Puf-fling Medieval!

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Puf-fling Medieval!
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Puf-fling Medieval!, commonly referred as Ye Olde Puf-fling!, is the 4th Puf-fling! game made. It is based on the Magic Puffles.


  • Uses Magic Puffles instead of regular ones.
  • Instead of Slingshot, uses Fairy Branch Slingshot.
  • Background Changes
  • Music Changes
  • Potions added!!


  • Chicken Puffle: Lays explosive egg in mid-air, which falls down and explodes in contact with anything (except for rubber and other puffles, which bounce the egg off them.)
  • Reindeer Puffle: Pulls an indestructible sled, and then you can tap somewhere so that the reindeer puffle flys and pulls the sled, destroying stuff.
  • Bat Puffle: Flies where you tap, even though gravity still affects them slightly.
  • Cat Puffle: Sways its tail in front of itself, destroying anything in contact.
  • Bird Puffle: This puffle shouts "Koo-Koo!" In a high pitched voice which destroys fradgile blocks nearby.
  • Dragon Puffles: The Blue one shoots one blue fire ball and the green one shoots two green fire balls. The blue fireball is equally strong as 2 green fireballs together, the as the green dragon puffle shoots 2 fireballs, they are equally strong.
  • Unicorn Puffles: Both of them launch boomerang horseshoes. The white one throws it in an average-distanced and extremely precise trajectory, while the black one throws it at a longer distance and the horseshoe boomerangs AROUND the target, sometimes missing it entirely when it is too small.


Now you can make potions to change the puffle on the Fairy Branch to another one. You can sometimes change it into a classic Puf-fling! or Puf-fling in Space! Puffle.


  • You can earn in-game coins to buy virtual potion ingridients, which you can then mix
  • This Puf-fling specificly slightly parodies Angry Birds Star Wars II, with the potions.