Project Infinite: This Is War

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Project Infinite: This Is War
Start May 5, 2013
End May 10, 2013
Prerequisites Project Infinite: The Beginning
Level Domestic
Location Club Penguin
Rewards Peace, an injured agency, and a deleted mole.
Project Infinite: The Beginning Project Infinite: The Legacy

Project Infinite: This Is War is the second installment of the Project Infinite series. In this installment, the Project Infinites are now labeled terrorists and are planning to strike once more after a week of peace and quiet. As they go into war with the EPF, Rogue Tvarkov, leader of the Anti-Terrorism Division of the EPF finds out that there is an Infinite mole within the force...

Prologue: "Normal" Has A Different Definition in the Force[edit]

Tvarkov Military Base, Muscovgrad, Rusca. 21: 27

"Everything feels... normal. Right, Rogue?"

Miranda was speaking to Rogue Tvarkov via phone, because Rogue was in Rusca, preparing for her return to Club Penguin Island.

"Normal has a different definition when you're in the force, Miranda. You should know that." Rogue said while walking through the hallways of the Tvarkov Military Base. In her flippers was the latest paper of the Club Penguin Times, with the latest news about no more Infinites. "It's nice that peace is back." Rogue taught happily to herself, then scowled when she remembered who she was talking about "But they're still out there, waiting to strike. We will always remain resourceful, remarkable, and ready. Never forget that."

"Rogue? Rogue hello? Are you still there?"

Rogue's train of thoughts were interrupted when she realized that Miranda was still on the other line.

"Oh, you're still there? Sorry, I'm reading the CPT at the moment." Rogue said. "Anyways, how is it there in HQ? No hackings, no trouble, no chaos?"

"Well, if you call Rookie accidentally bringing a wild puffle into HQ chaos, that. Nothing wrong." Miranda said, "For you now. Can I ask where are you?"

"I can't tell. It's a Tvarkov secret. The only thing I CAN tell you is that I'm currently with family."

"Oh, okay nevermind." Miranda said. "Well Rookie's wild puffle tattered a bit of the furniture and injured some agents... at least none of them are positive to rabies, as to what Heather said."

Rogue chuckled and nearly tripped on a step. "Okay. Talk to you later. Do svidanya." she said and ended the call. "Silly Rookie..."

When she finally exited the military base, she was in the library. Waltzing around, looking for a good book, her eyes fell upon a book with a red leather cover with the Tvarkov crest in gold on the spine. Unfortunately, it was on the top of the bookcase, so she took a ladder. When she was on the last step of the ladder, she tried to reach it with her left flipper, at the same time tiptoeing on her feet. When she finally caught it, she lost balance and fell.



A cloud of dust followed soon followed as soon as she hits the ground. Luckily, she didn't hurt herself at all. When she got up, she saw a thin layer of dust still on the book. She slowly dusted it off until she saw the title.

"The Tvarkov Dynasty, by Edward Tvarkov... interesting." she said and plopped down on a seat near the fireplace and opened to the preface. It read.

Even after the murder of Tsar Alexander IV and his family, the Tvarkov's still rose via military. They have risen in the ranks of the Ruscan military quickly, at ease without much effort. Although many of them died in the Khanzem War, some still fought to regain it's supremacy in the country. And up to now, many continue to excel in the military, internationally and nationally. Many are in the military, and probably some in the local government and national, yet some went international just to serve beyond their country. Now, dear Tvarkov, you may be one of those who are part of the military, and all your ancestors will be proud. As a final reminder until you turn the page, remember to remain in the military to keep the Tvarkov tradition strong.

Rogue grinned and stared at the Tvarkov crest that was the stamp beside each page number. After a few minutes reading the first few pages of the book, she decided to bring the book along with her to Club Penguin. Taking the book, she waddled the hangars and took a jet. Then she lifted off.

Meanwhile, in an isolated part of Club Penguin, a young penguin woke up from unconsciousness.

"Congratulations, agent." a sinister voice said to the penguin, "You are now part of the Infinites. Your first mission: spy on the EPF."

The three penguins who were with the rogue agent cackled while the agent smirked.

"They wouldn't know what hit them."

Chapter 1- The New Recruit[edit]

EPF HQ, Club Penguin Island. 21:37

Jet Pack Guy was in his office, reading the latest Times as well. When suddenly, a timid knock on the door was heard.

"Sir? May I please come in?"

"Yes. The door's open."

The door opened to reveal a blue agent with chestnut brown hair. Jet smiled at the young agent. He was Agent Kevin, part of the newly graduated batch of recruits. He was identifiable from other blue agents in a suit for his scar that was on the right side of his forehead. A souvenir of his in the process of training in the Academy.

"Kevin. What is it?" he said warmly, a small smile in his beak.

"Colonel Miranda wants to speak to you." Kevin said, opening the door wider to reveal Miranda.

"Uh, sure. Come in, you two." he said and dropped the newspaper he was reading on his desk.

"Jet. I've got news about Everest." Miranda said, taking a seat on his right.

"Continue." he said firmly.

"10 minutes ago. She just departed Rusca and is now headed to HQ, at the moment she's..." she stopped to look at her spy phone to look up the current location of Rogue's plane. "Crossing the border to the Antarctic Peninsula."

"Okay. So she'll make it for the general's meeting?" he asked.

"Well, from the looks of how fast she's going, in about 15 more minutes she would be here." Miranda said.

"Okay. You are dismissed." Jet said and Miranda disappeared. "Now, what is it you want, Kevin?"

"Well, who's Everest?" he asked in confusion.

Jet chuckled, "Everest, my dear recruit is GRT." he said.

"Oh, well where has she been?" Kevin continued to ask.

"She's been in Rusca, her homeland. And for all I know, she's been with family." Jet stated, actually wondering why she was with family in a time like this.

"Well, okay. Thanks boss." Kevin said and exited the room. As soon as Jet didn't hear any footsteps, he ducked under his desk and phoned Adrian.

"Hello? Adrian speaking."

"Adrian. What's Rogue's current location?" he whispered.

"Jet? Oh, well uh, she's in the Antarctic Peninsula's territory. Why?" he asked confusedly.

"Get me a line to her." Jet roared silently. He heard Adrian yell orders at some of the agents to give him a direct line to Rogue Tvarkov. Then finally, someone attended to Jet.

"Jet, what do you want from me?"

He exhaled briefly. "Rogue, you remember Batch 323?"

"Yes? What about it? I'm steering a plane, y'know." she said while steering the plane.

"I have an odd feeling."

"To which recruit?"

"Kevin Linex."

Rogue went silent for a while. "Continue speaking."

"He's been acting odd. Like he wants to get info from us. Much recently, he's been asking about you. He just came in asking about you. What do you think?"

Rogue thought for a while, "Hmm. Further observe him is all I could say. But for now, alert the other generals about him." Then she ended the transmission.

Jet stared at the phone then placed it down. He was about to walk out when an agent rushed to him.

"Sir! We're being hacked!" the agent panicked. Jet took off his shades to see better since the agency was close to lockdown and the lights were dimmer. He recognized the penguin as Tactical Sargent Olive Pentson.

"Call in all off-duty agents to HQ NOW." Jet said and ran to the Tactical Main Office. Agents were clamoring and soon the door was kicked down by both Communication and Technical agents. They ran to the computers and attempted to hack back. It wasn't until Rookie came in.

"We're being hacked! We're being hacked!" he yelled. Some Comm agents ran back to the Communications Main Office to solve the problem there.

10 minutes later...

Rogue Tvarkov only took a step out of the EPF Air Base when an agent ran to her telling her what is happening to HQ.

"And Miranda said no one was hacking..." she muttered as she climbed into an awaiting jeep. She was wearing a bulletproof vest, a brown leather jacket, brown tactical pants and brown combat boots.

"You said no one was hacking the system. Now it's like what happened a few days ago."

Rogue was talking to Miranda while she herself was trying to hack back in Anti-Terrorism Main Office.

"Miss Tvarkov, we know our mystery hacker... again." an agent said to her. She used a mirror to look at her back because she was more focused on the hacker and saw Anti-Terrorism Lieutenant General Adrian Hepson.

"Adrian. Who is it?" she asked while looking at the screen.

"We don't really know. But by looking at the IP Address of the computer..." Adrian paused to look at the piece of paper where the IP Address was written. "...It's an EPF Computer. Either someone is just practicing how to hack, or we have a double agent on the loose."

Rogue paused from typing to look at Adrian. "Did you look it over? On which computer is it?"

Adrian shifted uncomfortably, "That's just the problem. We need to continue hacking back so that we could trace them."

Right after he said that, the hacking stopped and nothing happened. Everyone just stared at the huge screen in front of them, then at the General.

"Let's call it a day, people. Let's all go home now." Rogue said and stood up. Everyone else did and walked out of the Main Office, shutting down all computers and checking for any fire and security hazards. Finally, Rogue locked the door. Then she proceeded to Conference Room A.

"Sorry I'm late. We had to do a security check before locking down the Anti-Terrorism room."

Rogue came in last and felt 11 sets of eyes staring at her.

"Okay. Please take a seat." the Director (who was once more in a television screen) said. She took her seat a seat from the Director's left, beside Gary.

"Agents, this is bad. We have found out that the hacker is one of us. Now, how will we comply to this?" the Director started.

"We could... check every IP Address in the mainframe and see if this one would match." Gary said, showing a piece of paper with the IP Address of the hacker on it.

"I don't think so. That first three digits of the IP Address looks like the one of an EPF-registered laptop. It could be either destroyed or borrowed by any agent." Rogue stated, then thought of another way to get to this mystery hacker. Everyone was deep in thought, so deep you can hear the silent humming of computers from the other room. Then Dot had an idea,

"Why not we go through CCTV footage to find any agent bringing a laptop?"

Rogue immediately walked to the back of the television where the Director was at and opened the back.

