Princesa von Injoface

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Princesa von Injoface
Title Princesa von Injoface
Gender Female
Race Orange Puffle
Health Good
Location Antarctica
Birth date 2000
Occupation Student, Supervillain
Interests Proper Etiquette, money, popularity
Friends Her Father (sort of), Loco Coco (at times)
Enemies Power Puffles, Professor Itanium
Archetype EVIL

— Regina

Princesa von Injoface is Paul von Injoface’s daughter. She is a very spoiled brat and a common enemy of the Power Puffles. She wants to destroy them because they wouldn’t let her join. She has a armored power suit which she uses to assist her in her battles against the Power Puffles. Spiteful, greedy, arrogant, manipulative, and spoiled, Princesa is thought to be worse than her father. In fact she is considered to be one of the nastiest Von Injoface members which is quite the feat.


Princesa was born to Paul von Injoface, and his wife, who is half his age. Her parents didn't want to deal with her, so they spoiled her with gifts and toys to get her off their backs. Because of this she grew up to be entitled, arrogant, and bossy. And honestly, not too different from most other Von Injofaces.

Her father sent her to a prestigious private school and had her take many lessons on skills such as piano, martial arts and business. She was known to torment all her teachers and classmates, but they didn’t cross her for fear of her wealth. However, one day at school she crossed the line and bit off the cheek of a fellow classmate who challenged her authority.

Princesa was then sent to a public school, which she thought was vastly inferior to her public school because the students were rowdy and didn’t respect her. However, she met the Power Puffles, who were popular, and wanted to join them. The Power Puffles refused because Regina was not experienced enough, which enraged her. She complained to her father, and he bought her a bunch of gadgets to go crime fighting.

Princesa tried to help the Power Puffles, but screwed up and the criminals tied a bomb on her. The Power Puffles saved her life, but Princesa was humiliated and refused to thank them. She started to plot her revenge on them but also tried to destroy their social life at school. She spread rumors about them and turned some of the kids against them, especially Saffron. However the power Puffles would always prevail since they were the good guys.

Between this, Princesa got a golden ticket to go to the Club Penguin Candy Factory. She took a tour and saw a bunch of nut cracking crabs. She demanded to have one of the crabs, but King Candy told her they were not for sale. She jumped into the room and tried to take one of the crabs, but the crabs mistook her for a nut. They deemed her a bad nut and threw her into a garbage chute which lead to an incinerator. The incinerator broke that day, so (unfortunately) Princesa survived.

Princesa’s plan was set into action. She got a powered armor suit, as strong as Iron Walrus’ and paid people to commit crimes which she would then stop them as a “superhero”. She gave the illusion that she was a good hero to the city. However, she started to bask in the glory too much, which upset a lot of people. Eventually the Power Puffles thought it was too coincidental that Princess Injoface stopped these crimes so quickly. They found out that Regina had been hiring people to stage them, and got into an argument

She got into an argument with Summer, and accidentally slipped that she planned the crimes from happening. They were going to arrest her, but they got into big fight which wrecked a portion of the city. Princess Injoface managed to take down Saffron and Snowball, but Summer defeated her and she was sent to jail.

However this was not the last we saw of Princesa von Injoface, since her bail was paid by her father and she continued to wreak havoc to get revenge on the power Puffles.


Princesa was spoiled as a child by her parents who didn't want to express affection or deal with her tantrums, so she has a very elitist personality and thinks she should get what she wants. She throws tantrums regularly to her parents and servants who oblige her demands. She also asks other people to glorify her and many do so out of fear from her father’s influence.

Princesa is not particularly intelligent, but she is well versed in social etiquettes and demands the most fancy aesthetics. She is also skilled in multiple martial arts and musical instruments. She can be charming and graceful if she wants to, but doesn't have the self-control to hide her more explosive emotions. However, she can figure out what gets on people’s nerves and exploit this to get them to join her or have hurt feelings. Princesa enjoys punishing people who cross her and is usually goes in the form of mean teasing or spreading rumors behind ones back. However if this doesn’t work, Princesa’s impulsive behavior gets the better of her, and she resorts to physical violence.


Princesa doesn't have innate powers, but knows many forms of martial arts due to training. She is a competent fighter when in her weight class, but is too impulsive to put her skills to maximum use.

In her armored powers suit, Princesa is incredibly powerful. These are the powers contained in the suit:

  • Flight at great speeds
  • Impulse resistance
  • Extreme Toughness
  • Super Strength
  • Laser Blasts
  • Missiles
  • Sonic Blasts
  • Infrared and X-ray vision
  • Analyzing technology
  • Force fields

The suit has no conventional weakness, but is not indestructible or has an unlimited power source. A common way for the Power Puffles to defeat her is to strike at vulnerable spots in the suit, usually where joints meet.


"I want it! I want it ! I WANT IT!"

"I only ride in first class."

Summer: You don't want to be a superhero to make the world a better place! You just want people to give you attention! That's not the same thing.

Princesa: YES IT IS!!!


  • She is a parody of Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Despite being a generation X von Injoface member, she is only 14 years old, while most members in that category are middle aged. This is because Paul had her at a very late age.
  • Like her father, she considers acting "goofy" to be beneath her and refuses to do so.
  • She is the a criminal Von Injoface like Foamy, Fredrick and Penelope. Her father often bails her out of jail when she gets sent there
  • She is an on and off member of the Fashion Police. Her powered armor, wealth, and knowledge in etiquette, makes her a valued member, as well as someone to not mess around with. However because she has such a putrid personality, Emily renounces Princesa's membership every time she sent into prison.