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Puffican Colonies of Puffle'and
Flag of Puffica
MottoSemper, Semper, Semper
Location of Puffica
The map of the island.
Largest Broadway
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Penguinian, French, German, Spanish, Portugese
Species  Puffles, Penguins, High Penguins, Little Penguins
Demonym Puffican
Membership Puffle'and
Government Overseas Territory that has representation in Puffish Parliament.
Currency Ounces (Oz)
Drives on the Right

Puffica is an island that consists of a Confederation of Colonies from Puffle'and and the seperate state of Peachia on the Southern tip. Puffica is considered to be Puffle'and's most important Colony, moreso than Calada itself. Puffica is also known for it's large diversity of penguins and puffles who have originated from many other parts of the Antarctic.


Puffica was originally inhabited by a Tropical Adelie Penguin subspecies and rules the island by many different tribes. They lived in harmony with mother nature and they tended to live in longhouses made out of wood or occationally teepees made from animal skins. Despite the occasional tribal bickering, the Indigenous penguins who inhabited Puffica generally got along very well. However, things changed in the 1600's, when the first group of persecuted penguin settlers from Puffle'and arrived and founded the town of Rowanoar in the colony they named Vikingia after the Viking Penguins who were on the ship. The small colony which later disappeared without any trace. The colony of Vikingia was resettled again with the town of Jamesville, which eventually became successful after some discipline since the colonists were too lazy to work. The second colony of Puffica was Plarmouth in modern day Settsmass, which was founded by a persecuted Penguin group known as the Pilgrims. Plarmouth survived because of it's help from the indigenous penguins, and to this day, Thanksgiving is celebrated because of the colonist's thankfulness for the help from the natives for helping them survive the island's harsh winter weather. Eventually, many of the other cities were founded and settled in Puffica, each with it's own distinct story. Puffica has been Puffish ever since it's discovery, although some other Ninja Archipelago nations, like Batavia, Frankterre, Alemania, and Castilla have attempted to seize parts of the island, Puffle'and won in the end. Puffica's golden age started in 1920, and had continued until the late 1940's. Although to this day, Puffica is still very old fashioned; the island is still very old fashioned, with old fashioned cars run on gas, black and white Television, old fashioned telephones, cobblestone streets in the older areas, the constant use of telegrams, and the lack of computers. Peachia was the only state to separate from Puffle'and, as it did in 1999. Puffica is still prosperous today.


Puffica is divided into three major Regions, the North, also known as New Puffle'and, the Middle, and the South known as Dixie. Here are a list of the Colonies on Puffica island. starting from North to South.

Acadia South[edit]

Capital: Auguste

Region:New Puffle'and

Located on the tip of Puffica island, Acadia South is famous for it's delicious lobster and seafood in general that is caught fresh from the sea; this explains why it's coast has a penguin majority while puffles tend to live inland or in the backcountry like the rest of the island. South Acadia was first inhabited by Frankterran settlers from the old colony of Arcadia in Calada. Both colonies were eradicated by the Puffish, but unlike it's sister colony, Acadia South, or then known as Acadie Sud, kept it's name and became controlled by the nearby colony of Settsmass. Unfortunately, the Frankterran inhabitants were driven out of Acadia South and they either found themselves in Puffish towns on the island or back in Frankterre. Thus, Acadia South still today has a very small population but is home to many small Puffish villages and towns made of wood and occationally brick.

New Notershire[edit]


Region:New Puffle'and

New Notershire, located next to South Acadia, is considered the second northernmost colony on the island. Because of it's small coastal area, New Notershire did not attract many penguins, thus New Notershire became a pure Puffle Colony. The colony does not have a lot of major cities, but it contains many small towns that originated as small O-Berry farming communities. Later, Puffles went into the woods to hunt other furry animals for their skins to sell to the Penguins, who would turn the skins into clothing or hats. New Notershire is a basically quiet colony that doesn't do much. Their buildings and towns are also either made of wood or brick and follow the familiar format of a town square (the Green), a telenacle, and several shops around the square. New Notershire is known for it's vast amounts of Forests.



