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A Procrastinator is a device that can wind time in and out of itself. While it lacks the raw power of a Time Gear, it is much more precise and can make very detailed adjustments. Because of this, Procrastinators and Time Gears are often coupled together in time machines.


The procrastinator was invented by Joe, founder of the Time Ninjas' Dojo, which now has a cavernous hall like a factory full of procrastinators.



A procrastinator comes in many forms, but the most common one is a standing cylinder on an axle. The rolling of the cylinder can "wind in" or "wind out" time much as a spool can be used to wind yarn. There are many variations on this design. Stone procrastinators the size of pillars are used to slowly wind a large amount of time (up to millions of years). This can take months to do. Small, plastic procrastinators the size of a doorknob can wind increments of time as little as a few milliseconds. The smallest known procrastinator, which is as wide as one strand of puffle fur, can wind increments equal to one Planck time.

These devices are evocative of mechanical flywheels, cylinders or discs that can store or release kinetic energy, thereby spinning faster or slower.


Trained drivers in the Department of Time, Oi Dong, and other authorized "halls of procrastination", switch each of the procrastinators between winding in and winding out, to give areas of the world and history the time that they need, and to compensate for localized time anomalies. When there is a severe time anomaly, the procrastinators may cut loose and almost randomly wind time in and out on their own. In such a situation, a very experienced or very clever driver is needed to couple the procrastinators in pairs of winding time in and out at the same speed, to achieve overall balance. The Bureau of Fiction has produced several automated procrastinators, which are often used in time machines, as they can be hooked to a computer to more efficiently fix time anomalies.


  • Procrastinators are one of the three essential components of time machines, the other two being their cousin, the Time Gear, and the Space Ripper, a device with a different function. Procrastinators serve to steer time machines and even out the flow of time behind the machine.