Porcyal War

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Porcyal War
The Treshurr Isles taken over by the ninjas.
Date 1992-1996
Location Culldrome Isles
Result Ninjas defeated; Treaty of Treshurr signed; Porcyals banned from widespread use
Casus belli Skulldrome seeks full autonomy and Porcyals
Accidental formation of Snelten Island
Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles Skulldromeflag.png Skulldrome Isles
Culldromeislesflag.png Davidson Cornwallis Skulldromeflag.png Ninja Master Huli (狐狸)
300,000 soldiers and a large number of vehicles 80,000 ninjas and many vehicles
275,000 soldiers 70,000 ninjas
Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles
Outline of the Culldrome Isles
Ninja Occupation
Porcyal War
Nightmare of Culldrome
Battle of Culldrome
Shadow of Culldrome
States, Islands and Territories
Skulldrome Isles
Treshurr Islands
Menap Island
Snelten Island
Culldrome Yow
Toxic Island
Daire Isle
Civ Island
Notable Locations
Culldrome City
Golden City
Bluetower Castle
Mt. Charlamander
See Also
Culldrome Military
The Axle Powers
Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

The Porcyal War was a civil war that escalated into a large scale war. It lasted 4 years and was the 2nd time ninjas attacked the Culldrome Isles, the first time being the ninja occupation in the late 1800s. The war was named after Porcyals, the crystals that the ninjas were after, which initiated the war. The Porcyal War greatly affected Culldrome, who at the time was a small isolated country that had few allies. It was also the largest war fought by Culldrome until The Great Yowien War in 2013, and the largest fought on domestic soil until the Battle of Culldrome.


In the 1980s, Culldrome was going through an industrial revolution. With the introduction of oil, many new innovations to technology and lifestyle occurred. Around the same time, the Skulldrome Isles began to seek autonomy from the Culldrome Isles. The state, which came under forceful annexation 70 years prior, wanted freedom from the country. In 1985, Skulldrome was granted limited autonomy by Supreme Leader James Itkan. Since then Skulldrome had began to distance itself from Culldrome, rapidly creating its own military force that quickly began to rival Culldrome's own military (who responded by increasing their own armies). However, it was reluctant to completely allow full independence and the Supreme Leader rejected a referendum on the topic in 1991.

A few weeks before the war, the Supreme Leader of Culldrome and the governmental Delegate for Skulldrome were scheduled to meet up at the Skulldrom capital. Ninja Master Huli (狐狸), Skulldrome's leader, invited James Itkan to a 4 day visit. They were to discuss several plans on continual development of the technology and economy of Skulldrome. Talks about its independence was swept under the rug.

On July 23 1992, James Itkan took off from Culldrome International Airport, bound for Skulldrome. Everything was going smoothly. About 1 and a half hours after take off, several officers on board entered the cargo hold via a hatch. The officers were actually employed by the Skulldrom army and were spies. The spies had sneaked in a briefcase full off Snowzer Cheese. The spies had also brought parachutes and life-jackets, which they put on. The cheese was activated and exploded.

The explosion caused an explosive decompression which ripped the plane apart. The spies parachuted down just before the explosion and were later rescued by a boat and taken back to Skulldrome. By the time Culldrom rescue forces arrived, no one was found. An investigation was set up. Rumors of an assassination attempt began to circulate, but no one knew who to blame.

The wreckage of the plane and the black boxes were soon recovered. Thorough investigation revealed that the explosion event happened instantly. Davidson Cornwallis, the Vice Supreme Leader, was promoted to become the new Supreme Leader of Culldrome. He would later lead the attacks in the war. The Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency launched a top secret investigation into who was responsible for the plane crash. They found out that ninjas were assembling their naval forces. Skulldrome was preparing itself for an all out war and wanted to invade key Culldrom states to gain access to Porcyals and eventually destroy the entire nation. This information was deliberately leaked by the CSIA into the public to force a reaction. The Skulldrome Government answered with an official statement on August 21 1992.

