Porcyal Order

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Knights of the Porcyal Order
Symbol of the Order
Name Knights of the Porcyal Order
Type Revolutionary Military Order
Location Skulldrome Isles, Culldrome Isles
Head Dr. Blowhole, Solir Ryne'n
Members 10,000

The Knights of the Porcyal Order, also known as the Porcyal Order, is a revolutionary military order based primarily in the Skulldrome Isles. Founded in the 1855, after the Antarctic settlement of the Culldrome Isles, the Order aims to remove Culldrom influence and rule a new envisioned world with help from Porcyals.


Early History[edit]

Not much is known about the early history of the Porcyal Order. Its roots stem from the 1850s, when the Culldrome Isles were settled by penguins from Antarctica. Several groups of Ninjas from the Skulldrome Isles began to band together, aiming to overthrow the settlers. The groups shared a common interest and began to utilise Porcyals to achieve their goals. The Porcyal Order slowly grew and were the main driving force of advocating Skulldrom invasion of Culldrome. This culminated in Culldrome's Ninja Occupation between 1860 and 1890.

The Porcyal Order remained a fragmented organisation until 1870, when Gravity joined the order and quickly climbed the ranks. He united all of the separate groups who were against Culldrome into one large, formal Order. The Order continued to grow rapidly, gaining plenty of influence within the archipelago with Gravity as their ultimate leader. The Order was not publicly visible; it controlled the Skulldrome government behind the scenes in a mutual puppet relationship.


In 1890, Mark the Warrior and his small resistance army staged a coup d'etat on the Ninjas and overthrew the Porcyal Order. Most of the Order was soon wiped out as Culldrome was restored and began to prosper. Gravity fled into hiding, bringing with him the remnants of the Order. Over the next hundred years, he slowly rebuilt it, gaining more members, equipment and wealth. The Order was conducted minor raids on important Culldrom institutions (banks, etc), military bases and cargo ships.

Porcyal War[edit]

Second Exile[edit]

Confederacy of Independent Culldrome[edit]




The Porcyal Order has operated mostly within the Culldrome Isles. Very little influence of the Porcyal Order exists anywhere else.


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