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Splash Screen
Inspiration(s) Puffles
Developer Puffio
Publisher Chill n' Go
Release dates
Additional info
Genre Puzzle
Rating ESRB for Everyone
Puf-fling Holidays!→

Puf-fling! is a Club Penguin Game with easy and addictive gameplay. It is the first game with power-ups which you do not have to catch: You can just press the corresponding power-up buttons.


All of the wild puffles were happily playing in the forest. Suddenly, they all got hungry and noticed something terrible: The O-berry bushes where all empty! Soon they found out that the O-berries where scattered all over Club Penguin! They decided to catch all of the berries by using a ridiculously gigantic slingshot!


Using your controller, pull the slingshot backward, and release! Different puffles can break certain things and they all have special abilities, which are activated by clicking on the screen.


  • Puffle Stuffie= It's the first puffle you use, it does nothing. It is very weak and can only break one block. (Red Bird)
  • Blue Puffle= Flings 3 snowballs at a desired direction, very efficient destroying ice and blue wood planks. (Han Solo Bird)
  • Red Puffle= Uses its telescope to locate the nearest O-berry and once it finds it, it goes toward it, very efficient destroying logs and red wood planks. (Homing Bird)
  • Pink Puffle= Throws a lasso to the direction that is tapped, pulling and spinning around what it caught, very efficient destroying rubber and pink wood planks. (Jar Jar Binks Bird)
  • Black Puffle= Makes a small fiery explosion, very efficient destroying stone and black wood planks. (Black Bird)
  • Green Puffle= Flies in a wiggly trajectory with its propellor cap and then it throws two pies where you tap, changing its trajectory, very efficient destroying plastic and green wood planks. (Boba Fett Pig)
  • Yellow Puffle= Paints nearby planks in a selected color,bounces off them in great speed and colors more other planks.Very efficient destroying paper and yellow wood planks. (Yoda Bird + few original touches)
  • Purple Puffle= Makes bubbles that trap items inside, making them float and the fall when the bubbles explode. Very efficient destroying rubber and purple wood planks. (Pink Bird)
  • White Puffle= Freezes blocks, very efficient destroying ice and white wood planks. (Ice Bird)
  • Orange Puffle= Rides a box straight forward in a slightly increased speed, very efficient destroying plastic and orange wood planks. (Jewel+Blu)
  • Brown Puffle= Can destroy blocks with an atomic energy shock, very efficient destroying brown wood planks and logs. (R2D2 Egg)
  • Rainbow Puffle= Uses sparkly fart to go way faster, very efficient destroying clouds, rainbows and red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple planks. (Yellow Bird)
  • Gold Puffle= Drops TNT, very efficient destroying gold, rocks and yellow planks. (White Bird)

Features in the game[edit]

Ice, Water and Gas: Ice blocks can be changed if a white or black puffle touches it. In it's gassy form it floats and pushes other blocks while it is going upwards and in it's liquid form it can make objects float (not stone, though).

Cookies: Catch one of these to be taken to its unlockable level! (It is NOT needed to get the cookie to pass a level)

Klepto Levels: In these levels, you don't have any berries in the game, but you have to beat Klepto, which is inside a modified Aqua Grabber. There are many types, which include Flight, Ground, Digger, Portal, Floaty, Snow-throw, Magnetic and Squirty Aque Grabbers.


Puffles have to collect all of the O-berries to win. To collect the berries, a block or puffle must hit the berry.


  • Stuffed Rain= Puffle Stuffies rain from the sky!!!
  • Target Lock= One puffle will get a pair of Scanning Goggles, which tell the puffle where it will land.
  • Extra Puffle= One Giant Stuffie appears in your slingshot. This Giant Stuffie destroys everything and has no weaknesses.
  • Level Skip= A mega Rare Power-up. You have 1 out of 999999 chance to get it.
  • Mega Puffle= The puffle you are flinging will become larger.
  • Royal Flinger= The flinger gets upgraded, and Puffles launch farther.
  • PuffQuake= Causes the buildings to become wobbly. Can be used at any time.
  • Mighty Puffle= Completes the level for you.
  • Wingman= Calls a rainbow Puffle to hop in the slingshot.
  • ShockFlame= Calls a ShockFlame puffle to hop in the slingshot. Can be used freely in the level, "Temple Tantrum".



  • This game has its own televsion series called Puf-fling Toons!. It is about the puffles protecting three o-berries, with the crabs trying to steal them.
  • It is an obious parody of Angry Birds and its derivative games.
  • It is extremely popular, and #1 app in most countries of Antartica.
    • Due to this, it is a popular source of parodies.
      • Wait, parodies of a parody of a game? My mind is confused.
  • Becuase orange puffles are the hungriest ones and they are used in most of the levels, they are the official mascots of Puf-fling!