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The Absolutely Rich Empire of Poshia
Flag of Poshia
MottoYou've got money!
(and )
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Geek, L33t, native nerd languages
Species  Prepguins, The Lower Class
Demonym Poshian
Membership Freerepublicflag.png Free Republic Union
Imperial Insignia.svg Imperialist Convention
Government Imperialistic Minoritary Oligarchic Empire with Apartheid
 -  Emperor Xerzes
 -  Treasurer and Minister of Finance زاک ریچارد (Zack Richard)
Founded Prepguins founded this nation to escaped the "heathens". 
 -  Founded 2003 
 -  Joined the Free Republic Union 2004 
 -  Invited into Imperialist Conventions 2006 
 -  Briefly controlled by Nexon; subsequent liberation 2013 
 -  2006 estimate 600,000 
 -  2014 census 850,000 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin
Drives on the Right
Calling code 001

The Absolutely Rich Empire of Poshia, commonly known as Poshia or the Poshian Empire, is a wealthy nation of Prepguins that want to extinguish nerd-dominated realms, and rule over them in a segregated apartheid with crippling taxes and general mistreatment of nerds. As such, the Dorkugese Territories and anything else geeky have been attacked by Poshia at one point or another. Despite poor living conditions for most, the majority of citizens continue to be "Lower Penguins" due to immigration to the country. Poshia offers cheap housing to potential immigrants in the hopes of gaining more clothing factory workers. They also often don't realize that the taxes are very high, so they often can't afford to leave the nation again and bring their possessions with them.

Poshia's worst enemies have been Sparka and Macradonia, realms of Dorkugal. The Geek Empire and Lichenblossom are also major enemies, but not to the extent of Sparka and Macradonia. Since 2006, Poshia has been officially recognized as an imperialist nation.


Prepguins are a species of penguin who carry the same genus (callidus) as other famous species such as the Dorkugese, Jerks, and the Geeco-Dorkugese. They fully deny this, however, and founded this nation to separate from all the other "heathens" in Antarctica around 2003.

After taking care of their businesses, the newly formed nation set out to conquer realms populated by nerds. However, their ultimate prize, Dorkugal, was far too big to conquer, so they settled for attacking the territories of the nation in question.

They conquered various territories of Dorkugal, such as Industry Isles in their existence. Macradonia was in their scope very soon, and Alxeedo the Awesome, being fully aware of this, sent a military general to attempt peaceful diplomacy. As soon as the macaroni penguin soldier set foot in the Poshian court of law, he was given a wet willie and tossed out. He didn't give up, though, and continued to other establishments of government in the nation's capital. Each one resulted in a wet willie, and each one brought harsher and harsher insults to the Macradonian general. By the time he gave up and went home, he had received around twenty eight wet willies and a bunch of ridicule from the snobbish government.

The general on the trip:
In all my years of war, I'd seen a lot. I've thrown pies at wraiths and stood for Penguin OS against all odds. Nothing, however, could prepare me for the horror I had to handle when in the Poshian Empire. I was laughed at, and each offer I made involving peace was met with ridicule. They mocked everything about me, from my uniform to my eyebrows... which is odd, can I really HELP being a macaroni penguin, and having eyebrows? All attempts at diplomacy resulted in wet willies. I have so much saliva stuck in my feathers that it'll take DAYS to preen it all out. I was mortified, the insults were too much!

The general, according to what Macradonia released to the press, is currently crying in Alxeedo's palace.

Naturally, Alxeedo the Great doesn't take hostility lying down. He quickly liberated the Dorkugese territories seized by the snobs and stormed the nation's capital. After a long and drawn-out fight, a cease fire was drafted (but no peace treaty was signed thus making them still at war), and having exhibited their awesomeness, the Macradonians left the Poshians. Did this stop them? Oh, not at all! Their response after the Macradonians showed them mercy was to raid and recapture Industry Isles and then seize Dorkugal Minor.

As of now, no Macradonian plans to kick Poshian butt are in effect, but skirmishes occur every now and then.

Poshian forces have received their fair share of embarrassment from other lands as well. When the nation sent a messenger over to Sparka, he got kicked into a well.

When Poshians tried to sneak-attack and invade Lichenblossom by suprise, they were also PWNed.

In late 2013, Nexon invaded Poshia and overthrew the Prepguin government with the support of the "Lower Class". However, order was restored by the Preps after Margate took control of Nexon.


Poshia is classified as an "oligarchic absolute monarchy", and is ruled by an Emperor, who holds absolute power in the country. However, below him is a group of extremely rich and powerful influential Prepguins who hold influence at court, and therefore has some control over the nation as well. Although by law the King is able to do anything, his power is checked by the rich Prepguins. Below the Prepguins are the lower classes, all non-Prepguin groups that hold little rights and are often persecuted by both the government and Prepguins. This video sums up Poshia's views.


