Project Tern Now

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"Project Tern Now"
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Single by Greasy Spoon
Released November 8, 2010
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded November 2, 2010
Genre Rock
Length 5:01
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Writer(s) Greasy Spoon
Producer Greasy Spoon
Certification Gold
Greasy Spoon singles chronology
"Don't Go Hack CP"
"Project Tern Now"
"The Captain Jack Penguin Rap of Glory"

"Project Tern Now" is the third song made by the band Greasy Spoon, mostly famous for their smash hit "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" and their more obscure follow-up, "Don't Go Hack CP". It was released on November 8, 2010 and charted adequately.



{epic instrumental}
We departed November,
Wikia it fell,
We never will look back,
It's dead, sound the bell.
We have that Oasis to blame,
For where we're now, (where we are now!)
Nothing will be the same again,
Let's do Project Tern now!
To Staff we won't bow!
We'll get our own server (server),
We'll import it all.
We'll do it by ourselves,
'Twill proudly stand tall. (Yeah!)
Thousands of items to go,
..-and Bugs to work around,
...-and Wikia can all kiss our butts...
We'll do Project Tern now!
...-and you'll listen now!
We're moving out now!
{super-ultra-mega-epic instrumental deluxe}
Project Tern now!
We'll do Project Tern now!
Oasis torn down!
Corruption struck down! (Oh!)
We'll make the Staff frown!
(Make his'try together!)
We're on our own now!
(We spit on the Staff!)
Wikia is dead now!

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