Region:New Puffle'and

Voimonte is the only Colony in Puffica that does not touch the Eastern shore of the island. Voimont is less populated than it's neighbor, New Notershire. Voimonte also has small towns and villages that are scattered through the forests. Voimonte is well known for it's production of Maple Syrup from the native Maple Trees that grow in the region of New Puffle'and. Voimonte also never attracted penguins, and it was legalized as an All Puffle Colony like New Notershire. Voimonte's towns and villages are also built with wood and brick and typically contain a telenacle, a town green, and several shops.



Region:New Puffle'and

Settsamass is considered to be the region of New Puffle'and's most populous colony. Settsamass was originally settled in 1621 in the town of Plarmouth in the Cape of Codfish, establishing the Plarmouth Bay colony. Eventually, more settlers, this time political dissenters from Puffle'and, founded the Settsamass Bay Colony and the city of Froston was made several miles north of Plarmouth. Froston became the most popular and powerful city in all of New Puffle'and and became the Region's capital and the capital of the colony. Later, the Settsmass Bay Colony also incorporated the Plarmouth Bay colony. Frozton also attracted many immigrants, mainly from modern day Freezeland and Liguria. Thus, Settsamass also has the largest Penguin population in the region of New Puffle'and. Settasmass's economy highly relies on the sea like Acadia South, and their main produce are clams, oysters, other shellfish, and codfish. The inland areas of Settsamass have larger puffle populations, and it is also home to many more factories that typically produce textiles, weaponry, or cars. Settsamass is much more industrial and many businesses have their headquarters in Froston. Villages, towns, and cities are typically made of wood and brick, although the city of Froston is mostly brick.

Road Island[edit]


Region:New Puffle'and

Road Island is Puffica's smallest colony on the island. It is known for it's large Penguin population because it is at the sea, and the first settlers, persecuted penguins from Puffle'and, came to the island to start the business of fishing. Later, the art of whaling and shipbuilding were acquired, and Road Island soon became a very rich colony with a Penguin majority. Road Island never had many immigrants from other country, thus it never had much conflict and it is one of Puffica's most wealthiest colonies. Still today, many penguins still go out whaling to produce meat and oil. Villages and towns are also mostly made of wood, and occationally brick. Many of the coastal towns and villages that have ports contain yachts from wealthier penguins who typically have well paid jobs in the nearby colonies of Settsamass or New Yank.



Region:New Puffle'and

Conneticult is Puffica's second smallest colony next to Road Island. It again is a mostly Penguin colony with some puffle minorities in the inland areas while there are more penguins near the coast. Conneticult also harbors a lot of fishing and whaling, but it also has some factories and some businesses that have their headquarters in the capital of Heartire. The inland areas of Conneticult produce foods like O-Berries, Nutmeg, and grapes.

New Yank[edit]


Largest City:Broadway

Region:The Middle Colonies

New Yank was orignally a Batavian colony, then known as New Batavia, and it's capital was New Schipol, modern day Broadway City. Batavia colonized the area in the early 1600's. New Schipol had a few Batavian settlers, but it was later populated by mostly High Penguins from the High Penguin Confederacy because most Batavians found no use for the colony and focused on nicer places, like Hindonesie. Eventually, the King of Batavia issued that whoever brought 50 or more settlers to New Batavia would get a large plot of land and a good amount of money. Then, several penguins offered to bring settlers, but not long after the King of Puffle'and found out about the plan. Thus, the King of Puffle'and sent the Duke of Yank and his soldiers and they conquered New Batavia, renaming the colony to "New Yank" after the Duke of Yank and the growing city of New Schipol was renamed to Broadway because of it's broad main street. In later years, Broadway caught on fire and was burnt down in the late 1700's, but it later became a skyscraper metropolis home to Puffica's main economic headquarters, a art haven, and home to many theaters that boasted classic plays. Broadway also became the gateway for a new beginning for less fortunate penguins from other penguins, and Broadway and it's nearby cities received a large influx of immigrants from around the Antarctic that spread through the colony of New Yank. New Yank contains several university cities, some of them started by the Batavians and also contain a lot of diversity. Again, the inland areas outside of the Broadway metropolitan district contain higher concentrations of Puffle inhabitants except for the university cities. New Yank's economy relies on farming in the inland areas, factories near the coast, tourism in the Broadway area, and a lot of businesses have their headquarters in Broadway since it is an economic powerhouse city.

