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Shops Island
A Force to be Reckoned With



The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops is a foremost Antarctic power, in many fields. It has gained international fame for its killer military, high GDP, industrial lifestyle, their somewhat corrupt government, and more. Shops has made themselves evident enemies of many nations who do not agree with them, while allying with those who they trust. Shops became an Antarctic power in 2013 after a major military and economic boom.

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Chill Island is an independent island state of Shops Island, south of the Shopper mainland. It is governed by vice-president Chill57181, and has a measly population of around 100. Chill Island is a producer of products such as butter and chocolate milk, although it is still the least economically productive region in the Shopper realm. Chill Island has many local enemies, which are kept in check by the valiant CIPF. The Shopper government often views Chill island as a juvenile and worthless location, although others may disagree.

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An aerial view of Love Island.

Did You Know...
  • ...That Shops has strict guidelines when it comes to who can have Shopper citizenship?
  • ...That Shops finished in eighth place in the Winter Olympics?
  • ...That Snowiny owes 105 trillion WB$ in debts to Shops Island?
  • ...That Wizzint once tried to start a space program, but the Shopper government shut it down?