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Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Location Frostborough
Birth date January 12, 1997 (1997-01-12) (age 22)
Occupation Junior sailor extrordinare.
Height 4.5 ft
Nationality Borougher
Interests Singing, acting, surfing, Card-Jitsu Water, reading books, being a pirate
Friends La4o5, Simona7, Bonbon4o2, his puffles and more
Enemies Iveton

Puh4opanda is a red High Penguin, who lives in Frostborough.


Puh4opanda was born on 1997 in Frostborough. Several days later, his mother went to the Pet Shop and bought him a red puffle. The puffle and Puh4opanda became best friends. In 2001, he met La4o5, Simona7 and Bonbon4o2 and started playing with them. Everything was doing great, when in 2003 he broke Bonbon4o's arm accidentally with his powers of a High Penguin. From then, he is practicing them. In 2004, he started school and he was so smart, he graduated in 2005. After that, one day he went shopping with his mum and bought a propeller hat. He really liked it. The next day, he and his friends went to the Forest with their puffles - Titi, Bob, Dumi and Blui. After waddling in the forest for the whole day, they were going home, when Titi—Puh4o's red puffle—ran into a bush. The kids waddled to the bush and saw Titi trying to release a red puffle, stuck into the bush. Puh4o helped him and saw that the red puffle is Yarr! He said "Maybe he is lost! We have to get him to Rockhopper!" After that, the kids waddled to the Beach and saw a worried Rockhopper. They gave him Yarr and he thanked them. He said that they can go with him on a pirate adventure and they said yes. On the next day, they said goodbye to their parents and sailed in the sea with the Migrator.

Travelling with Rockhopper[edit]

On the first day, Rockhopper brought them to the Captain's Quarters and told them that he is going to the Titics island-a mystical jungle island, ruled by magic and sorcerery. Bonbon4o, Simona and La4o were excited, but Puh4o wasn't. He still remembered when he hurt Bonbon4o with magic. A month later, they coasted at Titics island. The kids and Rockhopper were amazed. They decided to sleep in the Migrator for the first night, and to enter the jungle on the next day.In the night, while Simona, La4o, Bonbon4o and Rockhopper were sleeping, Puh4o entered the jungle. After walking for 3 hours, he saw a strange looking penguin. He looked like a Shaman-mystical penguins, who knew how to use the magic. He tried to hide, but the Shaman saw him. He ran away, but Puh4o followed him.