Quest for the Perfect Cleanser

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Quest for the Perfect Cleanser (or RS and the Zit)
IT BURNS!!!!!!!
Background information
Participants RS, Agent Meltie, Sye, Phineas34720
Date 9-7-10
Location Home, store.

Rocket Slug and the Zit[edit]

A loud scream came from the bathroom, from Rocket Slug.

"What is it?" asked Agent Meltie and Phineas34720.

"I have a zit!" shouted RS as she sat down on a stool. "Oh, this is awful!"

Agent Meltie reassured her. "It's alright, sis, I get zits all the time. Maybe you should cut back on the milk chocolate, and besides, dark chocolate is waaaay better," she said, smiling.

Rocket Slug sighed. "And you used the last drop of cleanser yesterday!"

"Don't worry, sis, we'll find the right cleanser. I'll search for one using..."

Phineas began to tap a drumroll on the sink. Agent groaned, "Idiot."


Agent rolled her eyes. Rocket laughed stupidly.

"Anyway, I'll pack up some money in my purse so we can go out and buy it," said Agent calmly. "And we can get some frozen yogurt afterward, because I feel like being nice today."

"Sounds good, sis," RS replied, feeling a bit better. She stood up and put on her sneakers. She grabbed her survival backpack, which was a green bag with a puffle design, packed with a Swiss army knife, a cell phone, and a Snowtendo DS (that has definitely seen better days) complete with 89 games (that have also seen better days), just in case they have to wait for something. Meanwhile, Phineas34720 ordered some cleanser on his phone, but somewhere outside his window, a dark penguin with black hair which was somehow spiked and flat at the same time was using a long-distance phone jammer from their backyard. Phineas threw his phone across the room in anger and walked outside to have a little talk with this kid.

"Do you KNOW what you just did? You jammed my phone and I was about to order some acne cleanser FOR MY SISTER AND SHE'S HAVING AN ACNE CRISIS!" shouted Phineas.

"I'm sorry, I was just testing this birthday present my dad gave me," said the kid. He stood up, leaned on his white cane, and dusted his jacket off. "I'm Sye," he said.

"Oh, hi Sye. My name is Phineas."

"Yeah. You sister's RS, right? I've pranked her before. The Xet thing?"

"Oh yeah! I remember it real well," said Phineas. He smiled. "She threw a chair across the room and it bruised me."

Sye laughed casually. "Hey, can I come inside for a bagel? My dad won't let me eat anything but, and I'm getting used to them. They're my new favorite breakfast!"

"Sure," said Phineas as he opened the door to welcome Sye in.

"Who is this blind, nerdy kid? Is he another friend of yours from school, little bro?" asked Agent Meltie. "Also, I found some cleanser, but the computer exploded before I got to order it." She smiled and held up her phone. "On the bright side, Christina is dating Eighthnote22! Isn't that awesome? He's really cute!"

"First off: No, I didn't know him until he jammed my phone, secondly: Good work, minus the fire, and thirdly: Christina could do a lot better than that old troll. O.K., Sye, I'll get your bagel," said Phineas. He put one into the toaster. When it popped up, he tossed it around and Sye grabbed it. He took a bite and smiled.

"Not bad. But your toaster needs adjusting. See, if you toast a bagel at just the right temperature, you can really no-" He paused and sighed. "Am I turning into my father?"

Rocket Slug came out of her bedroom. "Hey, I smell Berry Blast. Sye, Don't tell me you took the last bagel?"

Sye shoved it into his coat pocket. "No."

So the gang set out, trudging through the snow that wouldn't stop falling. The Slugster-Meltissimos didn't live that far from the store, but everypenguin was walking slower than a gastropod strapped to unlit TNT, just to be obnoxious. Finally they got to the store and went to the back (medicine and soaps) to search for it.

A pink bottle with a label that read, "CLEANSER" caught RS' eye. She grabbed the bottle, did a dramatic pose, and shouted, "VICTORY FOR ROCKETTA!"

The checkout counter was a victory. The frozen yogurt was a victory. The rental version of WHAT?!? was not a victory. Lucky for the gang, their frozen yogurt and victory combo made the movie so much better, and helped everypenguin forget the movie was used for torture!


Rocket Slug finally gets her cleanser, Sye and Phineas become good friends, and later in the week, Agent invites them all over to watch a movie, but Sye gets locked in their igloo.

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