Professor Prepostera

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Professor Prepostera
Professor Prepostera
Prof. Prepostera writing something down on a clipboard.
Born Paul Prepostera
October 4, 1988 (1988-10-04) (age 30)
Olde Antarctica Flag.png Olde Antarctica
Species Penguin
Race King Penguin
Gender Male
Height 3'4"
Residence ChillIslandFlag.png Chill Island
Citizenship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Occupation Inventor
Owner of Prepostera Enterprises
CIPF Technology Lead
Employer Chill Island Protection Force
Years Active 2011-present
Alma Mater Penguin University
Professor Prepostera's signature

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Professor Prepostera is a successful technological genius and inventor. He currently lives on Chill Island and is the technology expert for the Chill Island Protection Force. He also owns Prepostera Enterprises on the side, where he makes various inventions for those willing to pay for his services.


Early life and apprenticeship[edit]

Paul Prepostera was hatched on October 4, 1988 in Olde Antarctica, and became interested in science early in his childhood. At a young age, he would often read about great inventors like Gary the Gadget Guy and Leonardo da Waffli. After graduating from school, he attended Penguin University, where he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering. In 2011, he began his career as an inventor. Unfortunately, he soon discovered that the United States of Antarctica already had a plethora of more successful and well-known inventors, and his career never really got off the ground.

Life on Chill Island[edit]

In 2012 he moved to Shops Island, hoping to find a greater audience who could use his talents. While shopping at Chill World, he met Chill, who happened to be visiting that particular location that day. The two struck up a conversation about inventions, mostly because Chill assumed he was an inventor solely because of his lab coat, and became friends. He moved to Chill Island shortly after and started his own business, Prepostera Enterprises, where he invented gadgets and took commissions from residents.

In April 2013, Chill reorganized the Chill Island Protection Force, and recruited Prepostera as their tech expert. Afterwards, he left the Prepostera Enterprises building and moved into a laboratory in the newly renovated CIPF headquarters. He took it upon himself to create a decent military to protect the island, in case any dangerous threats arose. After many failed attempts at creating drones for several months, he successfully completed Tyler in July 2013, although it wasn't enough to protect them from invasion by the Evilositian Army shortly after.


In 2026, Chill Island joined the United States of Shops Island following Djf's rise to power and execution of Bro. After the outbreak of the Shops Civil War, Prepostera was contacted by Chill and put in charge of defending the island, with the entire CIPF at his disposal. The Ed also deployed his EPF team on the island at Chill's request in case of an evacuation. Prepostera, Ed, Doktor, and Roger harnessed the energy of the Meme Machine to create a force field to protect the island, allowing it to survive the war.


  • Inventor - Prepostera spends most of his time inventing gadgets for the CIPF, the other residents of Chill Island, or his own personal uses.
  • Secret Agent - Aside from being the CIPF's technology expert, he is a key leader of the agency. He often does more work than Chill himself, as a result of their vastly different approaches to tense situations. He also serves as interim director in Chill's absence.



Prepostera is a friendly and talkative individual, especially towards those who share his love of inventing and science. However, he easily gets grumpy whenever someone interrupts his work. He is very level-headed and focused, which serves him well in his position in the CIPF. He is never frustrated by failure, but prefers to move on quickly; he personally views being frustrated by failure as a waste of time that delays future success.



Personal life[edit]


Aside from inventing, Prepostera often reads, either for entertainment or to research various technologies. He also enjoys researching Chill Island's various bizarre phenomena. He has also taken an interest in Terns & Taverns, and sometimes hosts game sessions.

Chill once attempted to get Prepostera into Blockcraft. Finding the base game uninteresting, he modded it to the gills with various mechanical and technical mods, but quickly lost interest, preferring to build things in real life instead of in a video game. He later gave his account to Tyler, who mostly just uses it to nuke entire worlds.



  • Chill57181
  • The Ed
  • Kalen - Kalen is Prepostera's personal favorite agent, and he often sends him on the most important CIPF missions.



  • Carl the Fry Thief - Prepostera is determined to apprehend Carl at all costs. When coming up with a new invention, he will often ask himself if it will help catch Carl, regardless of whether it was designed for that purpose or not.
  • Evil Pengy
  • Radztur


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