New Gurnsey[edit]


Region:The Middle Colonies

New Gurnsey is a middle colony located right below New Yank. Traditionally, it was not a very popular fishing region, despite it's long stretch of beaches. Therefore, New Gurnsey attracted a puffle majority and New Gurnsey was chartered as an All-Puffle province. New Gurnsey contains several cities and towns, and it is highly populated with some small spots of forest. Because of it's puffle population, fishing is not popular in New Gunsey, and New Gurnsey is home to a lot of industry and houses several factories, which have polluted parts of the ocean. Some areas in deep New Gurnsey have some small farms. New Gurnsey also revolves around tourism in the cleaner beach towns and in the capital city, Brenton.



Largest City:Philia

Region:The Middle Colonies

Pencilvania was first colonized by puffles from Batavia from the New Batavia colony in modern day New Yank. However, when Puffle'and took over, the Batavian settlers were left behind. Nevertheless, they were treated as equals among the new settlers. In 1681, a puffle named Walden Pencil was given the land of Pencilvania as a gift from the King of Puffle'and after New Batavia was eradicated. Walden Pencil wished for Pencilvania to be a colony of peace where run away or abused puffles could find freedom and peace, thus he made Pencilvania a All-Puffle Commonwealth to prevent any conflict between penguin and puffle again, and he allowed multiculturalism between the Puffish and the Batavians to exist. Walden Pencil also hoped to bring peace between the Native Pufficans and the colonists, which did happen, but relations soon declined a few years after Walden Pencil died. Walden Pencil founded the legendary city of Philia, which was the state's capital until the 1800's, when it was switched to Burrisburg. Philia is also the largest All-Puffle city in the Antarctic, although it contains many puffle immigrants from countries like Liguria, Freezeland, Frankterre, Batavia, and Alemania. Pencilvania is mildly foresty in general, but it's major cities are home to a lot of industry with factories. The major city of Philia is a tourist attraction for it's old sites and it is also a political center for Puffica.



Region:The Middle Colonies

Known as the second smallest colony on the island, Delawhere was named after the Delawhere natives who lived on the island before the Puffish. Today, the colony is known for being the Headquarters for some business companies. Willemington is a mostly financial city, while the rest of the colony relies on business and industry for it's economy.



Largest City:Brawltimore

Region:The Middle Colonies

Located close to the center of Puffica Island, Garyland is the southernmost part of the Middle Colonies Region. Garyland was named from Prince Gary of Puffle'and. Garyland is known for the large city of Brawltimore, founded in 1604 and was named after Lord Brawltimore of modern day Freezeland. Thus, many Freezelandian High Penguins immigrated to the city for a new life; many of the poorer ones formed gangs and essentially brawled with each other. Later, other immigrants from places like Castilla, Latin Antarctica, and especially Liguria came to the city, and it was known for it's prominent street gangs back in the early 1900's. Nevetheless, crime is still high in the city of Brawltimore today. Garyopolis is a moderately foresty colony with some mountains to it's west. It contains high population density to it's east and less population in the west. The whole colony has an equal balance of the penguin and puffle populations and buildings there are prominently made out of mostly brick. The colony's economy revolves around fishing in the Chestpeak Bay, tourism in Sea City, and farming in the inland areas.




Home to the first colony on the island, Vikingia was named after the many Germanic Viking Penguins who immigrated there. However, their population is not as large as it used to be, and most of them live in the large cities. The Dixie Region is notorious for being a puffle dominated region. Like the rest of the Region, Vikingia is home to many large plantations that are all owned by puffles and are worked on by the Chinstrap Penguins who are servants. The Puffles and the Chinstrap Penguins have created their own caste system, with the Puffles on top. Vikingia is a major producer of cotton, wheat, and dye materials.

North Carrols[edit]



South Carrols[edit]


Largest City:Karlstoun


Considered to be one of the most classiest of the colonies of Dixie, South Carrols also has plantations that mostly make cotton.

Peachia (Former Colony)[edit]

For more information, see Peachia.

Formerly part of Puffica, Peachia gained it's independence in 1999 along with the United States of Antarctica, and became somewhat part of it. Nevertheless, Peachia still keeps good ties with Puffle'and and trades with it's neighbors very often. It's economy is very similar to the rest of the colonies in the Dixie Region; it is home to many plantations and beautiful farmhomes that boast many types of produce.




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