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Бесплатный Коммунистической социалистическое государство капиталистическое из Puffarus которая, очевидно, совершенно мирная
(The Free Communist Socialist Superiorist Capitalist state of Puffarus which is obviously totally peaceful)



Ничто не увидеть здесь
(Nothing to See Here)
Цапиталисм рулес
(Capitalism rules!)
Puffarus in green, next to Puffalia
Capital Brisk
Political structure Destroyed Country
Historical era Post-Great Yowien War
 -  Discovered 1990's
 -  Inhabited July 7, 2010
 -  Shopper Colony April 29, 2013
 -  Independence June 23, 2013
 -  Separation from Puffalia July 2013
Currency Soviets
Today part of AxlePowers.png Allied Occupation of Puffalia and Puffarus

The Free Communist Socialist Superiorist Capitalist state of Puffarus which is obviously totally peaceful, or better known as Puffarus, was OBVIOUSLY a capitalist and free democratic country located close to Puffalia. It used to be part of Puffalia, before being given independence and becoming "free". It was destroyed during the Frosian War and is now under Axle Powers occupation. Puffarus was considered by many to be a joke country and a failed state, due to their feeble attempts at convincing the international community that they were free.


Puffarus was founded out of part of the already existing Puffalia. It was ceded its territory on the accord that Puffalia didn't want the nuclear missiles Shops had left behind after The Puffalia Conflict. This way, Puffalia could get out of allegations against them concerning having nuclear arms. Puffarus then possessed the arms, but foolishly denied their existence. Puffarus spent their short time as a country trying to convince the more powerful nations that it was a free and capitalist country. During the Frosian War, Puffarus sided with Puffalia, becoming a "safe zone" due to its nuclear weapons. Puffarus used its nukes against Shops Island later in the war as advised by Puffalia, which eventually led to the destruction of both nations.


Puffarus' economy, like Puffalia's, was extremely weak. Puffarus relied heavily on imports from Zhou and East Pengolia to stay afloat. Puffarus' main imports included everything from food, to industrial materials. The nation didn't export anything, as there was nothing to export.

The entire economy was strictly controlled by the government, though they stated to be capitalist. There were many retail stores across the country that pose as perfectly functioning outlets, when they were really just puppets to convince democracies that Puffarus was a capitalist nation. In reality, all sales were strictly controlled by the government, and the government owned everything, even its citizens.


Puffarus depicted themselves as extremely capitalist, though it was obviously a sham. Everybody knew that they were a cold-hearted communist state, which acted as a joint puppet of East Pengolia and Puffalia. Puffarus had a senate and a congress which had absolutely no power, but were projected as the only government systems which had any power. The country was, in reality, run by an extremely corrupt communist government. This legitimate system was heavily covered up, and anybody who revealed it was hunted by the national secret service and "Taken care of".

Penguin Rights[edit]

Penguin rights were constantly a concern in Puffarus. Though the government portrayed the country as completely free, with superb civil and political rights, the penguin rights system in Puffarus was atrocious. Puffarus ran political prison camps with harshness topped only by North Joseon, yet they denied the existence of them. Freedom of speech and media was also extremely limited, while torture and abuse were commonplace, most of which were done by the secret service.


Puffarus possessed an extremely Slavic culture, even more-so than Puffalia. The land is barren like Puffalia, and there were an assortment of both communistic and capitalistic buildings in the country. Reporters (when they were allowed inside the country) were only allowed to go near the capitalistic buildings, which gave them a false sense of capitalism.

Puffarus followed many Pengolian and Ruscan traditions, like wearing those weird furry hats and letting the government starve their citizens. Typical cuisine in Puffarus (when locals got the opportunity to eat) included sticks, twigs, sometimes rocks, leather, and O-Berries when they were lucky. Penguins who lived in Puffarus were extremely malnourished.


Media was extremely restricted in Puffarus, pretty much to the extent of North Joseon. There were no Television channels, and citizens were forbidden from owning any type of technology. Any and all technology was confiscated from visitors on all but special occasions, and there was only one newspaper, which was run by the government. The government, however, produced many more newspapers for foreigners that were purely propaganda.


A Type-59 Tank, Puffarus' main artillery vehicle.

Puffarus stuffed a lot of money into their military, a whopping 60% of their already low GDP. Regardless of the amount of support given by the government, Puffarus' military wasn't much stronger than Puffalia's. They employed about 300 penguins, but barely had any equipment other than a limited assortment of guns and/or tanks. Military trainers from Zhou and East Pengolia alike came to Puffarus to train the few soldiers. The only real significance Puffarus' military has is its stockpile of ten nuclear weapons, which were automatically ceded to it when they gained independence from Puffalia. It was a constant subject of controversy, though the government denied the existence of these weapons. Through time, their military expanded slowly with help from fellow communists and Double Sicilia.


A lot of controversy surrounded Puffarus; primarily its political system. The country was often bashed for its communist attitude and government, though Puffarus tried to pose as a free capitalist democracy. Nobody bought the lie, though, and Puffarus was regarded widely across Antarctica as an international nuisance by democracies and fascist governments alike. Puffarus was constantly criticized about its choke-hold on local commerce, and its intricate system of political prison camps. Notable communist opponents, such as the USA openly stated that they saw Puffarus as "North Joseon's younger brother", due to their similar lack of freedoms and government-provoked abuse.

Mafia Connections[edit]

Puffarus was often criticized for having apparent ties with the UPM, especially concerning ties between the UPM and Puffarus' secret service. Reports stated that Pufforuscan secret service agents sometimes doubled as hit-penguins for Bugzy's mafia, or acted as Bugzy's personal bodyguards. More controversy arose with suspicion that the UPM dealed covert arms and money in exchange for using Puffarus as a haven for the UPM's illegal crime. This was brought up when extra money was being leaked to Puffarus, though there was no proof of it coming from either Zhou or East Pengolia. Puffarus was widely regarded internationally as a "mafia state", and unwittingly posed as such most of the time.

Relationships with other Nations[edit]

  • Puffalia - Absolutely Fantastic! - Puffalia and Puffarus held an extremely close relationships, and shared many similarities.
  • Shops Island - Horrible! - Shops Island despised any communist nation, especially this "failure", Shops said.
  • East Pengolia - Great - East Pengolia was Puffarus' main importer of goods.
  • Zhou - Great - Zhou and Puffarus often traded, and their governments were extremely similar in nature.
  • North Joseon - Good - They did not trade, but their similarities in many forms made them valuable assets to each other.
  • Double Sicilia - Excellent - Considering Double Sicilia was run by the UPM, and considering Puffarus had connections with the UPM, their relations were strong.
  • Liguria - Bad - Liguria often took the blame for Puffarus' relations with Double Sicilia, and this made them very unpleasant towards Puffarus.
  • Japaland - Bad - The Japalandese tried to file lawsuits against the Pufforuscans for stealing their tank designs. Puffarus' favoring over Zhou has also stiffened relations.
  • Snowiny - Horrible! - Snowiny never dealt with Puffarus before the Puffalian-Western War, but still despised Puffarus and Puffalia's terrible acts.


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