Puffle Hotel

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Puffle Hotel
Puffle Hotel Lobby.png
The Lobby
Key details
Type Hotel
Level Six stories
Location Plaza, Club Penguin
Inhabitants No permanent residents, only hotel guests

The Puffle Hotel is the hotel that was finished when the Puffle Party started in 2013 on Club Penguin Island. Located in Club Penguin's Plaza, the hotel is made to pamper puffles and to send penguins via cannon to adopt Rainbow Puffle in the sky. Today, the hotel is a very luxurious and prosperous hotel and is well known far and wide. It is rated four stars, making it one of the few that have that rating.


PH, who discovered a large herd of Rainbow Puffles in the skies of Club Penguin, believed that it was time for the general public to adopt the species of Rare Puffle in order to preserve its existence. Due to the lack of airborne vehicles on the island, PH declared that a Puffle Hotel would be built so that the cannons available on the island could be used to shoot penguins into the sky to adopt the Rainbow Puffles. Meanwhile, support for the Puffle Hotel was unanimous among Puffle enthusiasts and tourists to the island, who have longed for a place to stay and relax. Construction immediately started, and it was finished on March 21st, 2013, which coincided with the start of the Puffle Party of 2013. The grand opening was attended by Club Penguin's moderators and Antarctica's former president, Billybob. The Hotel's first few days were completely booked and its ratings skyrocketed. Business was successful and it led to the hiring of a large maintenance force that was responsible for cleaning up the hotel. Today, the Hotel is the only hotel in Club Penguin and is popular with puffles and tourists.

Locations in the Hotel[edit]

  • Reception / Lobby - A large, elegant lobby where the Receptions desk, Coat check desk, a small Puffle cafe, and a small Puffle boutique are located. The lobby has an entrance to the Pet Shop and has one elevator. It is characterized with a Rainbow Puffle fountain that was made by Yellow Puffle artists and an O-berry chandelier imported from Puffle'and.
  • Puffle Hotel Spa - This is the room where puffles can exercise and be groomed. It is split into two halves, one half gym and one half spa. For exercise, there are treadmills and yoga mats. On the other half, there is a grooming area and a hair dresser for puffles.
  • Rooftop Pool - The roof top boasts a large pool and a small cafe. There are also soft comfy couches where penguins can sleep with their puffles. At the roof top, puffles can eat, sleep, relax and swim. Currently, there is also a cannon that can shoot penguins into the clouds. This allows penguins to catch and adopt the rare Rainbow Puffles.
  • Rooms - There are three different types of rooms; Regular, Deluxe, and Suite. Unaccessible really, some rooms can accommodate only puffles, some only penguins, and some can accommodate both.



  • USA (1 branch)
    • Club Penguin [first made] (1 branch)
    • PuffleVille [named Puffle Resort] (1 branch)
    • Add more!
  • Snowiny (7 branches)

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