Project Infinite: The Beginning

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Project Infinite: The Beginning
Start April 21, 2013
End April 27, 2013
Prerequisites Operation Anti-Terrorism
Level Domestic
Location Club Penguin
Rewards An injured agent-in-charge, a terrified Director, and a wanted Agent Rogue...
Operation Anti-Terrorism Project Infinite: This is War

Project Infinite: The Beginning is the beginning of the Project Infinite trilogy. It all begins with a serum G created to make the ultimate agent (kinda like Agent Rogue Tvarkov), he tests it on a penguin, it works. But after a while, he becomes violent and escapes with the serum. The Director sends Rogue to kill him off, only to find out that he is creating an army to overthrow the EPF, will they prevail?

Prologue: The Serum[edit]

Finding yourself all alone with lack of memory

You are drawn to an empty house nearby, suspiciously.

Joshua Helixon, an immigrant from the USA. A newbie, innocent. He knocks on the door.


The door is swung open with rather force. A very sleep-deprived Gary was slumped on the door.

"H-H-Hello, I'm for th-th-the test subject thing." the boy sputtered.

"So you are. Telling me at 3 in the morning." Gary gurgled.

"I'm so sorry sir!" Joshua protested.

"Well come in lad, we'll talk." Gary allowed him in.

A month later...

Gary silently places his creation into an injection. He knows it will be a success, he knows. But soon, he will regret this all.

He remembers the formula, You need to get a little of Rogue's DNA, then some other stuff he thought, walking to his subject which was in restraints.

He was a light blue penguin, and a civilian at the same time.

"Are you ready?" Gary asks, the penguin nodded, and Gary injected the serum into the civilian's arm.

The civilian passed out for a while, then awoken.

"Can I test you out?" Gary asked, he nodded. Gary shot the civilian with an ice bullet pistol, and he didn't die.

"I did it! I made the ultimate serum!" he cried and jumped around happily.

What he didn't know was that the penguin took the gun from the table with his psychic powers (a power of Rogue) and got it, he quickly aimed and shot G in the shoulder. Gary fell in pain as his assailant-test subject tried to free himself, and he did. Agents from the outside of the lab saw this and attacked him.

"Oh my."

The Director couldn't do anything but watch. The agents were taken down with ease by the test subject. She quickly dialed the PA and called for more agents. They came, but were shot down quickly. This she can't do. The penguin got the uniform of one of the agents and took the serum. He walked out calmly.

"Aren't you gonna stop him?"

Jet Pack Guy emerged from the dark area of her office. The Director looks at him.

"I know I should. But did you see how he took down those agents? Only an expert can do that" the Director said.

"So? He's got the DNA of our Top Agent who is Anti-Terrorism's General at the same time! Is it obvious?" Jet argued.

"Okay, okay. I know just what to do" she said as she saw the test subject walk out of the Command Room.

Rogue Tvarkov was busy with her computer-wall when Jet stopped at her door and knocked.

"You have a sec?" he asked. She looked away from her wall, looking through CCTV footage and a map of Antarctica with some notes and that.

"Uh yeah, I guess" she said as he stepped in.

"Look, we got an emergency here" he said "You have access to CCTV footage, it seems. You need to see what happened 10 minutes ago"

Rogue did the math and looked at the footage, she watched as G injected the serum and that he was shot down, and so was the other agents. Jet expected her to gasp, but she only kept a straight face.

"Where is he?" she said.

"Who?" Jet asked.

"The test subject!" she cried.

"That is why I went here" he said and jabbed his ID into her wall. Her work minimized and Jet's ID data appeared. He pressed a bit of files and found what he was looking for.

"Project Infinite, the latest project of the EPF" he said "It was supposed to make the ultimate agent, kinda like you, but it failed and the test subject has the serum"

"Your mission," he paused "if you choose to accept it. Search for him, kill him and bring back the serum" Jet pressed a button on Rogue's wall and the Project Infinite file was printed out for Rogue, now hers.

"But where are Gary and the agents?" she asked.

"They're in the EPF clinic, don't worry" Jet said and got his ID "Now if you excuse me, I need to get to work now"

Jet left the room with Rogue, both parting ways.

Rogue entered the EPF Clinic, the agents greeted her as she went to Gary. He wasn't wearing his usual clothes and was in bed, a bandage wrapped around his shoulder.

"Hey, G. How's your shoulder?" she said.

"I'm fine agent. So I heard, you'll be handling the mission" he said.

"Of course, G, get well. I need to begin this mission" she said and disappeared from the room.

Rogue entered G's lab where other agents were at the same time.

"I'm the agent in charge of this investigation" she said as the agents walked out of the room in a hurry.

She walked to the gun that was on the table again, and took out some powder, she covered it with it and took out some UV light, she found several flipperprints, she took some tape and some plastic gloves and steadily places tape on the flipperprints. She puts them in a ziplock and continued to think of how to track him down. Her eyes fell upon the injection that still have some liquid in it.

"Hm... now what do we have here?" she said as her flippers felt the liquid in her flippers. Suddenly, the whole room seemed to go 10 minutes earlier, and she can see Gary. Everything played back for her. She watched everything, and from there, she thought of more. After getting her evidence, she walked calmly to the forensics lab to wait for them to make a way for her to track the boy down.

Chapter 1: Full Time[edit]

Altitude Street, 02:29.

Rogue was asleep on her chair, her white puffle Frost on her desk. It was covered with the Project Infinite's papers. Her phone beeped as she woke up rubbing her eyelids.

"Huh? Oh. My phone" she said as she pressed a button on her phone that unlocked her phone, a message read:

Miss Tvarkov, we have the device ready. --C. 

Rogue looked at it and stretched, she looked at her sleeping puffle and ruffled it's hair.

"I'll see you later, Frost" she said and got a coat and some shoes. She left the igloo.

She walked into HQ to see some scientists and agents crowded in one part of the command room's conference table.

"I'm here" her voice rang out. One of the agents turned to her and smiled.

"Miss Tvarkov! How are you?"

"I'm fine, C. You?"

He chuckled, "Still the same— as always"

Rogue laughed, "Alright, Agent Calhoun. Now, the device?"

The scientists signalled her to give them her phone, and she obediently followed.

"We need to download it into your phone, then we'll demonstrate" one of the scientists said.

When it was fully downloaded, they instructed her to put some of Calhoun's feathers on the screen. She did and it scanned it, she was also instructed to stay far away from HQ, and she teleported to Rusca. They hid Calhoun somewhere in the EPF HQ's in Antarctica, then messaged her that to find him. Her phone reacted and immediately swept the whole EPF HQ in Muscovgrad. It showed no signs of Calhoun and began to sweep the WHOLE Ruscan country. It showed no sign and it began to scan the WHOLE Ninja Archipelago. It only found him somewhere in Castilla. She found him in Metido.

"Oh, hey" he said, seeing her.

"This tracker is good, let's go back to CP HQ" she said, and he nodded.

They returned to see the scientists pleased.

"It's a success!" one of them said and danced with another scientist.

"Yay! This is going to be an honorable thing to do! Helping the General of Anti-Terrorism save Antarctica from destruction!" one said.

"Wait, what?!" the two said in unison.

"Oh, you didn't know? The serum could go and destroy Antarctica." one of the scientists said.

Both Calhoun and Rogue looked at each other with wide eyes.

"I'm gonna go now." Rogue said in a hurry and ran to the exit.

"Same here!" Calhoun said and ran out of the HQ.

Rogue waddled into the hospital where Gary was about to be discharged. She was wearing her usual white singlets, grey jogging pants and sneakers.

"Hey G." she said.

"Why hello agent. How is the situation of the Project?" he asked.

"Oh, I just need to interview you, that's all..." she said and took out a notepad. "How did the penguin look like?"

"He was light blue, and he wasn't wearing anything... and he had wore the uniform of Agent Kyle." he said. She written it on her pad.

"Okay... where's Kyle?" Gary pointed to her a dark blue penguin who was resting on one of the beds near G.

"See you G." she said and approached Agent Kyle.

"Hey Kyle." she said softly to the agent. He moaned and looked at her as if she was an intruder. But his expression softened when he recognized the agent's ever-changing eye color. She smiled as her eyes turned from black to green.

"Miss Tvarkov, what're you doing here?" he asked hoarsely. Her smile was wan and slightly tired.

"I just need to interview you, that's all" she said.

"But aren't you tired, dear general?" he asked carefully to the general, who yawned.

"Kinda. It's 3 in the morning, remember?" she yawned.

"Oh, right... so you woke up early just to get to work? Wow, you're really that dedicated." Kyle commented.

Rogue was slightly irritable, "Do you think I would like being called in the middle of sleep, told that I need to go to work now, when I was planning to go 30 minutes before said time?"

Agent Kyle placed his flippers up in defense, "Hey, I didn't know! Just chill, you can go back to sleep when you go back home"

Rogue sighed, "Fine... anyway. What did your uniform look like when you came in to fend off the test subject?"

"Uh... y'know; the usual EPF suit except with a USA flag pin on the lapel. Plus, it was navy blue, not like the standard black. You could track it, by the way. Just type in my name into the database and you'll be able to 'track' me" he stated.

She wrote it down dutifully and said "Well uh, if that's all; get well and good-bye." she walked out of the room and into back into her igloo. She collapsed into the bed as her puffle Frost squeaked and snuggled beside her. It took Rogue 3 hours to realize what she has done.

Rogue wakes up 3 hours later to the sound of her phone ringing, half awake, she responds to the call with a drowsy voice, "This is Tvarkov speaking, what do you want?"

"Tvarkov," Dot began "HQ, now."

"Can't you see I'm still sleeping? Plus, I just went there and will be going there," she stops to look at her clock "2 hours before said time, so what do you want?"

"We've got an emergency in Anti-Terrorism Main Office! Your Lieutenant General says it's big..." Dot explained.

"Is he there? Put him on the phone." Rogue ordered and she heard the phone be passed to Lieutenant General Adrian Hepson.

"Yes this is Adrian speaking." he began.

"Adrian, what is going on?" she asked.

"Oh, General! We've got trouble in our flippers! We're being HACKED!" he cried. She winced as the sound of his voice echo into her eardrum.

"What? How is that possible?" she asked in surprise, preparing her gun by reloading another round into her magazine.

