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This article is about a character, Project X Mark 1. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.

Project X Mark 1
He perplexed 13 people with one phrase "I am referencing Sirius Black."
Title Project X Unit 756-G Mark 1, Owner Of X's GIFt Cards
Gender Male
Race A.I. Robot
Faction Neutral
Health 99% Due To Water Damage
Level BLUE-RAY!!!
Status Running his store And Universe Hopping
Location Dorkugal
Occupation Storeowner and inventor
Catchphrase I mess with you, then I mess with time to mess with you even more.
Hobbies Messing with your head through paradoxes and meta-physics. Creating alterate versions of himself and multi-tasking through them.
Friends G
Enemies Any enemies of his friends unless they are his friends.
Archetype Neutral

Project X Mark 1 is a robot that mysteriously appeared through a portal in the BOF claiming to be from another universe called Wiki-Nui.




After the events of Ditched: 133713, X spent his time working at the Bureau of Fiction, doing odd-jobs mostly.

Completion of the Machine[edit]

After the Time Machine was fully repaired, he went to Dorkugal, the location of X's GIFt Cards and put a clone of himself in the store to run It before He Left. He then returned to the Department of Time to start it up

Here is a rough idea of what went on after it was started up:

Boom, that is all.

He came back 30 minutes and ten seconds later with stuff from his home universe (this time in one piece), and settled down with a job in the Department of Article Maintenance and working part time at the Department Of Time (plus running his store on the side).

First Attempt At His Life[edit]

Just before X was leaving for his home universe (for patching up his outer-casing) at his home in Dorkugal. He was attacked by X-Creatures for no apparent reason, he managed to fend them off, but not without being severely damaged. X was just on the point of coma when emergancy programs activated. Pnumatic grappling arms shot out and immediatly started to help save the damaged robot, reinforcing armour and keeping his power core together until he could reach his lab and start repairing it. It turned out that Director Benny had bribed the X-Creatures into it to try and stop X's universe hopping, which was spamming his laptop with announcements of universe-hops. Benny had overlooked repair systems in his plan.


On the 24th of May 2011, X closed down X's GIFt Cards and seemed to vanish. His home was abandoned and his workshop was empty. It was like He never existed. The AIA was called in to investigate. They found nothing, X was mostly forgotten. What they hadn't found out was this, Project X Mark 1 had left Pi Island to a hidden underwater home in Evil Lake, funded by Ampersand Publishing, Inc. for advancements in watch development. *COUGHCOUGH*notreallyitwasadvancementsintimetravel*COUGHCOUGH*. Unfortunatly rumour got out of a supposed "Evil Lake Monster" (sparked by the air bubbles genereated by the airlock in the home's decompression system) and consequently many searches were sent there to find it. The BOF, trying to keep X hidden, made waffles rain from the sky whenever they tried to search the lake. X rewarded Mcflapp for these with a tidy sum of 10000 US Fish, which appeared shortly after the events of Break In Dimensions, possibly due to temporal glitches involving the prologue of said break.

Lake Vostok[edit]

X, after coming out of hiding (as mentioned futher into this article), took a small trip around the world the multiple universes in The Invisible Elevator. He eventually ended up in Reality at midnight. While he was there he saw a small article in a local newspaper in a bin. "Scientists Reach Lake Vostok!" read the name. X was curious, so he grabbed it and read it.

"Scientists yesterday have claimed to have finally reached the subglacial Lake Vostok in Antarctica." X only needed to hear that much, he quickly noted it's location through very handy source and set back off to fanon, quickly landing with the article (he had cut it out). He rushed through the Bureau of Fiction to Mayor Mcflapp's office. He burst in, interrupting an X from the past helping out with a coathanger duel with Director Benny.

"Hey, can you stop messing with coathangers for a minute?" X (the one we've been following) said.

"Yeah, X from four days from now has something to say." Added the X from four days prior.

"What is it? X?" Mcflapp replied.

"I had a sweet idea for a tourist atttraction." Present X said.

"Have you been joyriding again, why did I approve of your anonymity chip again?" Benny interrupted.

"Because, I knocked you out for two hours and approved it myself, silly!" Past X then high-fived present X.

"Enough bally talk, what is this idea?" Mcflapp asked.

"Ever heard of Lake Vostok?" X answered.

"What? That sub-bally-glacial lake not far from South Pole City?"

"Yeah, that Lake Vostok. What would you say to drilling down to it?"

"What? And have bally sailing trips down there? That seems a bit far-fetched, wot?

"No... I mean, just have a hole there. Big holes are cool."

"I accept your logic, big bally holes are cool."

"I do not approve of the idea Mcflapp, even if-" Benny was cut off by past X.

"It didn't come from me, or future me, or any other Project X's running around all over the multiverse. I think your out voted once again Benny."

"Ok, all those in favour of drilling a 1m diameter hole to a sub-bally-glacial lake in the middle of bally nowhere, wot? Raise your wing/hand/hat." Everyone apart from Benny raised their hand/wing/hat. Mcflapp made it happen, Benny was forced to comply with the threat of possible coma from being punched by four very strong fists at once, X oversaw drilling of the hole. The cores were carved into the shapes of DNA and RNA and are displayed next to the hole.


He runs X's Gift Cards, a small store which sells GIF greetings cards, which closed down after X dissappeared. He is also a Universe-Hopper/Time Traveler, and he actually made his machine himself although the programs used to build it, MS Paint and GIMP is unheard of through BOF computers.


