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Pyramid of Parody
Jokes aside, this is Illustrator Keith's rough sketch of the Pyramid, rendered into full-screen HQ 2-D full-size ratio, for the convenience of the user, or whoever it is looking at this picture. Yes, I mean you. Yep. That's right. Big Brother is watching-gets knocked out by random penguin
Effects Parodies things.
Source ???? (usually Club Penguin)
Location ????
Club Penguin
Cost to build
Cost to buy Not for sale
Cost to sell Not for sale

The Pyramid of Parody is a small shape-shifting pyramid that can travel through the universe and interact with the Bureau of Fiction. It spends a lot of time in Club Penguin, although because it can travel through space and time, it is unknown what percent it actually spends here compared to other universes. The Pyramid's role is to take ideas, concepts, works, beings, etc. from another universe, and plant it into another one. What will result will be a copy, but the Pyramid will make signfigant changes to it in order to not be considered a rip-off and make it unique in its own way. The Pyramid is liked by many members of the Bureau of Fiction due to its friendliness, but some argue that it is taking away uniqueness, origionality, and/or creativity. The fact that its best friend is the Cube of Cliché doesn't help.


Like the Cube of Cliche, the Pyramid of Parody's orgins are unknown, and it is rumored to have existed as long as there have been multiple universes. However, it is definite that the Pyramid of Parody has existed for a very, very long time, as it seems to know everything about the known history of the Earth.

The Pyramid of Parody first appeared in this universe on New Year's Day 2000, in the BoF. It flew about for a while, inspecting a few interesting documents, and just as an annoyed staff member jumped up to catch it, it disappeared. Director Benny and Mayor McFlapp were concerned about this. They were worried that it might be another variety of the Cube of Cliché, or, even worse, a spy sent in by an intruder.

A week later, the Pyramid of Parody re-appeared. A chase was organised, and it was captured via the use of a chick's red stocking cap - a premonition of what the pyramid would come to do. Once this was done, the Pyramid of Parody explained itself and its purpose, and they decided that, for the greater good, they should release it.

McFlapp thought that the Pyramid was a good anthropomorphic object, but Benny was jealous of it. The Pyramid meant that he would lose some control other the ideas and creation of characters, items, etc., and Benny was from the egoistic Von Injoface Family. He then leapt up on his typewriter, and, when Mayor McFlapp wasn't looking, quickly wrote that the Pyramid was the Cube of Cliché's best friend.

He approved of it.

Really, really awful idea.

The Pyramid of Parody suddenly gained the power to fly through walls, and it magically went and made friends with the Cube of Cliché, which was inaccessible without facing danger. Benny, at first, was delighted at McFlapp's sudden concern, but then he too became worried after half an hour. Perhaps the plan had backfired.

When at last the Pyramid of Parody came out, the Pyramid had changed drastically. It was completely annoying, and it acted like a clichéd office worker. It then began making absurd parodies of random things, which were often clichéd.

To this day, Benny regrets making the Pyramid of Parody's best friend the Cube of Cliché, and is always relieved when the Pyramid goes to "INFINITY AND BEYOND!" to get new ideas...but it always comes back, and the loop begins again.


The Pyramid of Parody's neverending mission is to go from one universe to another, to take ideas and parody them in multiple other universes, this one included. The Pyramid of Parody will never stop this task, unless it is destroyed or severely damaged. In the latter case, it cannot shapeshift and blend into the crowd, which it must not do under any costs. Unless it's in the BoF agency, of course.


The Pyramid of Parody is on the second to the right, and is making multiple parodies. The fact that this picture shows the Pyramid making more than a maximum of two parodies at the same time is very rare.

The Pyramid is smaller than most pictures make it out to be, being merely 10 inches tall. When not shape-shifting, it has four sides - triangles 1, 2 & 3 and the Base - which makes it a tetrahedron. Triangle 1 stands for the new universe, Triangle 2 stands for changes, Triangle 3 stands for background history, and the Base is what mixes them together. When it gets ready to make a parody, an additional side grows on the point, which is the parody, and if there are more than one source for the parody, it will make the apropriate number of sides, which is, obviously, three. These three sides contain the elements of the parody, because if it had more than three sides, then the duplicate would no longer be a pyramid, defeating the purpose of having the Pyramid stay a triangle.

When it has found three parody-elements from one to three sources, it will make a duplicate of itself on the point, making it look like a mirror image. By that, it looks like there is an upside-down pyramid magically balancing on the pointed part. When there are six parody-sources, then the second duplicate will be made from the base of the first duplicate, and so on.

