Portal Island

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Portal Island
Portal Island Map.png
A detailed map of the island without labels. (Click to enlarge)
Country United States of Antarctica
Area The island is the largest tropical island of USA, covering over 56 miles, which is quite large for an island.
Monuments Portal Radio Tower
Neighbourhoods Money Plaza, Club Penguin Island, Tremour Island, Pengyboo Island
Mayor Aloom
Population 12056 Penguins. (Survey 2012)
rank by 2009 8945
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles, High Penguins
General information
Native name Portal
Demonym Pinaplus Ahoy
Founded 2007
– Founder Aloom
Time zone (PST) Penguin Standard Time
Summer time (CPTZ) Club Penguin Time Zone (+1)
Area codes 780

Portal Island is the largest tropical island of the Sub-Antarctic, or the United States of Antarctica for that matter. It is very close to the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, and a debate has been going on over what state the island comes under. However, it is mainly classified under Sub-Antarctic. The island lies south-west of the Club Penguin Island, and is rather close to it. The nation of Portal was annexed into the USA in March 2010, being done through diplomatic means. The island is the highest producer of volcanic energy in the country.


Discovery and Settlement[edit]

The island was discovered by it's mayor, Aloom. A series of storms led to shipwreck of his boat, in a dangerous journey from Club Penguin Island to Portal Island. By radio-signalling from the island, he attracted a lot of attention to this previously unknown island. The island was a subject of scientific attention immediately, due to the extremely tropical climate it had in spite of being very close to the polar region. It didn't take long for penguins to discover precious ores in the volcanic caves under the Island. Lots of penguins rushed here for quick money, and many businesses sprang up, and soon permanent homes were set up near the coasts. The capital city of Portal Island, Lemon City, housed more than a hundred penguins, almost all of them entrepreneurs.

Independent Country[edit]

The Democratic Republic of Portal was created by penguins, with Aloom elected as it's first president. At first, the natural resources of the island provided lots of revenue for the small country. Exploration of the island commenced and towns were built all around the island. A plan for a capital city arose and the construction of Kekan City started. Every single house and building was planned ahead of time. It was all going so well, the country started lending money to poor nations. However, with the island suffering from an earthquake that resulted in the collapse of ground near the mines, all revenue halted and the island fell into a depression that quickly turned into a complete crisis.

The Crisis of 2009[edit]

Riots sprang up. Penguins were literally destroying buildings. One such riot transfomed the entire town of Cromes into a burning pile of wreck. All ships trying to dock into the island were shot down. The country could not do anything. Hundreds of penguins died in this crisis. It had gotten completely out of hand in the once-rich island. Things got worse when the largest volcano of the island, Mt. Alamos, erupted. Some penguins set fire to trees in the Kekan Rainforest. Finally, the decision to give the country up to USA was taken. The offer was gladly accepted. USA lended the island money, and more mines were dug. They discovered how to make power from the lava flows of the volcanoes, and the island once again got high revenue. Aloom still had a lot of respect in the island, and he was elected Mayor.

Part of the USA[edit]

Crescent Town was built on the banks of the lake to make up for the destruction of Cromes. Penguins lived happily in the island. It's geographic location turned it into a major port town, and it was one of the main centers for power in USA. A large radio tower was built in Lemon City, which broadcast to the whole Sub-Antarctic and parts of the Antarctic Peninsula. It rose to the power and population of it's closest neighbor, the Club Penguin Island. Tall skyscrapers line the cities and peaceful towns are scattered around the island. It has been found out that ancient penguins used to live in Portal Island, and the ruins of their city are being excavated near Crescent Town.


The Lemon City International Airport was constructed, providing a quicker mode of transportation aside from ship. There had been smuggling of animals from the rain-forest to unknown areas mid-year, the EPF catching the smugglers roughly two months later. While they could get no information out of the arrested smugglers, they presume over two thousand exotic animals have been exported to unknown destinations. The island did start to deliver energy to some states of the USA, getting a lot of revenue. The island mayor has also been sued by collective ecologist groups, blaming the horrid amount of volcanic smoke to be the reason for polar warming. In October, all brown puffles on the island mysteriously disappeared. Penguins who only come to the island for vacations have been complaining that the temperature switches from hot to cold (Or vice-versa) one mile off the coast in all directions, the sudden freeze making them ill for a few days. Scientists believe that penguins should not live in Portal Island for long periods of time because the heat is too much for Emperor Penguins. The Mayor has not responded to any of these accusations.