"Rogue, what are you doing?" Gary asked. She didn't listen and pulled out some wires, then she switched some wires then closed the back. She banged it twice with her fist then the television worked again, this time showing CCTV footage from that day. Everyone's mouth was hanging in the air.

"I was reorganizing, isn't that much simpler?" she said. Then another screen beside it popped out to reveal the Director.

"Well done, General Rogue. Anyway, let's just watch." he said. While watching, they saw several agents. Rogue always paused it and everyone tried to classify the agents.

"Well. Our only suspects are Miranda, Adrian, Kevin, Lucy, Heather, Olive, Stef and Ivy. But wait, what about their IP Addresses?" Dot said. One stared at the other, trying to think of what to do.

"It's settled!" Jet pack said. "Rogue, you question Adrian and Miranda. Dot handles Stef. Rookie handles Ivy and Lucy. Obviously, Heather is a general who is here at the moment! So we can interrogate her! And finally, I will handle Kevin!"

Everyone fell silent. Heather sank in her seat as 11 pairs of eyes looked at her.

"Heather..." Rogue said as her eyes changed from black to green. "Where is the laptop?"

Heather walked out of the Conference Room to get a white laptop with the glowing silhouette of the EPF insignia on the back. Rogue took it and immediately looked through the computer's information. "Nope. Not her." she said and gave the laptop back to Heather. Heather in return fainted in relief.

Chapter 2- Suspicions[edit]

The four generals kept a close eye on their respective mini-op. Even while working, Rogue would glance at a small tab in her wall-computer where she could spy on both Adrian and Miranda. Dot kept on watching Stef every time she has a chance to. Jet had agents spying on Kevin for him. And Rookie, well he kept on listening in to Ivy and Lucy's phone calls and transmissions, as well as kept tabs on them by bugging their computers, so he can see what they are doing and looking at. Everyone was doing there thing until one couldn't take it anymore and stormed to one of them.

"Okay Stef! Who are you working for!" Dot busted down the door to Stef's room.

"Oh my, Dot what do you mean???" she said.

"Enough! Tell me, where is your laptop!" she cried in anger.

"It's with ME." Stef said and gives Dot her laptop. Dot immediately looked at he IP Address of the computer and at the one she noted in her spy phone. Then she blushed.

"Uh... sorry. I'll get someone to repair that, okay? Okay." Dot said and dashed back to her office, leaving Stef confused.

Rookie couldn't take it anymore. He stormed into the twins' office, since they share the same room.

"Where is it?" he growled, taking out a flipper.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't play dumb with me! Where are your laptops?" he demanded. Both gave their laptops to him and he quickly scanned their IP Addresses, blushing when he realized that they aren't matching the one on his phone... he said.

"Oh... well sorry. Forget it." he said and walked out calmly, tripping on a wire on the way out.

Rogue decided to do an experiment with Adrian. She told him to meet her at the shooting range that day. She took a small medical kit just in case.

"Hey Adrian." she said as she walked in.

"Hello Rogue." he replied back. They began to position themselves by their targets. When Rogue shot though, her bullet ricocheted off the wall and hits Adrian on the right flipper.

"YEEOW!" he cried and dropped his gun. Rogue rushed to him and took out her medical kit.

"My goodness! Misericordia!" she said and dabbed a small cloth on his wound, keeping it for any trace of her blood. After that, she bandaged him up, right after taking out the bullet.

When Rogue looked through the DNA results, it showed nothing. She sighed.

"Ah, it's time for infiltration."

She sneaks into his room when he wasn't around thanks to her access to CCTV cameras. She easily hacks into his computer and looks through it's identity. When she sees that he isn't the Infinitist, she closed it and walked away quietly, pretending nothing happened.

Jet Pack Guy was just doing paperwork when Kevin walked in.

"Hey, Kevin! What're you doing here?" Jet tried to sound cheerful.

"Oh nothing, I just want to ask, how do generals transport Level 12 Security Leveled files internationally?" Kevin asked.

Jet raised an eyebrow, Now why would he ask that? Jet wondered. So he lied, "Well, there are special agents who act as couriers for their respective general."

"Is that so? Can I be yours?" Kevin asked. Jet shook his head.

"I'm afraid not. I already have one, and a backup courier. I'm afraid you can't be my courier." he said. Kevin frowned and muttered something inaudible and walked out. When he was gone, Jet ducked down on his desk and quickly dialed Anti-Terrorism Main Office.

"You have reached Anti-Terrorism Main Office. If you would like to report something, press 1. If you are looking for an agent, press 2. If you would like to inquire for a job, press 3." the recorder voice said. He pressed 0- a special command only agents know. "Welcome agent. Who is this and who do you want us to connect you to?" a live voice said, he knew because he can hear chattering in the background.

"This is Tactical General Jet, I need to speak with Everest." he said. A click was heard from the other line, then someone answered.

"Hello? Hello this is Everest." a voice said on the other line.

"Kevin's been suspicious, he came in asking me how Level 12 Security files are passed one general to another. I managed to lie to him. What now?" he asked. Rogue remained silent then said.

"Forget everyone else, he's our main suspect now." she said and placed the phone down. Jet stared at the phone, then placed it down as well. He slowly got up and went back to work. Little do the two know, trouble is coming.

Chapter 3- The First Attack[edit]

EPF HQ, Club Penguin Isle. 03:47

Jet looked at his watch. 03:47 it read. He groaned and removed his shades, dropping it on his desk. He pinched his eyes close and thought. Then he opened them and took out his phone. The whole base was swept with his signal for any other active spy phones. Then it showed it's results to him.

Results of Spy Phone Sweeping

*General Rogue Tvarkov

*General Gary the Gadget Guy

*Field Agent Zack Celestion

*General Rookie

*Captain Bridgett Castillo

*Sergeant Olive Pentson

*General Heather Falls

He sighed and got up. Until a tremor could be felt on his feet. Then, a loud explosion rocked the underground headquarters. Jet was slammed to the floor.

Feeling the first tremor, Gary held on his table.

"What the...?" he muttered. He looked for his phone but he couldn't find it.

"Drats." he said and sunk to his knees. Then an explosion sent him flying to the set of computers mounted on the wall.

Bridgett at that time was at the Snack Room, getting a cup of coffee. Sure, going overtime would give her less sleep, but it was worth it. She sat down on a table to look trough a file she happened to be carrying. When she was done looking through it, she closed it and took her cup. But before her flippers can touch the jade green porcelain mug, she could see the coffee shake.

"What the-" was all she could say until an explosion sends her flying towards a few cabinets.

There goes her coffee.

The rogue agent from the EPF laughed to themselves. Static could be heard from one of their many radios then someone spoke.

"Team Bravo-8 calling in to Red Agent. Bomb detonated, move in?"

The rogue agent smiled and looked at all the television screens mounted on the wall before them. They were concentrating on the underground EPF HQ. They took the radio carefully and said.

"Red Agent to Team Bravo-8. Affirmative. Move in now." they said and placed it back on the table. He placed his feet up on the table and smiled once more.

"I told you, they wouldn't see it coming."

EPF Command Room, Club Penguin Isle. 03:50

Rogue rose from all the rubble that was on her. She stared at herself and winced.

"That'll leave a mark." she thought to herself. She looked at the Command Room, it was a mess. The elevator was destroyed and so was one-fourth of the ceiling. The ground had cracks on it. She got up and felt pain running up her back. She moaned and grabbed onto the conference table.

"Does this count as an act of terrorism?" she said aloud. Sure it is! a voice said deep within her thoughts. Then an unmistakeable rope dropped down on the remains of the elevator, and a figure rappelled down. She took out a gun and ducked down on the conference table. Then 3 different voices could be heard in the room.

"Now what, boss?"

"We are going to raid this place and delete any unsuspecting agents that cross our path. Is that clear?"

"Yep. Crystal clear."

Her heart skipped a beat, Infinitists was the one thing that crossed her mind. Quickly and swiftly, she came up and screamed.

"Eat snow!"


The three laid dead, and shouting could be heard from above. Rogue took out her phone and pressed in a few commands. Then she screamed into it.

"We're being attacked by Infinitists! I repeat, Infinitists!"

The first thing that crossed Olive's mind was What the bloody heck is happening?!?!

He stared at the PA system. General Rogue just screamed a report not long ago. He took out his gun and slowly refilled a round on one of his magazines.

"The EPF seen better days before Infinitists came to Antarctica..." he said to himself.

Suddenly, the sound of gunshots and screaming could be heard not far from where Olive was.

"What the heck?!"

Rogue dodged a ditto bullet and it froze the wall that it hit.

"Come back!" a male voice screamed and launched a few more bullets at her.


One froze part of her ponytail as she dashed to the door that separates her from the labyrinth of hallways and offices.

"With you trying to kill me! I don't think so!" she screamed and jumped through the door, breaking it in the process. She rose up and ran, at the same time rubbing her poor head gingerly.

"After her!" one of them cried as footsteps could be heard not far from her. Rogue took out her spy phone and quickly teleported to Jet's Office.

"JPG!" she said and locked his door.

Jet, who still happened to be on the floor got up and looked at her silly.


"The Infinitists are after me. I need to get to my room." Rogue said and pushed his couch towards the door.

"Why didn't you just teleport there?"

"I can't... my phone is low bat." she said and showed him her phone, the battery sign on it was beeping, then the phone shuts down.

"Darn. What now?"

"I planning to go thorough the vents, but they might be in my room now."

"Let's check CCTV footage, shall we?" Jet said and walked towards his computer, clicking icons with his mouse. He paused for a while then looked at Rogue.

"You're right. They ARE there." he said and showed her the screen. Two armed penguins were in her room, probably waiting for her to walk in.

"We need a distraction." Jet said and pounded his curled flipper onto his palm.

"Yeah, way to state the obvious!" Rogue said and rolled her eyes.