"I don't KNOW!!! Just come! Tech is already here helping to hack back!" he said and ended the call.

"Oh geez. I'll need to bring in Frost, Rock, Terrence and Ethan..." she said as she jumped from her bed with Frost stirring in her arms. She walked to the puffle's room and woke up the other three puffles.

"What? Why hello Miss Ro, what's up?" Terrence said as he took out his goggles from his hyperspace.

"Sup, ARB? Why up so early?" Rock said as he took out a cookie from the cookie jar.

"General? What's the situation?" Ethan asked as he began to prepare his pistol for the trouble they could get into.

"Anti-Terrorism's being hacked into. Frost, Rock and Ethan, you 3 are going to prepare for whatever is going to strike us. Terrence, you're there to help the tech hack back. Clear? Now, let's roll!"

Chapter 2: Trouble At the Anti-Terrorism Main Office[edit]

Rogue only took one step into headquarters when several agents were already running to her like puffles returning to their owners, begging her to proceed to the Anti-Terrorism Main Office.

"Just come! We don't have much time!" one of the agents cried as her Anti-Terrorism puffles hopped to the Anti-Terrorism Main Office. Terrence at the mean time stayed with Rogue, having no idea where to go. She ran to the Main Office just in time before Captain Bridgett punches agents at sight because of the stress and because the General's absence.

"Bridge, chill I'm here geez" she said as she held Bridgett by the shoulders. She managed to calm down and an agent gave her a glass of water to drink. She realized what was on Rogue's shoulder.

"Uh... who is this?" she asked, pointing at Rogue's shoulder.

"Oh, it's just Terrence. He's my brown puffle, he's here to help hack back. Now, Terrence you can now proceed to Gary who is over there." she pointed out to Terrence where G was. Obeying, he hopped off her shoulder and to Gary.

"Miss Tvarkov. We got intel on who is hacking us." one agent stated. Through the lights of all the screens of the computers, she recognized the agent as no other that Agent Calhoun.

"Who is this mystery hacker, eh?" she asked.

"Joshua D. Helixon, a civilian." he stated.

Rogue froze for a while and asked, "What does he look like?"

"Last time CCTV footage saw him? He was wearing a suit with a USA pin on the lapel. Is something wrong?" Calhoun asked.

Rogue ran as fast as she could to the Energy Control Room screaming "Shut down the electricity! Shut down the effing electricity!"

Agents who saw her either hugged the wall to avoid the running general in heels, or followed her orders and ran for the Electricity Control Room. When they reached that room, they immediately turned off the electricity of the whole EPF in all of mainland Antarctica. Pretty soon, agents from the different divisions were calling in to main HQ, screaming in different languages what happened in HQ. Rogue in the meantime was running back to Anti-Terrorism Main Office talking to someone on the phone in German. Finally, she ends the call but begins another one in Spanish.

"No se preocupe. Es sólo un corte de energía. Tuvimos que porque alguien estaba piratería Oficina Central de Lucha contra el Terrorismo. Diga a los agentes allí para mantener la calma, y principal sede está handeling la situación. Mhm. Oh, sí. Bueno, adiós. (Don't worry. It's just a power shutdown. We had to because someone was hacking Anti-Terrorism Main Office. Tell the agents down there to stay calm, and main HQ is currently handeling the situation. Mhm. Oh, yeah. Well, goodbye.) she said, and ended the call. "Well, what now?"

"Um. Simple, sit tight, and we plan what to do." Gary stated. Everyone groaned in the room.

"Wait, why do I have the sudden feeling that something bad is gonna happen?" Rogue stated. Soon, she could hear guns being cocked. The tension in the room accelerated as they hear the door open with a kick. Rogue was already charging at the penguin and quickly hit him in the head.

"Ah!" he screamed. She recognized the tone of the voice.

"Jason?" she asked. She flashed her phone onto his face, and gasped. Jason was just there with a bruise on his forehead where she kicked him. "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!"

He yelped then fell to the floor unconscious, Rogue stood there in shock and dropped her phone. Her eyes spied a silhouette behind him. She picked up her phone and shone it at the silhouette. It was a Project Infinite goon.

"Infinitist!" she screamed and took out a gun and shot him. Then a chain of shots were heard as more Infinitists came in and attacked.

Pretty soon the fight wrapped up and a lot of agents were wounded. Rogue at the meantime that morning was busy doing first-aid on some agents. Actually, she also needed first-aid herself.

"General Tvarkov? Aren't you wounded yourself?" Calhoun asked, while Rogue was putting gauze on his wound.

"I'm fine Calhoun. Don't you worry. It doesn't hurt." she lied. She was tormenting herelf in her head, yet she did everything to look okay. When he was fine, more agents came in. After around 15 more agents, Jason went in.

"Hey Rogue, what's up?" he said weakly and sat on the cot. By those times, Rogue was flinching as the pain of her wounds took over.

"N-Nothing, Crash." she said.

"Are you okay?" he asked as her flinching became noticeable.

"Y-yeah. Just quite chilly now. Y'know," she said. She froze as she felt him hug her, she flinched quickly as her back reacted to his sudden movement, pain shooting up her back. Quickly and precisely, she threw him off her and aimed a gun on him.

"Are you mad Tvarkov!?" he screamed as he felt her foot on his back. "This isn't Rogue Tvarkov! This can't be her! Breaking down like that, impossible!" he thought

"You should know better that it was me who began this whole fight! You should know I got more wounds! And yes, this is me!" she cried.

He went back up as he spied a shadow of hers put back the gun in the holster. She hesitated and began to clean and gauzed his wounds. When he went pass her when he thought he heard a choke. He turned his head but Rogue strangely disappeared. There were at least three doors, one an entrance, one to a storage room, one for a washroom. The door of the washroom was ajar and he could hear water pouring. He looked through the crack to see Rogue cleaning her wounds, wearing a gag. Probably for her to bite on when she is in pain. She had some tweezers and she carefully pulled out all the bullets that were on her, six in total. Finally patched up, she walked out of the room wearily only to bump into Jason.

"What?" she snapped.

"Why didn't you tell me you were hurt?" he said.

"Why do you need to know?" she snapped.

"Because I care for you." he said and she strangely disappeared. He chuckled, "Mysterious Tvarkov..."

Rogue was pulled into a room near where she last stood, a flipper clasped onto her mouth.

"Mm? Mmm!" she cried and tried to kick him, but she soon recognized the voice of the penguin.

"Shh! Quiet Tvarkov; it's just me!" the penguin whispered and removed his flipper from her beak. She turned quickly and her eyes widened.

"Viktor Volkov? What are you doing here?" she asked in surprise. It was totally unusual to see one of her NRR agent-cousin during work.

"We've got trouble. BIG trouble in Rusca." he began.

"What? Can't you see I have trouble here in CP Isle?" she said. "And how did you get in here? The Director could be pretty mad if you came in here without clearance"

"Your mother told the Director already. Now, we've got Infinitists-"

"They're in RUSCA?!" she cried. He clamped his flipper onto her beak again.

"Shh! Will you be quiet?!" he cried. He slowly unclamped his flipper from her mouth and began "From intel, the Infinitists seems to be terrorizing the civilians. Now it's my responsibility to take them out in Rusca. I know it's your main responsibility right now, so I need your help. Will you help and come back to Rusca?"

Rogue smiled and said, "If my responsibility expands to two countries, then okay. Come on, I'll get the jet."

Rogue was walking to the hangar where most of the jets the EPF usually use are at. It was all safe and that until an arrow whizzed by her arm and hit the tree. She turned around and saw no one other that Jason.

"Are you trying to kill me?!" she cried as she took out her gun and aimed it once more at him.

"Hey, I was just trying to catch your attention!" he snapped.

"You can just call my name you fool!" she said.

"Fine... well uh... what are you doing? Gary and the others were worried!" he cried.

"It goes something like this... THE FRIGGIN' INFINITISTS ARE IN RUSCA!" she yelled.

"Oh, well uh. Should I tell HQ that you're going off to Rusca to attend to some NRR shenanigans?" he asked.

"Uh... yeah, I guess." she said and walked off to Viktor.

"See you!" Jason cried.

"You too!"

"Colonel Tvarkov! Special Agent Viktor!"

The two cousins were in a meeting with the Director of the NRR, aka Rogue's mom, aka Irina Tvarkov.

"At the meantime, or in this case, you should or can call me General, mom." Rogue said.

"Okay. Now, those test subjects of your gadget guy," she pointed briefly at Rogue "are now all over Rusca, terrorizing civilians. The leaders of the EPF are currently online watching the whole meeting."

Rogue facedesked in reply, "Crap you made me go here all the way to Rusca just to be told that the leaders in the EPF are here?!"

"Hey, we needed you in the flesh than through a computer screen." Viktor muttered.

"So uh, what now?" Rogue asked.

"Well, we have some contact lenses that can detect Infinitists through a crowd, and it's real successful. That's the only thing I could equip you with, other than with the usual bullet-proof vests and transportation and... that's all. " Irina said.

"Well uh, where do we start?" Viktor asked.

Irina grinned, "In downtown Muscovgrad. Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

So, they went to downtown Muscovgrad wearing disguises (as chosen by the disguise gal), the contact lenses also allowed NRR HQ and EPF HQ to see what they're doing. And it helped control Rogue's eye and hair color changing to a stop temporarily. For now, Rogue looked like Natasha Romanoff with brown hair and blue eyes.

"Alright, Rogue." Viktor began "Do we see any Infinitists?"

Rogue shook her head, "Nope. No sight of Infinitists"

They were acting as a couple, which was kinda weird; knowing that the two are cousins. They were just "strolling" when they were apprehended my two penguins in black. One had a knife and held it close to Rogue's beak.

"Don't move, and give me your bag."

By then, Rogue can see the penguin being labeled "Infinitist" and was blinking before her. She gave what she had in her bag: a pistol ready to shoot the Infinitist.

"Don't move! I'm Colonel Tvarkov of the NRR. You're coming with us." she said. With windmill speed, the two penguins turned around and sped away. The two agents broke to a sprint and the chase was on.

Chapter 3: A Chase Through Downtown Muscovgrad[edit]

Both ripped their disguises off and placed it on Rogue's bag. Under they wore what they wore when they returned to Rusca.

"Stop in the name of the NRR!" Viktor cried, Rogue accelerated forward and sped past him, near one of the penguins; specifically the one who tried to get what was in her bag.

