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President of Munijoch
The Globalist

since August 21st, 2016
Residence Upper Spire, City of Progress, Munijoch
Appointer Council of Power
Term length Until challenged and/or voted out
Formation October 28, 2013 (Reformed May 15, 2015)
Deputy Vice President

1,000,000 Grams

Style Mr. President
The Mighty (foreign)

The President of Munijoch is the formal title of Munijoch's head of state, government, and the head commander of the Munijoch Vanguard Force. As of 2016, the current President is The Globalist, who has held power since August 21st, 2016. So far, 7 penguins have held the position of President, with one implied, and 2 holding it non-democratically.

The President has a formal anthem played at formal gatherings and before a speech, often curtailed by a dance by everyone. The President, while not living an ultra-luxurious life, has their residence kept up to date with the latest technology, and is entitled to a huge, sprawling compound on the Upper Spire. They have a large security force guarding them, often with 10 mile perimeters around the President.


Back when Munijoch was still a tribal island, one penguin, named Haseca Munijoch (according to records at that time) unified the tribes together to work as one to survive on the island and thrived. Ruling for just 2 years, he passed on the "title" to the explorer whom visited the island, Eric Slavistoski. Once declaring Munijoch a country, he was the first "official" President of Munijoch, establishing the capital as the City of Progress, then just a fledgling port.

A group of radicals called the WhiteBloods, however, had different plans. Led by Mark Yslenski, he set a coup against Eric a day after rising to power and took over office via proxies. He held this iron grip of power for 12 years, leading a communist, dictatorship regime that threatened to execute anyone whom did not comply with the regulations set forth by the office. They heavily modernized the city, making costs low and profits high to pay off debt accumulated while modernizing the military and cities.

In 2012, a small group of insurgents, led by Victor Malkov, promised to release Munijoch of the tyrannical reign of the WhiteBloods, and formed a volunteer army, led by Joseph Yslenski, to assassinate the proxy president of Munijoch and disrupt the power. The war raged for about a year, until they finally freed Munijoch from the dictator. Victor assumed Presidency, and all seemed well.

Unbeknownst to them, Mark hypnotized Victor and corrupted him, forcing Joseph and another small army to stop him. After about a month of fighting, they finally got rid of Victor, with Joseph assuming Presidency. Under his administration, Joseph heavily reduced debt and increased infrastructure of the military and cities, modernizing them even more and completing the Upper Spire.

Facing mounting pressure from the Axle Powers to build an empire, however, Isaac Juggernaut saw it onto himself to lead Munijoch to this. He staged a coup and imprisoned Joseph, maintaining the role of President. Under his administration, he heavily increased the military thanks to the Frosian War in part, as well as establish colonial settlements to the south of Antarctica, a key spot. In addition, he reduced the debt to almost zero thanks in part to increased funding to PULSE.

After being impeached due to war crimes charges, Joseph took the presidency yet again, this time enacting a bill partially defunding education due to massive loss of life to compensate for smaller class sizes, as well as funding a space agency, and increasing military budget. In addition, PULSE upgraded the military, modernizing them even more.

Critics agree that while Victor brought Munijoch to a regional stage, Joseph is the one that carried it even further, greatly exerting economic and military policies, as well as social welfare for the citizens.


The President of Munijoch is the head of state, and therefore the most powerful figure in the country. The President has the majority vote on all Council of Power decisions, in which his vote counts as two, and as such, three people would need to oppose him (out of the seven total), and is the decision maker on all economic, foreign relations, domestic and military issues, etc. The President can veto the House of the Public's decision, but can be overruled by a 71% opposition.

A President serves as long as he is able to with strength and intellect, and a new one may only be elected if the previous one has died, stepped down, or has been impeached. The President before, however, has the choice to have an election, or may choose someone to be President. If they die, however, or is mentally incapacitated, a new one will be elected.

List of Important Presidents[edit]

President Term of office Political Affiliation
Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Days
1 - Haseca Munijoch
(??? - ???)
??? August 19th, 1853 ??? Tribal
  • Tribal uniter
  • Helped Eric get a start into Munijoch
  • Country is named after him
2 - Eric Slavistoski
(December 7, 1833 - December 3rd, 1910)
21 August 1853 3 December 1910 20,922 days None
  • Captured Munijoch from Natives
  • Created Capital City
  • Ruled with a benevolent fist to prevent uprising
  • Overthrown by WhiteBloods when he was old, frail, weak and vulnerable
3 MarkYslenski.png Mark Yslenski
(November 5, 1958 - living)
3 December 1985 23 June 2013 5677 days WhiteBlood
  • Head of the WhiteBlood terrorist group
  • Ruled via proxy presidency
  • Killed Eric to get into presidency
  • Modernized Military and Infrastructure, promoted clean energy and efficiency
  • Created PULSE and sister companies
  • Established the Gram as the currency
  • Overthrown by Malkov Reformists
4 VictorMalkov.png Victor Malkov
(January 19, 1978 - ???)
23 June 2013 27 October 2013 126 days Malkov Reformists
  • Over threw WhiteBlood president
  • Formally introduced Munijoch onto the regional stage
  • Modernized Munijoch post-WhiteBlood
  • Master in Dark Arts, led troops into battle.
  • Overthrew due to corruption
5 JosephYslenski.png Joseph Yslenski
(November 5, 1982 - living)
28 October 2013 14 May 2014 202 days Malkov Reformists
  • President after Victor was over thrown
  • Supported and raised Munijoch's position on the regional stage
  • Modernized Military, city, and infrastructure
  • Completed the Upper Spire
  • First President with a wife
  • Brought Munijoch into the Axle Powers
  • Couped by Isaac
6 MJJuggernaut.png Isaac Juggernaut
(June 13, 1975 - living)
16 April 2014 5 May 2015 384 days Military
  • Warchief of Munijoch, kept democratic system in place
  • Made Munijoch into an empire
  • Fought Frosian War with ferocity
  • Increased Military might
  • Brought debt almost to zero thanks to heavy funding of PULSE and other associated entities
  • Impeached due to war crimes
7 JosephYslenski.png Joseph Yslenski
(November 5, 1982 - living)
5 May 2015 August 21st 2016 475 days Malkov Reformists
  • Returned as President
  • Funded Military Space Program
  • Continued Modernization of Military and Infrastructure
  • Only President to technically serve twice
7 The Globalist
(??? - living)
21 August 2016 Incumbent 1180 None
  • Ultra Secretive president, famously elected without showing face whatsoever to general public
  • Brutal towards enemies, manipulative towards allies
  • Famously said "Unite them under our banner, be it by peace or annihilation"


Logo Bureau Name Since Notes
Vice President of Munijoch
Donald Stragonski
Vice President
October 28, 2013
The Vice President holds no real purpose other than a tiebreaker in the Council, and as the president's successor in the event of an emergency.
Munijoch Vanguard Force
Isaac Juggernaut
Supreme Warchief
Head of the MVF
June 23, 2013
Commands Military.
Ministry of Economics
Richard Buxaplenty
Secretary of Economics
June 23, 2013
Department of Social Welfare
Annie Crescent
Secrety of Welfare
June 23, 2013
Foreign Relations
Joseph Yslenski
May 5, 2015
Joseph handles all matters of Foreign Affairs on his own.
People's Representative
Suzanne Jackson
Secretary of the House
June 23, 2013
Tiberius Dirk
Head Judge
June 23, 2013
Validates legal aspects of laws passed by the council.