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Superiorist State of Puffalia



Wir werden durchsetzen!
(We will prevail!)
Spüren Sie unsere Brennen
(Feel our burn)
Puffalia in green, next to Puffarus
Capital Triskale
Political structure Destroyed Country
 -  2013 - 2014 Hans Traugott
Historical era Post-Great Yowien War
 -  Discovered 1990's
 -  Inhabited July 7, 2010
 -  Shopper Colony April 29, 2013
 -  Independence June 23, 2013
 -  Dissolved June 22, 2014
Currency Soviets
Today part of AxlePowers.png Allied Occupation of Puffalia and Puffarus

The Superiorist State of Puffalia (Also known as Puffalia) was a small sovereign nation far off the east coast of Eastshield. It had an abundant population of wild puffles upon discovery, hence the name Puffalia. Puffalia and its citizens were extremely rebellious to capitalist and imperialistic authority, and often rioted and held violent protests to show their opposition to it, even if there was no presence of either in their country. It was Antarctica's only Superiorist nation.


Puffalia's old flag before gaining independence.

Puffalia was inhabited sometime in the 1990's. It was discovered by adventurers of an unknown background or cause for venturing out this far into sea. They found it, but soon realized that there was no potential to set up a living place here. They left, and the small island was forgotten about for well over a decade.

In 2010, some refugees seeking refuge from Alemanian (under the influence of the Snoss) oppression rediscovered the island. They, as refugees, decided to set up camp with the primitive materials at their disposal on the island. Eventually, they had built a nice, but simple system for themselves.

This system became exposed in April 2013 after Shops Island government officials were looking for vulnerable territory to conquer, just to show off to Yow. On April 29, they quickly and easily invaded the island, putting it under their rule unopposed. Due to its far distance from Shops, it was given its own government for less stress on the Shoppers' behalf. However, the people who already lived in Puffalia weren't happy with the occupation. Most of the people who came as Shoppers also hated Shops Island, and tensions soon grew on the island. The SIA was assigned a branch there to hamper any chaos.

Shops became outraged on May 15, 2013, when Puffalia officially established diplomatic relations with East Pengolia, and that they were working on establishing relations with North Joseon. SIA troops were stationed on the island and guarded the government building to prevent as many diplomatic meetings as possible.

On June 15, the East Pengolians issued a statement ordering Shops to give Puffalia independence, or to face war. Shops held its grip on Puffalia, and stated that its new purpose would be for defense. With that statement, the military set up nuclear missile launchers in Puffalia, pointed at Pengolia as a threat. With these Shopper moves, the Puffalian protests grew ever more violent and tensions ratcheted even more between Pengolia and Shops. The Melodeeves also stated that it would go to war with Shops as well if they did not give up Puffalia. Eventually, the pressure mounted and The Puffalia Conflict was triggered.

After the conflict, Hans took control of the island by himself, and put it under the Superiorist system.

In July 2013, Puffalia got rid of part of its land and established another independent country by the name of Puffarus, which would hopefully improve both countries' statuses.

Puffalia got involved in The Plague War of November 2013, where it suffered catastrophic losses to the Shoppers, their former colonizers. They had also spent the month prior to the conflict expanding their military with the little effort they could.

The Puffalians were responsible for starting and spearheading their aggressive blitzkrieg motions during the Frosian War, from February to June 2014. During the war, Puffalia invaded and conquered many countries which before seemed untouchable by such a small country. Puffalia also allied with other countries and rebel groups to form a tyrannical Axis, to stand up against the Allied Forces. Throughout the war, Puffalia was responsible for millions of casualties and the toppling of quite a couple of nations, including Polaris, and almost Freezeland. After Puffalia and Puffarus tried to launch a nuclear attack on Shops Island, the Axle Powers responded with astounding force, completely destroying Puffalia and Puffarus' landscapes and infrastructure. The tide soon turned in the allies' favor, and after an invasion of northern Freezeland, they were quickly repelled from the Antarctic mainland. Puffalia officially capitulated on June 22, 2014 after a clash between Lavender and General Broseph, against Hans Traugott and General Olaf. Both Hans and General Olaf died in the battle.

After the war, Puffalia and Puffarus were amalgamated into one colony which was put under the control of the Axle Powers. All the citizens of Puffalia were split among the Axle nations and were either detained, or put to slave labor, depending on which country they went to.


Puffalia's economy was extremely poor, and its only way of staying afloat was through grants from East Pengolia and Zhou. Puffalia served no economic purpose on the Antarctic stage, and was considered by many to be a waste of precious land


Before becoming Superiorist, Puffalia was ruled by a polygamous government. Puffalia had three "leaders", who took no place in Shops' government, but governed Puffalia by themselves without Shopper assistance. They were known as The Three Presidents. Lavender also served as supreme commander, being the president of Shops Island.

The three Presidents were in charge of every part of the island, and shared duties equally. They had decided on having no vice presidents, in lieu of these three commanders.

Though the government had shown and clearly states that it's a polygamous democracy, it secretly wished to become Superiorist. The SIA had previous suspicions of this, hence the military occupation of the island at the time.

During The Puffalia Conflict, Hans Traugott murdered his two other comrades, leaving him as the sole leader of Puffalia. He then established a Superiorist system, paving the path to the way Puffalia was governed for a year.

