Puffle Grounds

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Puffle Grounds
Key details
Type Plain
Level 6
Location The Rainbow Puffle
Inhabitants Puffles

The Puffle Grounds is a small town-sized piece of land in northern Eastshield that resides a harmonious society of puffles, not bothered by affairs of the 'outer world'. Founded by a penguin named Jackson24 in 2006, the only creatures who could enter the island must have Agent Clearence, but need to answer ten questions on the puffle race first, and have to follow a set of rules and regulations.

The leader of the grounds, which is a deity, would wear the mythical 'Ice Crown' that is hailed to represent the symapthy of the uninvolved puffles. Tribes are also formed. Even though it was announced to the public, not many know about the place. Very few know its location. Getting there would involve Jackson's Escape Pod, which is located in his house.

The Puffle Grounds is usually unaffected by the BoF's orders and has a weird anatomy on its philosphy and place in the universe. The most believed theory is that the Puffle Grounds is the start of a 'bridge' between the two universes.


Main info:The Puffle Grounds are Far Far away From Club penguin Only Secret Agents Can get In The Capsule By Answering 10 Qestions about Puffles Origin/camtobe: Whenever a Puffle Ran away This Is The "Wild" They Say They Went To a Brave Exploer Named Jackson24 (Blue Twilight) Was Out Looking For His Puffle Named Jigglypuff And Found a Big Herd Of Puffle's In Shock He Called Gary Gary Named The Place The Puffle Grounds Jackson Then Teleported Back To Club Penguin To Tell Everybody The News Aunt Artic Couldnt Belive Her Ears! Jackson and Gary Built a Escape Pod The Shape of a Puffle Jackson Painted it all Sorts Of Colors So None Of The Puffles That Saw It Would Be Jealous But Penguins Started Carring The Supplies By Air But Some Of That Stuff Fell Onto the Grounds Puffles arnt Stupid So They Knew What To Do With Every Piece Of Food and Clothing Puffles Started Rounding Up Buddies and Naming Their Tribes The leader always Wore a Ice Crown as a Sign of Sympathy But Jackson's Lost Puffle Was Never Found So He Went To The Pet Shop in Sadness and To His Suprise There Was a Baby White Puffle And So He Purcased Him and Named Him RJ He Was His Favorite Puffle

External Affairs[edit]


The 'Puffle Grounds', under the Legistation Act of the Classification of Inhabitated Areas of 1987 of the Antarctic Regulation Authority, is classified as a town. Indeed, the Puffle Grounds is actually a town with a 2km-radius of uncivilized area. The Legistation Act of the Classification of Determined Areas of 1992, however, classified it as an 'unorganized area'.


Anyone with Agent Clearance or above is allowed to enter the Immigration. Select, no-clearance penguins are also allowed. Following that, penguins would have to take an identification test, customs, clearance of passports and a test on the puffle race before entering. Those who are unable to complete any of the above would have to be sent back.

Other ways of entering include Jackson's Escape Pod, which is secretly kept in his house. No one bothers to look for it, though, as rumors state it is not working.


Puffle Grounds has good relations with other countries. The External Affairs Representitive would usually be sent out to the area for meetings with other ministers. Puffle Grounds has indeed established good relations with the USA, UnitedTerra, Freezeland and more.

Tribal placement and Leadership[edit]


Philosphy and Anatomy[edit]

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