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Puffle Car Inc.
Type Public
Industry Automotive
Automotive Parts
Founded 2009
Founder(s) Swiss Ninja Hochstadt
Headquarters UK Flag 2.png Yank, Puffle'and,
Area served All of Antarctica
Products Multiple different varieties of Puffle-sized cars
Services Cars
Revenue Coins; 90,000,000,000 (2015)
Owner(s) Puffish Government (de-jure)
Swiss Ninja (de-facto)
Subsidiaries PC Antarctica
PC Ninja Archipelago
PC Yow (defunct)
PC Shops Island

Puffle Car, or commonly abbreviated to PC is a car company that manufactures cars designed specifically for a Puffle. All cars are either electric or solar powered. Puffle Car and its subsidies hold a monopoly over puffle-sized automobiles throughout Antarctica. The headquarters for Puffle Car is in Yank, Puffle'and.


For a long time, Puffish automobile transportation was very primitive. Most puffles got around under their own power, by specially-designed bicycles, or by carriage. In 2009, when Swiss Ninja seized power and became king of Puffle'and, he decided that is new realm would need to modernize, especially the transportation sector. Swiss Ninja created a car company that would create cars small enough for puffles to drive in, and had the controls that a puffle could use. It sold very well in Puffle'and, due to the fact that almost all Puffish residents are in fact puffles. The new brand of cars became popular across Antarctica, but many countries boycotted the company because of Swiss Ninja being the owner. To circumvent this, Puffle Car created separate subsidies which got around the international boycott, and so Puffle Car's automobiles slowly began to leak into the international market. Nowadays, Puffle Car is in almost all of Antarctica's countries, and is immensely popular among puffles everywhere.

Engineering and Design[edit]

Puffle Car's cars all run on the same engineering basis. They are all designed to be puffle-sized. However, they do not drive like a normal car would. PC cars are driven by the puffle leaning forward or backward in their seat, to make the car go forwards or backwards, respectively. To steer, they lean left and right. Braking happens when the puffle presses a giant red button on the dashboard, where the steering wheel would be in a normal car. The cars from PC's main branch (in Puffle'and) are designed to be driven on the left side of the road; most of the subsidies' cars are designed to be driven on the right side of the road.

All of PC's cars are either electric or solar-powered. The original electric models work on an electric motor which is plugged into the power grid to provide its power. The newer solar cars power themselves using a battery bank which stores the solar energy. Solar cars are slower and smaller than their electric counterparts.


Puffle Cars are commonly abbreviated "PC" An "S" signifies that the car is solar powered. All cars come in White, Black, Blue, Red, Gray, Yellow, Purple and Green. Many of Puffle Cars' cars look exactly like cars designed for penguins, aside from the fact that these are much smaller.

  • PC 1 - The first car manufactured by Puffle Car. It is a small two-passenger car with a top speed of 20 km/h.
  • PC 2 - Puffle Car's second model. It is designed much like the PC 1, but with a more powerful engine and a more spacious interior. Its top speed is 25 km/h.
  • PC-S 1 - Puffle Car's first solar model. It was quite faulty and had a weak engine. It was pulled off the market only months after it was first revealed. Its top speed was a pathetic 10 km/h.
  • PC 3 - Puffle Car's third electric model. It follows the same design of the PC 1 as well, but the PC 3 is much bigger. It has a cabin capable of fitting five puffles, as opposed to the PC 1 and 2 only fitting two passengers. Its top speed is 25 km/h.
  • PC-S 2 - Puffle Car's second attempt at building a solar car. This model is designed like the PC 1 as well, and its solar engine is capable of reaching 20 km/h.
  • PC Sport - Puffle Car's first attempt at making a sports car. It can only hold one puffle, but its electric engine is among the most powerful of any electric cars in Antarctica. Its top speed is 100 km/h.
  • PC 4 - A modification of the PC 3, with a sleeker design and a larger boot (trunk) and more powerful engine. Its top speed is 35 km/h.
  • PC 5 - Puffle Car's first model of a pickup truck. It holds two puffles and can carry a load of 500 pounds in its box. Its top speed is 30 km/h.
  • PC 5.5 - An improved version of the PC 5. It has a larger hauling capacity because of a new and more powerful engine. It can carry 750 pounds in its box, and it has a top speed of 30 km/h.
  • PC Power - Another pickup truck, this is Puffle Car's most powerful vehicle yet. Designed specifically for heavy-duty work, the PC Power can seat two puffles, and it can carry 2000 pounds in its box. It also has a towing power of 5000 pounds. Its top speed is 25 km/h.
  • PC 6 - The latest version of PC's pickup trucks, it can hold five puffles and can carry 1000 pounds in its box. It has a top speed of 35 km/h.
  • PC-S 3 - Puffle Car's latest solar powered model. It has the most powerful motor of any solar-powered car on the market. Its top speed is 40 km/h.
  • PC Family - Puffle Car's first attempt at building an SUV. It can hold seven puffles, and has a top speed of 40 km/h.
  • PC 7 - An improved version of the PC Family. The PC 7 has a more powerful engine, and a top speed of 50 km/h.
  • PC Luxury - The fanciest car that Puffle Car builds, and the most expensive. It is designed with luxury in mind. It can hold four puffles, and is has a top speed of 65 km/h.
  • PC Luxury 2 - A limousine version of the PC Luxury. It can hold up to twelve puffles. and it has a top speed of 50 km/h.

Around Antarctica[edit]

Although Puffle Car is a Puffish brand and was designed for those in Puffle'and, its subsidiaries have become immensely popular across Antarctica. In each country, Puffle Car's cars are received differently and are used to different extents.

  • UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and - Puffle Car has an absolute monopoly over the Puffish market, and almost all adult puffles in Puffle'and own a PC automobile. The streets and highways in Puffle'and are designed specially for the use of these small cars.
  • USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica - The USA has the second largest number of PC cars, but the situation in the USA is precarious. Due to the USA's draconian laws governing automobiles, only a few models of the Puffle Car are allowed in the country.
  • Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png Ninja Archipelago - Puffle Car has yet to really catch on in many AU countries that are not ruled by Swiss Ninja, due to the fact that it is owned by Swiss. Many AU countries forbid any of Puffle Car's subsidies from entering their markets either.
  • Yowien Empire flag.png Old Yow Kingdom - Puffle Car was very popular in Yow before the country fell in 2013. Ever since Yow's collapse, all of PC's cars have been distributed about the four occupation zones, not including the Castillan zone.
  • ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Puffle Car is catching on in Shops Island. In cities with large puffle populations, and therefore large numbers of PC cars, bike lanes and sidewalks have been widened to allow for Puffle Car traffic.


  • MobileShroom hates Puffle Car with a passion.
  • Swiss Ninja has almost nothing to do with the company anymore other than that he's still the CEO; He's normally too busy ruling Snowzerland.
  • During the Great Yowien War, many of Puffle Car's manufacturing plants were transformed into making puffle-sized tanks and airplanes to support the Puffish war effort.
  • Some rich families buy Puffle Car brand automobiles for their chicks to play with.

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