"Fool! They wouldn't stop to you!" she yelled.

They were running for some time until one of the Infinitists grabbed an unattended scooter and took his colleague with him. Rogue was about to take one herself from another penguin when she recognized him. It was a penguin with straight white hair, he was orange and wore a military uniform.

"Dad?!" she cried.

"Rogue? What're you doing here! You're supposed to be in CP, correct?" he said.

"Long story now can I PLEASE borrow your motorbike?" she begged. He nodded and she took off with Viktor.

While steering, Rogue told Viktor, "Shoot! Shoot the wheel for crying out loud!"

Viktor took out a pistol and began to shoot the motorbike before them. Rogue went on full speed yet it wasn't enough to catch up on them. It was until one of the Infinitists turned with a pistol on his flipper. Viktor who noticed cried.

"Redline! Bank left! Bank left!" she banked left quick enough to evade the bullet of the Infinitist's gun.

"What the?! How did I not see that?!" she yelled.

"I don't know! He just drawn out a gun then I yelled" Viktor said.

They continued their chase until Viktor finally managed to shoot one of their wheels, and the Infinitists crashed on a fruit stand.

"Well, Director; what shall we do?" Rogue said into her earpiece.

"Bring them back for interrogation. I have a feeling the EPF would also want some intel on these brutes." Irina said and the click on the other line was heard. A crowd was forming and Rogue took out some handcuffs. When she cuffed them, Viktor yelled to the crowd.

"Nothing to see here! Go back to your normal jobs, people! I repeat, nothing to see here!"

"The Director says that we should bring them in for some interrogation." Rogue said, banging her fist onto her palm.

"Alright, come on you two. We've got a long day." Viktor said to the two Infinitists.

"Welcome back agents"

The two were greeted by the Director of the NRR.

"The two Infinitists were sent to the interrogation room. You have five minutes to prepare yourselves for trouble. A lot of trouble. Add in stress." Irina stated.

The two agents looked at each other, trying to communicate to each other with their minds and failed. As they prepared themselves for the stress and the tension they would be experiencing in a few minutes.

"Hey Rogue?" Viktor said as he made his way to Rogue's office in the NRR. "What'cha doing?"

"Nothing much." she said, putting down the book she was just reading "Just doing a quick recap on interrogation and torture." She waved the front of the book near his face, showing that she was reading the EPF Handbook of Interrogation and Torture.

"What is it like there?" he asked.


"In the EPF." he said. "I mean, how is it? Being a general there, and a colonel here, what effect does it have on you?"

Rogue paused to think, "None. Okay maybe some stress. But hey, my concern is more on the EPF."

Viktor thought for a while then said, "Okay, so uh, shall we go? Now?"

She nodded and placed down the book.

"Tell me or you get it!"

Viktor was yelling at one of the Infinitists, while Rogue watched him.

"This was the NRR way of interrogation?" she thought to herself. Through the glass window, she could see the whole thing unfold. With a microphone, she said "That's enough, comrade. Now go and I'll do it this time."

Viktor gave a sigh of relief and walked up the stairs to the observation room, where Rogue was at. She took out a baton, and said,

"Doing it the EPF way now. Watch and learn."

Chapter 4: Interrogation Process[edit]

Author's Note: This chapter shall be written in Rogue Tvarkov's POV. Enjoy.

I frowned as I hear murmurs in my earpiece. I don't remember allowing the NRR to watch! But wait, what do I hear? Is that... Rookie?

"Oh my, she's doing it now! Have pity on the freaking Infinitists, Rogue!"

Then I hear a slap in the background "SHADDUP!!! Whose side are you in huh?"

Ah, typical Jet. How hilarious those two are together. As I trudged down the stairs, I stopped when I remembered to get my ice bullet pistol from upstairs, I ran up just in time to see someone barge into the room: my fellow EPF Generals.

"Товарищи! Что ты здесь делаешь? (Comrades! What are you doing here?)" I ask in surprise.

"Oh nothing, just want to watch the interrogation." Dot said casually and took a seat in front of the glass window. I took my ice bullet pistol from my bag and my bulletproof vest. Silently, I walked down the stairs again, thinking of which method to use first. As I opened the door, I felt a shiver run down my spine.

"What is this, Tvarkov? Are you scared?" a little voice in my head mocked me. I frowned and walked further to where the two Infinitists were. They grinned at the sight of me.

"Why hello Miss Tvarkov. How are you?" one of them said and guffawed. My eyes narrowed at them angrily as I banged my fist onto the table.

"Listen! Do you know Joshua Helixon? Where is he?!" I yell in plain anger. I could feel my eyes turning from calm blue to violent red. They seemed to shrink at the sight of my rage, a dark smile seemed to crawl into my beak, "Keeping a secret, eh boys?"

"NO!" they cried in unison. I smiled as I could feel their pulses quickening, how their blood boiled inside them, and how their eyes read 'scared'. They're slowly cracking, slowly fearing me. Ha! Sure, G could have given some of my DNA to the serum, but what they haven't developed is endurance to interrogation! Of couse they didn't crack near Viktor because he uses the kind way! What a fool! You need to go through the hard way for crying out loud!

"You're hiding something, I know it." I say slyly as their eyes began to dart everywhere. "I'm an EPF and NRR agent, I am trained to do interrogation. You can't hide from me."

"Oh yeah? Well you can't hide from us! We know your secret about us! You can't hide from us either!"

My eyebrows knitted together in an instant, and my collar began to tighten around my neck... or wherever my neck is.

"I know. And I'm fine with that, at least." I say, trying to sound calm, remembering that plain anger wouldn't get me anywhere. But hey, moods change. So anyway, I approached the two who were on one side of the table. I respectively took my seat on the other side of the table, giving the two a look in the eye.

"We have your DNA. We are technically yours, and you aren't a slightest bit creeped out by that?" one of them said to her. My eyes changed color once more to green.

"I'm used to odd things like this. I'm odd myself." I say in slight regret.

The two looked at each other in blankly. "Really?"

There you go, I've got their attention. Now to reel them in like fish with fishermen. "I have a specific skill set, a unique one in exact." I stood up from my chair and began to pace the room, looking for a better way to reel them in, then I turn to face their backs. "Can I ask who are you?"

They happened to be from the USA, apparently. But I recognized their names... then I gulped back a lump in my throat. They were from the USA Air Force.

"We were promised good lives, a chance to give pride to our country..." one of them named Thomas said.

"But weren't you in your current occupations?" I ask.

The two gave me a look, "Rogue, we know you. We've met back when the PSA still existed. You also are a pride to both countries, why are you asking us?" the other named Stefan said.

"Look, are you going to answer me or do I have to use torture, which is it? You need to hurry, my shooting flipper is itchy." I threatened, showing them my literally twitching flipper. Both gave me a scared look, and I also heard a few gasps from my earpiece.

"Ah... we won't tell." both said after discussing. I sighed, pitying them intensely, I load my gun.

"Sorry." I say and quickly shot Stefan on the flipper with my ice bullet bullet pistol. He shrieked in pain and fell to the ground, nursing his injured flipper. Thomas looked at me in horror.

"We can leave him there, bleeding out, or I can call a medic... if you answer my first question so long ago, where. Is. Joshua. Helixon?" I say once more. Thomas looked at his injured comrade, then at me.

"Fine! I'l tell you his location, for my godforsaken comrade!" he yelled. I pressed my earpiece to send in a transmission.

"Yeah, you heard him. Get me a freaking medic down here, this guy's gonna go limp soon, it seems." eyeing the air force soldier who was on the ground. A medic came in less than a minute and began to patch up Stefan... not after safely removing the bullet on his flipper. I stare at him silently, warning him with my piercing eyes to not mess with me. Then I look at Thomas, the soft one. "Tell me the location now. If you value his life." I say once more, pointing my loaded gun at his comrade, who was in the custody of the medic. Thomas squeaked, and immediately told me the location, I grimaced immediately.

"You'll be staying here for a while, to take care of your injured comrade... for now." translation: "That will teach you a lesson for messing with the wrong Ruscan. Now you'll stay here, in my field of sight, tending to the comrade of yours whom you foolishly sacrificed."

"Well show, agent. Now report to Conference Room 2." my mom said into my earpiece. I nod and head to Conference Room 2.

Chapter 5: Tvarkov Headquarters[edit]

"Well played, my daughter."

Irina immediately praised her 15 year old daughter as soon as she stepped foot into Conference Room 2. All the generals were there, beaming as well as the Director, personally.

"All in the days work, mom." she replies nonchalantly, taking a seat across Viktor, who gave her a good job nod.

"Well, we have come to a decision." The Director began.

"You and Viktor will be partnered until further notice." Irina finished. Both cousins looked at each other.

"So... we can go to Tvarkov HQ?" Viktor asked.

"Yes. To gear up and further train. You leave to Tvarkov HQ now. You two are dismissed." Irina said and both saluted. Both the Directors saluted back, and they both headed off to Tvarkov Headquarters.

"Well, here we are."

Both Rogue and Viktor stared at the huge mansion before them. It was black, with a mixture of olive green, white and brown. The garden was well-kept and decorated. The two stared at it as if it was a flame and they were moths. Both have the same reaction on their heads.

Had it already been that long since we last visited?

The two began to walk up the small steps on the metal porch, cold on Viktor's bear feet. Rogue knocked once, then twice on the wooden door. She tried to turn the knob, but it was locked. Then the door opened, after a minute of waiting, a girl peeped from the door.

"Cousin Rogue! Cousin Viktor!" the girl said and opened the door full. Both smiled at their young, 8 year old niece before them. She was purple, with long blonde hair which were tied into braided pigtails. She wore a green, yellow-polkadotted summer dress which hugged her in the waist.

"Yes. It's us, Lucy. Where's your mom, eh?" Viktor said and carried her with his flippers, she squealed and giggled as he carried her off, and he searched for Aunt Olga, her mother. Rogue smiled at her two cousins, she knows how much Viktor loves his cousin Lucy, knowing that she is his favorite, but she stopped that thought when she remembered why she was here.

Just let them be for a while, they haven't seen each other for quite a while. a small voice said in her head. She nodded and finally went into the mansion, closing the door behind her.

