Project Fordy

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Project Fordy
Where is he?
Background information
Participants The PSA, EPF, Time Agency, the Judoon,others
Date 7th April - ???
Location Across Time

Project Fordy was started when Ford Car disappeared from time. No one knows how or when but the PSA, the Time Agency, the EPF and many others were working on the case.

The event[edit]

7th April, 2009[edit]

Ford Car goes missing. The PSA send in 1st squard and the EPF into his igloo. They find his to do list. It seems to have bear marks. Could Herbert had done it. We don't know. The Time Agency report that he has gone missing. Metal Force is sent to check on his last known areas. Nothing was found apart from a few Mancala stones. Could Ford Car had been playing Mancala when he disappeared? Sadly, the stones belonged to a group of Mancala players. Ford Car remains missing.

8th April, 2009[edit]

Big football match between Blue Team and Red Team. Investigation suspended. Those that are still looking have not found much.

9th April 2009[edit]

Mayor McFlapp did a personalized scan for Ford Car. Nothing. He isn't anywhere in this universe, past present or future. We're using the last resort. We're calling The Doctor.

10th April 2009[edit]

The Doctor, Kwiksilver and some other Time Travellers boarded the TARDIS. All Time Agency Squads are on full alert. They are travelling across universes. This could go horribly wrong.

11th April 2009[edit]

  • Oh, sweet schnitzel! Rifts are opening up all over Antarctica! TWO THIRDS OF THE ANTARCTIC POPULATION HAVE BEEN SENT TO ALTERNATE REALITIES, UNIVERSES, AND BACK IN TIME! The Masters have all disappeared, except Director Benny. The fate of Antarctica rests on that puffle! He's working around the clock trying to replace all the characters. There's literally smoke rising from his keyboard! G's Puffletron 3000, the one that turns penguins to puffles, has been shaking violently. It might explode!

12th April 2009[edit]

The whole of the USA's population has returned.

13th April 2009[edit]

Kwiksilver and The Leader has made contact with the Judoon on one of their Space Stations (see the Judoon Treaty). PASA agree to join Project Fordy. The EPF and the PSA report more Aliens coming from The Doctor's world. Metal Force had been sent into the area but now, Metalmanager has gone missing.

15th April 2009[edit]

End of the Great Portal Adventure.

2th July 2009[edit]

Sam Rudi and Agent T sees Ford Car's candy necklace and blue hat but then get attacked and missing. The search is now for Ford Car, the Snowville citizens, Metalmanager, Sam Rudi, and Agent T.

25th December 2009[edit]

Nearly all hope is lost. The search has come up to nothing.

3rd March 2010[edit]

Star Kirby12 found Ford Car's sunglasses but disappears.

3rd March 2010[edit]

Two hours later, the Hontanan Elite Penguin Force comes, but Richeddi goes missing.

27th April 2010[edit]

Fred 676 finds Ford Car's blue propeller cap. It flies away, so he follows it, but goes missing too.

The whole month of May 2010[edit]

Search for Ford Car, the Snowville citizens, Metalmanager, Sam Rudi, Agent T, Star Kirby12, Richeddi and Fred 676 still comes to no avail. But suddenly, Author Billybob gets this brilliant idea: he rollbacks everything that happened, and the time is backed into April 7th 2009 again.

8th, April 2009[edit]

The Masters figure out what happened. All the Time Machines of the Time Agency went broken, so they all malfunctioned. Ford Car just went to the Gift Shop but dropped his stuff on the way, and then went to a Mars investigation(for some particular reason) at midnight, so nobody noticed. Everyone gone missing was just by joke to scare everyone else.


The USA becoming normal.

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