Principality of Sherby Hoodwounds (early)

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Principality of Sherby Hoodwounds
Sherby Hoodwounds




Capital Not specified
Government Absolute monarchy
Historical era Medieval ages
 -  Assassination of Fouvier
 -  Coronation of Henry Serbut 1550
 -  Tribal Wars
 -  The Conspiracy of Centuries
 -  The Mysterious Plague
 -  War of the Seventh Sea
 -  Assassination of Undergerg van Lovuta 1873
 -  Abolishment of Sexist Power
Today part of Sherby Hoodwounds
Part of the Sherby Hoodwounds series of articles.
History of Sherby Hoodwounds
Kingdom (1200 - 1550)
Founding of Sylvia
Independence of Kingdom
The Great Fish Famine
Diplomacy with HPC
Construction of Sherbian City
First Golden Age
Assassination of Enduva and Rose Serbut
Dark Age/Month-Long Period of Mourning
Assassination of Fouvier
Principality (early) (1550 - 1873)
Coronation of Henry Serbut
Annexation of Ambassador Islands
Second Golden Age
Tribal Wars
The Conspiracy of Centuries
The Mysterious Plague
War of the Seventh Sea
Loss of MAI
Assassination of Undergerg van Lovuta
Principality (late) (1873 - 1960)
Coronation of Princess Diana
Abolishment of Sexist Power
Kind Deeds of a Princess
Third Golden Age
The Curfews of Sherby
The Wraith of Diana III
The Wraith of Diana IV
The End of the Monarchy
Republic (prior to 21st century) (1961 - 2002)
First Free Elections
Annexation of Margate Cross Island
Mass-Construction of Cities
Death of Diana IV
Reshuffling of Capital
War with Air
Trade with Outside World Allowed
Deforestation Activity
Bombing of Transor
Participation in Revolution
Coup By PSM
Republic (under Penguins Socialist Movement) (2002 - 2005)
Five-Year Plan
Lockdown on Freedom
Closed market economy begins
Sherbian Missile Crisis
Battle of Margate Cross
Fall of Veetwovee
Sherbian Offensive to USA
Seige of Sherbian City
Sunday Harbour Attack
Handover of Margate Cross
Voices of a Nation Revolution
Republic/State (post-PSM) (2005 - )
Gained Free Republic Status
Reopening of Trade Contact
MAI Merger

The Principality of Sherby Hoodwounds was the second iteration of Sherby Hoodwounds (not counting the Dark Age that lasted for thirty days). It immediately followed the assassination of Jenson Jay Fouvier by Henri Serbut, the son of the last monarch of the Kingdom of Sherby Hoodwounds. Rather than proclaiming himself to be the King, he rewrote the Constitution to give powers to the Ministers and Governors to ensure there would not be future assassination attempts again.

The Principality was plagued by, ironically, the Mysterious Plague, as well as conspiracies and wars. It was also the longest ruling iteration of Sherby, spanning over ten generations. Eventually, the last Monarch of the early Principality, Undergag van Lovuta, was assassinated by his wife, Diana I, who rectified the Constitution to ensure that only females would ascend to the throne. The Principality was later succeeded by a Republic following a non-violent turnover of power.