The High Governmental Authority of the Skulldrome Isles responds to the information and allegations of a "growing navy" by the following statement. The Navy of the Skulldrome Isles will be participating in the Skulldrome War Games, which will be between the Skulldrome Navy and the Skulldrome Air-Force. All other information about this topic is classified and not for public use.
— Skulldrome Government

However, everyone was skeptical about this explanation. In retaliation, Culldrome also assembled its navy, just in case of a battle breaking out. Soon, Skulldrome's navy ships were being loaded with air-force planes. Culldrome followed suit, loading it's ships with many planes. The armies on their smaller island states were scrambled and prepared for attack. However Skulldrome prolonged their attack so that their opposing armies would slack off and waited for the opportune moment.

Everything on both sides stayed stationary until on September 16, the Skulldrom navy invaded the Treshurr Isles. The war had begun.

War: 1992[edit]

Battle of Treshurr Isles[edit]

A ninja naval ship firing all cannons.
Map of the enemy movements on September 15 1992.

On the early morning of September 15, the Skulldrome Navy sailed into the waterways of the Treshurr Isles. Within the fleet were some aircraft carriers and on them were a fleet of fighter jets. They were all scrambled and attacked Pirate City, Treshurr's capital, and it's military base.

Meanwhile, as this was all happening, flying bombers were being scrambled from the Skulldrome Isles. These bombers could not fit onto the carriers and so they had to take off directly from an air base. If everything went well, the bombers would arrive at the isles just as the fighters would destroy the small air force located there.

The Culldrome Air-Force was caught unexpectedly. Pilots rushed to their planes as the fighters above rained Deletion Missiles down onto them. Within the span of 15 minutes, half of the air force division was destroyed. By then, a distress call was issued back to the mainland, calling for re-enforcements. A hand full of fighters managed to take off from the base and the engaged a dogfight with the ninja fighters. Several of the enemy fighters went down, but there was still the threat from the ships and the incoming fighters.

Despite being an island colony, the Treshurr Isles lacked a naval force. The enemy navy wreaked havoc around the area, and combined with the jets, were a force not to be messed with. By noon, the ships arrived at the docks and infantry began to pour out. Their mission was to find the Porcyal Vault, where a large amount of Porcyals are stored. The vault was located at a small building near the harbour and so, the infantry began to make their way inland.

From above, the fighters rained down modified Ditto Grenades, as cover fire for the soldiers. The entire air-force of the Treshurr Isles was wiped out and soon the bombers arrived. The bombers delivered Ditto Bombs, freezing penguins like statues and destroying buildings. The re-enforcements from Culldrome Island arrived at the same time and a massive fight was fought in the air. Deletion Missiles were fired everywhere, crippling the enemy air-force. The enemy navy, however, made short work of the fighters above, deleting them with sea-to-air Deletion Missiles.

The soldiers eventually arrived at the vault and after minutes of blasting into it, the Porcyals inside it were stolen. Immediately, they fled to the ships which were still waiting at the docks. The remaining fighters, bombers and ships then fled out into the open sea, back home to the Skulldrome Isles.

Later that morning, the Culldrome Isles officially declared war with the Skulldrome Isles. A few minutes later, Skulldrome officially claimed to be responsible for the assassination of the Supreme Leader. The entire military forces of both factions were mobilized and readied for action. The citizens that lived there were evacuated to the mainland, with fears of another attack. By the 20th of September, the whole of the Treshurr Isles was empty, save for the soldiers operating there.

Evacuation and Skirmish of Western Skulldrome[edit]

Back on Culldrome Island, cities were being evacuated into small towns in the countryside. Bluetower Castle was flooded with new arrivals and soon had campers outside the castle walls. In fear of a naval attack, Culldrome Bay was locked down and closed, forcing many ships to turn back to their destinations or towards nearby islands like Club Penguin. Many citizens from all around Culldrome fled the country as refugees. Soon after, international borders were closed after a controversial ruling and Culldrome entered a state of isolation, with communication being the only link to the outside world.

