Puf-fling in Space!

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Puf-fling in Space!
Inspiration(s) Puffles
Developer Puffio
Publisher Chill n' go
Release dates
Additional info
Genre Puzzle
Rating ESRB for Everyone
Puf-fling Medieval!

Puf-fling in Space! is the third addition on the Puf-fling! Series. It has all-new gameplay.


In a stormy day, the puffles where trying to find their berries and saw some alien crabs steal them. They also had weird O-berries that glowed in a green tone (obiously not of this world). The Puffles got mad when they saw the crabs use a UFO to get to space. The Puffles flinged themselves into sky. In the clouds, they got electrified and ended up getting cool superpowers! They also meet a lime alien puffle along the way.


  • Giant Stuffed Puffle: Semi-brute Force
  • Power Blue Puffles: Separate into 5 different puffles, that go faster and break more.
  • Lightning Red Puffle: When this puffle finds a berry, it will zap it and the o'berry will go automaticlly to the puffle!!
  • Mental-Powered Pink Puffle: Uses telekinesis to round up blocks that follow the puffle.
  • Flaming Black Puffle: Melts every single thing that it touches. Then does a massive explotion.
  • Lazer Green Puffle: Goes into the direction you choose.
  • Electricity Purple Puffle: Shocks nearby items with electric bubbles.
  • Super Yellow Puffle: Has a larger paint radius.
  • Icy White Puffle: Freezes objects in a larger radius. If the forzen objects reach outer space, they explode.
  • Mighty Orange Puffle: Eats everything in it's way until it crashes into the ground
  • Scientific Brown Puffle: Now Shrinks large objects and makes small objects Grow.
  • Ultra Rainbow Puffle: Goes at the speed of light.
  • Great Gold Puffle: Everything goes towards it, and then it releases a mighty tnt blast!
  • Alien Puffle: Has a small gravitational pull.


All of the original physics, but now it is in the vaccum of space. Gravitational pulls are all around.