"Viktor? Viktor where are you? Did you find Aunt Olga yet? We seriously need to get to HQ now." she yelled, before she was tackled by one of her relatives.

"I win!" a female voice cheered from behind her. Rogue smiled and recognized who she was talking to.

"Yeah, you win. How's training in Camp Stallin?" Rogue asked her cousin, Terry.

"It's difficult, but hey, your mom said I have a chance to land on a job in the Special Forces Division. What do you say?" Terry said, standing up from her older cousin.

"That's awesome, you know what that means? That means you'll be working with the EPF often." Rogue said happily. Terry cheered and stretched a flipper at her cousin, and she took it. "So, where's Lucy and Viktor now? I seriously need to get him. You see, we came here for some training."

"What for?"

"That's classified."

"Oh, well uh, they're in the garden, I guess. That's where Aunt Olga is." Terry said, Rogue nodded and left for the garden. It was huge and looked like a labyrinth, Rogue stood silently, listening for a voice, a single word for her to recognize so that she can trace it and find her way through the garden. It came, surprisingly her name.


It startled her and she jumped, her head unconsciously turning left. She followed the sound of her name being called, then heard giggling. Loud and bewitching laughter, she knew whose it was, Lucy's. She followed the sound and found her way to a clearing where a tea table and four chairs were at. The trio were having tea, then Aunt Olga smiled at the sight of her niece.

"Why hello, Rogue. Tea?" she asked, Rogue shook her head then looked at Viktor.

"Oh right, sorry Aunt Olga. I really need to go." he said and excused himself from the table, not before ruffling his cousin's blonde hair. Rogue walked back with him.

"It's been a while, visiting this place." she said, he nodded in agreement and walked faster so that he was side-by-sided with Rogue Tvarkov.

"Now, let's get to business, shall we?"

"I've never anything sweeter."

They stopped in front an elevator door. Viktor pressed the down button and the doors opened. Both stepped in and the doors closed automatically. They descended, then stopped. The doors opened, and they stepped out. A long, dark hallway with a few lights were in front of them and they walked through it, staring at all the priceless artifacts of their ancestry. From old torn war uniforms back from the Khanzem War to portraits of their old ancestors with some of their prized possessions in indestructible glass. They stopped on the double doors which was on the other end of the hallway. It was nearly impossible to see what or who was at the other side of the door, and it was soundproof, it was undetectable, making it covert and indestructible. Both stared at the small button on the wall which was on the right side of the door. Viktor pressed it, and a laser hits both of them, making them wounded.

"Ow! *[email protected]!" Viktor yelled in pain. Blood oozed from his wound and so did Rogue's, a mechanical hand came and took a blood sample from both of them. Then bandaged the wound, and the doors finally allowed them in. As they walked in, Viktor commented.

"How come you don't feel pain when you get zapped?"

"I do. I just don't react because, y'know, I'm used to it."

"But you're the one who disa-"

Rogue slapped him, thus making him fall silent.

"Don't. If you don't want me to hit you on the wound." he gulped and walked until they were on the railing of the humongous room before them. They were in the heart of the mansion, the underground heart, that is. Tvarkov militants and agents walked around in their respective field's uniforms with at least a top-secret file on their flippers, if not a status report on recent missions. Rogue overlooked the bottom part of the room, searching for a certain penguin. Then she jumped over the railing and plunged 5 meters down. She landed on her feet, narrowly missing a cousin. She approached the orange penguin with silver-grey hair. He turned and smiled at her.

"Rogue. What is it now?"

Ivan stared at his daughter who just jumped down the railing, then at her cousin, Viktor. He stared back, surprised by Rogue's sudden action. Then turned back at his daughter.

"Infinitists, anything else simpler then that?" she said, he nodded.

"Ah, well President Smirnoff just sent word to your cousin, Major Andrei Trotsky. He came in an hour ago, and now it's handled by all Tvarkov's. I know you are too." he stated.

"Yeah. They have my DNA and my agency's responsible of this... disturbance of peace" she said. Ivan's eye's widened.


"You heard me, didn't you?" Rogue asked. Ivan shook his head in disbelief.

"Andrei's over there. You can brief him, he looks like he seriously needs it." he said, pointing towards a confused Andrei, who was staring at the report before him. She approached him.

"Hello, uncle."

Andrei looked at his young cousin in alarm, but soon realized why she was there.

"Why hello Rogue. Well, what will you brief me on now?"

Rogue took the seat beside him, "Project Infinite is currently my responsibility in Club Penguin. But heck, we have to go through this. Do you think you need anymore further references?"

Her uncle nodded and she led him to one of the rooms: Rogue's workroom. She went to her wall and jabbed her EPF ID into it. As a ton of files came in, she looked for the one file she needed. The Project Infinite computerized copy of hers. She pressed it and requested it to be printed, when it was, she gave the copy to her uncle.

"Destroy it after you read it, it's Level 12 and we all know you're still in Level 4... understood?" Andrei nodded and took a seat, leafing through all those papers, then she shown him the CCTV footage of the experimentation. Then, she finally shown him what the DNA of an Infinitist and explained it's danger to Antarctica.

"So you see, my DNA is linked to an ordinary penguin's, thus enhancing the two together. My genes will try to match itself with the ordinary penguin's, and if it does it will strengthen the characteristic. If one of my genes connect with a something hereditary to the ordinary penguin's family like asthmatic, the penguin will immediately become immune to this. And all of this takes place in 10-15 minutes, in this timeframe, the penguin is unconscious because of how much pain and pressure this process can take. Now do you get it?" she said. Her uncle looked even more confused and she sighed, "Another one of my cooky genetics: speaking smart. Long story short, My DNA will enhance the ordinary penguin's DNA, making them stronger, smarter, even better people. Sadly, it does something to their heads and now they're power-hungry. Understood?"

Now he nodded. "Okay. So where do we start?"

"I need to read the President's report, for crying out loud! C'mon, I'm Level 12."

Andrei looked at his young, EPF cousin, then at the report that was strangely in his flippers. Hesitating, he gave her the report, and she read it quickly. Then she gave it back to him.

"You start with these, a 'Spot An Infinitist' eye contacts, which is with Aunt Irina, well, dismissed."

Rogue weaved through the hallways of the Tvarkov Military base and found her way to the main room again.

"Hello Rogue. Thanks for the brief, anyway. Cousin Bella is upstairs, ready to train you and Viktor. Viktor's already upstairs." Andrei said, smiling. Rogue nodded and dashed to the exit and back into the dark hallway. She ran until she fell. She bumped into someone.


"Cousin Regina?" Rogue said, trying desperately to get up. But she can't; Regina was on her. "Please get off me."

Regina got off her struggling cousin and said "Rogue! I thought you were in Club Penguin!"

"I was, it's just that my current mission dragged me back to Rusca." Rogue said, rubbing her poor head.

"Okay. Well, see you?" Regina said.

"See you."

"C'mon! 15 more!"

Bella was pushing her cousins to do 20 pushups.

"I'm trying!" Viktor moaned, and struggled to do another. Rogue at the meantime, was doing them so fast that Bella placed 5 huge bags of coffee beens on Rogue's back just for her to slow down and see how many she's doing.

"Look at your cousin Rogue! She's doing them even if I put 5 heavy bags of coffee beens on her back!" Bella cried.

"Well I'm not the one with the family serum seeping through my veins!" Viktor argued. Rogue punched him in the shoulder while she was exercising, Viktor fell as he lost balance. "Hey!"

"Sorry. Instincts did it." she said as she continued doing pushups. Suddenly the lights went out and the sound of glass shattering can be heard not too far away. Rogue took out a flashlight from her key ring. "Oh god what happened." she deadpanned.

Everyone stood silent as they listened for any clues on what the heck just happened. Then they heard chanting from Viktor. Rogue shuffled forward to hear him better.

"Please no Slenderguin, please no slenderguin, please no slenderguin..." he continued to chant. Rogue just stared at him and touch him in the shoulder. He screamed like a girl, only a tad bit manlier. "GGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Rogue blinked twice then took out a taser from her back. "I think there's an intruder." she said. Everyone agreed and took out their own weapons. As they slowly walked towards the exit, Rogue returned her taser back into her... back and took out an M16 ice bullet rifle. Slowly, she opened the mechanical doors of the Gym to Hallway -3-A4. As she peered through her night-vision scope on her weapon, the sound of shattering glass became louder and louder. As they approached the double-doors to the main room, they paused to listen for more sounds. The shattering glass sound played once more. Rogue felt for the silencer on the gun, it was there. Slowly and swiftly, she kicked open the double doors, and her flashlight opened as they got in, she trained her gun at the lower part of the main room, relatives and soldiers ducked and winced as the light shone on them.

"What happened here?" Rogue said. One of them stood, and she recognized him as Andrei.

"Rogue! Boy are we glad to see you!" he said. "The power went off! And your father came in and began to shatter some glass to get some files! I don't remember him walking out, and one of your NRR cousins here said he never did! What is this?"

Rogue stopped to think. "Didn't get out of the room, you say?" she said. They all nodded. She took out her grappling gun and shot it at the lights which happened to be on the center of the ceiling. With it, she rappelled down the main room and landed at the lower part of the room. She crouched down and returned her grappling gun into her inventory. She walked towards the door and opened it. The Ivan impostor charged at her, making her jump back and run, she knew it was an impostor for his red, deadly eyes. Ivan's eyes are grey. Everyone else hid in terror as the two penguins. He tackled her and took out a knife and tried to stab her in the shoulder, she dodged it and tried to push him off. He punched her as her ponytail became unmade, thus her black hair flowed.

"Get off me!" she screamed and tried to use her feet to kick him off. She didn't succeed and got kicked in the stomach. She took out her taser and tried to shock him with electricity, and she managed. He slumped on her and she shoved him off.

"After this freak accident, how do you think should we take care of the Infinitists now?"

All six Tvarkov's who knew about the Project a lot were sitting in a conference room within the hallways of the Tvarkov Military Base.

"It will be hard work, I believe. But with an EPF agent among us, it has become much easier." Lieutenant Delia Spasky of the Air Force said, giving her young niece a glare. Rogue blinked twice.

"Of course it would. Especially if she has the clearance for that information." General Ivan Tvarkov of the Green Berets added while gingerly rubbing the bump on his forehead. Rogue thought he was an Infinitist and punched him on the forehead, nearly knocking him out.

