Puffles United in Forming a Free and Liberated Empire

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Puffles United in Forming a Free and Liberated Empire
Headquarters Snowdon, Puffle'and
Languages Pufflish
Membership Puffles
- leader Crazy Jake
- members 30,000
Establishment 2017

Not to be confused with Puffle (the species).

Puffles United in Forming a Free and Liberated Empire or PUFFLE is an Antarctic militant group currently considering a terrorist organization that is consisted entirely of puffles fighting against penguin supremacy and in favour of puffle supremacy and in favour of the removal of penguins from all lands where puffles wish to live. It is headquartered in Snowdon but has multiple bases worldwide. It has been involved in many militant acts of rebellion, such as in Snowdon in February 2018, when they revolted against penguin presence in Puffle'and and attacked a penguin.


It was created in late 2017 as part of a revolt against growing penguin influence in Puffle'and, a country that has historically been puffle-dominated and that used to rule almost the entire continent in the 1990s. Puffle militancy started to rise around year 2000 as a result of the creation of the United States of Antarctica and Puffle'and's loss of nearly all of its colonies. Puffle militancy reached its peak in 2018 as a result of Puffle'and passing laws giving penguins more rights. This caused a major revolt and barricades being formed in the streets of Snowdon.

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