"Right... what now?" Jet said. Rogue looked at the computer monitor, then at her now off phone.

"How fast does these things charge?" she asked.

"You forget? It depends on how much volts of electricity are distributed under a 1-minute timeframe... why?" he asked. Rogue grinned and said.

"It takes 560 volts of electricity to get this thing full under a minute? I think I have an idea... but it's risky. You in?"

He looked at her for 5 minutes then said.

"What's the plan?"

Bridgett was trying to clean the coffee stains on her white polo, at the same time wondering what the heck just happened. She was about to give up and walk back to her office when she felt her phone buzzing. Curious, she got it and looked at the Caller ID.

"Jet? What would he want from me?" she thought and answered it. "Hello? Jet what is it?"

"Not him." a slightly deep and Russian tone said on the other line. She froze.

"Rogue? Why are you using Jet's phone?" Bridgett asked in surprise.

"That's not important now. Remember the storage room in the Snack Room?" she said slowly.

"What? How did you-"

"I'm a general. My clearance gives me the ability."

"Fine. What is it you're telling me?" Bridgett said.

"The storage room has a lot of fire extinguishers... go get as much as you can carry and teleport into Jet's office." Rogue said and ended the phone call.

It's been 5 minutes, Rogue and Jet were already pacing the metal floor. Looking at each other idly when they meet then repeat the process.

"Gr... where is Bridgett?" Jet muttered when they met at around the 55th time.

"Don't ask me..." she said casually and began to pace again. Repeat. Repeat. And repeat. Then the slight hum of someone teleporting alerted them. They stopped as a flash of light blinded them. When it disappeared, Bridgett was there with six fire extinguishers. She looked like she could drop them in any second, so Rogue and Jet took it from her and she sighed in relief.

"Thanks. I can't take that much pain, but we're under attack." Bridgett sighed.

"How did you find out...?" Jet asked.

"That's why it took me a while..." Bridgett began. "I was attacked. My deletion pistol was taken, so I used one of the extinguishers to get them out of my way."

Rogue stared at her for 5 minutes... then she said. "Okay... now. Shall we elaborate our plan to Captain?"

The two whispered to Bridgett the plan of theirs that is somehow silly and defensive in a way.

When they were done, Bridgett grinned evilly. "Hold on, one minute." she teleported somewhere then came back with two bags. One filled with fire extinguishers and the other filled with baseball bats and fire extinguishers. The three cackled evilly and said.

"Why won't we drag in Rookie?"

Bridgett took a quick glance at the computer monitor.

"Guys, there are at least four guarding your starting point, you ready to kick some butt?" she said. Everyone nodded and took a fire extinguisher or two. Bridgett shared with Rookie, Jet took his own.

"This is going to be fun..." Rookie muttered and fixed himself on the fire extinguisher.

"You said it. Hey Rogue why didn't you get a fire extinguisher? It's your plan." Jet said.

"I have my own plan." she said casually and took a baseball bat.

"And what is it?" Bridgett said. Rogue looked at her blankly.

"I wouldn't say. Only that when I give the signal, you go." she said. Everyone fell silent after that and Rookie broke the silence.

"Can I wear a cowboy hat then?"

Rogue, for once, grinned.

"Sure thing, Rooks."

Four armed penguins guarded the hallway not too far from Jet's office.

"What do you think they're up to, mate?" an Austician voice said. His comrade shrugged.

"Beats me." he said casually and continued to march across the hallway. When all their backs were turned, they obviously didn't noticed a black figure jump down from the vents with a black baseball bat on their flippers. The penguin smiled.

"Oh boys..." the figure said in a sing-song voice. All four turned around to face Rogue wearing a black cat suit and had red short curly hair. Her baseball bat looked like it was waxed for it gleamed in a magnificent and menacing way.

Huh. the Austician said, Two very different emotions at once. How odd.

"I'd like you to meet a friend of mine." she said as she waddled slowly forward, hitting the bat slowly and menacingly against her palm. Her eyes slowly became a dark shade of green, and the four stiffened.

"Who is it?" an Antarctican voice said. Rogue smiled and immediately whacked him with the bat she was holding. He fell to the ground unconscious. Two charged at her and the baseball bat turned silver and long, making it an arnis stick. She quickly jabbed them with it on the abdomen and they fell. The last one, she spared and took him by the collar of his shirt, happened to be the Austician.

"For once, I'm going to spare you from my arnis stick. But you'll be my messenger, did I make myself clear?" she said to him. He nodded rapidly as she smirked "Tell your boss, to never ever mess with the EPF in such a way like infiltrating their home and storming it. And I want a reply. If you don't reply," she paused and took out her gun. "I'm going to hunt you down and shoot you. Did I make myself myself clear? Now, scat!"

The three agents looked at her awestruck. She turned to them and cried "My plan is to make it easier for you guys now GO!"

They nodded and took out their extinguishers. Bridgett happened to be wearing rollerblades and went rolling down the hallway, then she turned right and disappeared. The two followed and soon Rogue was left, she ran towards the Anti-Terrorism's Main Office where a ton of Infinitists were at. She smirked to herself as one thought crossed her mind.

"And they thought they could outsmart me."

Anti-Terrorism Main Office's Hallway, EPF HQ, Club Penguin Isle. 04:27

A platoon of Infinitists were scourging the small hallway. Sure, it can be small, but it houses the most notorious agent they have ever met: Rogue Tvarkov. As they milled the hallways, a small object rolls through. Only one notices it and picks it up.

"What is this?" he said with a Spanish accent. It was grey with a happy face on the centre. Unannounced, it exploded as the Infinitist cried and dropped it, freezing the whole hallway. Many slipped and knocked themselves out while some managed to balance themselves. Rogue came in, and was wearing ice skates. Quickly and fluidly, she took out her all-time-favorite arnis stick and charged at the group of remaining Infinitists who happened to be huddled together.


They flew off like bowling pins, and became unconscious. Rogue smirked and continued to ice skate down the hall, doing all the tricks she knows. It was fun, anyway.

Command Room, EPF HQ, Club Penguin Isle. 04:35

Again, a platoon of Infinitists scourged the small room the EPF agents called the Command Room. That wasn't until a roller-skating girl came in with a fire extinguisher, she grinned.

"Hello, want it to snow indoors?" she said menacingly, she squeezed the trigger as white foam poured out, and hits unsuspecting Infinitists. Somehow, these fire extinguishers are different from the ordinary ones since they are more thicker and has more volume then the ordinary ones. So it unluckily pushed the Infinitists down to the ground, and they all smacked each other unconscious.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!!!" they yelled before leaving the land of consciousness and going straight into the sea of black unconsciousness. Bridgett grinned and rollerbladed back to meet up with Rogue and possibly, the others.

"What could the others be doing?"

Hallway to Gary's Laboratory, EPF HQ, Club Penguin Isle. 04:40

Jet tried to remember the procedure. "First you need to get it flowing a tad bit of foam. Then, you put a whole bottle's worth of ditto in it. Then charge in and freeze everyone. Open the door, get Gary. You can handle that, right Jet?" he asked himself. Then he slowly squeezed the trigger of the extinguisher as foam began to pour out slowly. As he stopped it and poured a bottle full of ditto Rogue oddly had.

"I usually bring it around. Don't worry, I have several other bottles of ditto that type. It works like a charm, trust me." she said casually as she gave him a bottle of ditto.

"Why is this important and how do you know it will work?" he asks.

"I know because I tried it once. It was hilarious!" she said.

He sighed in defeat and said. "Fine, you win."

He sighed again at the memory. He slowly closed the bottle and placed it back in his jacket's pocket. He breathed in and out. In. Out. Then quickly and precisely, he stood up and charged at the platoon of Infinitists while squeezing the trigger of the extinguisher.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" his victims cried before freezing. He grinned and tried to break open the poor scientist's door with his foot and succeeded.

"Gary come on! We don't have much time!" Jet said while taking Gary's wrist and half-dragged, half-pulled him out of the lab. They didn't have much time until someone from any of the four's places to get up and call reinforcements.

Hallway to the Weapons Room, EPF HQ, Club Penguin Isle. 04: 51

A platoon, a platoon of tough Infinitists milled the hallway. Rookie looked at the hallway for a while before getting on his extinguisher and letting it loose. He quickly took out his two baseball bats and placed them on his flippers, which stretched shoulder length.

"YEHAW!" he cried as his propellor cap was switched for a cowboy hat. Infinitists were either smacked by the baseball bat or poorly creamed by the extinguisher Rookie happened to be riding. He grinned and waddle-ran to the Anti-Terrorism Main Office.

"My work here is done."

Anti-Terrorism Main Office's Hallway, EPF HQ, Club Penguin Isle. 04:59

When the three plus Gary got there, they stood in awe as Rogue did a sitting spin and jumped, ending it with the pose of a ballerina. She didn't notice them watching since her back was turned on them. She only noticed when she turned to do another flip.

"Oh! How long were you standing there?" she said as she blushed a light shade of rouge red.

"Just a minute..." Gary said.

Rogue stared at them with a skeptical expression then said.

"What are we standing here for? Let's go!" she cried. They all nodded and tried to get through the icy hallway without tripping on each other ended with Rookie on his stomach with backache and the others safe.

Anti-Terrorism Main Office, EPF HQ, Club Penguin Isle. 05:10

"Okay, shall we rehearse the plan?"

Everyone nodded at Rogue's question. And when they did, they nodded to each other professionally.

"Let's do this."

General Rogue Tvarkov's Office, Anti-Terrorism Main Office, EPF HQ, Club Penguin Isle. 05:15

3 platoons of extremely buff and tough Infinitists somehow managed to fit into a medium sized office.

"Ey boss?" one of the men said and turned towards one of the men who seems to be the boss of the platoon.


"When will the girl come?" the man said. Everyone else agreed and began to talk at the same time. The leader raised a flipper to silence them.

