Portal Island Chain

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Portal Island Chain
Portal Island Chain.png
A highly detailed map of the island chain.
Country United States of Antarctica
Area The complete area of all islands is a sum total of a hundred and fifty miles. But the three servers make it 450 miles.
Monuments Portal Radio Tower, Portal Cave System.
Neighbourhoods Tri-State Lane, Money Plaza, Club Penguin Island, Business Servers, Residential Servers, Industrial Servers, Plaza, Rockhopper Island.
Mayor Aloom, Lecon, Moderators, President Billybob.
Population Over 900,000
rank by 2009 156,094
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles, High Penguins, Dolphins.
General information
Native name Portal Islands, Portal Sea.
Foreign name Portal Islands Volcanic Chain
Demonym Pinaplus Ahoy!
Founded 2002
– Founder Aloom
Time zone (PST) Penguin Standard Time
Summer time (CPTZ) Club Penguin Time Zone (+1)
Area codes 780

The Portal Island Volcanic Chain is a group of islands neighboring Club Penguin Island and Rockhopper Island. The islands are huge, the biggest being Portal Island. The population is big and growing, and the islands were once an independent nation under Aloom before it merged with the USA. The two islands composing the bulk of these tropical islands are Portal Island and Lemonus. The islands are situated just north of the route between CP and Rockhopper Island. The islands have ancient ruined civilizations and huge tropical forests.



Just around the time Rockhopper Island was made, a hotspot was just west of Lemonus. Then, in a huge catastrophic explosion at sea level, Lemonus was formed. The constant eruption continued for years in Mt. Penvius. After which the hotspot went northeast, explosions and eruptions forming islands all around, and then it started southeast. finally it came to form in a big explosion, Portal Island. The hotspot is currently under the waters between the two huge islands.

Ancient Era[edit]

Ancient penguins found the islands, and lived in Portal Island, Lemonus and Vespuin Island. It was not known what made them go, but it is found that Mt. Penvius, the main volcano of Lemonus, erupted catastrophically around seven thousand years ago, at the time of the last ice age. It is found that the civilization was living about the same time, and fled the islands in fear of more eruptions. However, all volcanoes are dormant or active, but only one more eruption has happened in Mt. Penvius since then.


Aloom discovered Portal Island first in an accident, and soon found the others. Modern civilization settled on each of the islands. The chain was part of the Portal country before merging with the USA. Towns and Cities are littered throughout the islands. The capital of the islands is currently Lemon City at Portal Island.


  • The islands are very rich in mineral deposits, very rich in gold, iron, emerald and sapphires.
  • The islands are one of the biggest targets of pirates and villainous teams. That's why EPF has been making security divisions all around the island chain, as supervised by the mayor of Portal Island, Lecon.
  • The islands have a huge, gigantic cave system under them, carved by the oceans. The cave system is largely unexplored, and reports of diamonds and high temperature is given from the deepest point any penguin has gone. Expeditions are still going on at the deeper, submerged parts.
    • The high temperature is supposed by the magma chambers of the large volcanoes all around, and lava is often seen under the caves. Reports of a underground lava river and lava waterfall have been given in Lemonus.