"So, Rogue. How will we tackle this... threat?" Major Andrei Trotsky of the Navy asked. She went silent for a while then said.

"This is my case in the EPF... and recently I haven't found any leads. Heck I don't know!"

Everyone was silent until Brigadier General Ludwig Romanov perked up.

"Hey guys... how did the Infinitist get in the first place?" he asked. Everyone turned to Ivan, who shrunk back in embarrassment.

"I uh... don't know." he said innocently and they turned to Tvarkov Head of Security and Khanzem War Veteran Steve Trotsky.

"Follow me..." he said and stood up, walking towards the CCTV Room. They followed him and reached the area. Steve took out a keycard and swiped it near the door and it opened. A huge array of computer monitors were mounted on the wall and were showing current footage of various rooms. They played back the footage and noticed someone swoop in from the roof and into a window on the third floor, and stalked an incoming Tvarkov militant. When the penguin reached to the main room, he went somewhere then knocked out Ivan and became his doppelganger. Then the lights went out and the scenario a while ago began to play.

"So... this is just an infiltration case?" Andrei said. Everyone nodded and dashed back to the conference room to plan.

Chapter 6: Assault and Near Assasination[edit]

It was a new day for Rogue Tvarkov. She opened the door of her EPF Dormitory and walked out. She was going to Tvarkov HQ to chat with them before heading to the EPF Base not far from Tvarkov HQ.

"Hello Yuri." she said to the watch guard.

"Hello Ms. Tvarkov. You seem cheerful today." Yuri replied.

"Thanks. I think it's from sleeping early last night." she grinned. She got into her car and turned on the engine, a smooth vroom could be heard as the gates opened. There was a silver car with three penguins in it by the road a few feet from Rogue's dormitory. She looked at them suspiciously as she continued to slowly drive out of the garage. Suddenly, two come out with ice-bullet AK-47s and shot at the car. Rogue screamed as rounds of bullets penetrate the body and the glass, but not her. She quickly goes back into the garage as Yuri shoots from the watchtower, and slams his flipper on a red button beside him, the gates close and Rogue remains in her place inside the car. Yuri jumps out of his watchtower and opens the driver's door for Rogue.

"Are you alright?" he asks. She looks at him frighted and says.

"Yeah. I'm fine." she said and took his outstretched flipper. "What happened back there?"

Yuri stares at the gate which has a few bullet-holes, "I don't know. Why don't you wait in the dormitory for a while before leaving for HQ?"

Rogue smiles, "Sure. That would be great. Thanks for saving my butt back there." she said. Yuri chuckles.

"All in a day's work, mam."

Rogue was now in EPF Chief-of-Staff Emil Romanov's office, feeling that odd feeling speaking to a comrade who is at the same time her cousin

"You were nearly assassinated." he said.

"I know." she said.

"You're on a list. And you wouldn't be able to get out until you're out of their grid, MIA or KIA I don't wanna know." he said.

"And then what?" she asked.

"Well, Anti-Terrorism agents are being targeted, for all I know. Recently 5 Anti-Terrorism agents have reported to be nearly assassinated the same time as you were nearly assassinated." he reported.

"Is that so? Then I want tighter security for my agents. I don't want any trouble. This is my op yet they pick on my division." she said firmly.

Emil sighed and squeezed the caruncles of his eyes. Then he looked his cousin in the eye.

"You are being targeted, Rogue. Be careful. Because next time, bulletproof glass may not be there to protect you."

Her blood ran cold when she saw the report before her.

Three agents, gone, just so that they can get to her subdivision that day, and to nearly assassinate her. She felt sick, she needs to be left alone. She needs to clear her head. She went into her small sleeping bunker and sat on her bed. She stared at the picture frame where she was smiling with Jason, Erika and Demi when they graduated that day. Then a smaller picture in the upper left corner showed her small class photo they took during their first few days in the Academy. She heard a soft knock on the door.


How Adrian got here so fast? She doesn't know. He ignores her grunt of annoyance and opens the door.

"General, we need you. Now." Adrian said with a firm tone.


He noticed the strain of emotions in her tone, and tried to think of the possible mixed emotions she had now. Anger, depression maybe. He knows she she's like this. Three agents who were patrolling her subdivision, killed in a fire fight with Infinitist rebels. He was taking her to see the bodies, as well as giving them the Force Star for their bravery and hard-workingness.

"Now now, general. Please don't be like this. They died for your safety, and for your honor." he assured and sat on the bed with her. She looked at him, winter blue eyes mixing with steel grey.

"I'm not royalty, idiot." she snapped.

"You are... technically." he reasoned and tugged on her left wing."C'mon Redline, we need you to give them the Force Star, they deserve it."

Rogue's stare tightened on him, "Deserve? Deserve what a freaking medal? They deserve more than this!" she protested in her mind.

"Fine." she grumbled and stood up, and walked past him like she usually does when she's in the mood.

"I wonder..." was all he could mutter before following her.

The bodies were in a straight line on the floor, they were covered to the tips of their feet with a white sheet. She walks slowly and crouches down on the smallest one, and removed the top of the sheet to reveal his face.

"Dios bio..." she muttered and looked at the boy before her. She remembered him from the Academy months ago.

"Ms. Tvarkov!"

A voice rips through the silent hallway and the general looks behind her. Her hair was running freely and was long and black. She had brown eyes and a smile on her face.

"Yes?" she said and looks at the orange, in uniform recruit before her. He was no older than 14, nearing her age.

"I'm going to graduate soon." he said sheepishly "Can you please be there?"

She smiled and placed a flipper on his shoulder and whispered "I am required to go to your graduation, Alex. And I promise to be there for you."

She was nice to the boy because he didn't have parents to look after him, like her. He was just lost in Club Penguin and stumbled on an agent, who found him worthy for the Academy. Since then, he was her favorite boy in Class 14-C of Batch 285. The minute she said those words, he grinned. "Really? Oh thank you thank you thank you so much!" he wrapped her into a warm hug.

She in return grinned and patted his head, "Anytime, Alex. We do have things in common." The next week she was there to witness and even give him his certificate of graduating, he grinned that day and hugged her before going on a plane to Rusca, where he was stationed until he died.

Rogue felt a heavy chain around her heart, squeezing it until she can't breathe. She slowly crouched down near Alex and tucked a small photo into his shirt's opening. It was a picture of both of them after he graduated, he was so polite, always greeting her by the hallways. He always pass her his paperwork and reports early, until he was assigned to guard duty, he didn't see her much then, but he did before he died. It was night, she was going to the apartment, he looked cold, she remembered telling him to follow her home, but unfortunately didn't say yes.

"If only I forced him in. If only I knew." she thought while slowly saying the oath of receiving the Force Star to the dead agents."You have received this award for protecting one of your generals, in the result of being killed on duty..."

She was only halfway through reciting to the agent after Alex when she felt a flipper clamp her shoulder."Rogue, you're in pain. Let me take over." It was Jet. She turned to him, putting her best poker face.

"Pardon? I'm alright." Rogue said. Making sure her voice isn't strained with emotion at all. Jet just stared at her then walked back to Adrian's side, where they murmured about her not letting Jet take over.

Afternoon. Rogue practically ran out of HQ and into fresh air, and ran quickly up a hill. She glanced down briefly, towns were below her. She felt great, remembering that high ground was always her and Alex's favorite area. She breathed in the cold air, and a new surge of energy ripped her body. She forgot everything for a while, about the fact that Alex is dead, that she is most likely to be killed soon, and the horrified look of the agents when she ran out of HQ with a grin plastered on her beak.

She yelled, not because she was releasing all those strings of emotions, but to let herself release all the stress she had the pass days. When she finally died down, that was the only time she sensed that someone or two someones were watching her. She turned around, and looked right into the direction of two agents. One red, the other green.

"Jet. Adrian. Why are you here?" Rogue asked, her tone having that sharpness.

"We followed you here. Well Adrian did, after calling me about you running out with a smile on your face." Jet said. Both of them were under a pine tree, and Rogue could see the small beads of sweat on their foreheads.

"So? What would be the problem if I do?" Rogue asked.

"The last time you did that, three interns were crying, several recruits fainted, and several agents refused to go out of their offices." Adrian reminded her. She remained with a blank face.

"Alright... well uh, I'll just eat outside. I'll call when there are any delays, problems etc. Alright?" Rogue asked, both nodded and she left. Muttering about not smiling that much next time.

Rogue was now in a Frankterran cafe in town plaza. She was about to take a bite into a caramel pastry when an explosion rocked the building. Many citizens and tourists outside alike ran away from the building in terror as chunks of cement fell off. The trapped customers were trying to find a way out, because the door wouldn't open, no one is strong enough to break the glass, and the fire exit is jammed. Rogue, through all the commotion, noticed someone rappel down, an Infinitist. She quickly took out a deletion pistol and shot at him, and watched him disappear. She then took out her ice-bullet pistol and shot at the window, and a flood of penguins went out, yet the Infinitists surrounded the perimeter, trapping her and innocent bystanders in the town's plaza. She took approached one of them, and asked.

"Who's in charge here?"

She had that demanding and sharp tone, and the Infinitist recognized her immediately. He tried to push her off with the butt of his rifle, but she held it and pulled it towards her, making him and her fall. She had his head in a tight headlock. "

"Hear me out you twerp!" Rogue screamed "Why do you attack the innocent?! You're after me, not them you idiots!"

Slowly, she heard the sound of a gun cocking behind her. She turned around, and a shaky looking boy was pointing his gun at her.

"L-L-Leave co-comman-d-der al-lone." the boy said. She knew immediately it was an Infinitist, yet what pondered her was why a kid was in the mess. She knelt down to him, releasing the man she was wrestling. She ignored the fact that he had a gun, or the fact that citizens were within the area. She ruffled his hair, a warm feeling rising from her flipper to her head. It was warm, and made her feel like she was in a tropical place.

"What are you doing with these penguins? Don't you have parents?" Rogue asked him and slowly placing the rifle's barrel down, remembering how the Mike did when he tried persuading her to put the gun down.

"I d-d-d-don't have... p-p-parents." he stuttered. She felt for his beak, knowing that probably his blood is heating it. He seemed to cool a bit when he felt her cold, cold flipper touch his hot beak.

"Do you always stutter, boy?"

