorcar and comment that they really like the "picnic basket on wheels you're driving".

One of these days, however, a mischievous student dared Popcorn. The student dared that he and Penguinpuffdude, who was also present, should go camping for a week to a nearby iceberg that the student knew of, then and there. Popcorn accepted, and once they had packed all necessary items, they went to the rendezvous and met the student, who rowed them to the iceberg. For more details, read here. After this life-threatening incident, he figured that he should take Nifty with him for adventures that involved sports and survival, just in case they had to make a break for it and hurry back home, for example in the case of a sudden natural disaster, like a tornado.

Current Life[edit]

After many semi-dangerous adventures, he is in a state of semi-retirement from his adventures, and is halfway through his diary, packed with his many exploits. He is satisfied with his life, and was involved in Operation Improbable, though unknowingly, as he, Penguinpuffdude, and their friendly EPF-agent friend Bertie were trying to track down XenguinXuffXude. Some time afterwards, he got involved in Fanon Characters Special 2018!, where he and some other penguins tried to solve the mystery of the orange-juice river. He is now currently involved in the mysterious events surrounding a group of Peach-haters and the sudden kidnapping of Radioactivechicken. Apart from that, he is likely to be, around this time, planning to leave the igloo to head towards the school gates to have another fight with the local random immature students.


Once Popcorn is old enough to get a job, a business-student friend of his finally notices, after all those years, that Popcorn has a small, working, eco-friendly mini motorcar (e.g. Nifty), and suggests that perhaps if he made a duplicate and recorded how to make it, he could sell it on auction and set up a car manufacturing company. Popcorn initially protests about this idea since he wants his car to be unique and original, but reluctantly agrees due to lack of money. He then makes the duplicate which sells for billions, causing the foundations of the company to be set up. Once they begin manufacturing, they grow extremely rich due to the popularity of the cars, and are able to buy their own huge two-storey houses and an office to use as headquarters. Popcorn's friend suggests that he should sign a treaty amongst themselves that the two should never quit, and Popcorn agrees, but with some remorse as he signs his name on the treaty. After this event, however, Popcorn's friend doesn't notice that Popcorn is becoming more lazy, distracted and late for work, and on the morning of the first anniversary, he discovers that Popcorn has breached the treaty by quitting himself from the company, and has taken all the car-building manuals to burn. Due to the lack of things to work on, the company closes down, while Popcorn, driving off in his trusty motorcar and most of his money in a bag, escapes to King George's Island, to avoid being found and forced to return to the company.

Once there, he rents a house with a fireplace in order to burn the manuals, and then, in order to not be recognized, went under the name "Arthur Lewis Edwards", or "A. L. Edwards", and wandered around wearing a coat two sizes too big and a brown hat. A month later, he figured out that by that time, the scandal of the car company would be forgotten, and, although he thought it best not to change his name, he sold his hat and coat and went for an orange shirt, brown shoes and a huuuuge yellow scarf, just in case his friend was in the places he visited. A few years later, Popcorn is worried because, due to his reluctance to getting a job in case somebody recognizes him, he will be using some of the last of his money on food and two different lottery tickets. As soon as he runs out, he finds that, with a piece of crazy time-space continuum luck, he finds he won the first prize and the second prize. Now he is extremely rich again, he uses the money cautiously due to his newfound don't-get-a-job OCD, and becomes a superfluous penguin.

Some wasted years later, he becomes convinced that, by now, nobody would have remembered the Popcorn Car Company (as he now called it) scandal, and finally re-emerged into society, with his true name, and decided to restart his adventures. After many, dangerous adventures, he destroys his OCD and finds a somewhat unusual job - piloting. He quickly learns to become a pilot, and then, moving to Puffle'and, joins the Puffish Air Force. He enjoys this new job, and is quickly promoted to Commander for his superlative flying, survival and daredevil skills, causing his future motto to be "Whoever dares, he wins!".

He also, eventually, changes his accent due to flying to many different countries, making it a strange mix of the Puffish, Antarctican, Batavian, etc. accents, making him sound like a Puffish mash-up of Dudd Lapooh, Phil Sye and Explorer, with a strong emphasis on the "sh" sound (e.g. "I've jusht went aand crashed mah water shuplies into da shand!"). He gets awarded multiple times for bravery and skills, when, two years later, he gets awarded his own plane, named the "Daredevil", made specially for him in order to suit his character. After many years of exploits, adventures and boasting, he finally retires at 70, and writes the memoirs of his eventful life.

Despite his physicians and fellow members of the Puffish Air Force telling him against this, he will still go on piloting just for the fun of it, even though he's now aged.

When he is 78, he will fly out on the now-rusty "Daredevil" during a foggy day, and go missing; he will then be discovered a few months later, after having crashed in the Folding Forest and, with the last of the fuel, manage to glide to the Papyrus Plains, and be rescued by a farmer and his chicks. Popcorn will die soon afterwards, due to the stress of fending off the Folding Wild Puffles which kept trying to break into his aircraft.