Meanwhile, the entire Culldrom navy was scrambled and ordered to form a blockade around the Skulldrome Isles. On October 1, the Culldrom ships closed in and attacked Skulldrome's factories and ports. The enemy struck back with large force, sinking several ships. The navy then retreated a few hundred miles west of Skulldrome and began to perform short and quick raids. Every few days, some naval ships would travel to Skulldrome, quickly attack with large force and retreat. The navy continued to perform quick raids over the next few weeks. The Culldrome Air Force also pitched in by sending in several long range bombers to destroy air-fields of the enemy. This crippled the war-time production of Skulldrome, nearly ending the war.

Conquering the Isles: 1993[edit]

Invasion and Second Battle of Treshurr Isles[edit]

The war was at a stalemate. Culldrome was slowly running out of ammunition and Skulldrome was running out of vehicles and supplies. The two sides were waiting for the other to make a move. Finally, in January 1993, Skulldrome sent out a fleet of battleships from the east. The fleet was to circle around south and take over the Treshurr Isles, starting from the western side. On January 24 1993, a few days before Culldrome Day, the Skulldome Navy invaded the Treshurr Isles again.

The invasion was an easy task as there were only a handful off soldiers remaining on the Isles. The enemy began by sending remote missiles to destroy the communication towers and lines, crippling all communication to and from the islands. Once this once done, the ships fired cannons on the deserted shoreline. Then, the ships docked into the half-destroyed port that they had left half a year ago. Ninjas from the ships moved out and began to clear the area completely. The squadrons of ninjas moved out from the port and began to clear out the cities, and soon, the countryside. Within a few days, the islands were devoid from any soldiers from Culldrome. They were all captured and became prisoners of war. The ships that were docked in the port had unloaded and a camp was set up. A small fort was set up, complete with shore-line cannons, capable to fire Deletion cannonballs towards enemy ships.

On January 28, the Culldrome mainland began to notice the lack of communications from some areas in the Treshurr Isles. Since the whole area was basically a empty, spy planes, from the naval fleet performing the raids in the east, were sent to investigate. After several fly-overs and inspections, it was discovered that the Skulldrome Navy had arrived on the isles. Immediately, the raiding fleet withdrew from their position after nearly 4 months. The half of the fleet were sent to the Treshurr Isles to eliminate the threat and the other half were sent to the Culldrome mainland to be reloaded with supplies.

A ninja raising the Skulldrome flag as the smouldering remains buildings still burn.

As half of the Culldrome Naval fleet sailed into the Treshurr harbours, it opened fire on the Skulldrome Naval fleet stationed there. The battle raged on for hours and ships on both sides were sinking. Smoke poured out of the remaining ships as they struggle to keep afloat and firing at the opposing enemy.

The Culldrome Navy called in aerial re-enforcements from the mainland. At once, bombers and fighters took off from airbases on the eastern coast of Culldrome Island. The squadron of planes made their way east towards the Treshurr Isles. By this time the other half of the naval strike force left for the isles, as well.

Military movements from January 24-January 28.

After a few hours, when the air-force arrived, chaos ensued. Bombs were dropped onto the enemy encampment, destroying civilian buildings in the process. The Skulldrome Navy diverted their cannons from the ships to the planes. As they got distracted, the Culldrome Navy fired upon the opposing ships. Soon, re-enforcements in the form of more naval ships and another strike force of bombers. Enemy ships sank as the bombers rained down bombs. The tide began to turn towards the side of good, and the war may be over after only weeks.

However, the enemy had a final trick up their sleeve. A small, lone, wooden fishing boat sporting the Skulldrome flag began to sail into the chaos. On board was one of the high ranking soldiers in the Skulldrome army, and in his flipper was a single, purple, Porcyal. The penguin "absorbed" the Porcyal and also absorbed its powers. Then in a quick action, the penguin released energy in a flash of light.

