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The port before the CPUP of 2013
Key details
Type Commerce
Level Business servers
Location Club Penguin; Beach, Dock, Lighthouse, Town
Inhabitants Cargo, ships, cranes, and more

Not to be confused with the Dock.

In Club Penguin, the Port is the place in the commerce servers where cargo ships dock. From here, all cargo is dispersed throughout the island and throughout the various servers. All SABER goods pass through this port, so it takes up a large chunk of the business servers of Club Penguin, even felling some of the southern forests so preserved in the original, residential, and industrial districts.

Environmentalism in this particular partition of Club Penguin takes a backseat to the economy, and despite claims from EBUL that the commerce and pollution of the Port is sustainable, this is truly a farce. Pollution has been seen leaking into other servers, but EBUL covers this up by tricking EPF agents into "training" to fight an alleged biological attack on the CP biosphere. Some of the Cream Soda in Soda Seas come from sunken Port ships that EBUL never cleaned up (HEY! LET'S GET THOSE NOOBS TO DO IT FOR US IN A GAME!), while the rest come from portals in the Cream Soda Zone.

Environmentalists oddly remain silent on the pollution from the port (and so too with the industrial servers) because they are honestly unaware of EBUL's hypocritical practice.


Club Penguin rose from a humble seaside village to a full-blown port about the time that Penguin Chat 3 transitioned past the Beta Era.

In 2005, as G designed the Servers, the Moderators- this was before EBUL really had much power -noted that CP would not be completely economically sustainable and would require fierce amounts of imports and raw materials to exist. They felt that a big, industrial-grade port should not replace the Club's humble Dock, especially due to its importance with Hydro Hopper and the natural beauty of the island.

G agreed, and the Moderators suggested that a special set of servers be set aside solely for commerce. This foresight grew into the "Business Servers", and proved to be a truly brilliant asset to the island's natural beauty and economy. When the Lighthouse was restored after a colossal storm, a duplicate was placed, completely unmodified (except a means provided to rotate the beacon), into the BCP servers.

The initial Port was the size of the traditional Dock (and stood in its place), except that it had two piers that were longer. G had supplied two cargo-grade cranes (actually, Crane 3000s) to lift tonnage off of a cargo ship and onto the island for penguins to carry off. The Hydro Hopper boats were moved to the Beach.

As time grew on, though, trade with CP increased as more penguins populated the island and more developments were churned out by the Moderators, G, and in some extents, EBUL. The first part to fall to BCP's alterations was the front of the Beach, in late 2006. Hydro Hopper was dismantled (at that time, the Cove and the Glade were uncharted) and stored.

As trade grew, so did the Port. By mid-2007, the Port wrapped around the Lighthouse but, interestingly, did not interfere with Rockhopper's parking space. By the end of 2007, they extended until it stopped right at the entrance to the Ski Village. That was then they headed in the opposite direction. All the while, more Crane 3000s and piers were added to keep up with the increasing demand and flow of trade.

Up until about the end of 2007, the Port, though encompassing the base of the Ski Village all the way to the Dock, was not very intrusive into CP itself. Goods were lowered onto the shore and carried around, either manually or by using the existing fleet of coffee truckers to transport goods. There were no roads at this time, but as the Java Trucks began to travel more and more, the wear and tear on the paths eventually called for extra, continuous paving to keep the paths smooth.

2008 saw the Port encroaching into Club Penguin. By mid-June of that year the entire Dock and the Beach were gobbled up, sparing the Lighthouse and closing in on the Ski Village. It also grandfathered the BCP stock exchange. As the year closed, the Port stopped at the Snow Forts, which remained its farthest extent until 2011. From 2008 until 2011, the Port went inwards instead of outwards. The Town's land was gobbled, but its three buildings were built around. This was to make way for all the infrastructure needed to transport everything. As the Port passed the Town, it stopped at the Ice Rink.

Warehouses were erected all over the island to store all of the goods, both ingoing and outgoing, and also to store surpluses that would not be used for, say, a year (e.g. old Fall Fair stuff in a warehouse). The Java Truck fleet was increased- still called Java Trucks -and larger roads and in-ways were paved.

However, During the 2012 review of Club Penguin, ecological concerns was brought on, and the waters around the Port will be cleaned and the Port itself to be upgraded. Land will be reclaimed, and the port will be expanded into that location, as part of the Club Penguin Island Upgrading Project.

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