"N-N-Nope. I just g-g-got this after I got the s-s-serum."

Rogue's eyes dimmed, maybe it was a side effect, but she'll yell at Gary later, first she needs to fix the situation. She quietly touches a hidden button in her lapel and her call of distress signal is activated.

Meanwhile, few agents were getting nervous, the general is nowhere to be seen and every knows she's on red alert after what happened this morning. Jet and Adrian went into her office, looking for any potential clues on where she was. They checked everywhere, until Jet's eyes fell on her computer. It was beeping, unusual unless something is sent or a special call is being sent.

"Huh? Jet what are you looking at?" Adrian said after looking through her file cabinet. Jet gave him the 'come here' signal and he obeyed, they stared at the blank computer screen until Jet moved the mouse. The computer was locked, like she always does. It had three passwords, and Adrian groaned. "This is going to be hard. Ms. Tvarkov always makes her passwords hard."

Jet kept silent and stared at the sticky note that was near the computer it read: TO WHOEVER'S CONCERNED:



Jet slowly placed his flippers on the keyboard, and quickly typed in:

  • B3T4
  • R0NULV0

The computer allowed him in, and they saw a special EPF application glowing on the desktop, Jet pressed it and saw that the distress signal was turned on. He looked at the coordinates then stormed off, with Adrian following suit.


At the meantime, Rogue was busy persuading the boy to stop doing this and join the good side. That was until she noticed an EPF Swat Team armored vehicle rip through the streets. Rogue decided to just stall them, so that she can buy the SWAT team some time.

"I don't want the citizens to get hurt. You just want me, correct? Why are you involving them?" Rogue said. They nodded and trained their weapons on her. She stepped back and motioned the citizens and tourists to move away from her. The armored vehicle was getting awfully close to town square, and she heard a report in her earpiece.

"This is Adrian. Rogue, ETA's 5 minutes. Continue stalling for us, please." he said. Rogue slightly relaxed, but kept her guard.

"I warn you, let the citizens leave the area, or else some hectic things will be happening soon..." she warned, taking a step back and shifting to a defensive position. By now she could see the dust behind the vehicle and gulped back a lump on her throat. She felt for the assorted weapons that is under her coat, a small AK-47 ice bullet rifle, two knives and a few more rounds of bullets. "Great." she thought.

Soon, the vehicle was already in the area and the Infinitists open fired at the bulletproof vehicle. Rogue pushed away the citizens and tourists into an alley and covered the entrance with some tables, then placed a necklace on the wedged area of the two tables. It was the same necklace that she used during a hostage crisis and she hops it would work now. She took out her own gun and shot just to check, and the necklace did its thing. She nodded and ran back into the battlefield. After an hour or a half of fighting, the Infinitists retreated and peace was again restored, for now.

Chapter 7: The Media, Another Attack, And A Trip to the Medical Bay[edit]

Nationwide media crowded the outside of President Smirnoff's residence. The only thing he done was stare down at the crowd of penguins out his front window in the second floor, and sighed. He walked back into the meeting room where Rogue, Adrian, Jet, Director General Irina and General Ivan were in. He looked each of them in the eye.

"Товарищи, vhat do ve do now?" he asked. All of them stared at Rogue, who only sunk into her seat. She fixed herself up and said.

"Не говорите им, много деталей, don't tell them much details. Just say that you don't know what happened and that an agent happened to be there." Rogue was wondering if anyone can hear her heartbeat since it was so loud, she could feel the blood in her veins pounding against her skin that is merely holding on and keeping them from bursting. She gripped the table hard and felt for the knife she had on her lap, maybe cutting herself so that some blood could go out wouldn't hurt, right? No. It will because it will pierce her skin, anyway, Dmitri Smirnoff looked at her.

"Вы уверены? Vell, alvight I'll zay that lazer." he said and left them alone and prepare for a press meeting he'll be having a few hours. Rogue just stared herself down on a penguin-sized mirror that was in the room, she needed to go to the medical bay in half an hour or else she might pass-out. She only sighed and sank into her chair, she felt sleepy, again. She tried to close her eyes, but Ivan began a conversation.

"Rogue your cover's been blown. What's your plan of attack?"

Rogue only sighed and brushed her eyebrow, and swiped away a few strands of hair away from her eyes. She only stared at him half-dumbly, half-confused "I.. don't know, I think I'll just uh... try to erase everything that happened in the media or else I'll get a load of paperwork to do."

Rogue suddenly saw spots, and shook her head to clear it. She scratched her right flipper for a while, rubbed the back of her neck then rubbed her eyes hard for a long time. She looked up, and Ivan was still staring at her.

"You've just bursted several blood vessels." he said calmly.

A knife flew through the air and sank its blade into a penguin dummy. Rogue sighed gleefully and looked at her forearm, a bit of the stitches were loose thanks to the new nurse's clumsy sewing. Sure, it hurts, but she would rather wait for a century before revealing the fact. She slowly took out a needle and some thread she managed to steal from an unattended supply cart. She fumbled with the thread, trying to put it in the small hole. After minutes of fumbling, she finally managed to thread her needle. She took out the thread of her wound and watched as it bled, then took out a small handkerchief and dabbed it on her wound. Then she began to sew in the thread on her wound. She cursed a bit in Russian and emalfed several times, but finally finishing it and sealing the sewing job, she released all that inner pain by throwing another knife at the dummy, hitting it in the heart. Then she heard clapping from the door, she turns around.

"I didn't know you were a medic and a fighter." Jet said, she gave him a frown.

"That's because I paid attention to my mentor, not like you who slept through Medical 101." she snapped. He took a step back, how did she know that? He doesn't know, what all he could think was that it was her way of blackmailing penguins.

"Alright Tvarkov what do you want?" Jet asked "Money, info or another mission?"

Rogue looked up at him when he said 'another mission' he smirked and walked to her side, and took out a briefing file. She took it and read it for a while, then frowned.

"You want me to guard the President?" Rogue asked.

Jet nodded "Yep. His conference with the media is about a while ago... and it is most likely that he'd get killed. So uh... yeah. Have at it." he said and walked out the room, muttering about breaking it to her slowly. She just looked at the file, then at the door, then sighed. She got up, switched off the lights, and prepared to go back to Smirnoff's residence.

She took one step in, and she shuddered. A blast of cool air hits her and she wonders why she didn't feel like this when she went in a while ago. She was wearing a grey business dress with chopsticks keeping her hair in a bun. Although she can't really move in her dress, it's been modified so that she can remove the skirt which under it was black fighting shorts with her weapons belt somehow concealed that had two handguns and several rounds of bullets. When she entered, Smirnoff greeted her.

"Zdradutse, comrade. Zour'e Agent Rogue, covect?" he said.

"Da. I am Agent Rogue Tvarkov." she said calmly. "And I am assigned and was told on short notice to protect you."

"Hmm... but vhy a fevale agent?" he asked.

"Sir. I am one of the best in my agency, a general of Anti-Terrorism to be more precise. And we seen each other a while ago." she replied.

He looked at her, amazed. "Zo you're zat EPF agent who iz part of Provect: Invinite? Znow I veel safe." he said.

"Is that a compliment or an insult, sir?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"A comvliment, my dear."

As the Presidential convoy weaved through the streets of Muscovgrad towards the Presidential office, Rogue was fidgeting on her seat in the limousine. She was oddly nervous, and she never felt that sudden rush of unfaithfulness to herself. The President must've noticed because he placed two flippers on her shoulders.

"Child, calm zown." he said calmly as a surge of relief shot down Rogue's spine, making her shiver in relief. Then the convoy suddenly stops and an agent wearing a suit and shades opens the door and peeks in. Through the shades he was wearing, she knew it was her uncle, Vladimir. Through the glasses, Vladimir's eyes widened in surprise. His lips were pursed and he said.

"Mr. President, are you ready?"

Smirnoff grinned "Da."

Rogue got out first and muttered to her cousin "You didn't tell me you were here. Why didn't you?"

He muttered back a quick reply "I didn't have time. I'm sorry."

She only sighed and took out the gun she had incase anyone dared to attack the President. President Smirnoff did come out and held onto Rogue's forearm. She muttered a why and he replied back in a whisper "You are fevale and my personal bodyguard at ze movent. It's better vike zis."

She only nodded as more agents approached them. She recognized a few while others were a vague blur in her memories. One mutters to her.

"Agent Redline, are you well prepared?"

She recognized the agent as her cousin Terry."Terry? Wow that was quick. Graduated already?"

Terry chuckled, "Yeah. Amazing no?"

Rogue only chuckled breathlessly. She walked with the President towards the office and sighed silently. He was a bit heavy and her heartbeat isn't helping her at all. It was pounding against her ribcage, and she could feel it on her neck.

"Rogue, are you alright?" her cousin Vladimir said, brushing her neck. She only sighed.

"Adrenaline rush."

He sighed in return, they were soon alone outside the door where the president's just dressing up. He stared at her, she stared back. She was practically shivering, and he pitied her, he removed his suit jacket and wrapped it around her. She only smiles and wraps it tighter on her. She leaned and softly kissed his cheek, letting all her energy rest on him for a few minutes. Then she let go and felt better. She gave the suit jacket back to him.

"Thanks for the suit jacket... Vlad." She remembers his pet name as if it's the answer to a difficult question.

"You're welcome. Now, I think the president might need you in..." he said and paused, then a voice could be heard on the other side of the door.

"Miss Tvarkov, may zou come in vight now?" Smirnoff called out. Rogue looked at her cousin astonished.


"I've been on protective detail for years, I can tell."

Thirty minutes later, the conference room was filled with press penguins. They were chattering about the fight that happened hours ago. Rogue only sighed and fixed her dress skirt. Here it goes, she's the President's personal bodyguard, and posing as his secretary. He approached her backstage.

"Vou know, miss it's zust zat you're supposed to be out zere. So pleaze, be beside me."

Not wanting to ruin the President's mood, she agreed, to be beside him. That was when he began to say his speech.

"I, Dmitri Smirnoff, president of Rusca vould like to acknowledge vou all avout the recent attack. Zis was from an experiment zat led to ze hostage of innozent penguins and touvists. An agent havenned to ve zere and zefended our citizens. Unvortunately, he or she isn't avound for interviews."

An uproar through the press occured and they began bombarding the president with questions.

"Mr. Prevident! Vhat is zis experiment called?"