Geography and Culture[edit]


Portal Island Map.png

Climate and Geography[edit]

The island's climate is extremely tropical and unique. While having the Kekan Rainforest on the eastern side, it houses hilly mountain terrain and two active volcanoes and an extinct one. It's hot climate has turned it into a great tourist hot-spot. A tropical grassland covers most of the western part of the island. With two cities and two towns, it is one of the biggest islands of the Sub-Antarctic, population wise. Scientists recently discovered the cause of the tropical climate, that is a very big stationary hot-spot under the island, which powers it's volcanoes. It is not known why the second biggest volcano is extinct, however most believe the theory of blockage of magma. The theory isn't proven, through.


The island has it's own branch of EPF working, and has lots of security thanks to USA. The island is quite large as compared to Club Penguin Island, and thus needs a higher level of security. Lots of tourists and travelers dock here, and crime is quite a problem. PIPD, the Portal Island Police Department, holds lots of power in the western part. Unlike Club Penguin Island, through, Portal Island is a very dangerous target for the armies of the areas. The most popular example is the 2011 Terrorist Attacks, in which an army of unknown origin attacked the island. In a two-day 'war', PIPD eventually caught the last of the terrorists and put an end to their wake of destruction. The island has no particular defence from the north side, through, but the high volcanoes and hills make it almost impossible for any attacking group to cross without having the risk of being spotted and ambushed. Portal Island is, in fact, an unsafe place to live.

Currency and Power[edit]

The island is very rich, and the main form of currency is the USA Fish. Before 2010, through, it used the gold coin from Club Penguin Island. The island also holds a lot of power in the waters around it. It is unable to suppress the Club Penguin Island and the islands of Antarctic Peninsula, through.

Energy Conspiracy[edit]

While the island's generated energy can power the whole country indefinitely, only 40% of it is delivered to the USA states. Penguins started to get interested in the energy situation, and in an interview with the Mayor Aloom, when asked about it, he said:

"40%? Oh my, you must be misinformed. We deliver 80% of the energy to the rest of the states, the remaining being used for Sub-Antarctic itself. There is nothing more to it, really." ~The Mayor, Aloom, on the energy conspiracy.

In an illegal break-in into the 'Alamos Power Plant', some journalists discovered that 60% of the energy generated goes into three gigantic underground power warehouses under the mountains. The project, named 'Portal Energy Project', shortened to PEP, is an secret operation operated by the EPF that stores energy in case of an energy blackout, nuclear fallout, or worse. The story was published for one whole day before it was taken down. Any governmental head refuses to speak about it anymore. This story could be entirely fake and fiction, as the three power warehouses were never discovered. There was high security in the mountains after that, the public was not allowed beyond the base of the mountain region. Access to Mt. Alamos was partly restricted.


  • Lemon City is the capital of the island
  • Kekan City
  • Crescent Town
  • Mt. Alamos- A volcano on the island that recently erupted in 2009
  • Kekan Rainforest
  • Portal Bridge- a suspension bridge connecting Portal island and the nearby Iron Island.



  • Portal Island is famous for it's Kekan Rainforest, which is rich in wildlife.
  • Even through Kekan City was supposed to be the capital, it lost to the smaller Lemon City in an island-wide vote.
  • The Portal Radio Tower broadcasts to the whole Sub-Antarctic and parts of the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • The island has become very rich in the past two years, mostly due to all the resources.
  • The lava power generated by this island per year can power the whole USA for two years.
    • However, the energy isn't delivered to many states of the USA at all.
  • While the island is only a little bigger than CP, penguins are cramped up in the four residential areas of the island. There have been talks about implementing the server system.
    • Although, the chances of a server system being implemented are really low and improbable, since Baron-Volt Industries has denied access to the server technology until the beta period is over.

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