Puffle Pumpkin

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Puffle Pumpkin
A hungry Puffle Pumpkin
A hungry Puffle Pumpkin
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Subclass: Theria
Infraclass: Eutheria
Order: Figmentixyli
Family: Moschomicrotheridae
Genus: Moschomicrotherium
Species: M. cucurbita
Binomial Nomenclature
Moschomicrotherium pufflei cucurbita
Pumpkin Puffles are scarce in antarctica and are only found in certain seasons.
Pumpkin Puffles are scarce in antarctica and are only found in certain seasons.

Puffle Pumpkins are very rare Puffle/plant hybrids. Many penguins buy decoration that looks like the puffle. They seem to have lots of knowledge of the Grim Reapuff and other Halloween items. They are NOT Jackos.


It was a stormy Halloween in 2008. A lightning storm hit and nearly destroyed the Dojo, and while G and the Secret Agents investigated, they found Puffle Pumpkins, they thought they were a decoration until one moved. G took one to his lab to see what they were, and it took him two months to come to the conclusion that they were no longer pumpkins, but are actually Puffles. They sold out very quickly and G only had one left for the agency.

Puffle Pumpkins made a second resurgence in Halloween 2009, after the impact of the Pumpkin Meteor at Elinz Plateau. Several pumpkins turned into Puffle Pumpkins because of the impact, and of course, pumpkins sprang up everywhere around the impact site. Some of those also became Puffle Pumpkins.


They are very loving Halloween puffles. They are one of the most loved puffles in all the USA, but are so rare that many people don't get their hopes up about another gigantic storm or meteroite coming and bringing Puffle Pumpkins. Some Penguins might own Puffle Pumpkins, but the odds of finding them are few.


  • A large number of pumpkins turned into Puffle Pumpkins when the Pumpkin Meteor impacted at Elinz Plateau.
  • Normally, they only appear on Halloween and/or VERY large storms. Very few people round up enough before they're gone for a long time. Puffle Pumpkins that aren't rounded up mysteriously vanish, possibly heading to a top-secret colony of their own kind.
  • It has been known that scientific penguins have been trying to create large storms to increase the chances of a Puffle Pumpkin appearing, though there is a debate between Nature vs Nurture as to whether scientists should meddle with the development of their breed, or to let them spawn naturally.

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