With that, the entire Culldrome military force that was in the battle was destroyed. The Skulldrome flag was raised from the roof of a building. Later that evening, the Skulldrome Government issued a public statement saying that the Treshurr Isles were now part of Skulldrome territory. However, the Culldrome Air Force still operated high-altitude spy missions over the islands. Over the next few weeks, the spy photos revealed that the ninjas were building a weapon of mass destruction. This weapon was called "Object P" and classified as highly secret and highly dangerous.

Raids and Research[edit]

Besides the mainland, Menap Island was the last remaining piece of Culldrome territory. Both sides knew that a battle would have to be inevitably fought there. The inhabitants began to be evacuated in mid-February. Due to the recent battle on the Treshurr Isles, both sides had exhausted most of their forces. Never the less, Culldrom soldiers were sent to Menap Island to establish a functioning army base.

Skulldrome, however, did not respond. They were hard at work on the Treshurr Isles, creating weapons that are powered by Porcyals. They believed that with this, the war could be won and Culldrome could be taken over. A large military base was set up on the Treshurr Isles, to ensure around the clock protection of the research bases.

By March 1993, Culldrome had also established a large military base; the one on Menap Island. The base was tucked away inside the lush, wooded mountains on the island. The base was also located on the side closest to Skulldrome. This meant that non-stop air raids were possible. So, on March 15th, a small squadron of bomber planes, escorted by fighters, set out to bomb Skulldrome. The squadron arrived a few hours later and took the enemy by surprise. As a result, many docked ships were destroyed. However, this did not cripple the enemy much.

The raids kept on going for a few weeks. Each time, factories, radio towers, warehouses and barracks would get destroyed. Nonetheless, since most of the military had moved to the Treshurr Isles, these raids were just a waste of fuel and ammunition. In April, high-flying spy aircraft confirmed that most military operations of Skulldrome occured on the Treshurr Isles. Immediately, an estimated 90% of the remaining Culldrome Navy based on the Manep Base left, bound for the Treshurr Isles to form another blockade.

The Culldrome Navy was also planning to deploy submarines and have them attach explosives on the hulls of enemy ships docked in the harbour. This would draw the enemy 'out of the nest' and into fire. However, due to limited resources, there were only two functional submarines in the fleet. One of them was a large submarine, and the other was a small two-penguin operated submarine. These two submarines were deployed in Treshurr waters on May 1 1993. They made their way from the blockade ships to the islands.

The submarines arrived on May 2. They carefully deployed explosives underneath 20 naval ships. Luckily they were not spotted by the enemy. After the mission was completed, the submarines exited the harbour and triggered the explosives. The 20 ships sunk, alarming the ninjas. As the submarines made their way back to the ships, the ninjas caught up and destroyed the submarines using Porcyal-powered weapons. The ninja ships never reached firing range of the Culldrom ships and the plan never worked. Never the less, the blockade remained.

Skirmish of Treshurr Isles[edit]

Warring against a force with Porcyals always ends in a loss. The Culldrome had no choice but to have another attack on the Treshurr Isles. The plan was quick and simple: Invade, get Porcyals and get out. So, on May 27, the blockade ships closed in the isles. The ships distracted the ninjas as soldiers parachuted in from above. The soldiers landed not far from the storage vault, so it was a quick waddle. The soldiers proceeded and broke into the vault, triggering alarms.

The ninjas were notified and deployed. The soldiers were quick, but some were not quick enough. In the end, about 30 soldiers were captured or deleted. Only half-a-dozen of the soldiers had managed to steal one Porcyal. Using this, the soldiers managed to fend of the enemy and steal a few more Porcyals. Although the attack was swift and simple, there were heavy losses. Luckily, the soldiers to survived made it back to the mainland and transferred several Porcyal to the government. The Treshurr Isles were becoming a tough, fortified location, and winning it back would bring the war one step closer to an end. However, the military decided to stay back and build up its defenses.

Over the next few months, the economy of both sides began to grow larger. The Culldrome military rebuilt itself, especially it's navy. To slow them down, the Skulldrom Navy sent out small fleets to attack the coast of the mainland. These were being fended off by the air-force and cannons mounted on the shoreline. However, this failed and the economy continued to grow and grow. The citizens got used to normal life once more...but the war was far from over.

