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Pulse Holdings Corporation
Type Private/Public
Industry Military hardware
Founded 2012
Headquarters City of Progress, Munijoch
Area served Munijoch, Antarctica, Axle Powers countries
Key people Joseph Yslenski (CEO, Owner of Operations)
Revenue Classified
Operating income Classified
Net income Classified
Employees 50,000+

Pulse Holdings Corporation is the publicly traded aerospace, mechanical, automobile, security and defense company that owns PULSE, DRONE, and other companies within their umbrella. Formed in 2012 after the acquisition of Tuering, a rival security and defense contractor, to organize and restructure the company, it now oversees the production of all weapons and materials going to and through the companies it owns. The corporation as a whole produces airships, jets, fighter planes, bombers, autonomous vehicles, artillery, tanks, transport vehicles, weaponry, reactors with the company's PULSE-material, jet turbines, energy cores, and bombs. Based in Munijoch, it's the among the country's sole military contractors, holding a 98% dominance in the market, with international holdings varying between 1-10% in total per country participating in trading.

Partially owned by the government to prevent buying out, the company does not publicly report quarterly gains (except to investors), but the government reports "strong profits" and projects strong future growth.


Formation as a company[edit]

Following PULSE's acquisition of Tuering, the executives suggested that an umbrella company be formed to better organize the companies' assets and policy. Joseph and the Board agreed, and on November 20th, 2012, Pulse Holdings Corporation was formed. Under the corporation, the companies would be traded, but they cannot be bought out due to government buffers to prevent doing so. In addition, they would begin to trade the company into foreign markets and allow foreign investors to get stakes in the company.

Axle Powers Trading[edit]

The key role of the company came into play when Munijoch joined the Axle Powers, an alliance formed shortly before the Frosian War. The company began to swiftly supply ea. allied country in the alliance with weaponry per the trade deal made. Pulse also cut ties with countries participating against the Powers during the war, and eventually permanently afterwards. During this time, a new company, DRONE, was added to the umbrella. The corporation was successful in managing and distributing arms during the war, and gained huge investing and funding from both Munijoch and the other countries.

Present Day[edit]

Today, Pulse Holdings Corporation has added multiple companies to it's name, and is actively trading in participating countries around the region. In addition, the government has reported strong gains for the company, with investors confirming that.


Pulse Holdings holds numerous locations where the company has operations, including weapons testing, manufacturing, and assembly of multiple products from the companies underneath the umbrella.

Name Location Description
Pulse Holdings Corporation Towers City of Progress Main headquarters of Pulse Holdings and PULSE, on the Upper Spire inside a 75 story skyscraper.
PULSE Labs City of Progress The development lab of PULSE and DRONE, housed between the 20th and 35th floors, with a floor dedicated in between them for insulation and steel sheeting protection.
PULSE Underground Storage Facilities Munijoch 10 massive underground storage warehouses categorized by company, floor, and section of weaponry. Hidden due to secrecy
PULSE Back-up Storage Facilities Scattered throughout Munijoch Storage for emergency supplies, equipment, and weaponry in case of heavy warfare. Contains approx. 100,000 excess of every item produced and roughly 5 extras per vehicle produced, with the exception of the MJ-680, in which there is one extra.
Tuering Corporation Offices and Labs Centrallica Original offices of Tuering, now the labs and company offices for development.
Gallium Metal and Metallurgy Plant City of Progress Manufactures the metal for PULSE, DRONE, and Tuering.
PULSE Manufacturing Factory #1 Mt. Vespa City Factory for all weaponry produced by PULSE and Tuering.
PULSE Manufacturing Factory #2 Centrallica Factory for vehicles and autonomous machines produced by PULSE, DRONE, and Tuering.
PULSE Manufacturing Factory #3 Somewhere Underground Produces the MJ-680 and other Mega PULSE products.
PULSE Testing Facilities Southern Island of Zescore Testing grounds for all of PULSE, DRONE, and Tuering weaponry.
PULSE Manufacturing Factory #3 City of Progress Produces all energy cores, turbines, and reactors for PULSE.
PULSE Developmental Labs Unknown Development labs for PULSE, as well as testing grounds for classified weapons.


Over the years, PULSE as a company and as an umbrella corporation has launched major projects, both in Munijoch and internationally, spanning across multiple countries and areas.

Project Shockwave[edit]

In 2011, PULSE began creating GPS satellites to interlink their devices and vehicles together under the Shockwave Control Console. The purpose was to be able to track, report, and watch for any form of enemy movement near the vehicle's position, decreasing casualties and adding increased safety towards the army and it's vehicles. Recognizing the potential for commercialization, it began selling GPS systems for civilian use as well, featuring several maps of Munijoch and Zescore. Even though exact images such as live satellite camera feeds are still military exclusive, the project was deemed overall a success.

Project 680[edit]

In 2012, under the command of Victor Malkov, PULSE produced the MJ-680, the largest airship on Munijoch. Used during the Invasion of Felipenas to annihilate the WhiteBlood proxy government, it boasts incredible fire power and transportation potential, with 3 levels serving miscellaneous purposes, such as vehicular transport, medical and strategic bays, and command posts for the president and captain of the ship. Since then, Munijoch has built 4 more, scheduled to be finished in 2017 or later up to 2020.

Clean Slate Initiative[edit]

Following a massive leak from spies within the company of technology actively being reproduced, Pulse Holdings was forced to initiate it's Code 1 Security Protocol, Clean Slate. Clean Slate disables any all PULSE-related technology where an unauthorized device connects to the Shockwave network. Pinpointing to a remote factory somewhere in Antarctica, a DRONEBase successfully delivered the kill command, detonating an estimated 250 devices installed with the Clean Slate Drive, a drive that is required to be built in, or else the devices won't work. Charges were filed and the Foreign Vanguard Force arrested the suspects on patent infringement and pirating, as well as invasion and leaking of government secrets.

Wavelength Project[edit]

In 2015, U.T.R requested that PULSE manufacture multiple forms of non-lethal war for the wars being fought by it. After about a week of designing, they created the Wavelength series of non-lethal weapons, each of which has a variety of different effects on the enemy and their supplies.

SnoBoll Inception[edit]

In 2016, Pulse Holdings announced that Munijoch, Pulse Holdings, and the United States of Antarctica reached a deal to create a new company operating in South Pole City. The company, called SnoBoll was formed to increase the United States' defensive capabilities against invaders and other military powers looking to intrude on them. They are the first company to ever utilize the environment to their advantage, by blending in traps and other things into the environment around them. They're also utilizing PULSE technology in a manner that forms a barrier between two arc rod PULSE Reactors. Production is expected to begin in 2017.


  • PULSE: Creator of cutting edge weaponry, vehicles, and other military supplies.
  • DRONE: Autonomous vehicle manufacturer from PULSE.
PULSE TACTOS: Official Armory supplier for Munijoch.
  • Gallium: Metallurgists and Forgers for most of PULSE's metal needs.
  • Tuering: Classic gunpowder based arms supplier, as well as creator of smart weaponry.
  • SnoBoll: Defense specialty company specializing in adaptive defenses.




  • It's based off of Rolls-Royce Holdings, a similar company specializing in Aerospace.
  • The PULSE Holdings Skyscraper contains over 1,249,542 cup holders in total.

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