After achieving their goals for independence, Superiorism became the governing system in Puffalia. It revolved around the ideology that their leader or Vorsitzende had divine abilities and therefore has superior decision-making skills. This lead the entire country to follow their leader's whim, for better or for worse. The leader's wishes were fulfilled by Puffalia's all-pervasive police and armed forces, which willingly arrested and interned any being that seemed to be against the Puffalian regime.

The Three Presidents[edit]

The Three Presidents were a revolutionary trio of communist-driven penguins who were the polygamous leaders of Puffalia. They were strong proponents of Puffalian independence, and did everything in their power to break away from Shops Island's grips on them. All three of them were of Alemanian descent. The trio was dismantled during The Puffalia Conflict after Hans shot the other two presidents. He then went on to independently rule Puffalia with an iron flipper.

The Three Presidents consisted of the following:

  • Nehmen Benedikt (1962 - 2013) was the "alpha-male" of the trio. He was the most snappy, and had a very sharp temper. He had striven to convert all of Antarctica to communism someday, and was seen by many outside observers as the figurehead of the Puffalian independence movement before his untimely death.
  • Artur Wessildorf (1971 - 2013) was the most violent member of the trio. He always wore an old Alemanian-style war helmet from the early 20th century and prior, and constantly talked about nuclear war and nuclear proliferation. He believed that 'allied' countries such as Rusca should have shared their nuclear secrets to help the Puffalian cause.
  • Hans Traugott (1979 - 2014) was a suave, and snazzy superiorist who was able to slip his way into any deal with his charm. He often used his skills to embezzle money from other projects to promote the military, and use for his own personal benefit. He killed the other two presidents in cold blood and ruled Puffalia by himself for almost a year, before being killed in battle in the Frosian War.


Selected Ethnic
Origins, 2014
Ethnic origin Percentage
Alemania Flag.png Alemanian 56%
East Pengolia image flag.png Pengolian 26%
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Ruscan 15%
Other/Minorities 3%
Total 100%
National Census,

Puffalian culture was very influenced by Alemania. Puffalia had classic Alemanian architecture, cuisine, and more. Also, one of Puffala's official languages was German. Puffalia's culture has also been heavily influenced by Khanz culture and traditions. Fish slapping was an ever-popular pastime in Puffalia. Alemanian food, such as Bratwurst, Strudel, many Cheeses, assorted Meats, and much more, were common. Due to a high puffle population, O-berries were also traditional nationwide; they could be seen growing abundantly in many places. Puffles also had many native monuments attributed to them.

However, Puffalia's government tried to stamp out much of Puffalia's Ruscan and Puffle-centered culture in favor of more Germanic traditions, in an effort to create a more homogenous society to their liking. Even with these attempts, Russian was still a commonly-spoken language in the country.

Puffalia's society is very militaristic and desires war, seeing it as an honorable subject and a good reason to die for.


Puffalia has many mountain ranges.

Geographically, Puffalia had a mountainous terrain almost all around the country. Cities and towns were usually put in the places that are flatter. One of the only good things about Puffalia was their mountains, which were often the only things that the few tourists bothered to visit. A lack of money saved the mountains from being destroyed by the mining industry; something that would've already happened in other communistic countries. The mountainous terrain transitions into a thick brush of forest near the border with Puffarus; these forest-like characteristics carried into Puffalia's sister country.

All the mountains and definition in the landscape were destroyed during the Frosian War, as a result of allied nuclear attacks.


A Puffalian soldier.

Although the SIA used to technically serve as Puffalia's military, this hadn't stopped the rebellious Puffalians from establishing a rebel/resistance army of their own. The military is extremely small, and wasn't recognized as an actual military until they became independent. The uniforms are red, and follow after traditional Ruscan and Pengolian winter clothing.

Puffalia used to possess a small arsenal of ten nuclear warheads that Shops had accidentally left behind after the war, but they were given to Puffarus during the time it was given independence from Puffalia. The head of the Puffalian military was General Olaf.

Puffalia's military peaked during the Frosian War during its aggressive campaigns across Antarctica. Their brutal methods of integration and drafting of conquered penguins made Puffalia's army grow to 50 million strong at the height of the war.

Relationships with Other Nations[edit]

  • Shops Island - Horrible! - They had nothing to do with each other for a long time, and Shops willingly said that Puffalia would face nuclear annihilation if they messed something up - Shops proved this to be true during the Frosian War.
  • Snowzerland - Horrible! - Swiss Ninja despised Puffalia because of its intentions of becoming a communist-like nation and seceding from Shops.
  • East Pengolia - Excellent - Puffalia wished to adopt East Pengolia as a role model for Puffalia's culture. They had a large trade agreement throughout Puffalia's nationhood.
  • Zhou - Good - Zhou engaged actively in trade with Puffalia, but were still worried about them becoming the next North Joseon. Zhou turned on Puffalia and sided with the allies near the end of the Frosian War.
  • North Joseon - Fair - North Joseon and Puffalia shared minimal trade, but strong diplomatic relations with each other.
  • Castilla - Horrible! - Castilla was strongly against this communist-aimed government, and told Shops to keep close tabs on it.
  • Puffarus - Absolutely Fantastic! - Due to their close proximity and like-mindedness, the two countries had extremely close relations.
  • Frankterre - Fair - Though Frankterre despised Puffalia's government, the Puffalians bought many old Renno tanks and put them to good use.
  • USA - Horrible! - The USA was staunchly opposed to the Puffalian government and Superiorism, along with their militarism and hatred of Shops Island.


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