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Harry Poms
Image caption
Title No Title
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction The Defenders
Health 100%
Level Level 14 SUPERHERO
Status Superhero

Puny or Harry Poms is a superhero that resides in CPC. He is one of the best physicists and in Antarctica and one of the few helminthologists (person who studies worms).


The Man in the Worm Tunnel[edit]

Harry Poms was a notable physicist who discovered particles that would allow stuff to grow or shrink. He called them Pom particles and patented them to use for carrying large quantites of food to starving people. However, one day he was covered in the stuff and he shrunk very small and fell into the earth. He thought he was a goner, but an earthworm came out and saved him. He vowed never to step on an Earthworm again and devoted a lot of his time ti studying Earth Worms

As a superhero[edit]

Eventually, Harry Poms mastered the art of communcating with Earth worms, and also studied how to communicate with other small invertebrates as well. He started to work for a Dorguegese Penguin named Aaron van Dork, and fell in love with his daughter, Janice van Dork. One day Aaron was killed, so Harry used his Pom Particles to build a suit that would allow him to grow and shrink, and assembled an army of earthworms and captured Aaron's killers. He continued to fight crime and do research.


After creating the Defenders, Harry longed for a world where superheroes didn't have to fight crime. He created a robot named Ultroid to assist him with battle. he programmed Ultroid to never kill. However, Ultroid's programming overied that, believing that it is more efficient to kill villains than to lock them up. Harry and the Defenders tried to stop Ultroid, but he sang a silly song. Ultroid is one of the Defenders most dangerous and persistent villains, and Harry feels guilty for the damage Ultroid causes.


Puny was one of the founding members of The Defenders, along with Iron Walrus, Shape Shifter, Thorn the Tern, and Detective Focci.


Puny can use the suit with Pom Particles to shrink and grow his body at any time. Usually, he can shrink smaller than a cell, and grow larger then a skyscraper. he can also send out pheromones and vibrations into the ground to control earthworms, and cause the ground to become shaky. He can use the earthworms to cover villains, which really grosses them out.


  • He is a parody of Ant-Man. Ultroid is a parody of Ultron.
  • He has many alter-egos such as Gigantic Penguin, Worm Lord, the Annelid, ect.

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