Battle of North Menap[edit]

As the two sides stabilized their economy, the ninjas established a mine on the northernmost island of the Treshurr Isles, Netherwart. The main objective of the mine was to find Porcyals for military use. Captured soldiers were often put to work here. The miners managed to dig their way to and island in the Skulldrome Isles. However, they made a mistake. They had actually dug their way to Menap Island. A small camp was set up, a few miles north of the Menap Military base. As the ninjas continued exploring around, they accidentally made contact with the soldiers from the base. The alarm was sounded on both sides and troops were mobilized.

On the morning of 10 August, a small land battle was fought in the forests and plains to the north of the base. Ninjas and soldiers fought each other, both taking advantage of the land to defend themselves.


The battle occurred far from either of the bases on the island, so re-enforcements would take a while to arrive. Both armies were confused as to why the other was there, but they had to defend their bases at all costs.

By a few minutes, some ninjas managed to sneak their way past the army and spotted their base. The ninja spies retreated but were captured. The troops, however, were fairing well on both sides. Re-enforcements had arrived for the armies, but no vehicles. The ninjas decided to retreat before it was all too late. They destroyed their base hastily and retreated into their mine, covering the entrance up just in time. Some of the captured soldiers (who mined for the ninjas) escaped back to the Culldrom base.

That night, the Culldrom soldiers had a small base operating on the remnants of the ninja base. They searched everywhere to see where the ninjas escaped, but nothing was found. The base on Menap Island was subsequently fitted with a large fortified wall surrounding it. The ninjas also continued mining, although in another direction. They noted the place of the battle and thought that it would come in useful in the future.

More weeks passed and still no major battles. Before they knew it, a year had come and gone since the start of the war and a conclusion was still out of reach.

Onto the Mainland[edit]

The Culldrom Air Force continued to operate spy flights over the Treshurr Isles. The photographs from the planes continued to show Object-P being developed.. Scientists and researchers concluded that it was a weapon of mass destruction. Great care was taken and the two sides both began to gear up for another imminent battle. Culldrome deployed a small handful of forces to Treshurr Isles in November 1993. The aim of this was to sneak in and find first hand intel.

As this was happening The Skulldrom Army began to sneak their way onto Culldrome Island. They set up a small base on the south side of the island, one the icy Collwall Plain. The plain was a large flat expanse of ice bordering the south of the Collwall mountains. Culldrome did not notice this, as they were concentrating on other tasks. The ninja base soon began to grow.

Race for the Porcyal: 1994[edit]

Into the Backyards[edit]

The military divisions of Culldrome had recovered since the great losses in the battles in the Treshurr Isles. The army had now formed a small outpost in the Treshurr Isles. Supplies were delivered to the outpost via submarines, to ensure no detection. The ninjas, however were all gathering in the Collwall Plain. The two armies were both about to attack each other from behind, but they did not know.

As ninja forces amassed in the plain, a few sailed over to Menap Island to distract the Culldrom army in February 1994. The two fought many skirmishes on the coast line, and eventually the ninjas were driven off the island. This, however, was not a failure as the next phase of attack began. The ninjas on the plain advanced northward over the Collwall Mountains and split up into smaller forces. They all planned an attack on Culldrome City on May 1.

The Culldrom, however, were also planning on attack, but on May 3. The two sides gathered ammunition, vehicles, supplies and troops. Soon they were ready to attack.

Skirmish of Collwall[edit]

The ninjas soon began their journey to Culldrome City. Raiding the city would not be easy, as many defences had been set up. The ninja infantry were all gathered around the city on April 30, waiting to attack. However, vehicles and supplies necessary for the attack still had to arrive. These had to make the trek over the mountains to retain the element of surprise. The ninjas carved a small valley into the side of the mountain range using Porcyals on April 27. The carving enabled the hardware to cross the mountain range, but the seismic activity had alerted scientists.