"She will come, I promise you all." he said firmly and they nodded.

A black figure suddenly dashes through the hallway and three-fourth of the team of Infinitists run after it. The half of the remaining team got splashed with acid and the rest ran in fear. It leaves with three men, the best, actually.

"What do you think is going on, eh comrade?" one of them with Russian origin said. The leader shrugged and remained on fighting stance. Meanwhile...

The three-fourth of Infinitists were chasing the black figure until one of them topples it.

"What the-?" he said as the figure was no one other than Captain Bridgett Castillo.

"He he he... surprise, fools!" she said and took out a tear gas grenade and covered her face with a cloth dipped in water. Many of the Infinitists fell in pain and she fended off the rest.

"Part of my job is done." she said into her earpiece.

The acid-blinded Infinitists didn't see the net trap before them nor Rookie and Gary beside it with a rope. When they ran straight into their trap, they tugged quick, and soon the Infinitists were up in the air, in a net.

"Oy! Get us out!" one with a French accent screamed. Gary took out his Anti-Gravity3000 and turned it on below the trap. Soon they released the rope but the net was still suspended in the air because of the machine. The two high-fived and walked back to Rogue's office, chatting to each other about their success.

The trio didn't notice two agents jump down from the vents. Jet and Rogue looked at each other Jet removes a baton from his belt. They silently crept towards them and Jet made his move, he whacked one in the head and he was knocked out cold while Rogue aims for the back of the leader's head. He stops her and twists her foot, flipping her 180 degrees and landing her on her stomach. She takes out her knife and tries to stab him but he kicks it away from her flipper. Sending it on the ground with a heavy clatter. He delivers a swift punch to her face but she ducks. She punches him in the beak and he walks backwards stunned. She kicks him in the stomach and he falls to his feet, then she takes out a gun and aims it at him.

"By the orders of the EPF, you are under arrest!" she said and quickly cuffed him. Soon the other two where knocked out and cuffed and the others came. They look at their watches only to find out it's 5: 30. The sun's rising, a new day in work, a new day of life.

And they have a lot of explaining to do with the Director.

Chapter 4- Twist And Turn Of Events[edit]

The five agents were summoned to Aunt Arctic's office in the Club Penguin Times. As much as how they loved to just talk to her via screen, they were force to go through hallways with journalists tailing them, begging for an appointment to be settled. Finally, after a series of annoying questions and flashes of cameras, they went into Aunt Arctic's office, closing the door softly. She was on her desk, her flipper tapping on the mahogany office desk. She then pressed a button with the same flipper and the walls were sound-proof.

"Take a seat agents." she said calmly. Bridgett cringed, when the Director acts calm after such an attack, it meant trouble. Bridgett, Rookie and Gary took a seat while Jet and Rogue decided to stand. Instead of getting yelled at, Aunt Arctic began.

"How did they get in?"

Gary and Bridgett shared the same confused look then told the Director."A bomb went off on the elevator."


Ah, there is the yelling part.

"We.. don't know, mam. We only think there is a mole within the force." Jet said calmly. The Director looked him down then said.

"And how did you react to this attack?"

"We defended ourselves in HQ." Rookie said in a squeaky voice.

"DEFEND?! DO YOU CALL THIS DEFEND?!" She showed them security footage of what is happening right now in HQ, there was a crowd forming on the net-trapped Infinitists and a team wad trying to get them out of their misery since the two blasted the air condition to extremely cold, a tactical agent in ice skates was trying to free the Infinitists who happened to be stuck on the ice with another using a flamethrower to melt it and let the Anti-Terrorism agents in, and groups of agents been sifting through the rubble in the Command Room for anything they could save.

"We tried to fend them off! What else can we do?! And look, we won!" Rogue argued. Then the two began launching word after word sentences about what happened.

"We defended HQ!" Rogue shouted.

"You damaged the agency!" The Director screamed back.

"Well at least it wasn't so bad!" Rogue retorted.

"That's opinion! You ended up damaging not only physically, but also mentally to the freaking Infinitists! Now they could be in trauma and we wouldn't be able to pry information from them!" The Director answered and pokes sharply a flipper at Rogue's chest.

"That's what you say! We aren't sure! It's only been 2 hours, how traumatic can they be?" Rogue yelled and poked her too in the chest in return

"You two cut it out!" Gary yelled even louder. The two stopped poking each other and turned towards Gary. If looks could kill, he would probably be a pile of ashes now. He breathed in slowly and said "You two are even in the argument. It will not end well. So I could tell you two to shaddup and stay friends or co-workers."

The two looked at each other then Rogue stretched a flipper "Sorry Arctic. I forgot you're the boss, heh." She apologized.

"You too Tvarkov, no hard feelings." Aunt Arctic said in return.

Jet looked at them and asked, "So... how will we counter to this?"

Rogue glared at Arctic, who in return glared back. The two shared a smirk that frightened Rookie, the strategic twins are up to no good again. Bridgett at the meantime grinned.

It's nice to see them brew up a storm today.

"So it's settled. We'll be keeping an eye on everyone for now. And then... what?"

Gary was confused. Keeping an eye out for an Infinitist is hard work. They can act as if they aren't at the same time, terrorize penguins.

"Agents, you are all dismissed." The Director said calmly, everyone single filed out of the room but she added, "Except you, Tvarkov."

Rogue blinked twice and closed the door. "What is it?"

"We need to make a press conference with the public. That's what." The Director said.

"Okay I'll get Rookie." Rogue said and was about to get out when the Director said.

"No. I want you to."

Rogue looked at the Director with both confusion and amusement. "Is this how you're gonna punish me for snapping back at you a while ago?"

"No... it's just that I don't think Rookie is the best agent to report to the press. You are more of the type." she reasoned calmly and sat back into her chair.

"But... if I'll be speaking to the public, I'll be exposed to Infinitists and terrorists! You know me, you know what happened a few days ago!" Rogue replied.

"That's why you'll be in deep cover. You'll be someone else. You can control your abnormalities, right?" she asked.

"If I wear the Infinitist spotting eye-contacts, that is. It will stop me from changing eye and hair color. But it's NRR property." Rogue said.

The Director smirked, "I can chat with your mother, I have her phone number."

Rogue arched an eyebrow at her, "Fine. I can control my abnormality. I you'll see in... when and where will the conference be?"

Aunt Arctic thought for a while then said "This afternoon in the Everyday Phoning Facility. I think I can call the NRR Director now and ask her to construct some Infinitist spotting glasses. Sounds good to you?"

It was Rogue this time to smirk, "Sure. But let me do the security adjustments. I need to go."

Everyday Phoning Facility, Club Penguin Isle. 14:42

Rogue grinned to the mirror as she adjusted her glasses in her face. She got some paint from her igloo and painted herself light blue. Her hair was a dirty blond color combed back into a neat bun. She wore a business outfit with the color of her white under shirt sticking out from her black business jacket, with golden buttons that stand out from the black and white clothing of hers. Her skirt was her usual general's skirt, except a bit ruffled from not ironing it. Her black stilettos made a click-clack sound every time she walks with papers in her flippers. The lenses of her glasses were made out of the Infinitist spotting material with black frames supporting it under steel gray eyes.

"Hello, Ms. Rogue Tvarkov." Adrian said as he entered Rogue's dorm room in the EPF.

Rogue raised an eyebrow at him. "You... forgot..."

"Oh sorry my bad! Hello Ms. Nancy Willows!" he corrected himself.

Rogue's eyebrow dropped. "Good. You remember."

"Anyway... you're being requested to proceed to the ground level. Now." he said firmly and stretched a flipper for her to grasp. She welcomed it and walked with him down the hallways, many stopping to ask who she was. She replied by removing her glasses, making her steel grey eyes change green, then putting it back in it's spot, making it steel grey once more. They understood and quickly saluted her. She nodded with a look that says 'at ease'. When they reached the elevator of the Command Room, she wondered how on earth Rory fixed HQ in a matter of a few hours. It looked like no attack happened a while ago, but she stored it somewhere in her head for later questioning. When they finally reached the ground floor, they paused at the sight. There were agents running around with chairs, cleaning equipment or paperwork. There were a few mopping the metal floor while some were putting up chairs before a stage. A pedestal with the EPF insignia on it was on the left side of the stage with an EPF flag on its left and the flag of the USA on the right. She walked up to the stage and stood in front of the pedestal, and looked up at the ceiling and straight at the eyes of a tactical agent who happened to be watching from up the rooftop. She grinned to him and he grinned back.

"You good up there?" she shouted.

"Yep. We're a-okay! How about you?" the one who was looking at her asked.

"Still alive and Russian!" she replied, and he chuckled.

"Alright mam. Good luck." he said before leaving to check on his colleagues. She grinned and jumped out of the stage, and looked outside through the window. She could see vehicles approaching the Ski Village and the checkpoint agents had on every possible entrance and exit. She turned around to see Dot right behind her."Uh... hey Dotty; how do I uh... look?"

Dot looked at her quizzically then chuckled, "Rogue, is that you? You're good at disguises, y'know?" Dot praised her. Rogue in return nodded.

"Mhm. All those undercover missions served well for me now." Rogue said, and chuckled.

"Alright Tvarkov, I'll leave you to yourself. Can I ask who are you again?" For finally asked.

"Nancy. Nancy Amelia Willows." Rogue said. Before she could say goodbye Dot was gone. She chuckled and took a seat as press began to get in the Facility.

10 minutes later...

Rogue stared at the groups of journalists, camera men and photographers from all around the continent. Many spoke in their native tongue to one another while some spoke in business English. She gulped back a lump in her throat and tugged her collar nervously.

"Nervous?" a voice behind her said, she turned to see Jason.

"Uh... confession, yes. What is it, J-man?" Rogue asked.