When it has received full approval to make the parody, the base will decide what kind of parody it will be, and once accomplished, the duplicates already made suddenly disappear, and then another duplicate is made to the Pyramid's side. If there are more than one parodies, then the duplicates will sprout anywhere within a close range of each other; the range is a maximum of 5 inches. However, this duplicate(s) then melts into the air, which means that the parody has been transported to somewhere on the globe and is created.


Types of Parodies[edit]

Cemented Parody: A parody with attributes that firmly establish the nature of its parodee. Cementation is the process of adding facts and attributes to the entity to turn it into a fully cemented parody.

Parallel Parody: An entity that is not intended to be a direct, complete parody, but represents something in another universe and takes its place in composite parodies.

Semi-Parody: Much like the Parallel Parody, a semi-parody takes one or more features of the parodying-victim, and either blows it out of proportion, or makes them the central theme of the parody. In very rare occasions, there are two parodying-victims, usually because they have the same name, features and are from the same genre.

Composite Parody: Any parody with two or more parodees.

Antonymous Parody: A parody that has attributes opposite to its parodee.

Allegory Parody: A parody of an event AND/OR a parody that is an event and retells a story from another universe.

Imported Parody: The process of taking something from the real world, leaving it as is with a few minor changes (not including personality), and placing it into the Fanon (or any) Universe.

Location Parody: A parody of a location.

Character Parody: A parody of a being.

Light Parody: A parody that resembles the Parodee in small aspects, like appearance, name, or certain personality traits.

In-Universe Parody: A parody of something that is in the same universe as the parody.


Cemented Parody: "Hey, let's make this parody have a rock-solid character and has half the same characteristics as the parodying-victim! That's parody theory, dood."

Parallel Parody: "Hmm, this parody has only two of the same characteristics as the parodying-victim, but he's more bad-tempered and he's the mayor of <insert parody city here, idk North Bar Village, whatever>! PWNsome!"

Semi-Parody: "I know! Let's parody this ever-nagging sister from Da Lying, Da Which and Da War-dove and Swallow and Ham-a-zone and let's have Bellarocker! EPIC!"

Composite Parody: "Okay, so this artist specialises in paintings and this guy loves science...I know! Combine the two parodying-victims and make 'Eincroix'! That's parody theory, dood."

Antonymous Parody: "Argh! This guy is a really annoying Mary Sue! Ah-ha! Let's make the parody a really nice pauper! BRILLIANT!"

Allegory Parody: "Okay, this dystopia has waaaay too many animals for Club Penguin, so let's call it 'Puffle Farm'! YES!!"

Imported Parody: "We need humans? Hmmm... Mister Bean fits the slot perfectly! Hurrah!"

Location Parody: "Um...let's parody Switzerland and no questions asked."

Character Parody: "I know! 'Angry Birds' are g8 for parody ideas!"

Light Parody: "I know! Let's make that guy have the same name as his parody! BRILLIANT!"

In-Universe Parody: "Captain Yolo = Captain Swaggins, no questions asked."


The PoP created, or at least had a major part, in these articles.

Anti-Pyramid of Parody Society[edit]

The Anti-Pyramid of Parody Society, or APOPS for short, is a society only for BoF members that is against the Pyramid of Parody. Due to the Pyramid's intense popularity, the group has never been particularly popular or successful, the latter reason being because the more skilled, intelligent penguins working in the BoF usually like the Pyramid. It has also been ridiculed many times, as many workers of the BoF think that the world wouldn't exist as it does now without a sprinkle of parodies. The fact that nobody particularly likes its founder, Director Benny, doesn't help.


A few weeks after the Pyramid of Parody (PoP) became what it is today, Director Benny was feeling dejected how things had progressed from "bad" to "worse". He hated the PoP and its friend the Cube of Cliché (CoC), and he was about to try another fruitless campaign to stop him from coming back to the BoF, when a better idea popped into his head - how about starting a society against the PoP and CoC? He then conjured up the means of setting such a society by writing & approving a self-written deluxe HQ on the outskirts of South Pole City, and began the new campaign.

At first, only a few ridiculed members of the BoF joined the new society, in the hope of getting their own back at their ridiculers. Soon, a few more penguins, increasingly annoyed by the PoP's parody-ing and the CoC's cliché-ing, joined, and became active members of the society. Due to the sheer amount of members, Director Benny had to divide them into groups, such as "Faithful Members", "Second-in-Command", and so on.