Suspicious, the small army of Mt. Charlamander was sent out into the Mossroam region. They reached it on the morning of March 1. The army was slightly south of Culldrome City when they first saw ninjas. Defending themselves the ninjas attacked. The Charlamander army called in Culldrome re-inforcemnts and a small battle broke out. Soon, Culldrome bombers arrived. Completely surprised, the ninjas panicked. The bombers bombed the carved out mountain ridge, causing it to cave in onto the vehicles. The remaining vehicles attempted to shoot the planes out of the sky, and then tried to continue north. The vehicles were met by the infantry. Although they were out-gunned, the infantry raided the trucks and tanks, stopping the enemy right in its tracks, literally. The enemy fled and left their vehicles behind to escape quickly. The Culldrome soldiers managed to capture several enemy soldiers and all of the remaining vehicles.

After a short inspection, the vehicles and prisoners traveled back to the city. Later that day, the vehicles were inspected and then put into military service. The vehicles had the color scheme of the Skulldrome Army and could be used to offer a tactical edge. The prisoners were interrogated to find out information, especially about Object-P. The ninjas had failed to mount an attack on the capital, making the war leaders furious.

Treshurr Takeover[edit]

Phase One[edit]


The remaining ninjas, suffering huge losses, retreated back onto the Collwall Plain. The small base there reduced in size. The base on the Treshurr Isles, was expanding. Object-P was still under construction. The Culldrom believed that the weapon had to be neutralized once and for all. Their small base, near Buccaneer's Landing (see map) began to prepare for an attack. The attack involved a large offensive to take over the uninhabited island that they were on, Netherwart. Then, after amassing an even larger force, the Culldrom would have a final push down south, capturing the island of Northfort and the major ninja base there. The operation was estimated to take several months, with full capture of the Treshurr Isles by November 1994. The first phase of the attack began as planned on May 3.

On the day of the attack, squadrons of Culldrom tanks and soldiers made their way south from their small base. The region mostly consisted of flatlands and some trees. The squadrons destroyed any ninja outposts they came across. On May 8, they had reached the southern coast of Netherwart. The coast was very dangerous, as it was a cliff with a long drop down into a dangerous sea below. The squadrons established a small military base here, called Fort Wart. The next day, several squadrons were dispatched around the island to finally rid it of any ninjas. By May 18, the whole island was under Culldrom control.

Phase Two[edit]

Phase Two of the Treshurr takeover began on May 25. By now, more Culldrom tanks and soldiers had arrived, but the ninjas had learned of their predicament. The Culldrom planned to use planes to air-drop 5000 soldiers onto the next island for capture, Northfort. In addition, 10 tanks were air-dropped, but only 3 of them landed intact. The forces re-grouped and on May 26, they started to travel south to Pirate City.

As the troops traveled south, they encountered a number of small ninja outposts, destroying them as they were found. The generals of the squadron decided to call in re-enforcements, wanting to be absolutely sure of a victory. A fort, named Fort Badger, was constructed. Re-enforcements parachuted in and eventually arrangements were made for the final push, which was to occur on August 15. For the ninjas, everything seemed calm. They knew that a small Culldrom outpost existed northeast of Pirate City, although they did not know about the size of it. Object-P was thought to be in danger, so it was shipped back to Skulldrome soon after.

Battle of Pirate City[edit]


On the morning of August 15, the third major battle at the Treshurr Isles happened. Hundreds of Culldrom forces headed south towards the outskirts of Pirate City. Although the ninjas were caught off-guard, they retaliated back with force. The ninjas used their massive powers, amplified by the Porcyals, to stop the Culldrom advance. However, tanks soon arrived as well as naval ships and bombers. A large attack was laid on Pirate City.

The land forces were being stopped in the northeast of the city. The air and sea forces attempted to destroy the ninja barrier blocking the advance. A few hours of intense battling past, and both sides were starting to grow weaker. However, they didn't give up. The ninjas were suffering heavy losses to their buildings because of the aerial bombings while the Culldrom were loosing a lot of infantry. The Culldrom forces delivered a large push, which drove the ninjas back. By the afternoon, the northeastern city was taken under Culldrom control. Fragments of Porcyals were also retrieved and were put into use later that evening. By now, the two sides had suffered heavy losses, but none of them wanted to stop and surrender.