He has a minor involvement most of the time in society, but he has been praised for (accidently) saving the island some times, but he has a lesser known talent - being a mechanic. He has built a small, working motorcar, named Nifty Nifty Pop Boom, built with his bare flippers and spare items. It can seat 3 penguin, and 1 driver, and can get him into fights from Monday to Friday with the local random immature students. His major problem, however, is his tendency to boast sometimes, and because he only believes in happiness and no sadness, he can sometimes be unemotional. Because he is a source of general words of wisdom on happiness, these bad traits often damage his reputation in society. He also gets into occasional trouble with the authority (catapulting a tin can so it can fall on an officer's head, for example), which also affects his image in day-to-day life.

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]

Powers (and Abilities)[edit]

  • Foreseeing - Every now and then, Popcorn stops what he is doing and stares into the distance with glazed eyes, mumbling words that can be clearly heard about the future. This can be good, as usually everybody else stops what they are doing to listen to him as well, meaning the good guys can get the better of the villains, if there are any. This short interval tends to last for one or two minutes, and often ends with the word "memoir".
  • Mechanical Skills - Like the time when he made Nifty Nifty Pop Boom, he is a good mechanic, and still is. He can make anything, from custom radios to musical boxes, to fixing computers and having a potential to invent a new variety of vacuum-cleaner.
  • Breaks the Fourth Wall - In contrast to his cousin Penguinpuffdude, he is good at breaking the fourth wall, with his specialty addressing the narrator, referencing something called the "head voice", and the books that the "head voice" has read, for example, in a situation similar to one in a book the "head voice" read, he will suddenly point it out (as in the manner of "I know the head voice read a book with a situation like this", or the like). This is, however, something of a hobby, and isn't particularly useful. In fact, sometimes it annoys his companions, but in rare situations, it's useful.
  • Slippery - He can do things almost unseen and unfelt, like a kind of eel. It is lucky Popcorn isn't evil, or else, as many experienced robbers say when they hear about this skill, he would make a very good pickpocket.
  • Sense of Smell - Unlike most penguins, his sense of smell is superlative, and can be compared with his ability to swim like an athlete.
  • Swims Like an Athlete - He is a very good swimmer, and is actually better than most other penguins. This can be compared with his fine sense of smell.
  • Dexterously Double-Jointed - Popcorn just so happens to be double-jointed, which is quite rare in most species of penguin. This means that he can convey private and subtle messages in the semaphore alphabet.


  • Cosmic Irony - Sometimes, his foreseeing is actually commenting on either what he's going to do or what somebody should not do, causing confusion and misleading facts when the event happens, and all-round, general cosmic irony, the ironic part being that everybody believed that would be what happens. A good example is the time when he foreseed the invasion spread of Arctic Hares in Antarctica (or, at least, their town, which now has a noted hare population), and instead of commenting that they would come in burrowing devices, he said that they would come in areoplanes, enabling the hares to spread more easily than they expected, because the population of their village, once informed, was frequently checking the skies instead of the ground for signs of their complex burrowing machines.
  • Boasting - Unfortunately, he has a horrible tendency to boast, which is usually connected with his remarkable engineering skills.
  • Cannot Repair Simple Things - For all his mechanical skills, surprisingly, he cannot fix the simplest things, and whenever he has to fix something simple, he cries out for help, and sometimes even bursts into tears of frustration.
  • Reckless - Unfortunately, he can tend to act on impulse and/or preference, which can get him and his companion(s) in trouble. He is usually impulsive/reckless with serious situations - obviously a downside.
  • "Good" Eyesight - As seen in Operation Improbable, he sometimes pretends that he has good eyesight, but actually, he doesn't. It's a wonder he doesn't wear glasses.
  • Argumentative - Likely a trait from Penguinpuffdude's side of the family, who has it too. He has a terrible tendency to be explosive and argumentative when things aren't going his way, which causes everybody in his surroundings to be depressed too, from the spread of gloom, frustration and anger.
  • Whistles - Unfortunately, for some weird unexplained cosmic reason, whenever he whistles, he brings either annoyance to his companions, or some unwanted wind. Whenever the latter happens (which tends to happen whilst standing on earth), he exclaims that he didn't know whistling for wind applied to land as well as sea.


Popcorn 3000 is an orange-feathered penguin who usually doesn't wear clothes, unlike some other penguins. However, he does have logic for this, which is that the clothes will get wet and take ages to dry after a quick swim. He does have some clothes for the coldest times of the winter though, which are thick warm scarves and wooly hats, and furry boots and a green coat, with matching mittens.