"Is ze NRR zoing anyzing about zis?"

"Vhere can ve reach ze agent?"

President Smirnoff glanced nervously at Rogue, who just shrugged."Just uh... wing it." Rogue muttered to him. He nodded.

"Ve cannot tell vhat ze experiment's name vis. Ze NRR iz currvently handling zis vith the EPF. Ze agent, zough mustn't ve spoken to. Zey are highvly top sevret agent."

Soon, gunshots were heard and screaming from out the door. Rogue prepared her gun and muttered close into Smirnoff's ear."Evacuate. We need to evacuate you sir."

She said it too late, the Infinitists barges in and shot down everyone with ditto bullets. Rogue pushed the president behind the bulletproof pedestal he happened to give his speech from. She unzipped her dress to reveal that she wore a black sweatshirt under her dress. She shot down every unsuspecting Infinitist. When it was all over, she looked herself down. She was covered with blood and smelled like gun powder. Her scars and wounds from before's fight was beginning to open and some of her body parts are frozen. She looked at the president who was in a duck cover and hold position. He gave her the "Than you for saving me and for messing up my conference room." look.

"Ms. Tvarkov?" Smirnoff said "Can zou please get us out ov here?"

Rogue nodded as other agent went in and approached the stage quickly. That was when Rogue felt weak, not emotionally, but physically. Dmitri looked at her and gasped, Rogue wasn't seeing that perfect like before. Rogue collapsed, seeing Terry and Vladimir rushing towards her from the wings.

Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep...

Ugh... where... where am I? Rogue thought as she woke up. It was at first a blur of colors , but then she could make out the medical bay. She was strapped into a bed, oddly and a heart rate machine was stuck on her. Then she realized that Terry and Vladimir where leaning against the wall, talking about her. Rogue moaned to get their attention.

"Rogue! Oh god we thought you were a goner!" Terry exclaimed and ran to her side. Vladimir had a bouquet of black and white roses. He have it to her and kissed her cheek.

"Glad to see you still with us." Vladimir softly said into her ear. Rogue only smiled weakly. She needed an hour... or two to heal.

"How long was I out?" Rogue moaned, managing her sore head.

"An hour or two." he said.

Rogue sighed then stopped."Wait a minute why are both of you in here? That would only mean..."

The two smiled widely as someone stepped out of the washroom, it was the president.

"Miss Tvarkov, glad zat you're avake." Smirnoff grinned.

Rogue grinned back, "Of course, Mister President."

"The uh... media wants to interview you. What'll you say?" Terry said. Rogue then went silent.

"Well. I am an agent for nothing. I'll just... do what I was trained to do." Rogue said.

An hour later, Rogue stared at the beautifully sharpened scissors she had. Then she stared at the bulletin board that was on the wall of the snack room, that is just across the hallway. She had a clear look of if through the doorway and she stared at the scissors, and played with it. Then she noticed she noticed Irina walk into the snack room with a piece of paper in her flipper. Then she called out to the agents who were inside the snack room, and they crowded the bulletin board.

"Who wants to do this mission?" Irina asked. No one saw it, but soon a pair of scissors dug its blade into the paper and pinned it on the bulletin board. Irina stared at the scissors and looked for the name of the owner. Then she turned to look straight into Rogue's eyes, who smirked, her scissors she didn't hold, but a pen just in case she needs to fill out paperwork for damaging official papers.

After filing out paperwork for both damaging official papers and for her mission, Rogue was off to Club Penguin to receive her mission. When she walked into through the door, she saw a lot of Tvarkovs in the room, talking about Project Infinite. They paused when they saw her.

"Uh... черт побери... did I go to the wrong room? Or did someone just screw up with the clocks?" Rogue said.

The Director popped out on the screen. "Clovis already said something much similar to that."

Rogue's expression dropped slightly. "Wait what? Where is he?"

"In North Joseon, anyway it isn't your business. Now, do you know why some of your... family members are here?" the Director asked.

Rogue looked each one of them in the eye. Trying to remember the schedules she saw on all her family member's desk in Tvarkov HQ before she left for Club Penguin. "Erm... uh... oh wait! A meeting! About uh... I got nothing." Rogue said. Somewhere in the crowd of Tvarkovs, Ivan snickered. It was funny how Rogue would guess and would sound so devastated.

"Yes. You are correct, quite. Do you remember your NRR Director telling you something about a mission the EPF will be directing?" they asked.

"Oh, right!" she said and smacked her forehead, chuckling on how she could forget. Then she turned serious "So now what?"

"The Marvel Takeover Party's tommorow. We want you on a look out. Besides, we'll fit in perfectly." the Director said.

"Wait," Rogue said, then suddenly realized "What do you mean we?!"

"She's saying," Ivan stepped through the crowd. "We'll all help you. If it's one Tvarkov's mission, it's all Tvarkovs' mission."

Rogue only smirked "Alright team. The plan goes like this..." she leaned forward towards her newly formed team and discussed their plan.

Chapter 8: The Marvel Party[edit]

Altitude Street, Club Penguin Island. 06:15

Rogue looked out her window, a mug of coffee in her hand. She read the latest Times to see that the party has already kicked off. Rogue stared herself down, making sure her field uniform is perfectly fixed. Satisfied, she went into her kitchen where her puffles were.

"Alright. So we'll all be having a... wonderful Marvel party today." Rogue said. The puffles agreed and then Snap when up to her.

"I made these." Snap said proudly and showed her some masks. Rogue smirked and fixed it on each one of her puffles' faces.

"There. Now you look super." she said. They all nodded and she took her blue field jacket from the chair, closing the door behind her.

She had another mug of coffee and met up with Catherine and other agents.

"Sup Catherine!" Rogue cheerfully said and hugged her comrade, who returned it.

"It's nice to see you again, my friend. You ready to kick some butt?" Catherine excitedly said, Rogue nodded and punched the air above her, spilling a bit of her coffee.

"Well, when's assembly?" Rogue asked.

"In fifteen minutes." Catherine said after looking at her watch. The agents all nodded to each other professionally and walked towards the EPF exit and to the wilderness, where the assembly will be held.

When they arrived, a crowd of agents were already there and some of the generals. The Director was there personally and was chatting with Gary. When Gary saw her, so did the Director who followed Gary's glance.

"Agent Rogue. Agent Catherine. It is nice to see you here so early." the Director welcomed them. The scent of coffee was in the air and the agents were in good spirits.

Rogue chuckled "Well it's nice to see our Director in the flesh. What are you doing here?"

"I'm the Director. I'm supposed to be here." the Director confidently said. Rogue only chuckled and waved her coffee in the air, trying to stir it with her motion.

"Alright Director A. Well, see you later." Rogue said and waved goodbye. The Director did the same and went back to their conversation with Gary. Rogue and Catherine chatted about the plan until it was time to start the assembly. Everyone ran to their designated division and the generals walked towards the stage. The Director took their place behind the pedestal where they began their speech.

"Good morning, agents. It is nice to see you all so perfectly dressed. You ready for our operation?" they began, the agents roared with energy to show their enthusiasm. Rogue chuckled and whispered to Jet, who was beside her, standing.

"Whatever was in that coffee sure did the trick." Both chuckled at the remark then went back to their original position.

"Now. Due to the outbreak of Project: Infinite, we will be on an extra lookout, more security work, as you can see. So I want you all to remember: Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready." the Director finished. The agents then chanted "All hail the EPF! All hail the EPF!"

The generals were pleased and looked at each other with pleasure, nodding about how cheerful the agents were. Then they all dashed back to HQ to make the final preparations before spreading out.

"Drop and give me 20!"

These were Rogue's words as she ordered her whole division to do twenty pushups in Training Room 5-B. The other side was where International Affairs was training in, and 4 was being used by Weaponry Development. She watched as her agents were doing pushups and counting.


Then they stood up and waited for whatever exercise their general would tell them. Rogue only smirked, she made sure her agents would get proper training and met the specific requirements. "So disciplined." Rogue thought to herself. "Alright. Now I want you all to pair up and practice on close quarters combat."

When she walked down where she was, she positioned herself in front her Lieutenant General.

"Hello Ms. Tvarkov." he greeted her as he shifted to a defensive position.

"Hello Adrian." she replied and quickly did a karate chop on his knees, sending him on the ground. "Reflexes agent! Expect the unexpected!"

Adrian got up. "Alright Ms. T, thanks for the tip."

Before she could move he threw a lightning punch at her. She quickly dodged and gripped his fist, twisting it so that he couldn't move it.

"Rule number one, under any circumstances do not use a technique of someone on that same penguin." Rogue growled and released his flipper.

Adrian only sighed "Boy, you're good."

Coffee Shop Rooftop, Town, Club Penguin Island. 09:37

Rogue's foot was on the tip of the roof as she watched the citizens below her look around in glee, not knowing the danger that is looming.

She turns to stare at her two accomplices, one had silvery grey eyes, brown hair and was orange, the second one was also orange, and had black spiky hair and grey eyes as well. Hearing the faint noise of an engine, Rogue cranes her neck to see Jet flying near her, giving her a salute before flying past her."Destination?" She said into her earpiece.

"Beacon. Need to refuel and to look out." Jet replied.

Rogue nodded in approval. "Alright. Go on, agent."

As he flew past the Ski Village and probably passed by General Heather and Agent Clinton, she turned to her two partners. "Adrian. Catherine. What's the plan?"

The two looked at each other then chanted, "Look around for Infinitists, apprehend them, send them back to the EPF and interrogate them."

Rogue only smirked and nodded back, then watched the ground below her again. Then Catherine yawned and raised her hand.

"I'll get some coffee downstairs." she said and waddled down the stairs. Rogue kept her eyes on the door in case anyone is going to get in that looks suspicious. It wasn't until Catherine ran out with two slightly built men following her.

"Aw no no no no! Adrian get down there!" Rogue screamed and pushed him towards the stairs, he dashed down. Soon Rogue could see him push through the crowd of civilians towards Catherine's location. Rogue saw that three more joined in, so she quickly radios Jet.

"Jet. Take over in Coffee Shop post. We've... we've been compromised. Over and out."

Rogue pushed through the crowd, towards the familiar green jacket of Adrian.

