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Speaker.png Click here to listen to Prof. Penguinpuffdude's theme!

You know I can't give up coffee. Who would, anyway?
— Prof. Penguinpuffdude
(Professor) Mario Pufflegang Anthony "Peng" Penguinlinsky, the King of Random and Sudden Speeches
"Now concerntrate! In the year 1000 BC which is also known as Year Zero, Antarctica was..."
Title Prof. Penguinpuffdude (the Professor who makes a lot of unexpected speeches)
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Good
Level 100
Interests Coffee, Penguinpuffdude, his family, his computer, tea, coffee, books, coffee, tea, and more coffee
Strengths Random speeches throughout the day, coffee, tea
Weaknesses No coffee, strictness, no coffee, back pain, no tea, losing his voice after too many speeches, and no coffee
X-Antibody Ductur XenghuinXoifXoode
Friends His family, couple of other penguins
Enemies Director Benny, Mabel, anybody that's annoying
Archetype Good (Annoying at some times, e.g. REALLY annoying.)
Codename Enipuff

Prof. Penguinpuffdude (full name Mario Pufflegang Anthony "Peng" Penguinlinsky) is a professor currently working as a teacher in Penguin University, and is the father of Penguinpuffdude, and is the spouse to Agnes Penguinpuff. He is a very talkative type of penguin and never fails to make an utterly boring speech. His strength is both coffee (who knew?) and his totally random speeches, which often makes the listener bored as a penguin can ever be. He is also quite a foolish penguin who almost never fails to make anybody laugh, and usually at his computer most of the time. He loves to read books, comics and drink coffee or tea.

Although he never had any formal lessons, he has a musical side and is known to rarely compose music on his bass guitar in his spare time, when he thinks nobody is listening.

However, he has a terrible way of sneezing very loudly, and can ruin entire "elite" operations.


Early Life[edit]

Since nobody is sure of his birthdate, penguins simply assume that Prof. Penguinpuffdude was born in the year 1970 as Mario Anthony Penguinpuffdude with one brother named Penguino. Anthony was the youngest of the family, and was a real prankster. He loved reading comics, and had rough puffles all around his house.
The Prof as chick looking at a red puffle.

Later Life[edit]

Current Life[edit]



Prof. Penguinpuffdude is a purple-feathered penguin who happens to be very eccentric, so in his free time he often wears a pair of green wellingtons a size too small for his feet, a yellow scarf a size too big for him and an umbrella, which has a wooden handle made from a fir tree and has a picture of the Puffish flag, which has distorted colours. Sometimes, he wears a fashionable brown coat that doesn't suit the green boots. In other times, when not wearing his iconic eccentric outfit, he wears a flowery tee-shirt, a pair of yellow wellingtons and a wooden cane, all which contradict each other in terms of "a matching outfit". Usually, when he goes to teach his students, he wears this brown coat and changes the green wellingtons into black gum-boots.




  • Secretly, he prefers tea over coffee, but he drinks it less often than coffee for unknown reasons.
  • He likes jam with bread whenever he drinks tea, hence the theme song.
  • Interestingly, he took a course to be a reporter but never became one.
  • He has a terrible habit of using the toilet as a rubbish bin.

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