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Quartet cover.PNG
Studio album by Penguin Band
Released March 24, 2015
Recorded October 2014—March 2015
Genre Pop rock, alternative
Length 35:15
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Producer G Billy (exec.), Petey K (exec.), Ray Kodo, Rockyard, Skyman, One Wonder
Penguin Band chronology

Q (initial for Quartet) is a mini-album by the Antarctican band, Penguin Band. It was surprise-released on March 24, 2015 with no prior promotion or announcement, by Club Penguin Music Records exclusively to iceTunes. It is one of the few albums in penguin musical history where an artist has taken the risk of surprise-releasing an album. The album was released in preparation for their bigger third album, Timeless, as well as satisfying the fans demands for more music. It is the first time that the band have released an album that wasn't released in the final quarter of the year.

The album was prepared and released in short-notice due to a number of leaked demos that were released on to the internet in early 2015. As a result the Band compiled the leaked songs and released them as a mini-album. Many of the songs were unfinished demos that were intended for their third studio album, Timeless (2015), intended for release later in the year. However the leaks resulted into a change of plans and thus, the formation of Q.

As per usual, Q entered at number 1 across all charts and was sold at a relatively cheap price due to its status as a mini-album, as well as treating the fans. It continues Penguin Band's record of having all their albums charting at number 1 in every existing Antarctican chart.


No singles were released prior or after the album release. However, Petey K did say that if they were to have chosen a single to release, it would have been "Penguin Style" and no more. It is important to note, however, that all songs managed to chart in numerous top 100 charts as they were purchased separately.


Ever since the Band's second album Cosmic (2014) there has been clear divisions between genres on the album. Out of the 8 tracks, three are country pop, three are pop rock and two are alternative.

  • Country pop − "Penguin Style", "Nobody But Us", "Come Together"
  • Alternative − "Magic", "Display"
  • Pop rock − "Centre Stage", "Dojo", "Used to Be"

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Centre Stage"  Steven Bobly, Franky Jones, Billy Gregory, Peter KingsPetey K, One Wonder 4:15
2. "Penguin Style"  Peter Kings, Steven Bobly, Billy Gregory, Skyman, Franky JonesSkyman, Rockyard (co.), Petey K 3:52
3. "Come Together"  Steven Bobly, Ray Kodo, Billy Gregory, Peter Kings, Franky JonesRay Kodo 4:17
4. "Nobody But Us"  Billy Gregory, Steven Bobly, Peter Kings, One Wonder, Franky JonesOne Wonder, G Billy 3:35
5. "Magic"  Franky Jones, Bennett Williams, Steven Bobly, Billy Gregory, Peter KingsOne Wonder, Petey K 4:36
6. "Dojo"  Steven Bobly, Ray Kodo, Billy Gregory, Peter KingsG Billy, Petey K 4:00
7. "Display"  Steven Bobly, Franky Jones, Billy Gregory, Peter KingsPetey K, Skyman (co.) 5:18
8. "Used to Be"  Steven Bobly, Ray Kodo, Billy Gregory, Peter KingsRockyard, Petey K, G Billy (co.) 5:22
Total length:


Chart positions[edit]

Chart (2015) Peak
CP Albums Chart 1
Antartican Hot 100 Albums 1
UnitedTerra Albums Chart 1
Freezeland Albums of 100 1
Tel Ah Phon Albums Chart 1
Pengolian Albums Chart 1
Puffle'and Bouncin' 100 Albums 1
Dorkugal Albums Chart 1
Swiss Ninja's Top Hits Chart 1
Los Hits Calientes Castellanos 1
Les Hits d'Aujourd'hui de Frankterre 1

Sales and certifications[edit]

Country Certification
Club Penguin
2x Platinum
2x Platinum
Tel Ah Phon
2x Platinum
2x Platinum

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