"Adrian! Wait!" Rogue screamed. Then suddenly a man held her by the bicep and she tried to struggle out of the grasp. A white cloth was placed up to her beak and she accidentally smells it, going into a dizzy spell as she falls for the chloroform that took her over quick.

Adrian saw it before he could act. He saw his own commander get chloroformed, again. He returned to running, remembering how she would scream at him to run every time he stops when she's injured.

"Catherine! Catherine stop!" Adrian yelled out. He tried to catch up but stopped, for he was smacked hard in the forehead with a baton. Losing his conscience, the last thing he saw was the smirking face of an Infinitist.

At the meantime, Catherine was running away from her assailants. She was about to round a corner when someone brought her into an alley and shoved her. She fell hard and tried to get up, but was kicked down. She saw Adrian and Rogue being dragged right after, then felt someone putting rope around her wrists, right after, she was bound with her two unconscious comrades with a rope and was leaning against the wall.

"Now, no one knows where you are." A familiar voice said as a crunching noise was heard. Catherine knew that it was the sound of all three of their Spy Phones being stepped on.

Catherine narrowed her eyes, "Joshua. I should've known."

Joshua chuckled, "You are clever, Miss Tvariench, you have many characteristics that is identical to Rogue Tvarkov's. I guess she learned them from you, am I correct?"

"What do you want, Helixon." Catherine spat "What is it? Happiness? Money? Justice?"

Joshua laughed, "None of that. Control."

Catherine laughed "Control? You can't even keep your thugs' beaks shut!"

Joshua frowned "You wait and see! Soon, your EPF will REGRET meeting me!"

And with that, he stormed away, not before telling one of his thugs to guard the agents. The thug quickly took out a knife and sliced away the rope from the agents, thus setting them free. He gave Adrian a white pill.

"It's aspirin."

Adrian smelled the pill suspiciously then gave in, popping the small pill into his beak. After a few seconds, he smiled and the traces of pain melted away, he nodded his thanks. Then the thug looked towards Catherine.

"Get her out of here. Quick. She needs help, if not she might have some serious brain injury."

Catherine raised an eyebrow. "Why should I trust you?"

"BECAUSE. If you don't, she won't be the same again." He points towards the still unconscious Rogue Tvarkov, and Catherine nods. The thug quickly nears down and injects something into Rogue's bicep. She quickly wakes up and moans.

"Where am I? What just happened?" then her eyes widens at the sight of the Infinitist. But once she moved a muscle, she moans again and collapses on the ground, shivering. Catherine turns towards the thug.

"What did you make her inhale?"

"Um... some timoxeline barbebutenol, some chloroform and uh... that's it." the thug confessed.

Catherine's eyes widened, and she quickly lifts Rogue off the ground, noting the sudden drop of temperature of her feathers.

"Go. Now." the thug said.

They left before they could say thanks.

The Director stared at the scene before them. Jet still had black scorch marks all over him as well as bandages, Heather looked like she overworked, Dot had footprints all over her, and Rogue looked like she was only comprehending for a while.

"What happened here?" Gary asked, oblivious on what the four field agents did.

"Stampede because of Aunt Arctic." Dot groaned.

"Collided in the air with a hero wanna-be." Jet muttered.

"Rush hour with injured civilians from the stampede and the air collision." Heather moaned.

"Nabbed and kidnapped by Infinitists." Rogue mumbled.

All heads snapped to her direction.

"What?" Jet cried.

"Where?" Jason exclaimed.

"How?" Heather asked.

"I don't know..." Rogue mumbled.

"Anyway, how did you guys go?" Jet asked Jason, who just straightened in his chair.

"Everything went smoothly." Jason said.

"We haven't detected anything suspicious from the program." Gary said.

"And so?" Rogue asked.

"And so, you'll be temporarily away from the field, and safe in Rusca." the Director said.

"What? No!" Rogue exclaimed and stood up, then sat down again due to the pain of her head.

"Well see? You're even so unstable, that you can't even stand up!" Rookie pointed out. Dot immediately shushed him.

"That's rude!"

"Sorry..." Rookie apologized.

"Effective immediately, agent." the Director pointed to the door. "Now, a team of our best ATD agents will escort you to your plane."

Rogue mumbled something and left.

Chapter 9: Ruscan Vacation[edit]

The next day, Rogue was exploring her homeland.

"Расцветали яблони и груши,

Поплыли туманы над рекой.

Выходила на берег Катюша,

На высокий берег на крутой." Rogue sang. She was just singing to herself the Ruscan wartime song Katyusha. As she walked across the stone bridge, a gust of cold wind stopped her in her tracks. The wind gusted against her maroon scarf, and her brown coat. She spun around, her red hair beating against her neck. The penguin jumped a bit.

"Did I scare you?" he asked.

"Oh. It's just you, Viktor." Rogue relaxed.

"Again. Did I scare you?" Viktor asked.

"In your dreams, Viktor. You know all too well that I have cabin fever." Rogue scoffed.


"I'm in danger. I'm being waited for patiently by terrorists, Infinitists, etc. I need to stay here for a while. Director's orders." Rogue sighed.

"Ah." He said and leaned against the edge of the bridge. "You want coffee?"

Rogue smelled the coffee before she could see it. "Sure... it's a frappuccino, right?"

Viktor chuckled "Right you are, Rogue." He gave her some coffee, and she drank it rather quickly.

"Thank you Viktor." she said.

"No problem, little Russian." Viktor said.

Rogue immediately spat out her coffee. She looked at Viktor, then realized something.

"You're not Viktor." Rogue said, and backed away a bit.

"Of course I'm not." The penguin said and morphed into his original form, which is Joshua Helixon.

Rogue jumped and immediately ran. She heard a yell from behind her and heard footsteps following her.

"Rogue? Rogue where are you?" her earpiece thundered.

"The sports center?" she huffed.

"Rogue..." Ivan said.

"Alright I'm being chased by Infinitists. So what?" Rogue yelled.


Rogue ran deep into a spice market, listening to the seller's screens of their items.

"Spices! Exotic spices from the east!" one yelled in Russian.

"Cinnamon! Get your cinnamon!" another yelled in the same language.

"Peppers! Chili peppers from Caltexico!"

Rogue ran deep into the market, and accidentally inhaled in some black pepper. She sneezed several times before running further into the market. She was soon held by both arms.

"Don't! Don't kill me!" she squealed.

"Tut tut, little Tvarkov. You're safe, you're safe. Shh..." the boy said. Rogue recognized the voice and looked to see Viktor.

"How do I know that you're not Helixon?" Rogue said to him suspiciously.

"You accidentally placed five tablespoons of salt in your coffee yesterday." he said.

"Yup, it's you." Rogue said. She quickly held his hand and ran with him to the car, where they drove back to Tvarkov HQ.

Chapter 10: Safe and Sound[edit]

They were only a kilometer away from the house when Rogue felt something in her stomach. She clutched it as she coughed.

"Something wrong?" Viktor asked.

"Uh..." she said in a raspy voice. He noticed that her lips were coated with blood, and immediately slammed his foot on the gas.

"What... what is going on?" Rogue asked.

"I need to being you to Tvarkov HQ quick!" He yelled.

Jet ran to Jason's office. From where Jason can see, he can see that Jet was dripping with sweat, and that he looked a bit disheveled.

"I got a call from General Ivan Tvarkov." Jet puffed. "It's about our Anti-Terrorism general."

"What? What happened?" Jason panicked.

"He said that she's been poisoned... and pursued by Infinitists and Joshua himself." Jet said sternly.

"She's WHAT?!" Jason cried. Passing-by agents turned their necks to the door of Jason's office.

"That's what I heard. Poisoned. She's being taken care of in the Tvarkov medical bay."

A gurney was pushed into the medical bay with Rogue in it.

"What happened to you?" Ivan asked.

"My baby!" Irina cried, and sank to her knees beside Ivan. Vladimir came to comfort her.

"Calm down, Irina. She'll be alright." Vladimir whispered.

"We'll need to give her an injection. She will be alright, but she will be asleep for a few days." Terry murmured to her fellow NRR personnel. "How will we tell the EPF?"

"It's up to Viktor. He has access to the EPF because of Rogue." Vladimir said and turned to Viktor, who seemed to shrink in terror.

Viktor paced the dark and cold room. Somewhere in there, Vladimir has sunken into the dark shadows, silent. Viktor was to meet Agent Catherine Tvariench, a close friend and colleague of Rogue. The door opened, and a woman in around her thirties came in. She wore a light brown uniform, and had brown hair. She looked like someone from the 40s.

"Hello, I am Catherine Tvariench." She said in her authoritative voice and sat down, so did Viktor.

"Look." Viktor brushed his flipper through his hairline. "General Rogue Tvarkov is fine... but she paid the price."

"I beg pardon?" Catherine asked.

"She has been administrated with an injection. She'll be fine... but she'll be asleep for a few days." Viktor said.

Catherine looked away. "Vladimir's here, right?"

"Oh come on!" Vladimir said and stepped out of the shadow.

Catherine smirked. "I knew it."

"Yes, Catherine. How's little Natalya?" he asked.

"Fine. So how long will Rogue be away?" Catherine asked.

"Since she's a full-serum Tvarkov, she'll be awake in a few hours. But she'll be staying in Rusca. She'll be too weak to fight. It'll take at least three days for her to recover. Quite fast, no?" Vladimir said.

"How does he know that?" Catherine turned to Viktor.

"It's a family secret." Viktor said.

Catherine stood up. "Thank you for your time."

By the time Vladimir and Viktor came back to Rusca, Rogue was already awake.

"So you talked to Catherine?" Rogue asked Viktor.

"Yes... she's a very fine lady, I got to say." Viktor said.

"Don't tell me you imprinted on her." Rogue joked.


Rogue and Vladimir laughed.

"How did Catherine find out that I was there?" Vladimir asked Rogue.

"Instincts." she said.

"So... good night?" Viktor said.

"Good night." Vladimir sing-song.

"G'night." Rogue said.

Vladimir went to the bathroom to get dressed, Rogue just dozed off.

"I'm finally safe and sound." Was Rogue's last thought.


Rogue remained in Tvarkov HQ for the next few days. A group of Infinitsts were caught and interrogated that day. Rogue managed to grow stronger, and more deadly in her stay, since she can do no work and more training. Joshua feared that she'd become too strong, and decided to cease all attacks. There was peace once more... food now. And so, we can finally say...