Soon, all of the Culldrome tanks and vehicles were lost, but they had taken over a large portion of the city. The large battle slowly, but surely, began to calm down until the early morning of August 16, the day after the battle; the battle had died down. The two sides awaited re-enforcements to come in so that they could continue. The Culldrom, however, not wanting to lose their massive gain on Pirate City, requested for lots of big shipments of wood and other construction materials. Construction workers flocked to the empty city streets to construct another large wall. By August 25, the large wall was complete. The Skulldrom forces were dumbfounded, but they could not destroy the wall since many losses had occurred.

Soon, both sides had accumulated enough resources to restart the attack. The attacks began to pick up again on August 27. The ninjas managed to take down large portions of the wall, but the Culldrom had brought in large cannons to defend it. They started to build tall defensive towers with mounted cannons on them. The Skulldrom began to do the same. Soon, there were several towers lining the wall. Although they were within range, both sides refused to use their towers to shoot down the opposing towers, fearing that they would lose their position.

The wall, named the Pirate Wall, cut Pirate City into two sections; East Pirate City and West Pirate City. Many small skirmishes and battles occurred on the sections of the wall. The city was still far from being reclaimed, but the Culldrom had made a large advance. Although the main battle was finished, the Battle of Pirate City had not yet ended.

Final Push[edit]


With the rapid and sudden construction of the Pirate Wall astounded many. For the Culldrom, it was a massive morale boost, knowing that they could easily encircle the enemy. If Pirate City came under Culldrom control again, it would mean an easy re-occupation of the Treshurr Isles and one large step closer to bringing the war to an end. For the Skulldrom, however, they felt that defeat was becoming closer. Construction on Object-P still continued and every day brought it closer to completion.

On September 1, discussions were held about the eventual Culldrome recapture of Pirate City. The discussions suggested to blockade the city, starve it of supplies and then attack at all angles. So on September 4, the Culldrom Navy were sent out to form a ring of ships around Pirate City, extending from the two ends of the Pirate Wall.

The blockade forced all Skulldrom ships and submarines to turn back, or face destruction. Supplies could not get in or out of the city. The small ninja base had a small amount of attack power and could bust a small hole into the Pirate Wall, but they would be quickly defeated. However they did not want to give up and decided to attack the longest unguarded part of the wall. The attack began on the early morning hours of September 12, at 2:30 AM.

The Culldrom were caught off guard, literally. There were close to no guards at the security out posts, and those who were there were quickly and quietly taken out. Troops and tanks loudly barged their way into Culldrome territory. The Culldom forces were fully mobilized and ready by 0250 hours. By now, the ninjas had made a large dent, destroying any enemy outposts they encountered. The ninjas split up into four groups, named A to D. Group A and B headed northwest, towards the other portions of the wall. Their mission was to destroy any resistance they got. Group C headed north towards the main military headquarters while Group D headed east, destroying military bases.

At 0310, the Culldrom forces, chaotically moving in the night, headed out and encountered Group D. Although they suffered many losses, especially due to the tanks, the Culldrom defeated them, leaving 3 groups. At 0325, reinforcements were called in to help with the attack. Planes, from the closest base on the mainland, were scrambled. The ships forming the blockade were disbanded and headed to the city. The ground forces headed north towards their HQ, where reports were coming in of the ninja attack, which had come from Group C. They arrived at 0340, and immediately engaged them. By 0420, they were all defeated, so the Culldrom forces headed south to where the wall had broken.