A clear separation exists in Poshia between Prepguins, the minority, and all other penguins, the majority. Any non-prepguins are referred to as the "Lower Class", don't receive the same privileges, and in general are treated much worse by Prepguins and the government. Dorks and Geeks are treated the worst though, receiving crippling taxes and constantly being mistreated. The Prepguins control most of the nation's money, and use it for themselves with what many consider to be careless spending. Here's a quote from a random tourist that went to the capital of Chicklon:

The streets were lined with copper, the lampposts trimmed with gold! I could of sworn I saw a ruby on the top of their capitol building's flagpole! Oh, the sheer splendor of squandered finances!


The Poshian economy is extremely small and poor, but has been growing in the past few years with foreign aid and investments. The government is extremely poor because of this. However, the Prepguins, on the contrary, aren't poor, since they rely on money from Club Penguin through their businesses and investments in EBUL. In the past few years, however, the economy has been growing through their growing textile industry, which makes the most fashionable Prepguin clothing to be shipped to Club Penguin.

Despite the elite Prepguins having more money than the rest of the country combined, they use their money on what most consider to be careless spending, as does the government. Instead of paving roads and building hospitals outside of the major Prepguin cities, they would rather spend their money own extravagant living.


Class System[edit]

Being ruled by Prepguins since it was founded, Poshia has inherited many national traits that Prepguins show. This includes the belief that prepguins are the best of all Antarctic species. While other species are allowed to live in Poshia, any creature that isn't a prepguin is publicly known as part of the "Lower Class", who don't have many rights.


As Prepguins are usually very good in sports, Poshia has national leagues for almost every sport, and Poshians usually perform well in international sports competitions.

One of their main international events is The Olympics. Poshia first performed in the 2004 Summer Games in Olympia, followed by the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, Liguria. They have performed in every Olympics since.





Fortunately or unfortunately, the heavily prepguin-influenced culture of Poshia has been seen far and wide in recent years. One of the places where it's influence is seen the most is the city of Club Penguin. Since 2012, the prepguin population, and the amount of penguins who live by the prepguin population have steadily increased; many penguins lie and say they are prepguins just to "be cool". In addition, as part of the Poshian culture, Club Penguin prepguins and prepguin impersonators often get in "wars" (on various servers, sometimes many at once) with Mwa Mwas and geeks to gain control of the Pet Shop and the School, respectively.


Like many nations, Poshia uses the Club Penguin Gold Coin, which makes trading with countries easier, so that the economy will be stronger. Prior to 2014, they used the Medes (♔), which was worth half a CP Gold Coin.


Poshia is mostly covered in icey desert, with little trees or any vegetation. There are also not many rivers and lakes either. However, many parts of the country are covered in mountainous terrain, and there are also a lot of hills.


Transportation is extremely poor, since the impoverished government pours little money into any infrastructure. There are paved roads running from and to the major cities, but they are in poor condition. Only in the cities, where rich Prepguins invest in infrastructure, are the roads in good condition. The train system is nearly nonexistent, though foreign companies have begun building some railways. On the contrary, air travel, which Prepguins invest a lot of money in as well, is extremely modern and efficient. There is one major airport, in the capital Chicklon, which mainly flies to Club Penguin. Travel by water is also used extensively, mostly for pleasure, but also to ship goods from and to Club Penguin.


Poshia's military is pretty weak, since it doesn't get a lot of funding from the government, which instead spends its money on luxuries. Most soldiers are under-equipped and have little training. The army is weak and doesn't have much equipment, the air force is virtually nonexistent, only having old private jets from Prepguins, while the navy has a few outdated ships purchased from other countries, though the ships are not as outdated as Dorkugal's. The Poshian Armed Forces currently have around 25,000 soldiers, most of whom have little training and equipment. Despite being weak and poorly-funded, the military is made up of mostly Lower Penguins looking for jobs. Because of this, Corruption is prevalent between the mostly Lower Penguin soldiers and their Prepguin commanders.

However, after its defeat at the hands of Dorkugal in the Bow Tie War in 2015, Acadia began secretly supplying Poshia with used equipment for their wars, while a few Acadian soldiers were sent to train the Poshian soldiers. By doing this, Acadia was hoping to strengthen Poshia, and use them to crush Dorkugal, since Poshia and Dorkugal were enemies. With Acadia's help Poshia has gotten slightly more powerful.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • Circular Powers - Weak - As a whole, Poshia has weak relations with the Circular Powers. However, Poshia heavily depends on Circular Powers.
  • Acadia - Good. - Acadia began fostering good relations with the Poshian Empire, Dorkugal's enemy, after their defeat at the hands of Dorkugal in the Bow Tie War. Acadia has been supplying Poshia with funding and weapons for their wars with Dorkugal.
  • Amataria
  • Margate
  • United Provinces - Weak. - The UP doesn't support Poshia.
  • Dorkugal - Horrible. - Dorkugal hates the Poshian mistreatment of nerds, such as giving them wet willies.
  • Geek Empire - Bad. - Same as Dorkugal.
  • Ed Island - Meh. Ed Island regards this as a 'serf state'.
  • United States of Antarctica - Good. - Poshia is a Free Republic of the USA. It is under the protection of USA from random attacks. However, if Poshia gets themselves involved in a war the US won't protect them. The USA is also critical of the nation's caste system and encourages change.

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