"Why are you wearing that? You look unrecognizable." Jason said and took a seat beside her.

"Do you even know the situation, or what happened a few minutes ago?" she questioned.

"Mhm. Why? You think I don't? Think again." he said and nudged her foot. She looked at him and quickly removing her glasses for him to get a split-second glint of her green eyes.

"Antonio," she said and he went mute. Rogue only called him by his middle name when she was either pissed, or serious, or both."I am on a wanted list. I was nearly assassinated a few days ago. For my own safety, okay?"

He nods and stands up, walking out to his post near the elevator, which is now hidden by a pillar. She slowly breaths in and out then stands up, hearing a beep in her earpiece. She slowly walks to the pedestal and everyone is shushed. She fixes her gaze at the paper in front of her then looks at the press before her.

"I am EPF Spokespenguin Nancy Willows, to report to you all about the recent problem the Island is currently facing." she began with an American accent and gulped back a lump in her throat as she hears the flashes of cameras and the chatter of the press. "There has been another Infinitist attack recently and this nearly cost the agency's best generals' lives. This attack sent us to war, well not a public war, I can assure you all."

This sent an uproar among the press and different questions were thrown here and there. Then one was loud enough to silence the others, he had a Puffish accent that made Rogue's ears tinkle a bit. "Mr. McDuff from the Puffish Papers. What do you mean by a war that is not public?"

She pursed her lips and said, "To answer your question, sir. It means that there wouldn't be any tanks, or missiles that you'd be seeing in the Island while we are at war. It's like the war against terrorism. Well, there could be possible public rebel attacks but we are still researching on when they could attack. For now, we are on red alert."

Then a female reporter stood up and with an Alemanian accent, said "Ms. Kaslin from ze Alemanian News, can zou pleaze reveal to us your provress on ze rezearches you are talking about."

"We cannot reveal anything about the research because of obvious reasons, mam. We can only tell you that we are working on it." she replied. "For now, we can tell everyone to stay calm and do not worry about attacks, we have agents undercover and not patrolling ever since the attack and at least four helicopters flying in the sky. Though we could advise the public and whoever would want to visit the Island to be alert and if you see anything suspicious, call the EPF hotline or tell the nearest agent."

This again, sent an uproar within the press, one man stood up and spoke in German, "Herr Eckert vom Snowzerland Zeitung, was wird passieren, wenn ausländische Verluste auftreten?"

She replied in German then in English "Wir werden dazu kommen, wenn das passiert, aber für jetzt, lasst uns nicht darüber nachdenken und einfach über unsere Reise zu denken, sollen wir? Aber ich denke, wir werden den Sarg in ihre Heimat und zu ihren Familien schicken. We will get to that when that happens, but for now, let's not think about it and just think about our trip, shall we? But I guess we will send the casket to their homeland and to their families."

The press was silenced, wondering what to ask, then a Ruscan woman perked up "Ms..."

"Willows." Rogue supplied.

"Yez, vell, I just realized that vhat will the EPF do if a revel attack havens?" she asked.

"Well, through research, we learned that the most likely area of attack would be the Ski Village, where we are now. But don't worry, at the moment we have assault teams on the roof on the lookout." Rogue said. Everyone was silent until Rogue heard something in her earpiece.

"This is Tactical Special Agent Felipe Ruberto, I am seeing multiple groups wearing what seems to be red scarves on their heads approaching fast. They.... oh my god they're Infinitist rebels! Code red! Code red!"

Rogue's left eye twitched and she seriously wanted to take the glasses off. Agents in military uniform were already scurrying out of the building in silence with ice bullet M16s in their flippers.

"Darn." Rogue thought in her mind "We're dead. We might get a bad reputation if anyone in the media gets killed."

She hears screaming and explosions from outside. The urge to remove her glasses increased when the media suddenly wanted to go outside to see what the commotion's about. Agents had already barricade the door inside and out to avoid anyone from seeing what is happening and another agent approaches Rogue.

"Miss Tvarkov, what will we do now?" Agent Perry whispered into her ear as media were trying to get through the penguin wall the agents formed.

"You're kidding right? Now? Of all the times?" she said.

"I'm telling you mam, it's the mole's doings! He wants us to receive a bad rep in the public so that they wouldn't trust us." Perry said.

"Alright... grr I SO want to take these glasses off." Rogue growled and gritted her teeth.

"At the moment, you can remove them and reveal your identity. The paint is washable, correct?" he asked. She nodded and he suddenly took out a hose.

"Oh you got to be-" was all she could say before she was sprayed with water. Soon, she was yellow again and had caught the attention of the media. She removed her glasses quick and her eyes turned finally green. "Well, I'm risking my life now, better remove this uniform." she said and peeled it off her feathers, revealing to wear a bulletproof vest with bulletproof long sleeves, 3 Glock 45 pistols, two on her holsters, and one on her side. Included were 3 magazines and a few tear gas grenades.

"Some day we've got." Rogue muttered and prepared a handgun as she slowly walk-ran to the door. The explosions were loud and she could've sworn she heard several men screaming for backup. She, with other agents slowly counted in their minds, then kicked open the door. Shooting the first Infinitist they saw.

The first few feet to the door was separated from the rest of the Ski Village with a meter-high wall made out of sacks filled with sand. Rogue ducked for the wall and crawled to the nearest Sergeant she saw, who was Olive.

"Olive. Please tell me what I'm not thinking about." she said and shot at one of the Infinitists who were nearing the wall.

"Yes... we have our first public rebel attack." he said and shot at one of them with his AK-47 deletion rifle.

"But I said please!" she moaned and continued to shoot at random Infinitists. Then the wind whistled and a bright light blinded them and a loud explosion rattled everyone and toppled anyone who stood. Both agents looked at each other.

"How the heck did they get a ditto bomb?!" Olive cried. Rogue ignored him and took out a CZ 425 deletion rifle while the ground that the bomb hits slowly turned into an ice rink.

"Screw that! How the heck did they get a HELICOPTER?!" she cried even louder and watched as Infinitists were suck into the Cybervoid.

"An Infinitist is a militant?" a random agent who heard Rogue's scream said.

"NO ONE WAS ASKING YOU!" both Olive and Rogue yelled before getting narrowly hit in the forehead by a deletion bullet, it whizzed past both of them by an inch and hits a part of the EPF's porch, sucking it into the Cybervoid. Rogue looked at Olive, who looked at her in return. She gave him the why-not-get-the-grenade-shooter-which-is-I-don't-know,-IS-FREAKING-BESIDE-ME! look. He nods and she takes it out, inserting all of the tear gas grenades she had.

"EVERYONE WEAR THE MASK!" Olive cried to his agents as they scurried to wear them. Rogue was already wearing hers and shot the grenade at the centre of the Village. A loud BOOM was heard and tear gas spreads, and the howls of Infinitists filled the air.

"OPEN FIRE!" Olive cried and agents shot their deletion rifles and pistols at the Infinitists crazily. As the smoke clears, the ice rink on the middle of the Ski Village was covered with rifles and belongings. One could see figures of Infinitists running for their lives in the opposite side and the agents grinned.

They won this fight. And they'll make sure it stays like that.

As soon as the agents walked into the room, they were already asking questions.

"Ms! Why were you in disguise?"

"Ms. Tvarkov! May we have a word please?"

"What happened back there?"

The questions alone made blood rush into Rogue's head. The thought of answering all these questions, to the public, the open public, makes her head throb.

"No comment." she mumbled.

"Oh please, just answer us!" many said in unison. She just shook her head and a team of agents pushed them out. Then from outside, they could hear reporters reporting outside. Rogue swerved a bit and someone caught her. She recognized the voice immediately.

"Woah Tvarkov! Steady yourself! Want to go to the clinic?"

She was glad PH was there to catch her. She weakly nodded and was soon led to the clinic.

"My head..." was all she could mutter before blacking out. She heard screams of surprise and saw agents rushing to her.

She wakes up to find herself in a white cot. Her eyesight was a bit blurred, so all she could see was a black figure in front of her, which she registered in her mind was an agent watching over her. Her eyesight finally improved and she could finally see who was on the chair. An orange penguin with brown flowing hair wearing a business suit looked at her worriedly. When the penguin noticed Rogue was shaking her head to remove the dizzy feeling, she leaned forward and filled a glass of water for her.

"Rogue! Thank goodness you're alive!" she said.

"What... where... am I?" Rogue said. She was confused and her sight had a bit of spots.

"You're in the medical bay, silly." the orange penguin said and helped her up. There was pain on Rogue's stomach which confused Rogue, she wondered why it was there.

"What happened?" she asked. "Tell me Catherine, what?"

Catherine looked at her. "Look at your stomach." she said. Rogue obeyed and saw a bloodstained wound.

"You passed out from blood loss, the nurse said." Catherine said "It was quite a wound."

Rogue only looked at her "So what happened while I was out?"

"Well, there was a letter sent to you by some penguin, has an Austician accent, it seemed." Catherine casually said. Rogue's eyes widened and she jumped out of the cot, ignoring the pain that shot up her stomach.

"What really? Please give it to me." she said. Catherine looked at her then slowly gave her a cream envelope with a red sealer on the flap. She opened it and read the content:

To the Dearest Rogue Tvarkov,

I am intrigued by your choice of words, such a woman you are, brave enough to speak up like that. Definitely intrigued am I, y'know? Yes, I wish to have tea with you, to probably have a peace talk in my mansion in Sleet. 3 o'clock, maybe? I will be waiting in the garden. Oh yes, and do wear fancy clothes, will you?

