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Nations and Colonies in the Ninja Archipelago

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Basic Information

The Ninja Archipelago are a group of islands located north of Antarctica. There are 14 known islands on the Archipelago, many of which have been inhabited for many centuries. The Ninja Archipelago together has a distinct European culture that has been influential throughout Antarctica, whether it would be language (Like English, Spanish, German, Italian, French..etc.), food, architecture, or dress. Dispite all sharing a common European way of life, each nation has it's own distinct culture, sometimes shared between a small group of islands like Snowzerland, Osterreach, Alemania, and Lichenstein, which are part of the Ninja Archipelago known as the German States. Other areas like Castilla, have colonized islands and shared it's culture in that area, like Penguifornia, which is a Castillan colony that has been influenced by Castillan and Antarctican cultures because of immigrants. Meanwhile, some nations just stand alone with a single, distint culture, like the Slavic influenced Magyaria, or the culinary gifted nations of Frankterre and Liguria that have made many popular foods many Antarcticans like to eat today. Even in the modern world, the Ninja Archipelago is still influential in many ways. First off, the Archipelago is known for it's beautiful islands and scenic old cities and towns that have a very nice European feel to it. Some parts of the Ninja Archipelago, especially in Frankterre and Liguria, are known for their romantic scenery, and are places most newly-wed couples like to go on honeymoons. However, all the beauty of these islands come at a price. The German States, especially, are known for their world domination seeking emperor, Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt. Swiss Ninja is known for being the sole ruler of his nation, giving his people no representation in democracy whatsoever, even though they have a council that practically has no power at all (It only deals with national and economic issues, but the Kaiser has the final say in everything.) Castilla, a very democratic nation that has a King as the head of state but with limited powers because of a Constitution, is also secretly dangerous. Castilla is renowned for being a hard core Imperialist Nation that takes over any weak island they can lay their flippers onto. The island itself is perfect and beautiful, dispite having overpopulation issues, which is another reason the Castillans want to spread their territory. However, some outside colonies are known for being more corrupt and less richer than the homeland, but those kinds of colonies only exist outside the Ninja Archipelago.