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— Quacker
Status Alive
Born December 25, 1986
Penger, Annonia
Species Penguin
Race High Penguin
Gender Male
Residence Club Penguin
Citizenship Antarctican, Andèran
Duckish (formerly)
Ethnicity HPC
Occupation EPF agent, EQF agent
PSA agent (formerly)
Employer EPF, EQF
PSA (formerly)
Years Active 2009-2010, 2015-now

Quacker is a High Penguin, who is a PSA agent an EPF agent and an EQF agent. For some reason, he quacks, just like Quackerpingu.


Quacker hatched on the 25th of December, 1986, in Penger, a city in Annonia. When he was old enough, he, like almost everyone else, was forced to go to school. Like most penguins, he didn't like school. His least favorite subject was math.

All the time when he was in school, he was annoyed by some Dorkugese Penguins who were in the same class where he was. In 2009, some years after finishing school, he moved to Club Penguin and joined the PSA.

Then, Quackerpengu joined the PSA, as well. He is an evil penguin, but then he pretended to be good. Topkek von Kek suspected that Quackerpengu may be evil. However, Quackerpengu killed a penguin and lied that Topkek did it. Topkek was arrested and jailed. However, that made Quacker and Quackerpingu suspect that Quackerpengu may be evil.

In 2010, some time before the PSA was destroyed, Quacker, Quackerpingu and Quackerpengu were on a mission. During the mission, Quackerpengu pretended to die.

However, some time later during the same mission, Quacker was caught by Mary P. Bear and hypnotized so that he thought that he was a puffle. He then went and lived in the wilderness along with the puffles.


In 2015, he was accidentally un-hypnotized (by Mary P. Bear, of course). Then, he found out about that PSA had been destroyed. He became an EPF agent (after washing himself and buying new clothes (luckily he had left his coins in his igloo and hidden the igloo's key behind a block of ice that can be removed from his igloo's wall)).

However, he still refers to himself as a PSA agent all the time, because he forgets about that PSA was destroyed and that he's an EPF agent now (also all the time).

Some time after becoming an EPF agent, he got an invitation to join the EQF. He joined, and he is now both an EPF agent and an EQF agent.

Also, he caught the X-Virus. He now has a X-Antibody called QuaXer, who works for The Evil Something.


As an EPF (formerly PSA) agent, Quacker is involved in fighting Herbert, Norbert, Protobot and the LEEPB. As an EQF agent, he is involved in fighting The Evil Something.

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  • Quack :)

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