  • I'm itching for adventure!
  • You shouldn't cry - reality is a dream; that's why it's so hard to swallow!
  • Be quiet, don't spill the beans at Bean Counters!
  • Oh, wow!
  • Let them bring on all their problems, and I'll solve 'em all!


(Popcorn is taking his motorcar for a spin, when he passes by the gates of a school. It is closing time.)
Random immature student: Hiya, how's the day?
Popcorn 3000: Fine, thanks. You?
Random immature student: Good for me, too. Hey, I like that picnic basket on wheels you're driving! :D
(Outraged, Popcorn climbs out and punches the student, and gets into a fight. Meanwhile, Penguinpuffdude hears the shouts in the distance.)
Penguinpuffdude: Is there a revolution going on outside the school, or something? I had better go and check!
(She proceeds to run out the igloo, and finds Popcorn 3000 in a serious battle.)
Penguinpuffdude: Oh cousin! Cousin! Stop that fighting, or else I'll give you a slap myself!

(It is teatime, and Popcorn and his siblings are eating cakes. Popcorn leaves the room, and comes back with something behind him.)
Popcorn 3000: Hey, Rockthemic - what kind of tea is difficult to swallow?
Rockthemic: What?
Popcorn 3000: Realitea!
(He whips out what was behind him - a waterballoon-pistol - and fires one at Rockthemic.)
Bellarocker: Poor, poor old Rockthemic, why did you do that?! I swear I saw a pebble in it! Somebody get me my-
Popcorn 3000: Well, what kind of medicine can you use to cure earworm whilst there is an earthquake, but can't eat on?
Bellarocker: Popcorn, this is not the time for-
Popcorn 3000: A tech-tonic plate!
(He fires a waterballoon at her.)
Leetle Penguinpuff: Hahahah, silly old Bellarocker!
Popcorn 3000: And as for you...where are the best pencils stored?
(She covers her mouth, immediately regretting what she said.)
Popcorn 3000: In a set of drawers!
(He fires the last on at her, and he and his parents laugh.)
Rockthemic, Bellarocker and Leetle Penguinpuff: Oooh, the jerk!



Ever since they first met when Popcorn (and his parents and siblings) moved to Club Penguin, they had an instantly great relationship. They often go out on adventures together, and are often heard humming Popcorn's happy theme song. They have both experienced many things together, including secretly breaking into XenguinXuffXude's "laboratory" and house, almost getting caught in an avalanche and getting stranded on a remote iceberg for a while. Although many of their exploits seem very dangerous, they always come out of it with hardly any bruises or injuries, luckily.

Penguin What Dude[edit]

Popcorn's relationship with Penguin What Dude is neutral. He has a grudging, reluctant liking for the R63-antibody of Penguinpuffdude's, maybe because he is so hopelessly naïve and over-generous for his own good (which means that he is easily manipulated). Popcorn is likely the penguin in the family that can bear him the most, as they are sometimes seen together, with Popcorn giving Penguin What Dude information and advice about the "great big dangerous world", as Popcorn is heard putting it. Penguin What Dude thus has a healthy respect for him, and tries to help him whenever he can.


Because she is the X-antibody of Penguinpuffdude, their relationships are terrible. He also tests many of his booby-traps on her, knowing that she would never be able to fight back or know what happened. Popcorn 3000 considers her a weakling, and often teases her in secret with his family. He has claimed to have sabotaged one of her important inventions and plans, however, but although the penguins who are told this agree in front of him, secretly there is speculation that this is exaggeration.

Local random immature students[edit]

Thanks to their constantly teasing him over Nifty Nifty Pop Boom's supposed resemblance to a picnic basket, Popcorn 3000 has a terrible relationship with them, possibly worse than his with XenguinXuffXude. He always eventually gets into a fight with them, usually inside the school gates as he is driving past at closing time. It is suggested that perhaps he enjoys getting into the fights, as he always has to drive past at closing time.



  • He likes inventing nonsense words, such as "nogglidoo".
  • Sometimes he adds a meaning to his nonsense words, such as "njknKVKKanjnewka", meaning "to be astonished to the point of fainting".
  • If he needs to tell something confidential and/or important to Penguinpuffdude (or vice-versa) but they are far away, he will ring her and he must say "Cuckoo, is Private Pike there?", to which Penguinpuffdude must reply to with "Yes, but don't put his name on the list!".
  • He speaks in a very clear Southern Puffish accent, also known as Puffish Broadcasting Company Puffish due to its clarity.
  • As a result, he also includes slang, colloquial phrases, and other things in the Puffish language in his speech.
  • Even though he is normally very cheerful, he can get very offended if somebody calls Nifty Nifty Pop Boom a "picnic basket on wheels", the phrase being a common tactic to offend him for fun even though Nifty has no resemblance to one.
  • His ability to see into the future is akin to that of the rabbit Fiver, from the book Watership Down.
  • In the future, his mixed accent is a (subconscious) copy of Phil Sye.

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