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Three Porcyals
Type Super crystal
Effects Pure Energy
Source Underground
Location Culldrome Isles
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

A Porcyal, is a purple colored crystal. It is very rare and only able to be found in the deep mines of the Culldrome Isles. Porcyals are unlike normal crystals; Porcyals provide a large amount of power and energy. This energy can be harnessed for electricity, amplification, propulsion or anything else. It is commonly used (sparingly) in weapons, armor and vehicles, providing strength, durability and power.



Millions of years ago, it is said that an asteroid from space collided into Earth. The asteroid was quite large, standing in at 1.6 km in length. Most of the asteroid was made out of iron. However, 20% of the mass of the asteroid consisted of Porcyal crystals. When the asteroid smashed into the Earth's surface, the dust and molten rock of the asteroid spread all over the crater, scattering Porcyals. The crater is now where the Culldrome Isles are located.

Artists representation of the asteroid entering the Earth's atmosphere.
This image provided by PASA shows the most probable source of the original asteroid


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During the early history of Skulldrome, the penguins on the islands mined for minerals. Little did they know, that they were sitting on top of a Porcyal "hotspot". They discovered the Porcyals and mined them up. At first it was thought that these were just amethysts. Then after some research, it was found out that these crystals had strange powers. Bright penguins and skilled ninjas on Skulldrome studied and examined these Porcyals carefully.

Soon after much experimentation, the Porcyals were shown to contain infinite amounts of energy. The ninjas believed that this energy could be harnessed and used to enhance Card-Jitsu. Masters from all around the islands tried to wield the Porcyal during battles, but it always resulted in mass destruction. Training was needed and after many years, the Skulldom ninjas were able to (safely) use and control the powers of the crystal. Not only could they use it in Card-Jitsu, but they could also use it during times of war, or they could control nature. The ninjas could control the elements: fire, ice and water.

The ninjas kept this secret to themselves for a long time. During that time, they wreaked havoc all around the continent, causing disaster. Eventually, the Porcyals made their way to the Antarctic mainland, namely towards the colony where Mark the Warrior lived. The ninjas, discovering this, went out to retrieve the Porcyals, destroying half of Mark's colony and resulting in his father to bring the fight elsewhere.

Soon, Mark had gathered some ships and crews and sailed to the north. Eventually, the Culldrome Isles was founded as a brand new colony. After only a few years, the ninjas invaded the colony, which gained independence around 30 years later. Since then, Porcyals were mined out all around the isles. Soon, more and more Porcyals are being mined from the mines on the Treshurr Islands and Menap Island, two newer colonies. These newer crystals are mined and stored in a vault on Treshurr Island. This became the site of the first battle during the Porcyal War.

Porcyal War[edit]

Main article: Porcyal War.

In 1992, the ninjas fought back with their full force. They invaded the vault of Treshurr Island, stealing all of the Porcyals accumulated for more than 50 years. With this large inventory, they created a weapon of mass destruction, called Object-P. The Culdrom feared this and tried at all costs to stop their enemy from destroying their land. Object-P was, predictably, powered by Porycals. Towards the end of the war, the weapon was used, but because of a failure in aiming correctly, the target (Culldrome City) was missed.

The weapon instead hit a loose chunk of land to the south of the city, breaking it off and turning it into an island. The island, which is now known as Snelten Island, has since "floated off" and inhabited by RocketSnails. The war ended and the Treaty of Treshurr was signed, prohibiting use of Porcyals as weapons. However, the government itself disobeyed it and formed the CSRA which did research into Porcyal weaponry in Project 17.


Three Porcyals

Porcyals can come in three shapes - Brilliant, Orb and Misshapen. Brilliant Porcyals are similar in appearance to a brilliant cut diamond. However, these types of Porcyals are formed naturally. Orb Porcyals are nearly perfectly spherical in shape. Misshapen Porcyals can be of any other shape and are the most common of the three. Misshapen Porcyals usually need to be ground down into a shape. Oddly enough, all three of these shapes occur naturally; no one knows why.

Porcyals are purple in color. The purple is similar to a Mabel purple. The exact shade varies from crystal to crystal.


Porcyals contain a (seemingly) infinite amount of energy. Due to this, Porcyals have been a candidate for future renewable energy technologies. Porcyals can also be used (in small amounts) to power weapons, lasers or even vehicles.

A prototype Porcyal-using ray gun.

Due to the large amount of energy in these crystals, Porcyals are extremely destructible and can literally flat an area of 1 km squared (0.6 miles) or even more. In addition, they can literally shift mountains and move valleys. Porcyals have also been connected to changing weather patterns. They can be manipulated in a way to create torrential downpour, ferocious earthquakes, devastating winds and more.

Porcyals can use their powers without interaction from anyone else, at anytime. For example, a random shower of pies may engulf South Pole City and be gone within a few seconds, all without interaction from anyone. However, since Porcyals are items, it is widely believed and accepted that they have no concept of good and evil, meaning anyone can use the powers for their own good.

Use by penguins[edit]

Chub 777 after absorbing a Porcyal.

The powers that Porcyals offer can be used at will by penguins. "Using" a Porcyal takes great care and practice; not anyone can just reach for it and use it. Many users of it train for weeks or months and even years.

To be able to use these powers they must hold it and then start concentrating very hard on the Porcyal. A bright flash of light will occur and the Porcyal will seemingly pass through the holder and "into" them. Since this heavy energy source is technically "inside" of the holder, they will grow giant and release the energy in the form of a giant, blinding light beam. In addition to becoming a giant, the user will also (temporarily) develop dark purple eyes and shine in a purple glow.

The holder of the Porcyal can now access unlimited power. They can read others thoughts, make things telepathically move or even move large asteroids; they can do (nearly) anything. However, there is a downside to all this power. If the penguin uses the Porcyal for a long amount of time or uses up its power quickly, the crystals can harm the user. The Porcyal's enormous power cannot be contained inside a penguin, even while in a giant state. The Porcyal exits the user and explodes in a shower of sparks, destroying it. Not much is known about what happens after, since all witnesses get destroyed at around this point. There are many theories as to what happens next, the most popular being that after this small explosion, is another giant one. A large mushroom cloud forms and it is estimated that the energy output is equal to 50 megatons of TNT.

An explosion caused by a Porcyal.

This giant explosion, coupled with the enormous power of the Porcyal, opens a tiny rift in the very fabric of space-time (that lasts only a few milliseconds), causing the user and surrounding items to be instantly teleported to the CyberVoid, similar to what happens after a Deletion Missile impacts its target.

List of known Porcyal wielders[edit]

List of those who have directly used Porcyals to gain power (ie. using gadgets does not count). Bold signifies those who have fully absorbed a Porcyal.


  • Porcyal is pronounced as pawr-sall.
  • Despite being called a crystal, scientifically it has a vastly different chemical structure and properties.
  • Porcyals are from outer space.
    • This could result in Porcyals being alien technology.
  • It is said that Porcyals break the laws of physics, due to the infinite amount of potential energy stored in it.
  • Porcyals are rated at "9.9 recurring" on the Mohs scale.
  • This makes Porcyals just softer than diamonds.
  • However, diamonds are used in favour of Porcyals for industrial applications since they are cheaper and common.
  • Porcyals have the rare power of evoking Senseis and relatives of the Senseis to reach the Sensei State, as shown in EPF Agents 2.
  • Despite originating in Culldrome, evidence of Porcyals exist as far as Munijoch.

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