Princess Flosofiel

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Princess Flosofiel
Princess Flosofiel image.PNG
The so called princess.
Title Princess of all puffles.
Gender Female
Race Pink puffle
Faction Royal
Health Good
Level 1000
Status On her pillow throne
Location On her pillow throne, in her castle fort.

Princess Flosofiel, whose first name is actually Princess, is the claimed 'princess of all puffles'. She is also the actual princess of Misty Island and Zurich (Maddieworld, her owner, is married to Swiss Ninja who owns Zurich). She is spoilt. VERY SPOILT. Like the Von Injoface Family and O'vian Family, she is able to converse in proper English and other languages, such as Penguinian and Terranian. The princess hails from Misty Island and is the subject of controversy and criticism that is to a niche audience - the Fashion Police dare not make a statement about the group, either. The 'princess' has received many comments, most of which are negative, on her personality.


She was born in a castle of early Misty Island Royaltees, Her father, a green puffle, was the prince of Misty Island at the time. Her mother was a pink puffle, who was just a normal puffle who became such good friends with the green puffle, that he let her move in with him. They had a play puffle wedding (As puffles couldn't get married at the time.) When Princess was about the human equivalent of 6, her parents died of drowning on the bathtub. She ran away from home, and then A young Maddieworld picked her up, and adopted her. She is now actually, in two ways royal. Princess of Misty Island, and princess puffle of Zurich.


Flosofiel is usually isolated in her home. She claims that she is 'too royal' to the 'outside world for they are peasants and I am queen'. She has received many negative comments over the years. The Fashion Police wanted to insult her for her looks, but was instead counter-insulted, and Emily and the gang dare not look back to the egostic puffle, like her owner's husband.

Flosofiel has never been involved in much activities. At most, she would be present at a grand opening ceremony or at an interview. Otherwise, her controversy is not in the same field as that of the Von Injoface Family and other notorious puffles.

Due to her isolation, whenever she has the chance to get out of her home and explore the world, the new environment would not be suited to her. These trips to new environments are recorded in Princess Perspective.


  • Princess Flosofiel's only friends are Prince Anderson, who lives in a small town in Sherby Hoodwounds. The two have met during Princess' trip to Sherby Hoodwounds.
  • Princess Flosofiel, strangely, has an obsession for dark chocolate. She has never been served dark chocolate by her owners.
  • Princess has a smaller ego than Mabel and rarely references her in any of her press conferences. Most think that Princess and Mabel share a secret rivalry, but neither has shown any strong disliking to each other.
  • Princess likes red, pink and purple, apparently the color of Mabel. This is another evidence to show that Princess does not dislike Mabel that much.

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