The air reinforcements soon arrived and engaged the small amount of ninja forces they could see, from Groups A and B. They also bombed the occupied area of Pirate City, including the military HQ of the ninjas. At 0430, the Supreme Leader of Culldrome, Davidson Cornwallis, authorized the final attack to destroy the remaining ninja resistance in Pirate City. The ships arrived, and bombarded the city with shells. By 0500, Group B was destroyed, leaving only Group A. By now, the two groups had managed to cause heavy damage to the Pirate Wall and the surrounding buildings. The ground forces moved west towards the city's heart. Now, the air, sea and ground forces could all collaborate to finally take the city. The sea and air forces aided the soldiers, who made their way to the destroyed city hall, which was the main governmental building of both Pirate City and the Treshurr Isles. There, they raised the Culldrom flag at 0557 hours, just as the sun rose. With the victory, the final group of ninjas, Group A, surrendered. Pirate City was now finally under Culldrom control again.

Phase Four and Aftermath[edit]

With the capture of Pirate City, other nearby ninja outposts started to fall. Several battles were fought in the countryside, such as the Battle of Monhest, the Battle of Bandjor and the Battle of Pearlya. Soldiers made their way around the Treshurr Isles as navies on both sides continued their attack in the Treasure Sea. By November 27, the Treshurr Isles had been retaken by Culldrome.

A massive military base was created in Pirate City. It also acted as Culldrome's largest naval base, with hundreds of ships and submarines located there. A clean up team was sent to the city, hoping to rebuild everything. The Pirate Wall was left in it's half-ravaged state. Both sides began to amass larger military forces as they prepared for the final assault.

Tough Times: 1995[edit]

Operation: Dark Purple[edit]

Through December, January and February, both armies continued to battle each other in small skirmishes. The war had calmed down, but still continued. Culldrome began to plan a large scale military operation, called Operation: Dark Purple. Dark Purple aimed to invade the Skulldrome Isles and to gain a larger foothold. On March 8 1995, the Culldrome military sent in a hundred ships and invaded the islands to the north west of Skulldrome. The invasion force stood little resistance as it pushed through several unprotected islands.

News about this only reached Skulldrome days later on March 12. By then Culldrome had taken over more than half of Skulldrome, with little casualties. Heavy retaliation forces were quickly sent out, aided by Card-Jitsu and the Porcyals. The ninjas managed to drive Culldrome forces back, but they still retained several islands. The slow Culldrome retreat took nearly a month, resulting in dozens of skirmishes on Skulldrome Isles' islands. Both air forces battled each other as they provided ground support. The two navies attacked each other, sinking many ships. Culldrome soldiers fought off Skulldrome ninjas in dense jungles and tropical conditions. By the end Culldrome formed a tough fortress and a large influence in Skulldrome.

Seeing the stalemate, hundreds of ninjas used their Card Jitsu skills and formed a tall wall of floating water extending all around the Skulldrome Isles. The wall, known as the Great Wall of Water, kept the Culldrome forces out. By April 20, Operation Dark Purple ended as a success. However Culldrome had lost thousands of soldiers and tanks, while Skulldrome had little losses. The ninjas began to plan their next plan of attack, Operation: Snowflake.

Operation: Snowflake[edit]

Operation: Snowflake was a Skulldrom plan of attack that aimed to drive Culldrom forces out and culminate in the invasion of Menap Island. This would have been a very large military undertaking but could potentially turn the tide of the war. Desperate, as resources, troops and morale diminished, the operation was carried out anyway.

Mossroam Wars[edit]

East Coast Wars[edit]

Final Countdown: 1996[edit]

Operation: Spearhead[edit]

Battle of Shadow City[edit]


The Porcyal War was a massive economical and military undertaking. By the time the war had ended, billions of coins were redirected from many areas to help with the war effort. Some say that this redirection of money cost Culldrome early growth and prosperity in the 21st century. The peace Treaty of Treshurr was signed a few weeks after the end of the war, officially bringing peace back to Culldrome. The treaty prohibited use of Porcyal based weapons and Porcyals as weapons. However, Culldrome's newly formed CSRA quickly began experimenting on Porcyals in a top secret project called Project 17. The government secretly allowed the CSRA to develop Porcyal based weapons, which could then be used after an official war declaration was signed.

In the end, the Porcyal War was a civil war that did nothing but prove the danger and greed that Porcyals give.

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