Yours truly,

Joshua D. Helixon

Chapter 5- All A Game of Chess[edit]

A limousine was seen in Sleet Street the next day, the left flag was the Tvarkov flag and the right was a Ruscan flag. The limousine stopped at a white mansion that had a resemblance to the USA White House. The door was opened by the driver and a female girl walked out. She was yellow, with brown hair tucked back to a beautiful bun and gold earrings on her invisible ears. She wore a red gown that has a high thigh slit (even though she doesn't have one), a collar that is held with a jade that connects to her red chocker. In additional, she wore red high-heels, red lipstick, and long, stark white gloves

"Ms. Tvarkov, please take care of yourself." the driver murmured into her ear. She smirked and looked him in the eye, green eyes mixing to brown.

"I'll take care of myself, Vladimir. I promise." she said and walked through the black gates, and into the hands of two security men. She looked them in the eye as well. "I'm here for Mr. Helixon."

They nodded. "Of course mam, please follow."

They led her to an exquisite garden, where more security men were. Joshua wore a white tuxedo, with a scarlet rose on the right, and his black hair was gelled and pulled back to a suave business cut.

"Hello Joshua." she said, he motioned for the seat in front of him, and she obeyed.

"Hello Rogue. Tea?" he asked. She nodded and a cup of tea was poured out for her, she raised the cup to her lips, but stopped.

"How do I know this wasn't spiked?" she asked. He chuckles and drinks his own tea.

"I trust you wouldn't arrest me. Do I?" he asked after sipping his tea. She looks at him and sets down her tea.

"Yes. You do. But I wouldn't want to drink my tea just yet." she said. He didn't look disappointed at all, nor relaxed. He looked gamey, and it meant something to Rogue. She stared at the chess board before her, the moves were oddly made, and a few pieces were out. She looked at it, and something nagged her about it.

"Oh that. The chess board. This is why you are here. You're the black army, and I am the white. You see, Tvarkov; I move the pieces everyday, every time your agency does something, I move that to see how much damage it has done to my army. You are one amazing lady, Ms. Tvarkov, you have done a lot of damage to me. But I have my mole, and he is infiltrating your base. It's amazing how you don't see him, and ignore him as just one of your own. Intriguing, it is. Right now," he pauses to make a move in the chess board "I have successfully invited you to my mansion, right now. Now you move the white rook near the black king."

She obeyed and she moved the chess piece. "Now, what's the damage?" he asked.

"Not much, except for a bit of mistrust." she said sternly.

"I see. But are you correct? Tell me, what happened in HQ?" he asked her.

At first she felt reluctant, but soon she thought that it was just to earn trust. "Everyone thought I was turning against them. I had to reassure them I wouldn't for half an hour." she said casually.

"Don't you see?" he said and stood up and walked to her back, putting a flipper on her right shoulder. "Everything, is a game of chess. Every mission you take, it's like playing with the villain, every event, big or small, is on the chess board. Your agency, lass..." he paused to let her concentrate on the chess board. He knows she has photographic memory, so she might memorize the chess board. "Just countered every small attack we made, not knowing a bigger one is yet to come."

She stares at it, her teeth clenched under her red lips. "I see. Now, you said a peace talk?" her green eyes bore into brown eyes. He walked back to his seat.

"Yes. We will cease all attacks, if you surrender to us." he said. She looked up to him, and raised an eyebrow.

"I beg pardon."

"What I'm saying is, the way you run this island isn't the best. You need an iron fist, you need to have restrictions. You need martial law." he said. She raised a flipper so that he would go silent.

"I'm sorry, but I can't really do that." Now she was sure the tea wasn't spiked and drank it, "That isn't my job. It's the Director's. But I can tell you there is no need for the citizens to fear us, nor a martial law, they like it here, we listen to the citizens."

"You know we are run by the USA, correct general?" he said. She nodded, "Then tell me, what if I drag my best to the USA and get a crowd going."

"You mean a coup?" she interrupted. "I'd doubt that could be successfully carried out. The USA has a strong army, the best based on rates. They could squash you, it's a lost cause."

"So? As I was saying, what would you do if they call you in?" he said.

"I wouldn't come, to be honest, I remember vowing to the EPF in my inauguration to office that I'd serve this Island till I am either dead, deleted, or too old. But I'm immortal, so the too old reason is invalid. I will carry out my oath, and will stay rooted to the island. Plus, from what you've just said, it's likely that you'd send an attack to Club Penguin while their best generals are out." she said and continued drinking her tea. Then softly placed it down, as soft clank was heard.

Joshua sat back into his chair "I am definitely intrigued. You have such wondrous traits." he sighed.

"Why thank you." Rogue murmured. She hates it when being complimented, it's as if she was a new creature, but she isn't, at all.

"So tell me Alyssa, who are the pawns, the king, or the queen in your army?" he asked. She ignored him calling her 'Alyssa', since it is her name, anyways. But what intrigued her was why he was using persuading tactics. She wouldn't dare ask, knowing she'd be out soon. Chess pieces were moving in her head, each thing today a game of chess. It was amusing to her, she was winning but some of her pawns were taken.

"Pawns are the agents, the king's Gadget Guy, and the queen is the Director. And yours?" Rogue said, as a knight moved in her mind, she was black, he was white.

He grinned "The rebels are my pawns, my king's my right hand man I mustn't mention his name, and I'm the queen, well technically since I'm a boy I'm king, but it isn't necessary to fuss about in chess." Joshua said. Rogue shifted in her seat as one of her pawns were taken by a knight.

"Al...right. So uh... you were saying about the peace talk?"

"Right that. I can only tell you this: I wouldn't say I didn't warn you, girl. My rebels will attack soon, it will be bigger, and a bit worse. What I'd advice you is that you'd surrender yourselves, if you don't want to trouble yourselves." Joshua stood up, "I'm sorry Rogue, I think you have a four o'clock meeting to catch up with."

Rogue's mouth opened a bit "How did you know?" she said, but in reality, it's on five, but she knows that she told false information to everyone, and told the other generals to act with her. Now everyone thinks there's a generals' meeting on four, not five.

Joshua smirked, and stretched a flipper for her to grip "I have a mole, remember? Now, would you want me to escort you out?"

She shook her head "Nope. I don't think so. I memorized the way out." she said, she saw one muscle move in his face, and she knew he was enraged. Probably he wanted to drug her if he did, then. She walked to the exit, but before she could go off, she grinned and turned around.

"And all this a game of chess. I knew you'd do something if you did escort me." her grin widened "And Joshua, it isn't four o'clock." Then she walked away, laughing a silvery, infectious laugh.

Chapter 6: Kidnapped[edit]

The next day, Rogue was just walking to the snack room to get a fresh cup of coffee, she passed by Catherine, who grinned and waved. When she was coming back from the snack room, a fresh mug of coffee in flipper, she noticed a glum looking janitor, pushing off a small cart that held a trash bag, the bag was oddly filled, unusual in the third underground floor in the EPF. But with her heightened senses, she could see brown hairs on the shoulders of the janitor, a rosy scent wafted both the bag and the janitor, and she could hear nearly silent breathing in the bad. Odd.

"Good afternoon." Rogue grinned to the janitor. She just nodded and passed her by, very odd. She quickly went into the third floor girl's restroom. When she went in, she looked herself at the mirror and froze, nearly dropping the mug in her flipper. She ran off, because written on the mirror was a message in rouge red lipstick, Catherine's lipstick: SOS

Rogue tried to open her door, but it was locked. She didn't hesitate and took out her gun, shooting the lock and setting off her alarm. She ignored it and shut it down with her computer. She quickly looked for security footage and found the time she went to the snack room, she saw that Catherine went in the washroom and was attacked by the janitor with a white cloth with chloroform. The janitor destroyed her phone and chucked it down the toilet, and stuffed in Catherine into the sack. She got out and that was where Rogue came in. Rogue stared at all of the CCTV footage and finally found the last shown footage of the janitor. They removed their mask, and she scowled. It was Joshua, he waved at the camera then disappeared. Rogue frowned and stormed out and straight into the Generals' Common Room, where all twelve of them happened to be in. Jet noticed Rogue's thunder expression and stood up, putting two flippers in front of him to protect himself.

"Alright Tvarkov. Who or what ticked you off this time?" Jet asked. She only grabbed him by his tie and looked straight into his eyes.

"I WANT A TOTAL LOCKDOWN THIS INSTANT!!!" Rogue roared. Gary immediately got his laptop and tapped in a few commands. Then red sirens blared and the EPF went on total lockdown, with agents running towards the Command Room.

The Command Room was packed with agents, all talking about what could have happened. As the generals filed in and on the second level of the Command Room, everyone shushed and waited for them to speak.

"Ahem... agents sorry for telling you on short notice, but we've got ourselves a double agent on the loose. Recently, our suspect Joshua Helixon managed to get in HQ and kidnap Tactical Special Agent Catherine Tvariench."

Everyone gasped, Catherine was well known, and was very valuable. Then suddenly the screen on the bottom level went on static and the picture of Joshua and Catherine in a dark room illuminated the bottom level. Rogue growled, and jumped down; landing on the conference table with a small clank.

"What do you want?" she hissed, her green eyes having a snake-like tone into it.

Joshua snickered, "She's ransom. I want you to surrender," he said and took out a gun, then pointing it on Catherine's forehead. "Or she goes."

Rogue growled. She hated ransoms more than any other tactic used by criminals. Sure, it was very useful, but the insanity of the ransoms drive her mad. Not crazy mad, but furious mad. "We'll think about it. Now, get the bloody heck out of my sight."

The television screen flickered off, and Rogue stared at the black screen. She growled again and walked backed to her place with the generals.

"Alright. Who can devise a plan?" Rogue asked. She became calm just so that agents wouldn't get scared of her.

An agent raised his hand "Rescue op?"

The agent wasn't really an EPF agent, but her cousin Terry. "I guess so. Who's volunteering?"

Everyone stared at her, and she steps back."Alright. So it's me."

The Director's office is much more colder than usual, Rogue thought. The Director was only circling her, observing her in all angles.

"Tvarkov. Why do you think they chose you?" The Director asked. Rogue shrugs.

"Because I asked the question?"

