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Prepguins, also called Preps, is a speie of Penguin part of the Callidus gene. They share the same gene with the Dorkugese, the Jerks, the Greaser Penguins, and the Gothguins. Their arch enemies are the Greaser Penguins, but also, the Jerks and the Jock Penguins are also enemies, but only because they're bullied by them. The Gothguins are considered "weird" by Preps, but not enemies. Just because they're Prepguins does not mean that they're rich, but they often have connections with Old money, and still, in reality, the smallest ammount that a Prep adult has had is 100,000 coins, which is considerd rich by some.


The earliest Preps were rich Dorkugese penguins, who immigrated from the Eastshield. They bought a huge ammount of wealth, and also, they wearn't that nerdy, often taking part in sports like Swimming, Skiing, (this can go on forever- see this for more), and also, they were rich due to Old Money. When their Chicks were born, they were the first the Prepguins. They were told that they'll inherit wealth.