From the day that Director Benny had to divide the amount of penguins into groups, the society has been severely ridiculed and criticised. Many of the anti-APOPS think that the world would be worse off without parodies, and others think that the PoP and, to a lesser extent, the CoC are nice, helpful objects - Mayor McFlapp among the latter, since he supports the PoP.


The APOPS is self-explanatory - it is a society that is fully against the PoP, and tries its best to get rid of it somehow, for the greater good. It is thus involved in some of the BoF workers being excluded and ridiculed, which has lead to Director Benny making them a special department in the BoF, to keep secluded and not having to face ridicule all the time. This department has nothing special; it is just an office like all the other departments, except certain areas have the correct specialty for the worker who's joined the APOPS, such as a desk clearly saying "Writer" for a penguin who writes out characters, and another desk less than ten yards away saying "Rollback" for a rollbacker.

Attempted Overthrows[edit]


  • Mayor McFlapp always tries to write the society out of existence, but at the last moment, Director Benny always reverts his edits and makes sure the APOPS still exists.
  • Pamphlets were spread to their members by Mayor McFlapp and some friends, saying that the APOPS was an evil organisation run by a fake Benny who's intent on stealing their information. Whilst one-third of the amount of members left, Director Benny quickly deleted the rest.
  • When the members of the APOPS finish their shift and they waddle out of their department, they are always attacked in some way, usually as a parody of something.


  • A brave member of the APOPS once tried to delete the PoP. It didn't work; the poor penguin ended up as the one being deleted.
  • Members have often tried to persuade that Earth is hostile to the PoP in the guise of being kind and helpful, but the PoP couldn't care less whether it's dangerous or not.
  • The members have tried strengthening the walls of the Bureau whenever it visits the CoC in the hope that it will be too thick to fly through, but the PoP, no matter what, can still fly through walls.
  • Whenever the PoP visits the CoC, they try endlessly to make it lose the power to fly through walls to imprison it in the CoC's special safe, but Mayor McFlapp always reverts this action.

General Reception[edit]

Beginning from late 2018, members of the BoF were asked, by Mayor McFlapp and Director Benny, about their opinions on the PoP. Whilst a few refused the offer, many voiced their opinions. Here are a cherry-picked selection:

I like-a him-a, but I'd-a like him more-a if he-a could drink-a my coffee-a!
I'd like it more if it gave me a new, waaaaaay better life. I wouldn't care if it was parodied, either. Even if it's awful. Even if I'm neutral. Even if I end up as a chick that gets boxed around the ears all the time. Anyway, back to work... okay, this guy is "NEUTRAL", so dewit, and this one is "BAD", so stamp, and this is a goodie, so "GOOD"...

Add more opinions!

Obviously, to encourage the others, the Mayor and the Director themselves said something about it too:

A bally good chap it is, wot wot!
It's a no-good, lazy @#$%&^%...


  • That's parody theory, dood.
  • Let's parody <insert parody-victim name here>, and no questions asked.
  • "PoP!" Goes the pyramid!


(The Pyramid is talking to a group of BoF workers on parody theory.)
PoP: -again. So that, my friends, is "general relativity". The reason why-
(One, who is not familiar with the Pyramid, speaks up.)
Worker: Sir, honourable sir, may I ask for an explanation of "general relativity"? I am not a physics professor, sir.
(The PoP clears its throat.)
PoP: Weeeeeeeell, "general relativity" is the phenomenon when Blathers and Duff team up with Poirot and go to Mr. Rochester's house to find the solution of Baskerville's mysterious death whilst Frankenstein, Romeo and Juliet were reading books and the Tomcat Murr was writing his diary whilst screaming "LULZ I GETZ A ICELOLLY LULZ!". It can't get any clearer than that!
Worker: ...
Everybody else: ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯


  • Only the base of the Pyramid can speak.
  • Creatures who don't really know the Pyramid of Parody well tend to address him as "sir", "master", "your highness", etc., which annoys Director Benny greatly.
  • The pyramid and the cube have joined forces to create anachronisms, stock characters, homages and pastiches.
  • It works with other in-universe Bureaus, like the BoE or BoFW.
  • This is another reason why Benny hates the Pyramid.
  • However, Mayor McFlapp either doesn't know this, or is just kidding to himself that it isn't true.
  • The Pyramid itself is a parody of the Cube of Cliche. Both are geometric solids that have an alliteration in their name which relates to a reoccuring motif in the fanon universe, and have sides that are crucial for making things.
  • Because it can travel through space and time, it cannot be contained. The BoF don't really have the will to do so anyway, which is a win-win situation.

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