Ties in other universes[edit]

X revealed to a select few his story, of how he was created and of his universe hopping. These people are not in the CPFW universe, the only one who is was created by X himself and spends his days role-playing in Club Penguin. They are from other universes, they are:

  • Cpu67 (The aformentioned Club Penguin penguin-robot).
  • An unknown person sharing X's name, residing in an unknown universe.
  • His creator (Unknown, but knew before X even started up).
  • Lm164 (from the Lego universe).


Some say X is working on a top secret project for the military, a giant robot more powerful than OVER 9000 Avatar Warmech V2. The South Pole Council denies all knowledge of the robot or Project X Mark 1's location. Evidence to support this are sightings of X near Snowzerland military bases with cloaking devices plus a odd device wich looks like a miniature TeleNet, and near heavy arms dealers and deletion research facilitys, upon further investigation. Also around about the time X dissappeared, A large supply of assorted Ditto ingrediants, processors, and weaponry was order by a character named "X". X re-appeared later on the 20th January 2012, there he admitted he had been working on military weapons, but like many projects he started, he never finished it.

Technical Specifications[edit]

  • X is run by 2 1,680,001 MHz 8-core processors, one in his head, the other behind his power core. This is so if one processor goes down, he can still function, albeit slightly slower.
  • 5 foot 11 inches tall
  • Due to a significant nerf of his learning capabilities early in life, he does not consciously learn very quickly.
  • A cooling fan the size of a fully grown puffle.
  • He has to use superchannel compression in order to be the size he is (If he didn't he would be significantly larger). Because of this he often has short term memory loss.
  • Capable of displaying highly complicated emotions, something most robots of the present can't do.
  • Internal status lights hidden behind his left shoulder.


X is not one for interaction, he is cold, hostile, quick to violence and has a few friends, those being the people he trusts. X has high respect for authority, and will do anything anyone who he recognises as such tells him to do.

Special Abilites[edit]

Blue-Ray: Project X's light-colored plating glows Bright Blue (After getting attacked by Director Benny's Cronies X Creatures this no longer happens). A stream of the shaving cream-like substance Blue Ray rockets out of a container. Which can do anything from burning through time itself to correcting grammar mistakes. This consumes hefty amounts of power, X only uses it sparingly.

It has 5 modes:

  • Correct

Corrects Spelling+Grammar and n00b speak, gives a mild electric shock to creatures.

  • Stun

Stuns Creature's for a short amount of time.

  • Recolour

Powerful enough to lock a Penguins colour on aqua, this can be ajusted further to make it temporary or permanent.

  • Slice

Can slice through most solid objects.

  • Incinerate

Blast can burn through or vapourize most objects. Only one thing can fully withstand its power, The stuff that makes up X's outer plating, Prototitanite.


Can dilate time and space, highly dangerous. Can reduce an area larger than Eastshield to slag if not controlled properly.

X is incredibly strong. His casing is made of prototitanokium (often called prototitanite), which is an alloy of protosteel (which is tough to begin with) Grade 1 titanium (adds heat resistance) and nokium (the secret ingredient of Nokia phone casing, just for good measure), making a nigh-indestructible super-alloy.


"I see." -X's almost non-differing response to understanding.

"Wait, oh my, this is <adverb> <adjective>." -X's almost non-differing response to an interesting situation.

"Wait, oh my, this is incredibly ironic. McFlapp you are a genius!" -X when threatened by X-creatures.


Blue Ray is an object of mysterious power. Whatever it is, it predates X. X said "That it is kind of like shaving cream, but it boils at room temparature." He also said "It is kind of like a bot on a wiki, it clears up vandalism and n00b speak plus spelling and grammar mistakes semi-automatically." It is theorised that its capability to rollback things could stop objects being deleted. It is also rumoured confirmed by the subject that blue-ray drives the Narrators Organ, Benny's Laptop and Billybob's Typewriter.

It is Grade A E/W - ([No Perm/No Prereq]Specif {Project X Mark 1}) ([WOT]Specif {Everyone Else}), meaning that it is the highest Level of Danger Explosive and Weapon, Project X Mark 1 requires no permission to use or take possesion of it, but everyone else needs Mayor McFlapp's permission to do the same.


  • Like most A.I. Robots, he is fully capable of learning, thinking and rebelling.
  • His time machine tunnels through the Space Time Continueum, quite literally. Director Benny doesn’t approve of this. X later crashed it into another time machine, he later adopted the time machine he crashed into, effectively causing the crash to take place.
  • He joined the MMK, to prank the members. He was kicked out after they found a To-Prank list in his living room during a Mabel Party in his home.
  • Similar to BOSS XeXeXe, the government and scientists hope that Nightmare doesn't tweak the X Virus to be able to infect robots, otherwise they would have difficulty naming Him.
  • His plating is made of Prototitanite, X says that it can't be made without asking Them about universal distortion transit to other planes of reality (in other words, universe hopping).
  • He has a Maverick National Bank account. This helps fund his numerous experiments.
  • His serial number is 112233441337
  • He is working on a private BOF teleporter network, allowing BOF employees to warp anywhere in Antarctica.
  • He recieves a live streamed signal from the Narrators Organ, allowing him to hear the voices like a class IV 4th Wall Breaker.
  • He is actually mark 1b, but X says he's mark 1 for conveniance.
  • X's power core isn't that blue plus sign on his chest, that's just a load of LED's.


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