"No. Because you were the last agent to see her, through both observation and investigation. What is your plan?"

"Hmm..." Rogue thought."A simple kill on sight could work, and maybe I could get intel. But where is the base anyway?"

The Director only stared at her and took a file from her desk, and tossed it to Rogue. Rogue flicked through it, then looked up with a worried look on her face.

"You want me to go to Toughest Mountain?"

Chapter 7:Toughest Mountain, Snow And Arnis[edit]

A helicopter flew down towards the foot of Toughest Mountain. Rogue looked out the window and shivered slightly. It was terribly cold, like what she experienced when a blizzard hit Russia years ago. She wore a black ushanka, a black coat with the lapel padded, a weapons belt, leggings and hiking shoes. Her hear was pulled back into a sleek black ponytail. Then the helicopter descended and let her hop out. She looked at the helicopter as it disappeared. She sighed, may Miranda fly safely. She took out her walkie-talkie.

"Jet. What's your status? Over." Rogue muttered into it. Static was soon heard and a voice on the other line said.

"We're okay up here. We haven't got to the top, though over." They were up in the near mountain, preparing to snipe any of the high officials of the Infinite rebels, and was probably hoping to see the mole. They were there to help Rogue.

"Alright. Now I want radio silence, over and possibly out." Rogue said before putting it back into her weapons belt. She stared at the huge mountain and began to trek up, using the trail used during the Great Snow Race.

As she got in Herbert's Hideout in Toughest Mountain, she remembered about her Infrared Helmet. She searched her inventory but it was nowhere to be seen. Then she heard something through her walkie talkie.

"What? What?" Rogue said as she swiped it off her belt. Then the message came clear.

"We changed your Infrared Helmet to Infrared Shades. Sorry for not telling you." Jet's calm voice came through. Rogue searched her inventory again and found what she was looking for. It had a black frame with yellow glass that would help her see the invisible laser beams. Rogue quickly threw snowballs at CCTVs and jumped, slid and flip her way through the mazes. Then, she came upon the door, except her key didn't work anymore, it was retinal scan. Then she heard shuffling in the distance, she quickly hid and waited for the person to come in. She removed her coat and placed it in her inventory, revealing to be wearing a black tactical jumpsuit. When the penguin who came walked in the door, he followed him in then ran. She came across the torture rooms, since she heard moaning through the whole hallway. She came across Catherine's room, and ran to her side. Her head was lolling to one side to another and kept on murmuring words.

"Homeland... won't risk... will die for... I won't... you'll get nothing from me..." she kept on saying.

"Hey hey hey hey." Rogue said and softly hit Catherine's cheek.

"What? Rogue... is that... is that really you?" Catherine weakly said.

Rogue only managed a smile she only kept within her and Catherine. "Yes it's me. Come, hurry we need to get you out of here."

Rogue quickly broke her free of the chair and the machine, she quickly gave Catherine a serum that can strengthen her for at least three hours. She took out her radio and talked into it. "This is Tvarkov. I got the package."

"Great now get the heck out of there." Jet said, anxious to get his top agent out in the flippers of his fellow general.

"Yes sir."

Collect the clues, he's watching you

Following is the key.

Rogue half-dragged, half-carried Catherine through the hallway. She came upon a hallway with computer rooms and laboratories in it. She dragged Catherine into one of the computer rooms and hacked into the master computer.

"I just need to get some intel and we're good to go, Catherine." Rogue said softly and took her USB out of her pack and jabbed it onto the computer's side. She went through some files until she noticed a file that said MASTER SERUM. She clicked it and looked through the contents. She gasped and looked at Catherine, surprised.

"Rogue? Is there something wrong?" Catherine asked. But Rogue ignored her and covered her beak.

"So that's why I kept on going to the medical bay every time I was in a battle, no wonder. But... who was it, who was taking my blood?" Rogue asked herself. Then she remembered about the mole. She quickly looked for strategy plans and copy-pasted it on her USB. She was about to copy-paste a master plan file when the computer was shattered into pieces. Rogue jumped away from it and ran for cover. She heard gunshots coming from the entrance and tried to shoot the assailant. She finally heard the gunshots stop and ran to Catherine, and held her close to herself.

"Catherine. Catherine what happened?" Rogue asked. Catherine didn't respond and looked beyond Rogue's shoulder. Before Rogue could ask what Catherine was looking at, she was pushed by Catherine away from her as five gunshots were heard.


Rogue wanted to scream as five bullets hit Catherine's torso. She watched in horror as Catherine slid out of the chair, then laid eagle-spread on the ground.

When Rogue finally knew that the coast was clear, she ran towards her comrade, who was bleeding rapidly.

"Catherine oh good Lord stay with me." Rogue said. "Look into my eyes."

"Rogue." Catherine coughed, blood creeping out through the corners of her lips "I'm so glad to see you here with me. You're... you're the greatest agent I have ever met. When you were in... the Academy, you were excellent. I... I am glad to serve with you."

Part of Rogue wanted to inject her blood into Catherine's, but unfortunately, her blood if not run through a few chemicals, can kill a penguin in an instant. Rogue felt for the injection that was still in her pocket. It was filled with her chemical-drugged blood. But unfortunately, she still can't give it to Catherine since it will be completely useless. "Don't. Don't say that. I... I can call JPG to come get you."

"No... it's too late for me. It's my time to go, it's my time to go..." Catherine said.

"Don't, don't say that." Rogue said as a tear slid from her now fragile face. Although Rogue tried to keep her tears from streaming, she let one slide.

"I... I want you to... be responsible.. of my girl..." Catherine said, and held Rogue's hand, who gave it a squeeze. "Tell her... mom is proud of her... and... and that she loves her very... much."

Rogue tried to keep a straight face. "Of course. It's... it was nice serving with you Catherine, I will never forget you."








Rogue released her grip on Catherine, another tear sliding down her face. "I'm so sorry."

Rogue took her USB, Catherine's badge and phone, and radioed Jet. "I'm... I'm so sorry Jet." she said into it, ignoring the painful feeling in her heart. "She's dead. Someone killed her. Get an extraction team, please."

She could hear a gasp through the other line, and sighed. "I'm exiting with... whatever information my USB still has in its memory."

Rogue only took one step out and a knife struck her in the bicep, leaving a wound that made Rogue hiss. Quickly, she took out two arnis sticks and took down her assailant. Then more came and she fended them off. She walked away, muttering to herself.

"For Catherine."

Chapter 8: Man-Hunt[edit]

After knowing that the coast was clear, Rogue plopped down near the entrance of the cave and took out her laptop, she looked up to her left to see Jet staring back at her, drinking something from a silver canister. Smelling it from so far away, Rogue could identify it as Russian vodka.

"Wait a minute, why did you get my vodka?!" Rogue hissed into her radio.

Jet replied in a slightly slurred voice, "Why shouldn't I?"

Rogue knew that he was drinking away his sorrows of losing a great friend and agent of his, and would probably lean against her later, babbling something about weapons and flying.

Rogue only scoffed, "Alright. Just be happy I wouldn't get mad at you now."

Jet only nodded as she looked through what ever was it that was saved into her USB. She breathed in a sigh of relief when she saw that the master file was saved. She quickly peered through it and gasped, nearly dropping the laptop that was on her lap. She quickly gets her radio and stares at the mountain where Jet was, she noticed Kevin approaching him. She pressed the talk button.

"Jet look behind you!" she screamed into it. But she was too late, Jet was attacked. Tactical agents cowardly ran away, not knowing how to fight back. Rogue tried to think of a way to get there, since her signal was spotty and she wasn't the kind to run down a mountain and back up another one. She closed her eyes and imagined being in the scenario that was before her. When she opened her eyes, she was there.

"Kevin!" Rogue yelled and pushed him off. Bad move, he ran away, and wasn't ever to be caught up with. She helped Jet up, whose beak was bleeding and brought him to the awaiting helicopter. When she was in, she pressed into her earpiece.

"Traitor is confirmed: Agent Kevin Linex. Requesting a full manhunt for him. Wanted for treason and possible murder, dead or alive. Please send extraction team to Agent Catherine Tvariench, KIA. I am so sorry."

A meeting was held by all the generals of the EPF as well as some Tvarkovs. Everyone was staring at each other in a way that had mistrust. It has been a while after Rogue's report, and everyone was looking at each other and questioning each other about Project Infinite and never secret plans and others.

"How do I know that you all aren't Infinitists?" Jet said. Rogue stepped forward and muttered a few words that was within either of their range of hearing. His eyes widened and he let her go behind him.

"Alright. Rogue's behind me, meaning she's confirmed to be the real gal I know." he patted her hard on the back. She quickly pointed everyone in the room to show him that they are all clear. "OK Tvarkov girl. You have my trust. So, shall we have the meeting?"

The Director quickly banged their fist on the table, then a layer of an unknown object coated the walls. Everyone turned to the Director.

"It's made of the material used for mattresses with a few modifications, so now the walls are soundproof." they nodded and began to sit back into their chairs.

"So, we know who our mole is." Rogue said.

"Yes, and I can't seem to track down his phone..." Gary grumbled, pressing his Spy Phone's screen to prove it.

"So, what's the plan?" Rogue said casually, feeling the gold buttons of her brown jacket. She was wearing a black turtleneck, a brown military jacket, grey pants and brown combat boots.

"We've got a few choices. One is that we do that Osama Bin Laden thing that the humans did, another is that we can search and once seen, killed, or we just hunt down and do nothing." Ivan said casually.

Everyone stared at Ivan as if he went mad. Rogue gave him a suspicious look, reminding him that he wasn't just talking to his cousins, but also agents that do not know about the world out of Antarctica.

"O...kay. Rogue translate." Rookie said and threw a fish at her... by accident. Rogue ignored this and said.

