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The Sands of Time Revealed

Basic Information

Time is one of the most difficult to explain subjects on this wiki. However I have made this portal to explain the basics, whether it be the adventures through time of Kwiksilver and Willy the Penguin to the time-exploiting Project X Mark 1.

There are three types of time machines (objects with the power to transport a user through time and, in some advanced ones, hop between universes), Traditional time machines, Superfast time machines and a third type, unorthodox time machines:

  • Traditional machines typically use Time Gears, Space Rippers and Procrastinators. Time Gears are what allows the machine to travel, they wind Wutt Energy, and in consequence spacetime, through them. They are very inaccurate and a machine using a Time Gear alone to send it through time is quite prone to being a few months off the intended point in time. Procrastinators are more precise, they are usually a cylinder on an axle the size of a doorknob and they make the finer ajustments that allow you to move to precise moments in time as small as a millisecond. The Space Ripper is a 'safety feature' that rips spacetime into a bubble that allows the machine to stay isolated from the rest of the world and not drag an entire planet along with it. Clear examples of time machines that use traditional methods are Add More!
  • Superfast time machines use immense amounts of power to accelerate faster than light, 'breaking through' into the spacetime continuum and flying through spacetime from there. Examples of machines that use the Superfast method of travel are Project X Mark 1's Invisible Elevator or Lance X. Penguin's Time Trekker 30000. These machines are usually capable of hopping between universes relativly easily due to the immense speeds at which they travel.
  • Unorthodox machines are time machines that do not use any of the methods described above, they are usually quite dangerous and risky to use, some even cause damage to spacetime that is virtually unfixable. Doctor Hickory's TARDIS is a clear example of an unorthodox time machine that has little risk of use, its only risks being that of its extreme age causing a fault every now-and-then. An example of one of the most dangerous time machines ever created is the Time Travel Staff, the holes that it makes in time are near-irreparable and it is an object of great controversy inside the main time authorities.