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Puffepelago Flag.png
The flag of the Puffepelago
Country NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces
Capital city Puffle City
Largest city Stanlingsport
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Leader Governor Emmanuel David
Location Southeast of the Snowinn mainland
Neighbours Caspian, Staplia, Herwene

The United Provinces
The Flag of the United Provinces
Snowinn History
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Osloven Tribes
Osloven Empire (976 - 1921)
First Kingdom of Snowiny (1921 - 1947)
First Republic of Snowiny (1947 - 2003)
Second Republic of Snowiny (2003 - 2013)
Second Kingdom of Snowiny (2013 - 2015)
Third Republic (United Provinces) (2015 -)
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Wars and Battles
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This article is about the Snowinn state of Puffepelago, not the archipelago of islands that includes the mainland United Provinces.

Puffepelago (/pʌfɪˈpɛləgoʊ/ pa-fi-PEH-la-gou) , also known as the State of Puffesia (Puffese: Derżawa Pufezja) is a state of the United Provinces that is located in the archipelago of the same name. It consists of nineteen large islands, and many smaller islands. It was settled by Oslovans in the late 700s, and has been a part of the United Provinces and it's predecessor states since then.


For the history of the entire UP, see History of the United Provinces.

It is unknown when the Puffepelago was first documented by penguins on Snowiny, but it was well before the Osloven Empire's founding in 767 AD. It is thought that the name originated with the Oslovens when they first arrived on Snowiny, having named it as such due to seeing many puffles on the coast of all of the islands they passed. Other than Puffles, the islands were mostly uninhabited until the Oslovens settled the area in the late 700s. The islands remained under Osloven control until the Empire was invaded and occupied by Khanzem during the Khanzem War.

The Osloven Empire was liberated by the Good Guys before the end of the war, but collapsed in 1921. The Kingdom of Snowiny was formed soon after, but many regions were declaring independence or considering it. To keep the Puffepelago from rebelling, King Steve made them a semi-autonomous territory, which kept them as part of the Kingdom but gave them the right to rule themselves and make their own laws. The Puffepelago prospered from the 1920s until 1947, when the monarchy was abolished and the Republic of Snowiny was established. The first Presidential dictator Julien Lawrence stripped the Puffepelago of their autonomy, which angered many. However, all rebellion attempts were suppressed and all dissenters arrested.

Not much changed until the Snowinn Civil War. Dictator Francisco Ferinco and his government had gone into hiding in the Puffepelago early in the war. Many penguins in the Puffepelago wanted to be more autonomous of Snowiny like they were in the 1920s and 1930s, so President Stanling granted them that autonomy once he had been elected in 2003. They once again prospered in this state, seeing much growth over the next ten years and being able to participate in global events such as The Olympics and the Antarctic Song Contest. Their flag during this time was similar to that of Snowiny.

The previous flag of Puffepelago, as an autonomous state.

Though the Puffepelago was happy with their autonomy, they began to feel unfairly treated in the 2010s, especially after President Smith crowned himself as King in 2014. Once the country was reformed as the more democratic United Provinces in 2015, the Puffepelago voted to join it directly as a state, to have equal rights and involvement in the country. They also changed their flag, and moved the state capital from Terracity to Puffle City. Terracity Island and Terracity were renamed Stanling's Island and Stanlingsport, respectively, shortly after, in honor of the former Snowinian President.


Puffepelagans speak a language that is very similar to Serbian but still hard to understand, especially with regards to the orthography. The language is Puffese and it uses the same alphabet the Stolish language uses, mostly because of heavy Stolish influence as many Stoles moved to Puffepelago in the 17th and 18th centuries.

PUFFESE TEXT: Ja ty pitą, znasz ly słuszać in prateć my kod ja goworę o warznę stwarema w naszój derżawy? Wszy sę tybe su schwateł on czemu se radeł an ty stojesz tu in pitasz se szta si uradeł in koj jest bił twój diel w owę problemu. Rzeka mórzy tak teczy in beż tybe in twóg kompleksa. Ty idy gdzie rzełesz, nie tribasz my wiszy!

SERBIAN TEXT: Ja te pitam, znaš li slušati i pratiti me kad ja govorim o važnim stvarima u našoj državi? Svi sem tebe su shvatili o čemu se radilo a ti stojiš tu i pitaš se šta si uradio i koji je bio tvoj deo u ovom problemu. Reka može da teče i bez tebe i tvog kompleksa. Ti idi gde želiš, ne trebaš mi više!

ENGLISH TEXT: I ask you, do you know how to listen and follow me when I speak on important matters in our state? Everybody but you understand what was up and you are standing there and asking yourself what did you do and what was your part in this problem. A river can flow without you and your complex. You go wherever you want, I don't need you anymore!

Islands and Cities[edit]


Puffepelago is an archipelago entirely consisted of islands. There are dozens of islands, most of whom are small. Those small islands are: Snorkland, The Val Province, Sector V, Ringtail Way, Snowtopia, Snowinian Delphia, Puffle Acres, Dog Valley, Liberdog Dalley, Valican Province, Patrick Vinsent, Maris van Puffal, New Malesheet, Malesheet and Evoland.


  • Puffepelago is also the name of the entire archipelago consisting of this state and the United Provinces' mainland.


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