Psychic Shape Shifter

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J'een J'axx
Jean Jaques
Title Everyone
Gender Male
Race Martian Puffle
Faction The Defenders
Health 100%
Status Puffle
Location Unknown

Psychic Shape Shifter or Jean Jacques is a telepathic shape shifter from Mars. He prefers to be a puffle, but turns into other species during combat.


J'een J'axx was born into a large family on Mars. There was a civil war going on between the green Martians and white Martians. J'een and his family tried to escape the violence. One day J'een was transported to Antarctica by a scientist working on teleportation. The scientist died from fright and Jeen was left on a new planet with no way to get home. He shape shifted into the scientist and read minds to adapt to the new world. He eventually to the identity of "Jean Jaques" a detective after watching hours of cop shows and was very effective due to his mind reading and disguising powers. He took down many crime rings with ease.

After being a part of the Defenders he bagen to train his powers better and now is an expert in combat.


Shaper Shifter is a master of disguise. He can change how fat he is, how big his eyes are, and how long his hair grows. He can also change his density and walk through solid objects. He can also use his telekinesis to fly and pack a punch and telepathy to read minds. His current job is a police detective in South Pole City.

As the Psychic Shape Shifter he was a founding member of The Defenders. He is considered the heart of the team some his telepathy allows him to empathize with other members and understand them. He still longs to go home, although doesn't know if the white Martians have won. He gets along with Captain Antarctica, who is in a similar situation.


When fighting alongside the Defenders J'een makes himself look like a puffle with green fur and antenna to remind people he's alien. He also materializes a blue collar because it looks cool.

J'een's default martian form looks similar to a puffle, except with slit eyes and a lamprey like mouth. Because the first person who saw him died from shock, he chooses not to take this form.

As Jean Jacques, the private detective, he appears as a red puffle wearing a fedora and small trenchcoat.


  • Shape Shifting
  • Density Controlling
  • Phasing through matter
  • Telepathy. He can set up a telepathic comm link between his teammates within a given range. However if he is rendered unconscious it stops.
  • Telekinesis. He's strong enough to life a car
  • Flight

J'een's major weakness is heat, as mars is very cold. Although most residents in Antarctica are vulnerable to heat as they live in a frozen environment, J'een is particularly vulnerable.


J'een J'axx's true form
  • Shape Shifter prefers to be a puffle. His Martian form looks similar to a puffle.
  • He is parody of Martian Manhunter

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