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PuffleVille's Tragedy Music

The Island Puffle Paradise at its finest.
Country United States of Antarctica
Area Around 50 square miles of land, but with Mystic Island and Puff's News Island, this becomes 75 square miles.
Monuments Historic forts, Periwinkle Tree, Frigid-Ice Statue, Deserted Monument, Sea Temple, Mystical Obelisk, The Rainbow Forest
Headquarters PuffleVille Plaza Center
Mayor Snow
Population 515
rank by 2009 150
Inhabited species Puffles, visiting Penguins
General information
Native name PuffleVille
Foreign name City of PuffleVille
Demonym PuffleVillian (Most known), PuffleVillager (some locals, mainly Puff)
Founded 1953
– Founder Ghastly
Time zone Puffle Standard Time (+1)
Area codes 242

PuffleVille, as its name suggests, just so happens to be a village home to hundreds of puffles. While it isn't a country, but not considered a city, it's rather large for a village, but spread out through the village are clusters of houses, stores, and other everyday facilities.


Ghastly, the TRUE founder of PuffleVille.

Some speculate the first building was created in 1954, just so happening to be the Ghost Puffle Hut. The first known inhabitant settled in late 1953, being the haunted Ghastly, soon to bring several ghost puffle friends, like Dusk, Hallow, and Jack, to settle in the newly built structure. Many speculate that the Ghost Puffle's arrival attracted explorers to the land, but none claimed it theirs. It is possible that because of this, Gold Puffles migrated to the island to establish a mining facility. Because of the mythical creatures flocking here, Rainbow Puffles migrated here for safety purposes, so their species would remain hidden for ages to come. Due to some loophole in time, Dino Puffles started randomly appearing and founded the Dino Playground, which still exists to this day. Also, Crystal Puffles flocked here due to the conditions of Frigid Island being standard for their lifestyle. This also caused Snowman Puffles to become abundant in the area. Dog and Cat Puffles were spotted deep in the PuffleVille Wilds, but were too scared of the lands to come out of the woods. Many exotic Puffles finally revealed themselves as time went on.


In 2007, Snow, current mayor of PuffleVille, set sail from the wild to search for new realms. Along his voyage he came across a Puffle-shaped island. He didn't notice the Ghost Puffle hut, as he came in from the other side. He built his house in late '07, being a 5-story, one room per floor purple house. Then he upgraded his ship with the abundance of trees there. Nobody knows how. He went and brought a group of 15 back. In 2008, a large group of red puffles accidentally landed at PuffleVille rather than Club Penguin. This group still lives at PuffleVille to this day. In late 2009, a large tree, called the Periwinkle Tree, was first spotted by what would become the entrance to PuffleVille. In 2012, the Cloud Forest of PuffleVille was discovered, realm of Rainy the Rainbow Puffle, who had previously been around, but nobody confirmed the location until 2012. Around this time, Buoy #4 was rumored to make an appearance to any who attempted the first known challenge in PuffleVille's history: The Buoy Challenge. This was followed by the opening of the Wildberry Mall and the Puffle Resort. In late 2013, Goldy's old mine became open to the public, and Gold Puffles reportedly started becoming more common. In 2015, the first PuffCon was held at the Summer Fair '15. This was followed in 2016 at the Puffle Land Hotel/Resort. On Halloween of 2015, the first ever lunar eclipse since 2006 was recorded at PuffleVille. In late 2015, a mysterious spacecraft landed on PuffleVille. This was the arrival of Stellar and his crew (read A tale of 10 for more info). Stellar and his crew had run out of fuel and had to have an emergency landing. Their ship, as revealed in Puff's broadcast on December 15th, 2015, is called the S.S. Andromeda. In early 2016, Stellar and his crew left PuffleVille. Lone sightings of abduction throughout PuffleVille have been witnessed. As time went on, more Puffle species unknown to the public started appearing, including, but not limited to the following: The Butterfly Puffle, the Wolf Puffle, and the Black Dragon Puffle. Because of this, PuffleVille became a tourist attraction for its many undiscovered Puffle species that would remain that way had it not had been for Snow. Every year since 2008, around Christmas, a festival is held called the Festival of Light. A FrostByte-shaped array of lights is hidden somewhere through PuffleVille. Most of the time, it's very well-positioned, so it's rather hard to find by just random exploration. Nobody knows but Snow where the FrostByte will be hidden... In late 2016, a Gold Puffle, named Sparkles, made history for the first public sighting of a poor golden Puffle. After this event, Rainy witnessed the arrival of his long-lost cousin Glittery, who made his residence in the Rainbow Fields Hotel in the Sky City, hovering nearby PuffleVille. Nobody's sure as to why the Rainbow Fields Hotel, but perhaps it has to do with their allowing of residence on the top floors. Rumor has it that after the events of The Mystery of the Puffle Resort that Terti has been spotted several times, noticing the witness at some point. In early February of 2017, PuffleVille shut its gates temporarily to update its terrain to make it more natural and smooth. This also drove out the Ghost Puffle Hut, which had been there since the beginning. This also brought in the rebellious Fire Ghost Puffles. However, with Puffle Land's closure, the homeless Ghost Puffles flocked to the abandoned theme park. Notes have already been found sprayed on the Puffle Deluxe Hotel's walls reading strange messages like "I cannot wake up from this miracle of a dream, and I don't want to!", "In the beginning we first built our land, and now we have been offered more room to live, and I love it!" and more. Stellar returned to say hello in late July of 2017, and brought the remodeled S.S. Andromeda along with it! 2018 started with a bang with the stories of The Ravine circulating, and the revelation of the Expufflements to the public. One Expufflement, known as Chilly, finally did get to see his son Icicle after years of confinement. Stellar once again showed up on February 1st to check in on Snow and company, ensuring they were still safe. The fabled Noir Fog, last reported in 2008, made a return, as well, cloaking Puffleville in purple-colored fog for a short while.