"Option one is to locate, raid, kill Kevin Linex and look for any information about the Infinitists' plans. Another is the shoot-to-kill order, and just look for him then something."

Agent Katy Hunter placed down the headset she was wearing, and massaged her temples. "This... this is all just a game of chase everyday."

Irina nodded her head sadly, "I agree. Rogue, what should we do?"

Rogue herself was massaging her temples, trying to get her gears in place. She finally raised her head.


The word was out before she knew. On the top of Toughest Mountain, Kevin Linex and Joshua Helixon had a chat.

"So, was she taken out?" Joshua asked.

"No sir, but Agent Catherine Tvariench is. Rogue seemed to break down... slightly." Kevin said, keeping a straight face.

Joshua cackled "Ah, so the star of the show does have a weakness, her loved ones. Well, Kevin I want you to get back to HQ and get some intel on her."

Kevin looked rather shocked "But sir! I have a search warrant! I could wait I uh mean I am going to be killed."

Joshua only waved him off. "Go or you'll get the deletion pistol."

Kevin only nodded and left. Joshua cackled again.

Let's play.

Rogue was practically sweating out of anxiety. She just asked every single available Anti-Terrorism agent in the room to track down Kevin.

"Where do you think could that scumbag be?"

Rogue turned to look at Agent Katy Hunter. "Hello Hunt."

Katy growled "It's Hunter."

"Whatever. And I have no idea where he could be. Don't you see we're tracking him?" Rogue said.

"Yeah yeah." Katy snapped.

"Getting antsy, huh?" Rogue asked.


"Well go to the training room, you Kat!" Rogue said and quickly shooed her off. Rogue looked at the screen, it's light giving her a somehow enigmatic shadow.

"General Tvarkov!"

Rogue turned to look at Major Alex Arda.

"We've got intel!" he gave her sheets of papers that had intel on it. She scanned it and immediately burned it with a lighter she had. She ran off, preparing the gun she took from Weaponry Development.

Chapter 9: Dead or Alive[edit]

"It wasn't my fault."

Rogue stared into the Town's floor, with no spot of snow seen due to the crowdedness. Piri commented that day that the place was like her country's market.

"Remind me again, on what we're supposed to be looking for?" Alex asked.

"A guy who's wearing the wrong wardrobe in the wrong day." Rogue said.

"You're saying a suicide bomber?" he asked.


Alex looked at his general. She seems to be talking less, and concentrating more.

"Is something wrong, dear general?" he asked.

"No." she said.

"You're lying, Rogue. Is something wrong?" he asked.

Rogue sighed. "Alright. You got me. The guy we're looking for, killed Catherine."

Alex was shattered. "My aunt is dead?" he gasped.

"Yes. I was the last person she saw." Rogue sighed.

Alex was already on his knees, sobbing bitterly. After a few minutes, he stood up, and cocked his rifle, resting the barrel on the coffee shops's tip. "Who shall I target?"

Rogue smirked. She's got her agent going.

"It wasn't my fault."

Rogue turned to look at the sister of Catherine. The strain of emotions were visible in the eyes of Catherine's sister.

"I tried my best, ma'am. But it was a kill area, too much blood-loss. I'm sorry. But I tell you, I will bring justice." Rogue assured her.

"How can I trust you?" Catherine's sister said. "You're just another official, another person who will never do their duties right."

Rogue smiled. "You have the stubbornness of your sister."

"I will ask again, how can I trust you Ms..." she drifted off.

"Romanov." Rogue lied.

"Romanov. Is that even your real name?"


"See, how can I trust you? You wouldn't even give me your true name!"

"Well first and foremost, it's protocol. Second, you don't even trust me." Rogue said.

"Well I can't. You can be just one of those officers that never do their job right. This country is corrupt because of your kind." Catherine's sister said bitterly.

"Ah. So we have an anti-government here, da? You're Mint R. Carillo-Levite. You live in South Pole City, USA with 2 kids and a child that is to hatch. Your husband is a successful businessman of a famous brand and gets 1,500,000 fish at the end of each year. Divide that by each month he works it'll be 125,000 per month, am I correct?" Rogue smirked.

"...How?" Mint was astonished.

"Look, I can only tell you this. I was the last person your sister--"


"No... no it's not like that." Rogue said, a headache rising in her head. "I was to say that I was the last person your sister saw, I made her a promise. I can't tell you what, since it's classified. But anyway, I promise you, I will bring justice."

"I don't believe you." Mint firmly said.

"You want to bring justice to your dead sister. She died, but she is a hero. She pushed me away from danger, she saved me." Rogue said.

Mint paused. Then poked her flipper onto Rogue's chest. "Promise that you will ensure that that will happen."

Rogue smirked. "Why not I kill the person who killed Catherine instead?"

Rogue snapped out of her memory.

"Is something wrong, Rogue?" Alex asked.

"No... just... looking back." Rogue murmured.

"Have we seen him yet?" Alex asked.

"No. But stay alert." Rogue said. It wasn't until something flied past her and she heard a groan from Alex. She turned to see an arrow that was on his shoulder. "Alex!" she cried and caught him as his knees buckled.

"It... was... it was him..." Alex drifted off.

"I need a medic here in the Coffee Shop rooftop ASAP! Major Alex Arda is down!" Rogue yelled into her earpiece. She caught sight of the assassin and jumped-ran down the stairs, scaring off some civilians on the way. He was just about to reveal the strapped C4 on him when she walked out of the Coffee Shop, pistol in hand. She shot him in the chest several times with silver bullets- the only bullets other than deletion that can kill an Infinitist.

Terrified citizens fled as Rogue aimed her gun at his heart, her black coat fluttering behind. "This is for the shoot-to-kill order." Rogue shot him on the chest, he groaned. "This is for wrecking the EPF." she shot him again. "This is for killing Catherine." she shot him one last time, and he died just like that. As an agent zipped up the body bag, Jet looked at Rogue.

"How did you know that silver can kill an Infinitist?" he asked. Rogue smiled.

"It's a Level 12 secret of mine. It all goes like this." Rogue began.

Rogue was helping Gary with his science things.

"What's this?" Rogue asked, looking at the sharp shard of silver.

"No don't-!" Gary couldn't stop her, she accidentally drops it, cutting herself in the process.

"AH!" she screamed and cradled her left wing. Gary noticed that her arm wasn't healing.

"Rogue? Rogue why aren't you healing?" Gary asked.

"Wha-?" Rogue said and looked at her still bleeding arm.

"Come, we need to take you to the medical bay." Gary said and ran with her to the medical bay.

Jet smirked at Rogue. He looked at her left flipper, which had a visible scar.

"So wait you can die because of silver?" Jet said.

"Don't get any funny thoughts, Guy." Rogue joked and poked him in the head.

"Hey!" Jet said.

Rogue laughed.

Chapter 10: The Funeral[edit]

Embrace your gun; this game is done.

Finally you are free.

The funeral was the next day. The parents of Catherine were crying hard as cousins were comforting them. Rogue was there in the back, silently handling her grief. She was at one point called to say some words, which she wasn't entirely prepared with.

"... Catherine was a nice woman. Helped me become the best in the field. It's... hard, considering the fact that she helped me rise, and she had to fall..." Rogue said. Everyone was crying, even Rogue can see Jet shed one tear. After the whole thing, Rogue was alone, and the coffin was already dug. Rogue walked towards the tombstone, making sure that nobody was around. She sat beside the tombstone.

"Hey Cat." Rogue said softly. "We miss you. I miss you." From there, she broke down, and cried hard. She didn't want her to die. No, not Catherine. She was the best agent she has seen ever since Houdson. She was better at many things than her. She was the one who helped her up during the Avalanche Rescue mission.

"Who are you?" a little voice said from beside her. Rogue looked to see a girl with short brown curly hair. She looked innocent, and Rogue assumed it was Catherine's daughter.

"I'm Catherine's good friend, and you are?" Rogue asked.

"Natalya Tvariench. Where is mommy?" Natalya said.

Rogue bit hard on her tongue. She didn't know how to break it to her. No, telling her the truth will break her heart. Instead, she said. "Your mom is in a better place. I'll be... watching you."

"When will she be back?" Natalya asked.

Rogue massaged her forehead. "This is going to be hard." Rogue thought. "What will be the decision, Tvarkov? Break her heart as long as she knows the truth, or never tell her the truth?"

"Can you please tell me?" Natalya asked.

"Look kid." Rogue paused. The brown eyes of Natalya were so hypnotic... in a way. "Wait what?" Rogue thought, then felt light. "What is going on?" Rogue thought. She can see different times in the future, with Natalya as she grew up. The visions stopped, and Rogue felt her irises go small. "Did I just imprint?" she thought. "Your mom... your mom is dead." Rogue said slowly. The girl sniffled, then started tearing. She hugged Rogue tightly, and Rogue hugged her back. She is responsible for breaking her heart, but also will be for bringing her up. Somewhere, Joshua chuckled as he saw Rogue's imprint and sorrow.

Walk around the woods at night to see what you can find.

A symphony of pages, don't look back, he's right behind.

Jason has had enough of this. They'd poisoned his beloved too much. He has gone against EPF orders and infiltrated enemy camp. He's wondering if they found the three dead bodies in the Security room...

The more you know, the deeper in.

The faster goes the chase.

95% Read the download. Jason has already read several important Infinitist documents. It's odd how he isn't caught yet... considering the fact that Infinitists patrol the place all the time.

And in the end, you succumb to,

The man who has no face.

He had felt the cold barrel of the gun hit his shoulder. He turned around. To his horror, Joshua Helixon was there, the man with no true face. Jason was knocked out unconscious before he could react. Jason Laurenson is officially MIA.


Natalya began to live with Rogue and acted as if Rogue was her older sister, or Catherine herself. All attacks were ceased, and Joshua took some time to think about what to do with Rogue. Peace and quiet has returned... but there is always the final attack. So we can finally say...