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Nightmare is a ghastly wraith that helped create the X-Virus and is crowned leader of the X-Antibodies. Alongside Lizlord and IcE, Nightmare spreads the X-Virus around Antarctica in hopes to create a new world where the mistakes of the past become undone. No one knows exactly how Nightmare formed; some claim that Nightmare is made out of gases. This theory cannot be true though, as Nightmare seems to be solid. Rather, she is composed of raw terror and hatred; she is an actual nightmare given physical form, a manifestation of everyone's deepest fears, hence the given name "Nightmare"

Over 1000 years ago Nightmare was actually a High Penguin known as Anthodiel; a scientist who worked in Chemistry. She had discovered ways to clone test subjects and alter their appearance and personality, some of them even obtaining powers of the supernatural. However, Anthodiel's work was eventually her downfall, as there are some things in the world that we were not meant to discover. Because of her transgressions, Anthodiel's hatred began to decompose and her appearance changed into a malevolent, dark being whose only goal is to destroy everything.

Currently, Nightmare sets her eyes upon the ultimate prize; the destruction of Antarctica. Lizlord helps Nightmare in creating the X-Virus, whereas her three henchmen IcE, Metal Explorer, and Zone help spread the virus. Nightmare has amassed quite a unique army; even bigger than Darktan's. If all else fails, she secretly plans to harness the power of the King of Sorrow and threaten to delete the entire continent itself.

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